What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing? – What You Need To Know

What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing

Hey, what’s up aspiring entrepreneur?

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If you want to know what is SEO affiliate marketing then be sure to read this page in full because I will show you exactly what it is in plain English.

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Unlike Pay Per Click advertisements where you pay Google to show up on page 1, SEO doesn’t cost a dime to do (unless you pay someone to write your content)

So if you also like the idea of getting free traffic to your website which will enable you to earn money, then continue reading below to learn more about SEO affiliate marketing…

So What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing?

To define SEO Affiliate Marketing for you, it’s beneficial that you first know what SEO is.

“Ok, Tell Me What SEO Is”

SEO is the process of getting a website or webpage to show up on Google, Yahoo, and Bing (excluding the paid results).

So for example if you were to Google “personal injury lawyer nj” and see Ads results showing up…

…you will know that they are NOT Search Engine Optimized pages.

Those results are obviously paid for.

What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing
Example Of Non-Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Results

Instead, what you would do is scroll a bit further down the page to see the true SEO results (these are also referred to as natural or organic results).

The video below from Common Craft in collaboration with Search Engine Land does a good job explaining what SEO is for you:


What do you think of the video explanation? Was it clear enough for you? I hope so.

If yes, please move on.

If not, you can leave a comment below with your question(s) or contact me on my contact or Facebook page and I will help you out ASAP.

Assuming that you now know what SEO is, it’s time for you to learn what affiliate marketing is so we can put both of them together.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending products or services to people who need them while earning a commission (money) whenever a sale occurs.

Amazon.com is a good example of a company that pays you a commission whenever you send them someone who makes a purchase.

Amazon does all the selling for you, and provides the tools, instructions, and a special code (called an affiliate link) to all their affiliates so that the sales can be tracked and they get paid.

They pay you whenever the customer makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link within a 24-hour period.

So as you can see, you’re simply just RECOMMENDING STUFF and getting paid in the process 🙂

I mean, how cool is that?!

Here’s a good visual explanation below to “show” you how it works…

What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing
Image Showing You How Affiliate Marketing Works.

This type of marketing is very popular amongst online review sites that you normally see whenever you do a Google search for product reviews.

A Couple Examples Of SEO Affiliate Marketing In ACTION.

As an example, if you were to go to Google right now and type in “best baby stroller review”, you will see that some of the sites showing up on page 1 are affiliates of Amazon.

Here, let me go to Google now and type in that keyword to show you the exact process of how these sites earn money through affiliate marketing:

Google Search Results For “best baby stroller review”

As you can see, the very first 2 results are from the websites babylist.com and thebump.com.

When I visited both sites, I see that babylist.com is an affiliate of Amazon because they have affiliate links going to Amazon.com

They also disclose this fact on their about me page for full transparency as you can see below…

babylist.com Affiliate Disclosure

NOTE: Babylist.com has affiliate links going to other companies and they also sell their own strollers (not just Amazons’).

Screenshot from babylist.com showing affiliate link going to Amazon

The Other Site’s Example

The next website, thebump.com is pretty much doing the same thing here.

Within their article about the best baby strollers, they have text affiliate links going directly to Amazon and also other companies.

What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing
Screenshot from thebump.com showing affiliate link going to Amazon

One can assume that these 2 sites are making full-time SEO affiliate earnings by providing helpful content and recommending products to people who need them.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also earn commissions online this way?

Well, the good news is that you most definitely can!

This is one of the business models which I also use to earn income online.

And I am going to help you get started so that you can become a good affiliate marketer and earn the money you deserve.

You just need to get access to expert training, a positive support base, and the necessary essential tools that I personally use.

Remember the secret online SEO affiliate training I promised to hook you up with at the beginning of this article?

Well, you are about to get access to it!

Get happy and excited 🙂

Recommended SEO Affiliate Marketing Training

Wouldn’t you agree that SEO + Affiliate Marketing = Money In Your Pocket (MIYP)?

For learning how to do SEO affiliate marketing online professionally, there is one training platform that continues to get my full approval.

And I’m not talking about any ole’ average SEO training that will get your website penalized by Google either…

…I am talking about strictly outstanding evergreen SEO education that will help you to propel your website and web pages in search engines.

This training is the online entrepreneur certification training.

What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing

What You Get and What You Will Learn

First of all, you are going to get a couple of free websites along with web hosting.

This way, you can implement what you learn from the training directly on your site.

You will get a keyword research tool that will help you to find low-competitive keywords.

You will learn how to write & structure your content with those keywords so that you can get visibility in the search engines.

You will learn where you should include your keywords within your content, what to put in your meta title, meta description, etc.

You will learn how to find affiliate programs and signup for free so that you can promote their products and earn commissions.

You are going to have access to an active community of other people who lives and breathe SEO affiliate marketing.

Basically, all the training, tools, and resources that you need to win in this business will be included.

You just need to follow the steps laid out in this training course and most importantly take ACTION.


I hope that this post showing you what SEO affiliate marketing is has opened your eyes to this incredible online earning opportunity.

If you found it useful, please consider sharing it with people who will also find value in it.

And remember if you have any questions at all, please leave it below and I will help you out.

Wishing you continued success.


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2 thoughts on “What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing? – What You Need To Know

  1. If somebody tells you that affiliate marketing is simple and it will take little to no effort at all to make a decent amount of cash online then they probably have something that they want to sell to you … if affiliate marketing was that simple then everybody would be making a decent income online.

    On the other side of the coin, it’s not brain surgery either. If you still haven’t generated income online then you are probably doing something wrong . What Jason is explaining here makes sense and is a great article with great information and advice.


    1. Thanks for adding your valuable comment, Caelan. What you say is 100% true!

      Anyone who considers doing affiliate marketing should know that it takes dedication and they also have to be consistently creating content.

      They also have to genuinely love helping people in whatever niche they choose.

      Once again, thanks for your wise words.


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