Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Is Entre Blueprint A Scam?-Let’s Take The Bull By The Horns!

Is Entre Blueprint A Scam?

Hi, I welcome you to my Entre Blueprint Review.

I’m sure you’re reading this post to learn about Jeff Lerner.

And you want to know his legitimacy and whether he offers something worth paying attention to.

Jeff Lerner has a wide range of programs, but I’ll talk about Entre Blueprint today.

Of course, if you’ve heard about this program, you’re wondering whether it is legit or a mere scam.

In summary, Entre Blueprint is a program that claims to help you to succeed in any online venture like affiliate marketing.

But how true is that?

Hold on, I’ll be unmasking all information about this blueprint by Jeff Lerner.

I’ll also like to inform you that I don’t have any affiliation with this blueprint, and I’ll NOT persuade or share a link that promotes it.

That said, let’s dive into this review.

Summary Of Entre Blueprint Review

Name of the Product: Entre Blueprint

Type of the Product: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Founders:  Jeff Lerner

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: $39 plus upsells

Recommendation: Not for beginners.

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Overview Of Entre Blueprint

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Entre Blueprint is one of the programs founded and owned by Jeff Lerner.

The program is a guide that trains people on the best ways of running their online business.

Also, the blueprint tries to offer you easier ways how you can become successful in doing online business without the need to buy expensive services like e-books.

Further, this step-by-step guide is made to offer individuals a chance to get to know their hidden passions and abilities and provide them with all the necessary tools to be in a position to have their online business up and running.

The owner claims that this program will offer you everything you need regarding training to attain your goal.

In other words, Entre Blueprint offers mentorship.

But can that actually make you successful with your online business?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But what if I told you there is another straightforward way to start and make money online, even as a beginner?

Since I’ve been in this online industry for close to a decade, I know what works and what doesn’t.

You can follow this easy guide to getting started with the best online business;

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

What Is Entre Blueprint About?

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Entre Blueprint is a training program featuring 6 steps that you can apply to start your profitable business venture.

Jeff claims it is a life-transforming opportunity that can give you sustainable income.

The Entre Blueprint is an info package that is delivered through video training.

Jeff will teach you about his philosophy through this training and understand how this course will benefit you.

Along the way, Jeff is going to introduce you to 3 business models which are highly profitable.

You will be taught about each of these courses, then choose the model that suits your preferences.

The Entre Blueprint sales page claims that you will improve yourself personally, physically, and professionally if you follow the guidelines taught in Entre Blueprint.

However, if you are interested only in finding various digital business models, YouTube and Google can provide you with lots of information free of charge.

Once you access Jeff’s Entre Blueprint, you will still have to purchase Entre’s upsells, which are very many.

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How Does Entre Blueprint Work?

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Entre Blueprint has up to 6 modules that are covered throughout the course.

Here are the modules;

  • The 3 Ps of life
  • Three Actions to Success
  • Building Your Legacy
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Digital Consulting

Let’s now explain one after the other:

The 3 Ps of life

This module teaches you how to build an awesome life by applying the three pillars of life.

In this video, you will learn how to apply the three pillars, which are; Personal, Professional, and Physical.

Three Actions to Success

This module aims at preparing your mind for a successful business.

These three success pillars are; community, strategy, and belief.

Building Your Legacy

This module will teach you about the three phases you can apply to build your legacy.

These phases include Leverage, Growth, and Wealth.

Affiliate Marketing: Lazy Person’s Business Model

Jeff will use this training section to teach you more details about affiliate marketing.

He will also emphasize what makes the affiliate marketing business model the best investment option in the current world.

The affiliate marketing business model is referred to as a “lazy business model,” for it is the easiest one to start.


In this module, Jeff will teach you the importance of having an eCommerce business compared to brick & a mortar business model.

The eCommerce business model is much better compared to an offline business model.

Digital Consulting

Leveraging your digital skills into a profitable business idea.

This last section covers digital consulting and how you can build a good agency that will give you a continuous flow of passive income.

Apart from the modules mentioned above, this course will also give you additional bonuses, which include;

  • Entre Nation Community
  • Awesome Life Challenge
  • Business Adviser

What Do You Get Access To When You Pay For Entre Blueprint?

This program teaches how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Some would consider this an MLM Scheme, but I don’t think it is because much of the training will be anchored on training you to become an affiliate marketer.

In addition to the training course, you’ll get from this blueprint, the subscription will also entail other limited-time bonuses such as:

One-On-One Business Advisor

In this section, you’ll come across a wide range of business advisors who will give you their first-hand real-life experience.

Again, these advisors will assist you in creating an online business plan and beginning your business by having concrete information about what to expect.

Incredible Life Challenge

Here, you’ll get to know the secrets of Jeff that have the potential to transform all kinds of aspects of your entire life.

Reach out to Entre Nation Community

You’ll get access to this Nation Community by Entre.

