Smashers Academy Review: Is Janson Smith Legit Or A Scam?

Smashers Academy Review

Welcome to my in-depth Smashers Academy Review.

Smashers Academy claims to be your go-to platform for mastering the art of making a substantial income using Amazon’s FBA business model.

This program purports to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to generate a six-figure income.

They offer a free training session that is positioned as an invaluable mentorship program tailored to guide you toward building a passive income stream through Amazon FBA.

One of the primary selling points of Smashers Academy is its assertion that prior experience or expertise in e-commerce is unnecessary.

The only prerequisites are your willingness to learn and the commitment to implement the knowledge gained during the program.

The program promises to take you on a comprehensive journey through the Amazon FBA business model, covering everything you need to know to achieve success.

However, the landscape of Amazon FBA is competitive, and not everyone who embarks on this journey finds success.

This is where Smashers Academy claims to stand out by helping you navigate common pitfalls that others encounter.

Two crucial areas of focus within the program are product selection and avoiding prevalent mistakes made in the business.

Effective product selection is vital for success in the world of e-commerce.

Smashers Academy aims to provide insights and strategies to make informed decisions.

Additionally, understanding and avoiding common missteps in the industry can be a game-changer for your business.

While product selection and mistake avoidance are highlighted, Smashers Academy also covers other critical aspects of the Amazon FBA business model that are instrumental to your success.

In this review, I’ll provide a transparent assessment of Smashers Academy to help you decide whether it’s the right path for your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Let’s dive in and explore the facts…

Smashers Academy Review Summary

Name: Smashers Academy

Type of Product: Amazon FBA Mentorship Program.

Website’s URL:

Founder: Janson Smith

Price: 995 euros one-time payment for lifetime access

Overall Rating: 60/100

Recommendation: Not for everyone; kindly read this review to find out why.

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Smashers Academy Review – Overview

Smashers Academy Review

Many courses currently offer teaching on Amazon FBA business online.

This is brought about by the increasing demand for knowledge on the business as many people are joining it to build a passive income.

Even though many courses offer teaching on the Amazon FBA business, not all of them may be legit.

Some programs mislead students, while others make their students succeed and become great testimonies.

Smashers Academy program is one of the courses that help students learn how to start and smoothly run their Amazon FBA business.

Through their teaching program, they help students learn more and gain experience on how to build a seven-figure income from Amazon’s FBA business.

For this reason, this review focuses more on telling you the truth behind this program and how it works.

Ultimately, you’ll learn whether these claims can help you achieve your financial freedom as an Amazon FBA seller.

But if you’re interested in another alternative to make money online, I kindly urge you to check out this opportunity:

Smashers Academy Review

What Is Smashers Academy?

Smashers Academy Review

Smasher Academy offers a comprehensive training program to take you from a beginner to an advanced level in the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business.

This course is geared towards equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary for successfully selling your own private-label products on Amazon’s platform.

Throughout the program, you’ll delve into various key aspects.

Firstly, it provides a thorough understanding of what Amazon FBA entails.

This includes insights into the intricacies of product selection and, notably, the common mistakes that should be avoided to ensure a smoother journey in e-commerce.

Enrolling in this program requires a commitment to becoming a proficient seller of private-label products on Amazon FBA.

Smashers Academy offers lifetime support to support your growth, ensuring you have the resources and assistance needed to thrive as an Amazon seller.

According to the program’s claims, it has the potential to help you achieve a significant income, possibly reaching seven figures, as an Amazon seller.

However, this hinges on your ability to effectively apply the concepts learned during the course.

The program is structured with modules that comprehensively cover each aspect of the course, guiding you in applying these concepts to your business.

With Smashers Academy, you can bid farewell to the time-consuming search for outdated resources for managing your Amazon FBA business.

This program offers a comprehensive mentorship experience that aims to transform you into a proficient Amazon seller within a relatively short timeframe, approximately six months.

Furthermore, it expedites your learning curve by teaching effective advertising techniques in just two weeks.

I encourage you to continue reading this review for a more detailed exploration of what Smashers Academy offers.

How Does Smashers Academy Work?

Smashers Academy Review

Smashers Academy works by teaching you how to build up to a seven-figure Amazon FBA business online.

Janson Smith has coached and mentored several students and has outstanding experience in how to run an FBA business on autopilot.

According to Janson, you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge to get started with this mentorship program.

You will learn everything you need to know and gain your business experience from the program to build a passive income online.

The Smashers Academy program consists of up to six modules that teach different topics of Amazon FBA business.

These modules include:

Module One: What Is Amazon FBA

In this module, Janson first introduces you to the course and explains to you what Amazon FBA means to you as an upcoming entrepreneur.

You’ll learn how to join other thousands of people using Amazon FBA to create up to seven-figure income online.

This introductory module lets you learn what you expect from the course, especially when you are a beginner who wants to understand more.

Module Two: Creating Your Branding Of Products

After understanding the meaning of this mentorship program in section one, you’ll now move to the course concepts.

