Lucky Chip Spin App Review

Lucky Chip Spin App Review -Will You Cash Out Your Earnings?

I’m delighted to offer you a complete Lucky Chip Spin App Review.

Can you cash out money into your account using this app? 

There are tons of games online that claim to offer rewards in different ways.

But most such apps don’t fulfill their promise.

You’ll find that most of these apps are coin dozer simulations that won’t transfer real money to your account.

So, is Lucky Chip Spin one game that doesn’t reward you in the end?

Well, I’ll offer you a straight answer in the course of this review.

I know that you’re looking for a legitimate and genuine way of making money online, and if that is the case for you, you can read through this review until the end because I’ll share with you a noble opportunity.

I wish to remind you that I don’t have any affiliation with Lucky Chip Spin App; therefore, you can expect an unbiased review.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in…

Summary Of Lucky Chip Spin Review

Name of The Product: Lucky Chip Spin App

Type of The Product: Coin Pusher Game

Payout Threshold: $300

Where To Get: Google Play Store (

Developer: Slot Game Developer

Cost: Free

Downloads: 1M+

Date Released: 2/19/2019

Ratings: 1/5

Recommendation: None

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Overview Of Lucky Chip Spin App

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

Lucky Chip Spin App is a game that runs on android devices and comes with a slot machine and coin pusher.

This Game is like Pusher Mania, Ocean Chip World, ChipWin To 21, and more.

The app claims it can reward its players with huge bounties through in-game currencies, gift cards, Visa, and PayPal.

And all you need to do is release your coin to be pushed off the edge by the coin pusher.

While the coins drop from the platform, you’re rewarded with virtual dollars redeemable through the Cash app or PayPal.

But whether the virtual dollars are redeemable or NOT remains a question that I still need to explain in the subsequent section of this review.

Meanwhile, do you think you can earn money in that easy step without paying even a penny?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But before we can get on with the review, I need to offer you a better way you can make genuine money by doing actual online business.

Take a few minutes of your time to check out this blueprint:

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

What Is Lucky Chip Spin App About?

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

Lucky Chip Spin is an android game where you push off coins intending to retrieve them like the initial arcade game.

This concept has existed for some time, and developers have taken it to a new level because people can seamlessly monitor it.

The Game is motivating because users are offered a winning chance at a wide range of prizes.

The Game is awesomely crafted with a coin pusher machine and a real-scale experience.

Also, the Game is quite easy to control, and you’ll get exceptional entertainment and surprise.

But I know you need to see if you’ll redeem the rewards offered in real currency.

Read on because I’ll detail that in the sections ahead.

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How Does Lucky Chip Spin Work?

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

Before I can take you how this app works or how you can play the Game, I need to take you through the Game’s installation process.

First, I must inform you that this app is available in almost all countries and operates on android devices.

From its permissions page, it is visible that it can easily read, change and delete all contents of your universal serial bus.

For the safety of your images and private documents, I’m NOT sure whether they’ll be safe under this app.

Like any Android app, Lucky Chip Spin can be installed seamlessly.

Before I also forget, the app has a lot of ads, and if you’re uncomfortable with many ads on an application like I do, then it is good that I’ve informed you what to expect.

That said, let’s now find out how to play this Game.

How To Play Lucky Chip Spin Game?

Playing this Game is quite easy.

Imagine all you’ll need to do is to click where you need the coin to fall, and that is all.

The coin pusher or dozer drifts them to the edge, which will offer you virtual tokens or virtual dollars with respect to whether you drop gold coins or green chips.

For example, you’ll be awarded a virtual one dollar when you manage to drop off the platform the green chips that have the number 100.

And when any coin or chip strikes the 777 boxes, it activates the three-reel slot machine.

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

If your hit matches the three symbols, you’ll be legible to earn fruits, nickels, and even cash rewards.

And if you want to earn extra rewards, you can use the wall or shake to get rid of several nickels and dismantle the piggy bank.

Further, you can click the gold bars to finish the quests to acquire bountiful rewards.

I also want to inform you that several activities that top up your account with virtual dollars and tokens will demand that you watch a wide range of sponsored videos.

In a way, the developer tries to take advantage of the time you’ll spend playing the Game by invoking such sponsored videos.

But earning the rewards inside your account is one milestone; being able to cash out is a different challenge altogether.

