Slot Rush App Review

Slot Rush App Review – Is Slot Rush Legit?

Hello! I highly welcome you to my Slot Rush App Review.

Is it possible that you can press a spin button and earn money?

Slot games have become rampant in today’s world because technology has also improved.

As an Android application, you’ll only need to install it and let your phone do the rest.

But will you earn money with this app, or is it just a simulated game?

I’ll answer that in a few…

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Before I take you through this review, I need to inform you that I’m NOT related to nor affiliated with the Slot Rush App; as such, my review will be from a sincere point of view.

With that said, let’s jump in…

Summary Of Slot Rush App Review

Product Name: Slot Rush – Spin For Huuuge (Early Access)

Type of The Product: Slot Game

Year Established: 2019

Cost: Free

File Size: 60MB

Developer: Mersumtapo

Payout Threshold: £240

Overall Rating: 1/5

Recommended? No

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Overview Of Slot Rush App Review

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Having an exhilarating gaming experience is always the hope of every slot rush player.

And that is what the Slot Rush app promises to offer you.

Slot Rush is a free game that you can download from the Google Play Store.

They claim that it can pay you a specific prize based on how you play the game.

Also, the game was developed by Mersumtapo, which also owns it.

However, the company’s information is limited and has no authority.

Some similar games to this thrilling game are Lucky Farm Slot and Slots For Bingo.

I must also state that this app isn’t in its full release yet, and earning from it is something I will still delve into in the coming sections.

At the time I wrote this post, the app currently boasts over 1 million downloads.

In addition, the app also has a lot of ads, and if you’re not comfortable with the ads, you’ll never get any interest in playing this game.

But if you’re serious about making money online, don’t be convinced that you can get a sustainable income by just playing a game.

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Slot Rush App Review

What Is Slot Rush App

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Slot Rush App is a gaming app that claims to offer you an opportunity to win money and even numerous prizes.

You’ll be able to activate the slot machine by using coins- in-game currency.

Even though over 1 million users installed the app, I’m perplexed by the fact that it has no reviews.

I’m sure the owners still want to categorize it under “Early Access” so that they can’t allow users to write reviews.

Could that be why they have continued to convince people to install the app without getting any red flags?

Maybe or maybe not.

Before I can go deeper, let’s find out how you can install this app.

How Do You Install Slot Rush App?

First of all, I must bring to your attention that Slot Rush is available worldwide.

But you should remember that residents who come from Canada, the USA, and the UK who are of age 16+ can access this app.

Again, you’re not required to pay anything to be able to join or win rewards from this app.

If you wish to download this app, you’ll need to go to the Google Play Store and search for the app – Slot Rush – Spin For Huuuge.

It can’t be found on popular apps because it is still in the early access stage.

The downloadable file (.apk) is only 60 megabytes which should download within no time.

You should have a stable internet connection to be in a position to download the app.

After downloading the .apk file, it will install itself, and you can open it to start enjoying the game.

It is that simple.

The following section is about how to play this praised Slot Rush game.

How To Play Slot Rush Game?

Of course, playing Slot Rush is a walk in the park.

This game can uplift your spirit if you’re looking for something to keep you busy.

First of all, you need to select the number of coins that you wish to use and click the spin button to trigger the five-reel slot machine.

Then if you want to get many rewards, you can increase the number of coins.

If you happen to hit the right spot, then you’ll be able to collect rewards in the form of puzzle pieces, cash, etc.

As compared to other slot games, symbol combination seems not to affect your earnings.

You can only get the reward if the machine slots let out the bubbles.

There are also sponsored videos that you can get by clicking “more bubble,” and after, you can start watching them get the next two spins.

Also, there is a feature of “more bonus” that increases your matching on the slots by 100 percent as well as boosts your earnings.

And in case the coins get depleted, you should click on the “collect” icon on top and watch the sponsored videos.

That is how this game works.

I’m sure you are wondering how you can get earnings out of this game because this could be the reason why you’re reading this review.

Let me take you straight to take.

How Can You Make Money With The Slot Rush App?

Slot Rush App Review

As I earlier stated, Slot Rush is a game that is free to play.

It is no different from other slot games you usually find on the Google Play Store.

But it comes with two twists.

The first issue is that there are always gadgets and money involved, which are often not real and unattainable.

Aside from that, it features a lucky bag utility, where you’re required to put in your rewards while you spin your slots.

After you’ve completed all the five bags that are often inserted underneath, you’ll have won all the contents.

But now, the problem is that all your wins are often added to your balance and not deposited into your real account.

Better yet, you’ll get other gadgets, such as PS5, which also appear in the slots.

But I will tell you; these are not even winnable in any way – in fact, these are just puzzle pieces that will then build your game to be more fun and intriguing.

This is a thing that developers use to enable you or encourage you to continue playing the game.

And to do so, they want to hold you hostage but with the hope that you’ll be paid well as a player.

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How Does Slot Rush App Pay?

Slot Rush App Review

As I have insisted, this app won’t pay you in the end because it is just a simulation.

But that doesn’t mean the app won’t look like a revenue-generating app.

I find it hilarious that their withdrawal page has the misspelled word “WITHDRAWL” because if they were severe with their claims, they could have ensured effort is kept even to how their wordings are written.

