YouTube Backstage Review: Is Techlead A Scam Or Legit?

YouTube Backstage Review

Hi there, it’s my pleasure to have you read my YouTube Backstage Review.

YouTube Backstage program claims to have a better strategy that can help you succeed in your YouTube automation business.

In their strategy, the program promises to teach you the secrets of making more than $1,000,000 on the YouTube platform.

The program has a free enrollment of new users who want to venture into YouTube money-making opportunities online.

You’ll only pay their registration fee after becoming a member of their partnership program to enable you to start enjoying their service.

With more than fifty video sessions online, the program claims to provide you with all the behind-the-scenes strategies you need to succeed online.

You’ll also get access to their Facebook community where you can interact with other students online to learn more.

However, you may not capitalize on these claims in making your decisions online, there is much to consider.

You must learn the inside out of this program before you can give it a chance for your investment and time.

This includes knowing if all these claims are legit and true or just a scam you should forget about.

In addition, you need to clearly understand the meaning of this program, how it works, and its pricing.

In this review, I have everything covered for you in a detailed explanation to make it simple to understand and take action.

So, kindly continue reading this review till the end to discover more about this YouTube automation program online.

Before moving deep into the review, let us look at its summary.

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YouTube Backstage Review Summary

Name: YouTube Backstage

Type: YouTube Automation program


Price: $397

Founder: Techlead Patrick Shyu

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: No, kindly read my review to find out more

YouTube Backstage Review – Overview

YouTube Backstage Review

Generating income on the YouTube platform hasn’t been a straightforward endeavor for everyone interested in joining.

While some find success, many encounter setbacks due to challenges such as lacking the necessary skills, facing intense competition, and requiring significant investment.

One additional hurdle is the difficulty of building a channel that can effectively generate income on the platform, posing a formidable challenge for numerous individuals.

The YouTube Backstage program, however, asserts its capability to simplify this process through its training course.

The program purports to equip participants with the insights and techniques necessary to commence earning on the platform without enduring conventional difficulties.

According to the program, mastering their course provides the opportunity to achieve substantial earnings, potentially reaching seven figures on YouTube.

Furthermore, participants gain access to a support team and the chance to engage with fellow students, facilitating additional learning within the course.

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YouTube Backstage Review

Who Is The Founder Of YouTube Backstage?

YouTube Backstage Review

Techlead Patrick Shyu is the sole founder of YouTube Backstage.

Patrick’s YouTube channel boasts 1.44 million subscribers with over 400 videos published.

YouTube Backstage Review

Initially, his content focused on programming and applications.

However, following his divorce, his channel transitioned into a lifestyle platform.

Currently, he produces videos about his personal life, the latest tech trends, and social commentary.

And from his experience, he offers his students great lessons on how to succeed on YouTube.

What Is YouTube Backstage?

YouTube Backstage Review

YouTube Backstage is a YouTube automation program that teaches you how to become a professional YouTuber.

In their program, you will learn how to build a passive income working on the YouTube platform.

This includes learning their tricks which the program claims to be able to make you earn up to seven figures working online.

The program claims to be a community that covers all the behind-the-scenes strategies of success on the YouTube platform.

In their strategy, you’ll not only grow your YouTube channel to gain popularity but also venture into real business.

This enables you to learn new opportunities for making money on the YouTube platform other than creating videos.

According to the program, running a YouTube channel is just like running a real business making YouTube real entrepreneurs.

It defines how the current business is done today online with the influence of people online being the main pillar of your success.

In the digital age, gaining more popularity online gives you a chance to build an audience and market for your business.

For these reasons, the program claims to not only help you become a skilled YouTuber but also know how to run your business online.

From there, you’ll be able to grow your channel and gain popularity online to become a successful YouTuber.

This will allow you to run your business online and become a great entrepreneur in the digital age.

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What Is Contained In YouTube Backstage?

The YouTube Backstage program features four main offers in its platform that are geared to help you succeed in your YouTube automation.

These features include the following:

50+ Video Sessions

The program provides you with more than six hours of real strategic content in video sessions to help you learn more.

This includes the tactics, editing, monetization process, video business and much more covered in a detailed explanation.

So, by watching all these videos, you will stand a chance to make your channel gain popularity and succeed in your training program.

Exclusive Facebook community

The program also has a private Facebook page where its students get connected all over the world.

When you join the program, you will get access to this Facebook community and interact with other students of the course.

This allows you to share ideas with other YouTubers online to gather more knowledge on how you can succeed in the program.

You will therefore stand a chance to learn from other YouTubers and gather more experience on how to run your online business.

You can also get access to this community for support from their managing team online to help you succeed in your business.

