TeamBuildClub Review – Is It A Real Opportunity Or A Scam?

TeamBuildClub Review

I highly welcome you to my TeamBuildClub Review. 

Can you extend your downline and make a fruitful MLM business online with the resources, training, and tools provided here?

Or is it another scam to avoid like a plague?

I’ll offer you the nitty-gritty of this platform in this review. 

The program has a lot of goodies and impressive features. 

It also provides a high commission payout for bringing others to the platform and paying clients to TeamBuildClub

For this same reason, you’ll find reviews out there that overemphasize the platform as good on this ground. 

That is why I’ve come here to give you things without adding a pinch of salt. 

I need to point out that I’m NOT affiliated with TeamBuildClub, and as such, I’ll not persuade you to join this platform. 

And if you’re here to check the review of TeamBuildClub, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to find the best way of making money online, I should also tell you that I’ll offer you my best alternative at the end of this review. 

Rest assured, after you’ve completed reading this review, you’ll have information about this program at your fingertips without any exaggerated or hype claims of income. 

Are you ready?

Let’s hit the trail…

Summary of TeamBuildClub Review

Name of the Product: TeamBuildClub

Type of Product: MLM Downline Builder and Advertising Platform

Founder: Alexis Thomas

Price: €25 – €500

Suitable for? No one

Recommended: No 


Generally, TeamBuildClub is a program that is ideal for people who have an interest in the MLM program and want to be active promoters of the program. 

Here is a 1-minute video about the overview of TeamBuildClub:

The platform offers you the opportunity to enjoy the commission of up to the 10th level, which essentially implies that if you bring one person, and they also onboard another person, and so forth to the 10th individual, you’ll be able to earn money from all those referrals. 

Additionally, you can use TeamBuildClub to market other offers as well. 

But, if you wish to see actual success with such a platform, you should stick to a particular niche such as Business Opportunities, Making Money Online, MLM, and so on. 

Those are the audience that you should tailor what they need. 

With that in mind, you can rest assured that TeamBuildClub isn’t a Sustainable Way of Making An Income Online

If you need a more sustainable way to generate an income online, you should take advantage of your hobbies, passions, and personal interest.

In that case, you should check out this alternative that I’ve provided you and get to know why I regard this opportunity as my Guardian Angel.

TeamBuildClub Review

TeamBuildClub Explained

TeamBuildClub is the latest downline builder and even an advertising platform that enables you to get leads and information from people interested in generating revenue online. 

After you’ve signed up for this platform, all the members, whether paying or non-paying members, will have access to your name and email. 

Such alone will open loopholes for a lot of SPAM.

The chances are high that you’ll begin to receive promotional emails from individuals you don’t know. 

In the same measure, for all the people that sign up after you, you’ll have access to their email addresses, names, etc., in a tab. 

You can leverage the contact to promote items.

I don’t like a business model that works like that, but that is how this platform work. 

Check out the mission and vision of this platform from the screenshot below:

TeamBuildClub Review

Who Is Behind TeamBuildClub?

TeamBuildClub Review

Alexis Thomas is the creator and owner of TeamBuildClub. 

After graduating from the University of Athens, he got a scholarship to go and pursue his master’s in London, UK. 

Back in 2007, this fellow became a Certified Digital Marketer. 

His initial organization, Interconnectica, in 2021 gave rise to TeamBuildClub with one agenda in mind. 

To assist people in avoiding backbreaking jobs and offering them an alternative means of making an income. 

The organization’s vision is to develop a platform that attracts experts and has them share ideas in a network kind of system. 

How Does TeamBuildClub Work?

After signing up for a free account with TeamBuildClub, you’ll get a bunch of different forms of making money online. 

You can check out the registration form below:

TeamBuildClub Review

First, you can bring together a list of emails on the platform.

Monthly, all the members with gold membership and above will be offered a monthly pool that provides a guaranteed commission. 

They are divided between all Diamond, Platinum, and Gold members. 

Provided you qualify, you can get a divided percentage of every member that signs up and upgrades their Membership. 

Better still, even if you didn’t directly refer any person to the platform, you’ll still earn a passive commission out of it. 

Let’s get a bit deeper and find out what is inside this platform.

Inside TeamBuildClub

Once inside TeamBuildClub, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources, tools, training videos that can assist you in promoting your online business. 

Plus, you can also take advantage of the paid traffic of TeamBuildClub to relay leads to your preferred affiliate program.

That said, let’s now get into the details and break down what is inside TeamBuildClub right away. 

Business Tools

All the paid and free Membership can leverage the business tools that can grow your business and improve your sales, conversions, and leads. 

Here, you’ll come across seven sections that cover the things below:

#1. Attracting Scripts

You’ll get six scripts that are done for you, which you can use to promote this platform and acquire more signups. 

You have the freedom to use whichever marketing channel you decide to you, such as WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

#2. Email Scripts

This offers you tailored email marketing scripts. As of now, you’ll come across four email scripts for clients that haven’t joined the platform and even two for those who have already joined the platform but are under the free option. 


Here, you’ll find six resources that you can download to help you even recruit extra people and persuade them into becoming paying members of TeamBuildClub. 

You’ll have access to TeamBuildClub Logo, Promotional Banners, The Success Guide, Facebook Cover, Virtual Background for Zoom, and a PDF presentation. 

All this is geared towards helping you recruit more individuals into this program. 

#4. Promotional Center

This sub-category provides you with many varied banner ads but with your unique link on everyone. 