In this module, you’ll learn how to use the internet to create your branding of products online.

This allows you to have your products designed and manufactured cheaply and incredibly without spending more on them.

You’ll also not require any prior experience to do so, as you’ll learn everything from the program.

You’re only required to have an open mind and be aggressive enough to develop new ways of making your branding of products unique.

Module Three: Good Products To Sell

Not all the products on the Amazon marketplace are good to sell and profitable, even though they are there to get a market.

Some products are in high demand and better to sell than others in the platform, creating room for good selection.

So, in this section, Janson takes you through how to make a selection of products online and discover the ones that are good to sell.

By selecting good products to sell, you aim to get a good return on investment and make as much profit as possible from your business.

According to the program, this makes a difference in the business, especially for those who understand the course.

This course lets you know which products to sell at what time or season and why they are marketable.

This will help you select products on the Amazon Marketplace and sell them to earn more profits.

Module Four: Best Tools To Find Products

Manually selecting the best-selling products from the Amazon marketplace is technically not as easy as you think.

You may make errors in your selection that will, in turn, reduce your profit limits in the program.

For this reason, Smasher Academy makes work much easier for you by teaching you how to do product selection.

Janson takes you through the best ways to make your product selections effectively without making any errors.

The tools will also help you identify the best top-rated suppliers on the Amazon marketplace.

Module Five: Making Up To Six Figures With Amazon FBA

In this section, you’ll learn five simple steps to develop a business that can generate up to six-figure income.

According to Janson, developing such a business will only take six months if you want to start working.

You only need to be keen on what you learn in this section and apply it to your business to get started.

Module Six: Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

This is the last module of the course, which finalizes the concepts you learned in the program.

In this module, you’ll learn the biggest mistakes you must avoid to succeed in the program, especially when you are a beginner.

The mistakes highlighted in this section limit many people from achieving their financial goals and must be avoided as much as possible.

They are the most important aspect of this course that you must learn before moving to the trading field.

You’ll learn what you need to know to prevent mistakes from happening to you and expand your income.

What Is Contained In Smashers Academy?

The Smasher Academy contains the following aspects:

The FBA Smasher Course

Smashers Academy Review

This is a beginner to an advanced online training course on Amazon FBA business.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about Amazon business, including how to own your private label business.

The course is available for access 24/7 via their online live support with all their lessons available on captions.

Mentorship And Support

Smashers Academy Review

Janson Smith provides you with lifetime support online to ensure you succeed in your business.

According to Janson, you should not search for knowledge from outdated sources online.

Instead, Janson asks you to email him from the official contact email of the platform on their contact page.

Seller Tools Suite

Smashers Academy Review

The program provides tools that make product selection as easy as possible.

This makes the business manageable to everyone irrespective of your experience level in the program.

Smasher Sessions Live Questions and Answers

Smashers Academy Review

This is live questions and answers hosted by Janson himself, ready to tackle all your questions about the business.

In these live sessions, you can ask questions and get answered by the program.

Smasher School Program

Smashers Academy Review

In the Smasher school program, you will get a 12-week acceleration and accountability course to help you learn the business.

This course will help you keep track of your Amazon FBA business journey, especially at the early stages of the business.

Helium 10: Product research

Smashers Academy Review

Here you will learn how to conduct your product research effectively and come up with first selling products.

You will also learn how to choose the high in-demand products with higher profit margins online on the platform.

The Member’s Mastermind Group

Smashers Academy Review

The members’ mastermind group gives you access to the private membership program.

Here you can interact with like-minded individuals online, especially those with the same mindset and goals.

Who Owns The Smashers Academy Program?

Smashers Academy Review

The Smashers Academy is owned by Janson Smith, a great entrepreneur and seller on Amazon’s FBA business.

Janson is an experienced seller passionate about running an Amazon FBA business online.

He shares his entrepreneurial experience with others on the platform as a method to make all interested persons succeed in their businesses.

By creating the Smashers Academy program, Janson wants a common platform to meet all passionate sellers.

This makes it easy for him to provide coaching and mentorship to them in a common platform for them to be successful too.

Because everyone wants success, Janson encourages his students to focus more on applying his teachings in their business.

According to Janson Smith, the course modules available in the program are excellent in making you successful.

They contain all you need to know that will make the difference between you and someone who never took part in trading.

Hence, by mastering all the modules within the course, Janson anticipates that you will acquire greater knowledge and proficiency in trading.

This will make you more profitable in your business and build up to a six-figure income, as expected in the program.

Janson has mentored and coached thousands of students, as claimed, and has an outstanding experience in the course.

He has also shared some of its tips on his YouTube channel, BBC News, and news night TV to help more people online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Smashers Academy?

Smashers Academy Review

The Smasher Academy program has a lifetime access fee of 995 euros, payable upfront or via a monthly payment plan.