Is there any guarantee that you’ll be able to convert the virtual currency or gifts you’ve earned into real currency?

Read on the next section to find out.

Can You Be Able To Cash Out Your Rewards From Lucky Chip Spin App?

Of course, that is easier said than done…


The “cash out” button is placed side by side with your balance, an area where you can check all your rewards.

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

But can you withdraw your earnings without meeting specific requirements?

Well, that is the first challenge that you’ll need to concur.

To be able to withdraw your earnings to your PayPal or Cash app, you’ll need to attain no less than $300.

After attaining the minimum amount, you’ll need to insert your email address and click the “Redeem” button.

Also, if you’re rewarded with tokens, for them to get $500, you’ll need to have 5,000,000 tokens in exchange.

And if you’re lucky enough to match 777 on the machine, you can allegedly earn $777, which is payable through either the Cash app or PayPal.

But that is not the end.

Lucky Chip Spin offers a grand prize worth $1,000 for players who manages to gather 36 fruits through the slot machine.

Now the biggest question: Will the system or app allows you to meet all the set-out requirements and withdraw the money?

In the next section, I will offer you a straightforward answer…

Does Lucky Chip Spin App Pay?

I will be frank with you; Lucky Chip Spin doesn’t pay the rewards you’ve accrued from the Game.

As I stated earlier, this Game is just a simulation of a coin dozer that doesn’t exchange the actual cash for the player’s account.

All the virtual dollars and tokens you earn as you play the Game won’t be converted to actual money.

I know it will frustrate you when you realize that you’ve wasted time trying to meet all the requirements to earn a certain amount of money, yet everything will come to a dead end.

And there is nothing you can do about that.

But if you’re serious and need an alternative way of making money, I can assure you that NOT all is lost.

Here is a real opportunity for you to make money online:

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

What Is The Cost Of This Lucky Chip Spin App?

Fortunately, the app is free.

You’ll only need to download the app from your android device and install it.

Key Features Of the Lucky Chip Spin App

  • One tap with seamless control
  • Exemplary animation and graphics
  • The gameplay is highly addictive
  • A great time-killer game

Is Lucky Chip Spin App A Scam?

Well, I will say YES and NO.

Yes, because they promise to offer you an option to withdraw your virtual dollars, but with the conditions they put forth, withdrawing your money from this app is impossible.

But still, you don’t lose any money because you don’t have to invest anything.

I’ll only feel for someone who’ll sign up for this app with the hope of making an income out of it.

But I still believe this app isn’t a scam because if you install it to get entertained and kill time, you have nothing to lose.

However, as most people who have used it have complained about the app’s deceitfulness, I still don’t recommend anyone to consider it an avenue to make a living.

I wonder whether there are people who manage to meet the impossible requirements to be in a position to withdraw money into actual currency.

So, if you’re looking for the best place to start making money online, you can check out what I have prepared here.

Meanwhile, let me summarize my likes and dislikes about this app.

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What I Like About Lucky Chip Spin App

  • Comes with an easy-to-play interface Game is addictive
  • It is free to download and install
  • An excellent place to get entertained

What I Don’t Like About Lucky Chip Spin App

  • Faced with network errors
  • Consumes battery 
  • Deceitful
  • Runs tons of ads that affect the gaming experience
  • The minimum requirements to get paid are unrealistic

I have always stood on where people put effort to earn their money.

If you’re expecting to earn money by just clicking and scratching something, I can encourage you to start changing the course.

Making genuine money online demands discipline and trusting the process.

If for no reason you opted to register the app to make money, then get prepared to get the frustration of your life.

The Game can be an excellent place to try out new challenges.

But still, not all is lost; check out the next section to find my #1 recommendation.

Is There Any Alternative To Lucky Chip Spin App 

I’ll be direct and precise.

Yes, you can still venture into a real online business and enjoy its rewards.

Affiliate Marketing is a good option for a beginner to get a head start.

The business model is easy, and given that you have an area you are passionate about, you can opt to tap on it and grow gradually.

But before starting the business, you must learn the inside out of the Game.

And because it’s an area I’m currently pursuing, I decided to offer you a lending hand by presenting a step-by-step guide to get started.

You can check it out:

Lucky Chip Spin App Review

FAQs About Lucky Chip Spin App

How do you configure Lucky Chip Spin?

It is straightforward; first, you need to download the app on your android handset, then enable the third-party apps to install on your device, locate where you stored the .apk file, and install.

