Traffic For Me Review – Scam or Legit Source of Traffic?

Traffic For Me Review

Hello! Welcome to my Traffic for Me Review.

The backbone of every business is visitors.

Both offline and online businesses rely on those who visit their businesses.

This is because these visitors will like or buy one or two products from your business.

The more visitors you get to your business, the higher your chances of making huge sales.

Traffic for Me claims to offer you high-quality clicks.

So, are these claims valid or just a hyped sales trick?

And digging out information about any online platform is the best step before investing in such platforms.

Rest assured; you are in the right place.

I have done the heavy lifting for you by writing this article on Traffic for Me.

And I assure you that I am not related to in any way.

Before we go further…

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Let’s start…

Summary Of Traffic For Me Review

Name of the Product: Traffic For Me

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product:  Traffic Generation Programme

Founder: Harris Fellman    

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost of the Product:  Varies per package

Recommendation: Not for beginners.

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Overview Of Traffic For Me

Traffic For Me Review

Traffic for Me is a program that allows you to boost your digital business through traffic generation.

In other words, it is a paid service that allows you to reach your traffic through e-mail marketing, messaging services, and social media.

Moreover, this platform is designed to promote your business through digital marketing systems.

Again, the program will drive traffic to your business by creating a wider reach to your audience.

Additionally, it uses solo ads and e-mail marketing programs to drive more sales and create multiple leads for your business.

And, this will be very important for your business because it increases your chances of making sales.

Further, creating an account with Traffic For Me is free of charge.

And, after setting up your account, you can get real traffics to your site with a breeze.

However, you’re going to spend a lot of money on this program.

Aside from that, it will be expensive to purchase one of the Traffic For Me packages.

But it can be helpful if you are familiar with e-mail marketing and solo ads.

As a newbie to online businesses, you should always opt for pocket-friendly start-up business models.

And such businesses will not be costly, and they’re easy to start.

Here is a great alternative way of making money online as a beginner:

Traffic For Me Review

What Is Traffic For Me about?

Traffic For Me is an advertising site that allows you to buy traffic.

And this will help you with your marketing outreach through social media adverts and SMS and e-mail ads.

Remember that internet visitors can be grouped into two;

  • Free Visitors
  • Paid-to-click visitors

Plus, you get free visitors from SEO, social media, and other online forums.

On the other hand, you get paid-to-click visitors from paid traffic sites like Traffic for Me.

So, this is an ideal site for promoting your digital business.

And you can achieve this by using solo ads or e-mail marketing.

Aside from that, the main objective of Traffic For Me is to enable you to reach out to a broader audience and increase your chances of making sales.

Moreover, this guarantees that they’ll offer you cleaner and easier paid clicks on their website.

Further, they claim that their services are much better than what their competitors are offering.

My question is, where is this traffic coming from?

Of course, Traffic For Me is a good website.

And the platform is easy-to-navigate and very friendly to use.

Furthermore, once you subscribe to their packages, you’ll be receiving free and personalized customer support and other coaching services.

Check out a welcoming video that you’ll come across when you get to their homepage:

Who Is The Founder Of Traffic For Me?

Traffic For Me Review

The owner of Traffic for Me is a well-known comedian called Harris Fellman.

Currently, Harris and his wife, Andrea, together with their two children, live in Barcelona.

Also, he has been working as a digital sales and marketer before creating

Besides, his journey to online sales began back at MSN and Galacticomm iBill in the 1990s.

And between 1999 and 2005, he owned a successful E-mail Marketing company worth multi-million dollars.

Later on, he began creating various products and online services to help digital entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Also, Harris likes traveling and mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their potential fully.

Lastly, his mission statement is “Make You Richer.”

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How Does Traffic For Me work?

Traffic For Me operates using an idea similar to Solo ads and the UDIMI marketplace.

But, to register on this platform, first, you need to create a free account.

After that, you can choose one of their packages depending on your budgetary allocation.

And whenever you place an order for traffic, you’ll receive them primarily as solo ads.

After placing the order, Traffic For Me will send targeted e-mails to your digital business.

In addition, the number of clicks depends on your package.

How Do I Register With Traffic For Me?

Traffic For Me Review

To register in Traffic For Me, you’ll follow the following process.

Create an Account

The first step to becoming a member of Traffic For Me is to create your free account.

And once you complete keying in your details, you’ll receive two e-mails from Traffic for Me.

Apart from that, the contents of these e-mails are your login instructions and health and support links.

And the last thing to do under this step is to log in to your account and build your campaign by clicking on the Order Traffic.

Choose Your Niche

It is vital to remember that Traffic For Me targets traffic from limited market niches.

And it’ll not work for your case if your digital business does not fall into the following business lines:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Diet
  • Survival and Prepping
  • BizzOpp, Make Money Online
  • Forex, Binary, Crypto

Choose Your Desired Type Of Visitors

Traffic For Me gives you the freedom to select the type of traffic you wish to receive in your business.

This is because the platform does not offer the same deals in all the niches on its website.

And some niches give you many options, while others give you limited choices to make.

The following are the available option on the Traffic for Me website.

  • Premium E-mail Traffics: Gives you between 80-85% clicks from the top 5 countries speaking English.
  • Top 5 Traffic: Gives you 100% clicks from the top 5 countries speaking English.
  • USA E-mail Traffic: You’ll receive 100% clicks from the USA.
  • Super Premium E-mail Traffic draws your visitors from their super-converting directory.
  • Starter Traffic Package: These are cheap clicks designed for starters.