You’ll need to have £240 in your account to get paid.

But will you even attain a quarter of that money?

That remains a mystery.

Some of the app’s payment methods include; Line Pay, Alipay, SBER, Nubank, Banco Inter, Coinbase, Tez, Paytm, Cash App, and PayPal.

Also, as per the claims, the app claims that they’ll pay you into your existing account between two to fifteen business days.

But don’t believe their words for it.

Still, read this review to learn more.

Besides, you have the potential to redeem an Amazon gift card of £240 if you’re able to accrue 1000 puzzles.

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Slot Rush App Review

Is Slot Rush A Scam?

Slot Rush App Review

Yes, it is.

I don’t think this app is truthful in any way.

If you hope to make money with this app, you might be disappointed.

And if you want to get to know what I’m saying, then check out these pointers:

  • The minimum payout is set at the high
  • It is not easy to get a mobile app that pays its players directly through PayPal
  • Most cash prizes are usually unrealistic and don’t stand by their words
  • The fact that the app in what I refer to as “Early Access” will close out any review from being written by users.
  • I haven’t seen anyone claiming that they have received any payment.

Even if you are lucky to get the minimum payout, you will need to spin another 20 times to verify that you’re NOT using any robot or cheating tools.

And other users say that even though they underwent the tedious process, they still didn’t get their payment.

Let me now take you through what I like and what I don’t like about this app.

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What I Like About Slot Rush App

  • The game is addictive and comes with a mobile-friendly design
  • It is licensed with a UK Gambling license
  • The app is free

What I Don’t Like About Slot Rush App

  • The minimum withdrawable amount is high
  • It doesn’t have any payment proof
  • The app doesn’t have any reviews because it is still under “Early Access.”

Is There Any Alternative To the Slot Rush App?

Of course, this app has a better alternative, particularly if you plan to make money online.

I was also at a crossroads sometimes back, trying to figure out how one can make money online in a legit and cost-effective way.

But I don’t think you should go through what I went through to be able to get the right opportunity to get started.

And the one opportunity I have always recommended for beginners is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business opportunity that needs focus and discipline, and if you decide to venture into this business, then be sure to come out victorious.

At least this is a business opportunity that you’ll learn while at the same time earning money.

If you want to get started, then I have a complete blueprint for you in the below button:

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Slot Rush App Review

FAQs About Slot Rush App

Which type of currency runs the Slot Rush game?

In-currency runs the slot machine of this game.

Why are there no reviews on the Google Play Store for Slot Rush App?

The app is still under “Early Access,” which is why users cannot leave a review for the app.

Is there any person who this Slot Rush App has paid?

At the time I’m writing this review, there are no users for whom this app has paid even after attaining all the set instructions.

Does Slot Rush have ads running on their platform?

Yes, Slot Rush has a lot of sponsored videos set as a way of advantaging the app’s owners.

Thank you for reading through this review.

If you don’t mind, you can leave a comment before signing out; I’ll be happy to know your thoughts.

11 thoughts on “Slot Rush App Review – Is Slot Rush Legit?

  1. I play lots of slot games on my Apple iPhone and tablet, but honestly have not tried Slot rush! Will have to try now that came across your review with detailed helpful instructions. I just don’t like all the ads to buy coins and their special packages, if not careful be spent all my earnings on games that are supposed to be free and fun. 

    1. Yeah, if you are not careful, you could be spending loads of time and your earnings on various other games that are running ads.  In my opinion, there are far more better ways to spend your time as you will see here.

  2. When I started reading this review about Slot Rush App I thought It’s would be nice to play a game and win money. But as I continue to read I realized that Slot Rush App may not be the best option. There is always a catch to anything that is free. How is Slot Rush App making money- maybe through the Ads? It may be a ploy to entice people to play the game so that they can make money through advertising. The fact that there is no review is a bit strange. Thanks for this review. It really helped to clear things up.

    1. The truth is that they make money from the ads.  That is fine, but the issue is that people who go to the site are not making real money.  It’s basically not worth the time and effort (IMO)

      Of course, the best option that I use to make money online is affiliate marketing (Read my full guide here)

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here.

  3. Interesting review and it is unusual for these types of games to be viewed as money makers. I think that Slot Rush is purely there for entertainment and I guess they are hoping that you become addicted so that you make in app purchases to get along further in the game. So if you are looking for something that will make you some money then this is not really the thing to look at. 

    1. I agree with your views here, Michel.  Most of these games are just plain time wasters. If you really want to make big money in the best way possible, then get to learn more about affiliate marketing as I mentioned before.

  4. Ouch, with an overall rating of only 1/5, it doesn’t bode well for Slot Rush app. I have come across Slot Rush app before, but the fact that there have been more than a million downloads, yet no reviews, does seem very strange to me. 

    A payout threshold of £240 is very high. Downloading and playing slot games seems very easy, but getting paid is not a reality, so thank you for exposing this scam.

  5. I am not sure how the company will make money using this gameplay

    Where is the money to pay anyone?

    The membership is free. 

    It seems like it is a no-win situation and a monumental waste of time at this point.

    It is awesome that you have a review of this when no one is writing any review or the reviews are discarded because of their “early access”.

    To be honest, I have found that to be truly profitable online with a business, Affiliate marketing is what works for me.

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