After paying the fee, you’ll get access to the following services on the platform:

  • More than 200 lessons of the course with unlimited access.
  • Lifetime support from Janson Smith
  • All future updates, course notes, and checklists.
  • Seller tools suite and helium 10 platinum
  • Live question and answer sessions.
  • Seller acceleration program
  • Private members mastermind group.
  • Exclusive recommendations and discounts
  • Money-back launch guarantee.
  • A 14-day refund policy

Does Smasher Academy Offer A Refund Policy?

Smashers Academy Review

Smashers Academy program offers a refund of your registration fee after fourteen days of payment.

That is if, by chance, you want to quit the program for personal reasons or when you are uncomfortable with the services.

However, after fourteen days, the policy will not be valid, and you will be limited from claiming back your money.

For this reason, you must first check if you are within the required time before applying for the refund.

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Is The Smashers Academy A Scam?

In my opinion, Smashers Academy is NOT a scam.

The program has testimony of thousands of students Janson taught in the program who claim to have met their success through the program teachings.

Janson also promises his students lifetime support with unlimited access to the program services.

In addition, Janson provides more seller tools that aim at making product selection easy and manageable for many sellers.

By using the tools and knowledge used in the program, Janson claims that it will only take you six months to master the course.

From there, you can start your Amazon FBA business and build up to a seven-figure income from your business.

The program also provides a refund service to entrepreneurs who may feel uncomfortable with the course after making payment.

However, this policy is valid for only fourteen days, starting from the day your payment was confirmed.

After this period, you’ll no longer be able to claim your money from the program.

On the other hand, the course only targets entrepreneurs who want to venture into Amazon’s FBA business.

As a result, possessing a genuine passion for entering the Amazon FBA business is essential if you aim to thrive in this program.

Consequently, while a legitimate Amazon FBA training course, the Smashers Academy program may not suit everyone.

Smashers Academy Review

What Do I Like About The Smashers Academy Program?

  • Offers a money-back service

Smashers Academy program aims to make you a successful Amazon FBA seller on the platform.

However, if this fails you, the program claims to offer a refund of your fee in their fourteen-day refund policy service.

This makes you claim back your money if you want to quit the program for another opportunity online.

  • The program has testimonies

There are testimonies from people who claim to have met their success in the platform following Johnson’s teachings.

Most of the testimonies express their satisfaction with the program offers and services that they claim have made them succeed.

  • Janson is an experienced teacher

Janson is an experienced UK-based Amazon FBA seller who started his career business back in 2017.

He has outstanding experience in how to start and run an Amazon FBA business to build a passive income.

This has made him through thousands of students, some of whom are turning out to be great testimonies of his teachings.

What I Don’t Like About The Smashers Academy?

  • The entry fee is too expensive

The cost of joining the program is quite high, especially for beginners who want to start a business from scratch.

Some platforms offer training on Amazon FB at a much lower cost than the program.

This makes it not a cheaper option to learn the Amazon FBA business for everyone online.

  • Amazon FBA is flooded

Many people are in the Amazon FBA business today, making it highly competitive.

Too many people in the business make building a stable income stream difficult.

On the other hand, too many people involved in the business reduce the profit margins of the business.

  • The success of the business is not guaranteed

Even Though you may turn out to be successful in the program, your success is not guaranteed automatically.

It may take you much longer to succeed in the program or lose hope of doing business

For this reason, you may not take it as a get-rich program as some people claim on the platform.

Is There Any Alternative To Smashers Academy?

Starting an FBA business isn’t for the faint-hearted.

It takes a lot of effort and you need to be ready to invest money to make it work.

That’s why I don’t recommend this business model for beginners.

If you’re new to online business and looking for a better way to get started, consider affiliate marketing.

I suggest this because it’s a business model I’ve used and still do, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services from reputable companies and earning a commission for each sale you generate.

It’s a way to make passive income from home.

To make things even easier for you, I’ve created a blueprint to help you get started.

You can check it out here.

It’s a great way to kickstart your online income journey.

Smashers Academy Review

FAQs About Smashers Academy

Who Should Join The Amazon FBA Business?

The Smashers Academy program is designed for individuals genuinely interested in launching an Amazon FBA business.

It’s crucial to have a passion for this field before considering enrollment.

Prior experience or specific skills related to Amazon FBA are not prerequisites for joining the course.

Are There Any Restrictions On Participants Or Countries At Smashers Academy?

The Smashers Academy program does not impose restrictions based on your location or country of residence, provided you have the necessary resources to effectively conduct the business.

This includes access to stable Wi-Fi and compliance with international sanctions or service restrictions.

Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old and, if possible, possess identification from your local government.

Does The Smashers Academy Offer A Compensation Plan?

While the Smashers Academy program website does not mention a compensation plan, you can contact their support team through the contact page for further inquiries.

However, the program does provide an opportunity for refunds through its refund policy.

Are There Any Hidden Fees In The Smashers Academy?

The program entails a one-time lifetime access fee, which can be paid through a monthly plan or as a single upfront payment.

After this initial fee, the platform has no additional charges or hidden fees.

You will only need to allocate capital for your business venture to get started successfully online.

Also watch this review video:

Thank you for reading my Smashers Academy Review.

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