World System Builder Review

World System Builder Review – Is This Program Legit?

Congratulations on making the wise decision to read my World System Builder Review.

As an expert in reviewing programs and schemes of this nature, I aim to provide answers to the questions that people like you have about earning income from home.

So, the burning question is, does the World System Builder platform truly offer the “Financial Literacy” that it claims on its website?

While the platform appears promising at first glance, it’s crucial to read this review to uncover the program’s true nature.

It’s important to note that I am committed to delivering an honest review of World System Builder.

If you’re seeking comprehensive information about this program, this article is all you need.

But hold on, there’s something important you need to know first…

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With that said, let’s dive into this review and uncover the truth about World System Builder

Summary Information Of World System Builder Review

Name of The Product: World System Builder

Type of The Product: Multi-Level Marketing/Financial Literacy

Founder/Owner: Xuan Nguyen (Successful MLM Builder)

Website’s URL:

How Much Does It Cost? $100 Upfront + $500+ (Training) +$30 Monthly (Errors & Emissions Insurance) +$200 Monthly (Insurance Policy)

Who Is It Suitable For? Business Opportunity Seekers in MLM & Financial Seekers.

Is It Recommended? No

My Overall Rating: 5/10

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Overview of World System Builder Review

World System Builder Review

World System Builder claims to be an educative program that seeks to offer financial literacy skills to people to manage their finances well. 

Whether it is your home insurance or car insurance, the company claims to offer you ways to manage them. 

But from the look of things, this company seems to be an MLM program that will also train you on how to market the platform as a recruit. 

For you to get started with the program, you’ve been required to pay an upfront fee of $100.

The problem with this platform is that they don’t open up about their dealings. 

I’m saying that because many people who have joined this program thought that the program was focused on financial literacy.

Instead, they were given the wrong information and found themselves being asked to recruit others. 

The problem with most MLM programs is that you’ll spend most of your time recruiting others and take less time dealing with products, which is not a good business to get legitimate income. 

So, unless you’re joining knowing what the program is all about, you’ll end up being frustrated because you’ll hardly be offered helpful financial literacy information. 

In that regard, if you are starting, and you need to start making money online in a genuine and working way, you can check out my best alternative to learn how you can start an affiliate business.

Furthermore, if you don’t want a business that relies on recruiting other people, affiliate marketing is the best alternative.

World System Builder (WSB) Explained

World System Builder Review

World System Builder is a platform that claims to offer financial literacy, and it is affiliated with the popular MLM – the World Financial Group

Besides, the platform provides literacy seminars in the entire US and Canada, and its main agenda is to funnel people to the World Financial Group (WFG). 

I can state openly that WSB isn’t a financial literacy program as it claims.

But the truth of the matter is that this program is purely a marketing scheme that seeks to introduce you to another MLM concept opposite to your expectations. 

Again, the workshops offered by this program are free though you’ll have to incur heavy costs on others.

And the main function of these seminars is to guide you on how you can recruit others to sell products.

Although you get basic knowledge of the program, you’ll not get the right information on managing your finances.

In other words, the World System Builder workshop is to market and sell products of WFG. 

The problem with this program is that it claims to offer you helpful information regarding the financial literacy program, but when in it, you’ll participate in a business scheme of recruiting others. 

Genuinely speaking, I don’t like this kind of business model where you make money by recruiting other people. 

And what surprised me the most is the fact that the “about us” section of its website has a group of professionals and knowledgeable people to advise you on financial matters… so sweet of them, right?

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World System Builder Review

Has that helped you learn some key information about this program?

Let me take you a bit deeper…


What Is Inside WSB

Do you want to know them inside of World System Builder?

Here is the look of its homepage:

World System Builder Review

When you move down a bit, you’ll be able to see the stats presented to you:

World System Builder Review

In order to enhance the credibility and practicality of the program, you will encounter a section that presents the opinions of others regarding the program.

World System Builder Review

Who Is Behind World System Builder System?

Xuan Nguyen is behind WSB. 

The Fellow launched the platform in 2002. 

According to the information I found, this Fellow is believed to be an MLM business builder who is successful. 

Aside from that, no other information can be traced online, even on social media. 

It seems this person came up with this program for one sole reason, to benefit himself and his associate to make money.

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How Do You Get Started with WSB?

Joining this program is simple; you’re required to follow easy steps:

World System Builder Review

  • Join
  • Learn
  • Share
  • Grow

You can also access different workshops that you can get started:

  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Debt Management
  • Building A Strong Financial Foundation
  • Proper Protection
  • Building Wealth 
  • Asset Accumulation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealthy Preservation

If you’re considering starting an online business, I highly recommend trying your hand at affiliate marketing.

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Jason Foster

From there, let’s find out the compensation plan of this program;

WSB Compensation Plan

Although this program doesn’t publicize its compensation plan, here is what I know so far;

Check out its flow of various levels and how you can move up the ladder:

Preparation Phase

Becomes a master of coaching


10-10-30 or 5-5-30

Level One (Start-Up Phase 1)

Two Personal Recruits

10K Individual Points

10 Recruits Base

30K Points Bass

3.3 Occasional Appointments in their Base

Level Two (Build-Up Phase)

3 Individual Recruits

25K Own Points

30 Recruits Base

100K Points Base

10/10 Occasional Appointment in the Base

The fact that this program doesn’t openly give its compensation plan structure gives people more reasons to doubt this program.