Top instructor

According to the program, it is easy to get convinced to join a program if it has positive testimonies and track records.

Just like in the case where you want to visit somewhere you have never been to before in your life,

It will be much easier for you if you have someone who has already been there to guide you on how everything will be.

For these reasons, the program provides you with an instructor who will provide you with guidance on how the program works.

This involves providing you with coaching and mentorship programs online to help you know what you will be expecting in the platform.

Living Course

The living course is the last top feature offered in the platform for all students who want to learn YouTube automation.

This course carries the full curriculum of what is required in the business online.

The course provides you with lifetime access to their contents online both for the current and future contents.

This allows you to make reference to your business and learn both the current and the future contents of how to manage your business.

How Does The YouTube Backstage Work?

The YouTube Backstage works by providing you with a training course on how to run your YouTube channel to earn a living.

In their training, there are more than 70 episodes and more than six hours of course content in the form of video sessions.

The course curriculum contains the following modules:

Module One: Introduction

In the introduction module, the course welcomes you to the program where you’ll learn more about the company.

This includes learning the meaning of the YouTube backstage program.

You will also join the Facebook group where you’ll join to interact with other YouTubers on the platform.

This module is concluded by learning how to get started on the YouTube platform.

Module Two: Fundamentals

After getting introduced to the platform, the next step is to learn the fundamentals of the program and the course.

These fundamentals include the following:

  • How much you can make from the YouTube platform as a YouTuber.
  • If it is too late to get started with YouTube automation at the moment.
  • The mindset you should have for you to become a successful YouTuber.
  • How much time it will take you to see success.
  • How you can choose the best YouTube niche for success.
  • Finding your voice online.
  • How to come up with a popular video idea online.
  • If it is necessary to script your videos
  • How to publish your video to get more views online.
  • What you can do if you cannot speak well.
  • This module ends by teaching you why most YouTubers fail to reach their target online.

Module Three: Gear & Equipment.

In this section, you will learn the following topics:

  • How you can get perfect audio on the platform.
  • How to consider audio gear.
  • The types of audio microphones the company recommends.
  • How you can get a perfect image quality.
  • How much you can invest in your gear.
  • The advanced audio microphone gear.
  • If the backdrop really matters in your content creation.
  • The crash course on photography.
  • The last topic of this module is teleprompters.

Module Four: Editing Videos

In this module, you will learn the following topics:

  • How you can edit your videos online.
  • The sample editing workflow in the platform.
  • How you can get started with the premier pro application.
  • The tips for the B roll footage.
  • Learn if you need to hire an editor

Module Five: Growth & Strategies

In this module, you’ll learn about:

  • The stage presence and how you can avoid the web com look.
  • Why genuinely should become your personal weapon in your entire program.
  • What is meant by the visual essay style.
  • What consistency is and how it matters in your channel.
  • Why YouTube is different from what you may think it is.
  • How you can make your content stronger.
  • What can make your video content go viral on the YouTube platform.
  • The meaning of reverse engineering virality.
  • How the algorithm works online.
  • The optimization of your YouTube channel.

Module Six: YouTube Tactics.

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • If you should livestream
  • If you should upload your video content daily.
  • Strategizing on social media.
  • Analyzing on analytics
  • Dealing with heaters.
  • Why the subscribers are not important.
  • How to scale out your YouTube business.
  • Understanding the copyright rule as used in the YouTube platform.
  • How to pivot your content.
  • Why you should focus more on sharing other than teaching.
  • The importance of role models in your business.
  • When to make your sales and the technical issues you will face when carrying out your business.

Module Seven: Business & Monetization

In this module, you’ll finalize the course by learning the following topics:

  • The monetization streams of income online.
  • The additional monetization strategies used on the YouTube platform.
  • How to sell up a smaller business online.
  • How you can work with sponsors when running your business.
  • The deal you should have with the online courses.
  • The online marketing strategy used on YouTube.
  • Getting started with the online course.
  • Email marketing strategies.
  • The crash course in the online courses.
  • The monetization streams of income.
  • All the services are used in the YouTube backstage program.
  • If the business can help you earn passive income.

Module Eight: The Course Summary

In this module, the entire course is summarized as follows:

  • Putting the entire course together.
  • The behind-the-scenes of the real work videos online.
  • YouTube checklists are available for you online.
  • Taking action

What Is The Cost Of Joining YouTube Backstage?

The price for YouTube Backstage is $397.

It comes with a 14-day refund policy, but refunds are only granted if less than 40% of the course has been viewed.

If a refund request is made within 24 hours of purchase, additional verification will be required.

Is YouTube Backstage Legit?

In my opinion, YouTube Backstage is NOT a SCAM.