From there, you can enjoy the Game.

Are APK files safe for your device?

Of course, APK files are safe, just like the .exe windows files are. But always try downloading the apk files from trusted sites like Google Play Store.

Is Lucky Chip Spin App present on android?

Yes, Lucky Chip Spin App is available on android through Google Play Store.

Are there any other push-themed games that have failed payout like Lucky Chip Spin App

Some examples of games that have failed the payouts include; Ocean Chip World, Pusher Mania, ChipWin To 21, and Hyper Pusher, among others.

Here is an additional video review of the Lucky Chip Spin App you may wish to check:

Thank you for taking the time to read my Lucky Chip Spin App review.

Take advantage of the comment below to share opinions or ask questions about this coin pusher simulation.

17 thoughts on “Lucky Chip Spin App Review -Will You Cash Out Your Earnings?

  1. I avoid games like the plague. The cash-out process is always too tedious, and the games are filled with adverts. I will say games are a waste of time for someone who is after making money online and does not love games. I saw your recommendation is affiliate marketing. That is the best model for making money online. Thank you for spelling it out

    1. It’s true…most of these types of games don’t pay enough money that enables you to live a certain lifestyle. You really want to invest in a solid business education that will provide you with skillsets.  This is how you will make a life-changing income. 

  2. I don’t like the fact that you carry on about how cool this game is and to get peoples hopes up to win some actual revenue when your creating a sense of doubt like many other games on the internet. You should not be allowed to do that your wasting our time

  3. Lucky Chip Spin App seems like they make their money by people viewing ads. I was hoping to make some because I enjoy playing video games, so why not? I guess you have answered that question. If there is no chance to receive any money from playing the game , it is not a valid business consideration. I guess there are other great opportunities to earn; thank you for your recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be an excellent means for me to generate business.

    1. Yeah, the app basically wastes a lot of time and you can potentially earn pennies. On the other hand, places like Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to make big money from home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

  4. Realizing you won’t be able to cash out your earnings in a game you spent time playing is a turn off. 

    I know several people at work who easily get tricked into downloading these game apps and at times waste a lot of time playing thinking they will actually make money. Well, at least it’s free. What’s really disappointing is when you have to pay to be able to play. 

    For some who just love to play and have fun during their free time, this game would be a great pastime. 

    Thanks for this honest review of Lucky Chip Spin. I might check it out just to see how far I can go and how much money I can earn, even though it’s not convertible to real money. ☺

  5. Thank you so much for this review over Lucky Chip Spin.  I love the way this app looks, because it is free.  However, I would hate to spend hours on it only to never get the cash it promises.  Thank you for showing that it is not as legit as it pretends to be.  I’m glad I didn’t waste my time on getting it and using the app now.

  6. Hey, everyone would like to play and earn. Moreover, everyone would love to get rich overnight. I must admit it sounds attractive when people blog about earning fast money. Unfortunately, it’s not true. The good thing about Lucky Chip Spin is that you don’t lose anything because you don’t invest. But people do not take into account the time they invest in it. Isn’t it better to invest that time into something that will give out the results and eventually pay off your effort, time and mind? 
    I have never been a gamer nor will ever understand them. I don’t like wasting time. I’d rather invest my time as you have proposed into affiliate marketing and slowly but steadily build my business and regular income.

    1. I agree fully with what you said. Spending time on real income generating opportunities is the way to go!

      And I’m glad that you also understand that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for anyone to build up a passive income stream from the ground up.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

  7. It’s incredible how these apps are very popular among users and the majority of the time, they tend to trick people, and make them think that they can actually earn a lot of money when the reality is the opposite!

  8. I’ve seen so many games like this and from time to time I see ads claiming I can earn easy and quick money just by playing the game. Yeah, right. There’s no something called easy and quick money in general, but especially not through games like this. I’ve also written about this quick and easy earning in one of my posts. What is unbelievable to me is that there are so many people who would believe in all of this. However, without those people, there wouldn’t be sites or games like this. Basic rule of economics. Supply is only a consequence of demand.

  9. This looks like a fun game and we need to look at it as such and simply enjoy it. However Lucky Chip Spin should definitely be more clear to users that you cannot earn real cash from it as some would join for the opportunity to make some money rather than the game value. It could end up being a lot of time wasted on unproductive activities in the end. 

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