This extensive network of students and entrepreneurs supports and helps one another develop and grow their online businesses.

Who is the founder of Entre Blueprint?

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

The founder of Entre Blueprint is Jeff Lerner.

Jeff is a known serial entrepreneur, musician, author, and speaker.

He was born and brought up in Huston, Texas.

During his early life, Jeff attended classes and, at the same time, played the piano, which gave him exposure to top-known entrepreneurs and business owners.

Jeff has attempted all forms of business, most of which did not succeed.

He once tried to invest in a restaurant franchise, but it also failed and left him with a debt of over 400k.

In 2008, he discovered his passion as a digital marketer.

After 18 months, it gave him the financial freedom to settle most of his debts.

It is alleged that Jeff Lerner has used his experience to create several successful digital businesses.

He has partnered with other digital entrepreneurs.

Some of the companies created by Jeff are:

  • Entre Institute, a digital education platform.
  • Xurly, an online marketing agency.
  • 7 Mile Digital, Lead generation platform.

Jeff Lerner has a YouTube channel that has received over 62,000 followers.

Through his YouTube channel, Lerner is seen in most of the videos talking about how to make money online and affiliate marketing.

What Is The Cost of Entre Blueprint?

If you wish to subscribe to all the offerings of Entre Blueprint, then you’ll need to part with up to $47,381.

Plus, it is essential to know that not all the payments I have pointed out above are one-time fees.

There are some you’ll be forced to remit a subscription fee that will often renew automatically.

Let me break down each payment in detail;

  • Entre Digital: – $1997
  • A One-Time Fee: Entre Blueprint – $39
  • Entre Results: – $15,000/Year
  • Entre Inner Circle: -$29,997/Year
  • Millionaire Productivity Secrets: – $67
  • Entre Nation Elite: – $348/Year

Does Entre Blueprint Have a Refund Policy?

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Yes, Entre Blueprint comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, if you subscribe to the program and find out that it is NOT working for you, you can request a refund as long as the 30 days timeframe hasn’t elapsed.

If you’re reading this post and you’re looking for a better way of making money online, then why don’t you take a few minutes to go through this guide that I’ve personally tailored for you;

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Is Entre Blueprint a scam?

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

Entre Blueprint is not a SCAM.

In fact, it is a legit program that will teach you how to make money online.

Also, the course will prepare you well with skills and knowledge you can apply when building your online business.

Besides, Entre Blueprint can help you know where to start your journey of building a profitable business opportunity.

However, I don’t recommend this program to you because various platforms in the market offer the same kind of training freely.

The Entre Blueprint seems to be relatively affordable, but the truth is that it will open up to other upsells.

There is a spot within Entre Blueprint designed to connect you with accredited consultants.

Through this spot, these consultants can reach out to you with various progression opportunities, and remember that said opportunities are expensive upsells.

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What I Like About Entre Blueprint

  • It has a low entry fee
  • The program is lucrative
  • It offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Jeff Lerner has been in the industry for some time now

What I Don’t Like About Entre Blueprint

  • Entre Blueprint has tons of complaints
  • The reputation of Jeff Lerner is NOT Good
  • The cost continues to rise as you move up the ladder
  • This program isn’t going to assist you in building your business

Is There Any Alternative To Entre Blueprint?

You can venture into many alternatives instead of going for Entre Blueprint.

Even though Entre Blueprint is rich in good training material, I won’t recommend it as the best choice to venture into.

This is because it does not offer a sufficient solution to building a steady income source.

My preferred alternative is Affiliate Marketing, a business model that can give you full-time passive revenue.

The next page will give you a blueprint of Affiliate Marketing to guide you.

Check it out;

Is Entre Blueprint a Scam?

FAQs about Entre Blueprint

Who is the creator of Entre Blueprint?

The creator of Entre Blueprint is an entrepreneur called Jeff Lerner.

He has gone through many experiences, from being a pianist to a restaurant owner.

Jeff discovered his passion when he ventured into digital marketing in 2008.

Since then, Jeff has been registering success as a serial entrepreneur.

Is Entre Blueprint a Pyramid Scheme?

Entre Blueprint is neither a pyramid scheme nor a scam.

This platform aims to teach you how to make money online.

Many people have developed phobias related to any program that claims to teach them how to make money online.

They always consider it a scam. Entre is far from these claims, for it is a legit training program.

What are the features of Entre Blueprint?

Entre Blueprint features six series of step-by-step training videos to train you on how to build a successful online business.

Additionally, the course has bonus features such as Entre Nation Community, Business Adviser, and Awesome Life Challenge.

What is the cost of Entre Blueprint?

The cost of accessing Entre Blueprint is a one-time fee of $39.

But that is not all; there will be additional upsells that Jeff will try to sell to you through Entre Blueprint, which is quite expensive.

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