The course covers many aspects you need to learn for you to become a successful YouTuber online.

So by deciding on this course, you must have a passion for running a YouTube business.

This course promises to provide you with all that you need to know for you to become a successful YouTuber online.

In their training course, you’ll have lifetime access to the course content on how you can manage your YouTube channel.

However, the course only touches on how you can make money on the YouTube platform and not any other platform.

This means that by joining the platform, you’ll only focus on the YouTube platform and how you can succeed in it.

For instance, if you want to run any other business online not related to YouTube automation, you’ll not likely benefit from this program.

In addition, the course seems to be short compared to the other YouTube automation courses available online.

The course also covers some aspects of the business that can be gotten for free online making it less worthwhile.

Besides, success is not guaranteed to everyone who decides to venture into it.

Numerous YouTubers encounter setbacks in their careers, leading some to lose hope in the industry.

Even for those who achieve success, many take an extended period before substantial earnings materialize on the platform.

Consequently, the assertion that joining a course can effortlessly lead to a seven-figure income may not be as straightforward as claimed.

If the prospect of this program or business opportunity seems challenging for you, there’s no need for undue concern.

There are alternative opportunities available online that may better align with your preferences.

I invite you to continue reading this review to discover that preferred alternative.

YouTube Backstage Review

What I Like About YouTube Backstage?

  • Teaches about a legit opportunity to make money

In the current digital age, many people have shifted to YouTube automation as a legit source of making money.

This is due to its numerous testimonies of the business online with others making up to seven figures in income from the platform.

The YouTube platform also stands as the most visited website online in the world making it a better place to get the audience and run a business.

  • Offers lifetime access to their course

YouTube Backstage provides you with lifetime access to their course content including the current and future content.

This makes it a better reference point for students who will be venturing into YouTube automation as their personal career.

In addition, this makes it more helpful for students who might want more guidance even after completing the course online.

  • Provides you with access to the private Facebook community.

Learning how to make money on YouTube also requires testimonies that can provide you with more ideas on how to manage your business.

The program provides you with access to their private Facebook group where you will give the testimonies online.

By interacting with them in the community, you will be sharing new ideas that will help you succeed in your business.

What I Don’t Like About YouTube Backstage?

  • There is high competition in the business module.

There are currently many YouTubers online which makes the platform more competitive in business opportunities.

Due to the competition, it will take you much more time to build your channel and start making significant money.

The high competition also lowers the number of sales and views on the platform making the income too small.

  • Requires large investment to start

Apart from investing in the course, many other requirements need your investment when building your channel.

This includes the amount you will spend in creating your content and uploading it to your channel.

Even though these amounts may seem to be small, you will end up spending more upfront before you can start making money.

  • Only teaches about YouTube automation

This course only targets people who want to make money on YouTube platforms as their career online.

For this reason, you must first have a passion for joining YouTube automation for you to succeed in this program.

If you want to learn other ways of making money online, you will not benefit much from this training course.

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Is There Any Alternative To YouTube Backstage?

Are you intrigued by the idea of starting a YouTube business but unsure of where to begin?

You’re not alone.

I understand that there are numerous YouTube courses advertised online, claiming to be a universal solution.

However, this is often not the case.

YouTubers don’t all have the same content goals.

Some may prefer to run a faceless YouTube channel, while others are comfortable appearing on camera.

Blindly trusting these one-size-fits-all claims can quickly derail your aspirations.

That’s why I’m bringing to your attention this proven, free YouTube training course.

If it aligns with your objectives, I suggest you delve into it:

YouTube Backstage Review

FAQs About YouTube Backstage

Is There A Money Back Service In The YouTube Backstage Program?

Yes, this program offers a 14-day money-back guarantee

Who Can Receive The YouTube Backstage Discount?

The discounted price is available for anyone who wants to join the YouTube Backstage platform and enroll in the course.

However, the discount condition comes with its own conditions which you must accept for you to claim it.

For instance, you can only claim this discount if you make your payment in the first three days of joining their platform.

Is There An Age Requirement In The YouTube Backstage?

YouTube Backage program does not fully restrict some ages of people from joining their platform.

However, to be in line with the rules and regulations of work online, you must be at least 18 years old to join the platform.

This age requirement is available for almost all the companies that offer money-making opportunities online.

Are There Any Restricted Countries In Using The YouTube Backstage?

Based on my research, the YouTube Backage program is open to everyone who wants to join it irrespective of where you are.

You only need to be in a place where you can access the internet and have an internet connection to your device.

However, if you come from a sanctioned country, you might find some challenges accessing the program services.

Thank you for reading my YouTube Backstage Review.

If you have additional comments about this review, feel free to leave your comments in the below section.

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