With this, you can use it on your site or take advantage of someone’s high-traffic site to market this offer. 

#5. Free Tools

This sub-category features six training videos that direct you to where you can get stuff such as photos and free videos, how to get rid of backgrounds from any given picture, how to take advantage of free graphic tools like Canva, adding subtitles on any of your desired videos and even how you can use a paraphraser tool. 

Better still, the tool enables you to copy any post you see on social media, paste it inside the platform, and get reworded to allow you to use it as a unique copy.  

Lastly, you’ll have access to the sales funnel video program.

This should be the most extended video found inside this platform, and it takes care of things like how helpful is a funnel and simple ways of setting up one correctly. 

#6. Crypto Education

This is the step-by-step guide on how you can get started with crypto and how to take advantage of this big-time opportunity. 

#7. Sneak Peek

Here, you’ll see a snippet of the type of training offered to members who pay.

I think you’re offered this section to get persuaded to pay for the training as well. 

But if you’re not willing to shell out more from your pocket, then you can still start small with the best way of making money online:

Jason Foster


The Bootcamp is accompanied by a nineteen-minute intro video that explains everything you ought to know regarding this platform. 

Then, you’ll also get another video that is 1 minute 33 seconds that describe how you can set up a new account correctly. 

If you wish to reach out to the support, you’ve also been offered a 1minute 48seconds video that demonstrates to you how you can do that with ease. 

Besides that, it also features a business tool area that entails a three-minute video that takes you through all the business tools available on this platform. 

Deposit and Withdraw: If you want to learn how you deposit and withdraw your funds on the platform, this 1 minute 5 seconds video comes in handy. 

Buy and Use Vouchers (gift card): You can only acquire these gift cards when you’re being rewarded by someone or even buying these gift cards by yourself. 

You can, after that, use them to attract other people into signing up for this platform. 

This 1 minute 32 seconds video will guide you through all the processes when purchasing or gifting someone vouchers. 

Advertising Platform: The 3 minutes 23 seconds video will take you through the steps of using platforms to advertise to purchase banner ads, text ads, or even advertising credits. 

Lastly, it comes with training for all the paid members. The video is 1 minute 20 seconds long. 

The paid training is currently putting much effort into assisting you in grabbing more regarding bounce rates, email marketing, a quiz for business members to stay engaged, and video marketing. 

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Project Prelaunch

TeamBuildClub has a wide range of projects taking place in the entire year. 

It has a prelaunch that starts on the 1st of Feb 2022. 

You’re only granted to lock in ONLY one spot with a cost of €20.

You’ll be placed by your membership level.

So, if you’re at the utmost level, your level will be superior to others, lower-level memberships.

As per the presentation video, even members who join in with a free account can earn passively with this program. 

The date of purchase will also determine your level on the list of priorities. 

Paid Memberships

Paid members have access to five sections. 

Based on your membership level, you can have access to all or a part of the training inside here. 

My Network

If you need a section that will assist you in navigation and getting to know your network, this part will answer your needs.

For instance, you’ll see your sponsor, details of your free/paid downline,  paid downline and paid members as well.

Ads Platform

In this area, you get to know how to advertise and even various ads you can use to market your online business. 

To give it a closer look, you’ll learn how to market TeamBuildClub with banner ads, text ads, and even by buying ad credits. 

Is TeamBuildClub a Scam?

Franky speaking, this platform is NOT a SCAM. 

In fact, from the screenshot below, you can see that this platform is certified by The Direct Selling Equity:

TeamBuildClub Review

A platform is simply a place where you can generate leads.

It is paramount to know that you’ll NOT earn money from the free leads that you acquire until you upgrade to Diamond, Platinum, or Gold membership. 

The leads that you can acquire are trimmed at 200.

In simpler terms, you will not have access to over 200 free leads under this platform.

And because TeamBuildClub is still a new venture in the market, this is the time to leverage this opportunity.

I’m saying this because I mentioned something to do with a saturated market earlier.

At one point, it will get redundant. 

In my honest opinion, this platform is ideal for individuals who need to make money as a side hustle, as long as they have the upfront fee and don’t mind the risk of it. 

However, if you’re looking to generate an income more sustainably and profitably even as a beginner, you should check out the below recommendation I got for you:

TeamBuildClub Review

The cost of TeamBuildClub 

#1. Basic Membership: €25.

#2. Silver Membership: €50.

#3. Gold Membership: €100.

#4. Platinum Membership: €200.

#5. Diamond Membership: €500.

Essentially, the more you upgrade, the higher the training you are offered, which increases your commission.  

From there, let’s now turn to what I like and don’t like about TeamBuildClub. 

What I Like About TeamBuildClub

  • The owner seems of the platform appears to be legit.
  • The platform is still new in the market.

What I don’t Like About TeamBuildClub

  • The program is not sustainable.
  • The platform is costly.
  • It is not an ideal business model for those who are starting.

Now that I’ve come to the end of this review let me offer you my recommendation, as I promised you while I started this review.

My #1 Recommendations

If you’re joining this platform to get a long-term source of income, then I think there are other better and more sustainable ways to develop a successful business online. 

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best business option for beginners. 

With affiliate marketing, the cost of starting this business is low. 

The goodness with affiliate marketing is that you’ll be promoting items that you have passion or interest in. 

I have simplified affiliate marketing with a blueprint based on my personal experience with the business model.

So, if you want to get started, check out the link below:

TeamBuildClub Review

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