Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review – Is Brian Brewer Legit?

Welcome to my Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review.

Is the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 program legit?

Can it help you make money online?

These are the top questions I’ll help you answer in this review.

I’ll also provide straightforward answers to other questions, such as:

What is the cost of joining the Program?

Who is Brian Brewer, and his role in the Program?

I’ll tell you everything about the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 training program you need to know before joining it.

I will also provide you with an honest recommendation about the Program to help you make a well-informed decision.

This will benefit people who have already developed an interest in the Program and would want to join it.

However, before I start my review, I would like to inform you that I’m not in any way associated with the program.

For this reason, I aim to provide unbiased information about the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 training program.

If you find Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 program unsuitable for you, don’t be worried.

Towards the end of this review, I’ll provide you with an alternative program to help you make money online within your budget and skills.

Let’s get started…

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review Summary

Name of The Product: Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0

Type of the Product:  Affiliate Marketing Course

Product Website:

Founder:  Brian Brewer

Product Rating: 70/100

Product Cost: $997

Recommendation: It depends; find out why from my review

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review – Overview

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

Many online investors have found affiliate marketing an excellent opportunity to make money on their budget.

This has made many people join affiliate marketing courses to learn more about generating money using the programs.

With the increasing number of people developing an interest in affiliate marketing, many training programs have also increased.

However, not all the training courses on affiliate marketing are legit.

Some training courses offer shallow or sometimes inappropriate information about the program, which misuses their affiliates.

This makes it much more important to conduct adequate research about a course before joining it.

Regarding Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 program, there is much you need to know about it as an affiliate marketing training program.

In this program, Brian Brewer focuses on setting up affiliate campaigns to help you promote products that attract high ticket sales.

His main target products are Click Funnels and Legendary Marketer, and he also teaches you how to run your social media traffic.

Brian outlines Facebook, youtube, and TikTok as his best platforms for running social media traffic online.

In Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 review, the main goal of Brian is to help you earn high tickets in your sales commissions.

Also, feel free to check out this alternative that might offer you a great way to earn online:

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

What Is Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0?

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 is an affiliate Marketing Training Course created by Brian Brewer.

This course helps you learn how to search for a niche market, make money and run your social media traffic.

The Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 course introduces you to the Legendary marketing training course and Click Funnels.

The course will be of much benefit to you if you are interested in learning about legendary marketers.

To familiarize oneself with the course, Brian suggests you begin by undergoing a fifteen-day business challenge.

He states that you’ll be better positioned to learn the course, which begins with creating your affiliate company.

Who Is Brian Brewer?

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

Brian Brewer is a professional digital marketer with an outstanding experience in affiliate marketing in his career.

He founded the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Training program and is currently the CEO of the program.

Before joining affiliate marketing, Brian was first a waiter when he used to make good money enough to feed his family.

He claims that the money he earns from his job as a waiter also helped him take care of his baby and live a comfortable life.

However, his budget increased with time, and the money was now not enough for him and his family.

He also wanted to have more freedom in his working experience where he was aiming to;

  • Work at the time he feels like.
  • He also wanted to start working in any place he wanted.

This made him start figuring out how he could make things work out perfectly for him, which he claims to have taken him up to four years.

However, Brian claims it’ll not take long to start making money online when you go through his training.

Brian currently has two YouTube channels that run his traffic online.

He states that most of the videos found on his channel are those he created in mid of July 2019 and have more than 7k followers.

The channel currently has more than 271 videos that he uses to display the course.

In his second YouTube channel, he has about 76k followers, totaling 41 videos already posted online.

The channel has already attracted over five hundred thousand views, including his affiliates.

Most of the videos in these channels direct people to learn more about the Legenda marketing products.

From how he displays the contents of the videos, Brian seems to be a highly experienced affiliate marketer.

The 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

I also have to take you through a 90-minute affiliate challenge.

On the official website of the Affiliate Escape Plan, there is the 90-minute Affiliate challenge page.

Brian explains what you need to know about this short course on the page.

When you understand this course, Brian can assist you with the first attempt before asking you to pay.

The 90-minute affiliate challenge covers online marketing capabilities, which Brian claims are perfect for changing your life.

The short training course comprises up to nine lessons that help you improve your marketing skills.

Brian offers the 90-minute affiliate challenge course for free as an introduction to the premium program of the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0.

How Does Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Work?

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 will teach you how to start affiliate marketing and make money online.

Brian teaches you how to advertise your products and services and get third-party business.

He also shows you how you can attract more audience online via platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Aside from that, he teaches you how to advertise products and offers on the platform.

As such, after joining Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 program, you’ll learn the following key topics;

  • Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing Business.
  • How to choose the best niche for the Affiliate Business.
  • Introduction to Legendary Marketer, 15-Day challenge, and Click Funnels.

In these topics, Brian focuses on helping you make more commissions from your affiliate marketing program.