Choose Your Desired Number of Clicks.

After choosing your package, what follows is to determine the number of clicks you would want to get in your business.

The number of clicks in Traffic for Me varies between 200 and 10,000 clicks.

These numbers of clicks have been categorized according to different prices.

And they have been categorized as follows:

Traffic For Me Review

  • 500 Unique Clicks at $395
  • 1,000 Unique Clicks at $760
  • 2,000 Unique Clicks at $1,440
  • 3,500 Unique Clicks at $2,450
  • 5,000 Unique Clicks at $3,400
  • 10,000 Unique Clicks at $6,500

The amount you pay for these various numbers of clicks will be dictated by the package you’re subscribed to.

For instance, if you want to receive 500 clicks, you’ll pay $345 for Premium E-mail or $395 for Super Premium.

Select How Frequent You Want To Receive The Visitors.

You must specify how frequently you want your business to receive these visitors from Traffic For Me.

As such, there are five frequency options to choose from, which are;

  • One-Time ASAP
  • One-Time Custom
  • Weekly Campaign
  • Bi-Weekly Campaign
  • Monthly Campaign

And with these options, you can control the traffic flow in your business.

Besides, Traffic For Me claims it will give you a discount of 20% if you go for their weekly campaigns.

This means that you’ll get an additional number of visitors from any category.

Start Funding Your Campaign

Ensure you have enough funds to fund your campaign.

But keep in mind that Traffic For Me won’t allow you to publish your order before funding.

Launch Your Promotion

After funding your Traffic For Me account, you’ll proceed to promote your campaign.

Also, provide the platform’s staff with e-mail swaps, links, and landing pages, among other promotion materials necessary for traffic campaigns.

Complete Your Order And Send Clicks

The final step before submitting your order is to check and confirm all the details of your order.

And once you’re done, dispatch clicks to your digital business.

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What Is The Cost Of Traffic For Me?

As I mentioned earlier, joining Traffic For Me is free, but you’ll meet various expenses depending on the package you want to receive.

And for a starter traffic package, you’ll spend approximately $150.

On the flip side, the most expensive traffic package will cost approximately $6,000.

Quite expensive, right?

And that is why I don’t recommend it to you.

First, you don’t know where Traffic For Me is sourcing this traffic.

Secondly, for effectiveness, you’re likely to spend more before you begin to make sales.

Therefore, before you rush to invest in this platform, ask yourself whether you’re willing to risk all your money in this kind of business.

But, there are other good online business opportunities you can venture into.

Plus, they’re easy to start and less risky.

Furthermore, they don’t require a huge starting budget.

Check out one of those alternatives here:

Traffic For Me Review

Is Traffic For Me A Scam?

Traffic for Me is not a SCAM.

Plus, the business structure is legit and offers you genuine services sought after by many online businesses.

As you may know, most digital businesses rely on lead generation.

And this will increase their chances of making sales.

One challenge, though, is that you don’t entirely rely on getting leads and traffic using software platforms.

This is mainly because scammers have taken advantage of such platforms.

Also, Traffic For Me is one example among many other paid traffic programs.

Again, if you’ve marketing skills, you can quickly realize your profits.

Otherwise, you need to understand that you’re taking a massive risk without any guarantee and no positive return on your investment.

Further, Traffic For Me is a promising platform, unlike many other paid traffic platforms.

However, I am not recommending this platform as your best route to digital business.

Apart from that, this platform has overpriced its offers making it difficult for you, especially if you’re new to online business.

What’s more, if you’re bold enough with Traffic for Me, equip yourself with skills and knowledge about e-mail marketing, cold/hot conversion techniques, and lead generation.

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What I Like About Traffic For Me

  • The process of ordering clicks is a breeze.
  • You can easily navigate the platform through free registration before committing your money to it.
  • It has various packages that suit different budgetary needs.

What I Don’t Like About Traffic For Me

  • The source of this traffics is unknown.

This will not guarantee whether you’re going to make a sale or not.

  • Paid traffics are usually very expensive.
  • Traffic for Me has limited business niches to choose from.

Therefore, it will disadvantage you if you’re in a business line not covered by the platform.

FAQs About Traffic for Me

What Does Traffic For Me Do?

Traffic for Me is a platform that sells clean e-mail traffics to online businesses.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Traffic For Me varies depending on the package you choose to work with.

And the price for packaging ranges between $150 and $6,000.

Does Traffic for Me offer any Training?

Yes, Traffic For Me provides you with training, reports, and newsletters.

And they will be guiding you on how to make more money in your business and bettering your life.

What Makes Traffic for Me Unique?

Traffic for Me is unique from other paid traffic companies because; it offers free customer support and expert advice.

Also, it gives you the best hand-picked traffic sources.

Further, it uses anti-fraud technology.

What’s more, uses the most accessible traffic-buy system.

Is There Any Alternative To Traffic For Me?

Yes. There is a better alternative to this program.

As my advice, don’t go for expensive models if you aspire to start a successful online business.

And sometimes they end up disappointing.

As such, start with relatively affordable options that will give you a positive return on your investment.

In that regard, I’ll recommend Affiliate Marketing for you.

And with this option, you earn money by promoting the services and products sold by other companies.

Create ties with those established companies selling well-known products.

Follow my blueprint to understand affiliate marketing:

Traffic For Me Review

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