And if it was a genuine program, there could not be any reason that prevented them from openly sharing its compensation plan. 

How Much Does World System Builder Cost?

This is another controversial question that people have been seeking to find the answer to on the website.

Will you incur any cost for joining this program?

The initial cost is normally $100, and during the training, you might have to incur up to $1,000; also, you’ll need errors and omissions insurance payments every month.

The insurance and emissions cost can range between $30 and $125 monthly.

Besides, you’ll incur another additional $200 each month as an insurance policy. 

Worse yet, every time you make a commission from selling a product, you’ll be required to share it with six people who are on top of you.

That is what makes this program even to be not worth it.

Is WSB A Scam?

World System Builder is not technically a scam.

They advertise workshops that offer financial management training, but the program involves much more than that.

In addition to requiring a significant amount of personal information, the program incurs monthly costs and requires payment for insurance services.

While these details may be presented upfront, the training workshop itself may not provide the in-depth financial literacy information you were anticipating.

World System Builder also fails to clearly communicate the benefits of the program beyond the promise of becoming a financial expert.

This lack of transparency raises questions about the program’s true value.

Despite these concerns, World System Builder heavily promotes the program and encourages individuals to join.

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Is WSB Suitable for Anyone?

World System Builder is open to anyone who is interested in MLM business.

However, before deciding whether to join, there are some fundamental things you need to know about the program:

  • You will need to have funds available to invest in the program.
  • You should have an interest in financial literacy.
  • You must be willing to recruit others.
  • You should be comfortable with any potentially misleading information provided by WSB.

If you are a beginner looking to start a profitable and genuine online business, affiliate marketing is a great place to begin.

I have provided a guide in the section below to help you get started.

What I Like About WSB

  • Getting financial literacy is good for everyone: The program could be even better with a well-structured and stipulated guide about the topic.

What I Don’t Like About WSB 

  • The program offers misleading information regarding its entire business model.
  • You’ll need to pay heavily to access this program; however, you can still access such information on other platforms. 
  • Their compensation plan is not well structured and publicly shared
  • Provides a lot of jargon that even confuses an experienced marketer

Having said all that, can you think you can manage to make an income out of this program?

With this review, you can now decide whether this program is suitable or not for you.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to set aside a lot of money to get started with this program, and if you’re joining without knowing that in mind, you’ll end up being frustrated.

But what if I tell you that I have an alternative way of generating money online?

Let’s go into the following section:

My #1 Alternative

If you’ve just joined the online industry and you wish to make money online, I can offer you the best alternative to get started.

Given that you have a passion and interest in a particular niche, you can immediately turn that into a revenue-generating aspect.

Incorporating affiliate marketing into your area of interest means you’ll be able to earn while you get deeper into your passion.

And getting started with affiliate marketing doesn’t cost you a lot of money as any MLM business will.

To make things clearer, I’ve offered you a blueprint that will guide you through starting up this kind of business:

 World System Builder Review

7 thoughts on “World System Builder Review – Is This Program Legit?

  1. I’ve been doing my research about world system builder because I’ve been taking their free workshops. I’ve learned a lot and it has opened up my mind that there is so much more to learn when it comes to managing my moneys. The basics is key before learning more of how money really works. I’ve actually talked to a few people who are successful in this company and have visited a few of their offices because I’m a very detailed person. This review is only based on what is on the internet. I found everything in this review on my own just by googling. Have you actually sat down with someone who is successful in world system builder? Have you actually visited an office? Have you taken all their workshops?

    1. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been researching World System Builder and attending their free workshops.

      It’s great that you’re open to learning more about managing your finances.

      It’s always a good idea to do thorough research and gather information from various sources when evaluating a company or program.

      Personal experiences and interactions with successful individuals within the company can provide valuable insights.

      It’s great that you have taken the initiative to explore different perspectives by visiting their offices and speaking with successful individuals.

      Remember to consider both positive and negative reviews, as well as conducting your own due diligence.

      This way, you can make a well-informed decision based on your own research and personal experiences.

      We haven’t personally spoken to anyone from the company or taken any of the workshops.

      This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain.

  2. Totally agree with you.You don’t downgrade others to build your own bussines.And on top of everything WSB its on the market for 38 years.Who are you to say that this is not legitimate bussines.
    People don’t listen to this guy!!!!

  3. Yes you are right…. to provide the truth but the truth here is half baked! It is opinion-based review based on how you felt during your first round of encounter to this. And I agree with Rosie what she said. This review sounded like you are putting others for your gains rather than what can you offer to sell that they do not have… 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jay. This review is based on facts collected online while doing deep research. It’s not based on putting others down to sell anything. The thing is, we always provide the best money-making alternatives so that you and other readers can use the knowledge to get genuine results online. At the end of the day, you decide on the direction you want to take.

  4. How poorly you criticize others while you have the least information which apparently you have heard from here or there. Interesting that in the end, it shows that you just want to downgrade others to make your business grow. poor information, big judgment!

    1. We appreciate you sharing your views here. This review is not meant to criticize nor downgrade, but rather to inform readers about the truth of the program. We always provide the best alternative for readers so that they can find something that is real and will make them profitable.

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