At first, Brian initiated the program as a digital marketing program before upgrading it to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Breakdown

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

In this section, I’ll take you through what you’ll get when enrolling in the Affiliate Escape Plan program.

This includes breaking down every concept of the program and explaining to them as much detail as possible for you to understand perfectly.

First, the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 course has the following five modules;

  1. Phase 1 Your First $100k
  2. You Are Your Own First Avatar
  3. Mindset, Motivation, and Momentum.
  4. Intro to Retargeting Ads Conversion Optimization and Omnipresence.
  5. Automated Conversations at Scale.

Phase 1 Your First $100k

This program’s first section forms the core training in Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0.

It is the largest phase that is broken down into lessons, with each of them covering a specific topic in the phase.

Let’s look at what each lesson teaches;

Lesson 0ne: Crossing The Valley

This lesson introduces the topic where you will learn the benefits of starting and managing an affiliated investment.

Brian also highlights the course’s significance in this section, explaining the psychological cycle of the course.

From there, Brian moves you to lesson two to discuss why he chooses affiliate marketing and not any other course online.

Lesson Two: Why Affiliate Marketing

In this section, Brian gives you the assurances of studying affiliate marketing.

He explains why this opportunity provides the most reliable way for people who want to start making money online.

In the teaching, his main reason is that you can take advantage of existing companies that sell products to make money online.

He states that the business does not expose you to the anxiety of the other business components, such as shipping and customer service.

Lesson Three: Choosing Your Best Niche And Finding the Best Products Online To Promote

In this section of the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0, you’ll learn how to identify your business’s best niche.

Brian recommends you choose Love/relationship, wealth, and health as the best evergreen niches for your business.

These niches are considered evergreen because their individuals always want them not to look at their position in life.

This generates high demand for solutions to problems affecting the niches, which are believed to be huge.

In this module, Brian also teaches you how to select the best brand you can form a partnership with and promote their goods.

His main aim is to help you find a breakthrough in the business and start making massive outcomes.

Lesson Four: Congruency In Copy And Messaging For Success

This is the essential module to learn as it helps a lot, especially when things decide to crumble for you.

Brian teaches about affiliate marketing campaigns in this section, covering the following sub-topics;

The Introduction, attraction, Conversion sequence, and Sale.

You must have good congruency during your affiliate marketing campaigns to enable the phases to work perfectly together.

However, as an expert in marketing, you will only need to control the attraction and introduction together with the conversion sequence phase.

The company you will form a working relationship with will take care of the sales, which is the last phase.

Lesson Five: Lead Conversion Frameworks

In this module, Brian teaches you the six-figure lead conversion frameworks you need to know when running your business.

During the learning process, he will take you through the procedural steps to create a simple two-page internet site.

This is an accessible website, sometimes called a bridge web page, that has a duplicated structure from its bottom to the top page.

Lesson Six: Traffic And Omnipresence

In this section, Brian takes you through leveraging social networks over the internet when running your traffic.

He claims that through the process, you will be able to make website traffics be at your offers.

Brian’s teaching focuses on finding your best website traffic from applications such as Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube.

He claims that the three applications are the top platforms enabling you to attract the highest number of online users.

He states that the best way to achieve your targeted number of users online is by building an omnipresence.

Brian Brewer believes every affiliate should have a Facebook team and YouTube network for business online.

He states that the two platforms are non-negotiable options for affiliates who want to grow their business rapidly.

He also includes other trending platforms online, such as Instagram and Twitter, in the list of the platforms to run your traffic.

Lesson Seven: Setting Strategic Targets

In this section, you will learn how to set strategies in the social media platforms you use for traffic.

He teaches you how to take what the platform gives you and understand how you can act to attract followers.

Brian also recommends email listing, free traffic you can run when managing many followers.

Lesson Eight: How To Set Strategies On YouTube.

Brian prefers YouTube as the most powerful application to sell your content to a larger audience.

He briefly explains how he started his YouTube channel and his progress on the platform.

He did not focus more on producing top-quality content but stressed more on starting with the quality you can afford.

This involves using the equipment you have or can quickly get at your pocket value.

According to Brian, you don’t have to get cameras worth up to $1000 for you to start and succeed in managing your channel.

Lesson Nine: How To Set Traffic On The Tiktok Platform

In this lesson, Brian teaches how to set strategies to help you go viral on the TikTok platform and grow your business.

He aims to make you achieve great success on Tiktok by attracting the highest number of followers possible.

Lesson Ten: How To Manage Your Links

This section is for people who feel they have not achieved their goals according to their expectations.

He states that the missing links may result from your story and explains how you can take advantage of something on yourself.

He states that you can work with something unique to your life to capture your audience and grow your business easily.

In the missing link, Brian clearly explains ways you can use to achieve everything you desire in your life.

He states that it requires you to develop a unique way of thinking as you expect to achieve your dreams.

Lastly, in this phase, Brian talks about how to overcome any objection on your way to making more commissions.

You Are Your Own First Avatar

In this phase, Brian talks about two significant concepts of the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 program.

This includes your marketing efforts and understanding of where you need to put more focus on for you to grow your business.

He states that if you can sell an item you can buy on your own, you are in a better place.

According to Brian, this means you have outstanding marketing and advertising benefits in your business.

Brian concludes the phase by teaching you how to search for your customer online by focusing on advertising strategies to get clients.

He focuses on setting the right mindset, momentum, and motivation as key things to consider when managing your business.

The Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Bonus Lessons

Besides the premium lessons, Brian offers three more bonus lessons in the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 program.

These lessons include;

  • How to increase your stream of income
  • How to get started with Affiliate marketing
  • Mastermind Replays

In addition, Brian provides tools that will help you build your affiliate marketing campaigns.

He also teaches how to leverage the available tools to earn more income.

The tools he provides include Click Funnels, Groove Funnels, drop funnels, Weber, Active Campaign, and Get Response.

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What Is The Cost Of Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Cost?

At first, Brian offered the free Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 training course.

However, after upgrading the Program, he started charging a fee to enable you to learn the course.

This, however, resulted in an increased number of people who became interested in the course.

He evidences the increasing number of affiliates on his social media platforms, especially on his YouTube channel and TikTok.

At the moment, Brian only offers the 90-minute affiliate challenge for free as the first test.

According to him, it’s important first to learn the free course before you can purchase the premium Affiliate Escape Plan.

The Affiliate Escape Plan will cost you a one-term payment of $997 to join.

The Program, however, has some extras you will meet once you have joined the program.

This includes investing in the tools you’ll use to run your business which can cost you up to 100 dollars a month.

You’ll also have to spend significant money on managing your Legendary Marketer program.

In addition, you’ll also have to spend much more on ads during your social media trafficking.

Therefore, the price tag quoted on the website only includes learning the course, excluding any other expenses in the program.

Is Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 A Scam?

In my opinion, this program is not a scam following how it operates.

The program offers legit training on affiliate marketing created by a professional web marketer.

You can legitimately make money from this program even though it may not be as easy as Brian puts it.

You’ll have to put more effort and time into your business to make significant income from the program.

You’ll also have to invest highly in pay ads and purchasing the tools and products to grow your business.

Despite the legit program, it requires you to have enough capital to start the business.

However, if you are still up and willing to learn about a great business opportunity online, you can check out how I have faired on:

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

What I Like About Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0

  • Brian is a good teacher

Brian provides detailed and extensive learning in the affiliate marketing course.

He outlines the true meaning of making significant ticket commissions to investors.

  • The Program provides free bonus lessons.

When you enroll in this program, Brian will offer you up to three free lessons at the end of the course.

He states that the free lessons are essential too in helping you start your affiliate marketing business.

He also offers free tools to help you run your business online.

  • The Program provides free updates.

When you enroll in this program, you’ll not have to pay to get new updates about the platforms.

You will only have to be an active participant to get the free updates forever.

The Program also provides access to live streaming during the training sessions.

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0

  • Too much focus on the self-promotion

Brian only talks about individual businesses in the market.

He does not teach how to choose a niche that favors many people, which means you must be more passionate to succeed.

  • Only focuses on promoting Legendary Marketers.

Brian claims to have met his success as a Legendary marketer and focuses more on the opportunity.

He does not discuss any other opportunity that may make you earn income online.

For this reason, you will have to limit yourself to the legendary marketer as the main opportunity offered in the course.

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Is There Any Other Alternative To Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0?

I don’t mean to discredit Brian’s course in any way, but if you still want to learn better affiliate marketing tips, then I have this better option for you.

With this guide, you’ll learn the basics things that you need to know before you can venture into affiliate marketing.

The good part of it is the fact that I have personally tailored it, so you rest assured that you’ll benefit from it in the end.

Feel free to check it out:

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review

FAQ About Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0

Does Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Offer a Refund Policy?

No Affiliate Escape Plan does not offer any money-back service.

For this reason, if you join the Program and find it unsuitable, there is no guarantee that you will have your money refunded.

Does The Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Offer Training On SEO And Blogging?

Not really; on the Affiliate Escape Plan website, the SEO or Blogging programs are not mentioned.

Therefore, there is no surety that you will learn the two key marketing concepts when you join the Program.

Who is Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 For?

As Brian sounds, the Affiliate Escape Plans do not seem for everyone.

The Program is best suitable for people who have good investment capital that can help them manage the expenses in the Program.

Does Affiliate Escape 2.0 Have A Compensation Plan?

The Program offers up to three bonus lessons to their affiliates as compensation after learning the course.

Brian explains that the three bonus lessons are essential too in enabling you to start your affiliate marketing program.

Here is a beginner guide video by Affiliate Escape Plan:

Thank you for reading this Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 review.

I’ll appreciate it if I get your feedback in the section below!

13 thoughts on “Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Review – Is Brian Brewer Legit?

  1. Thank you so much for writing this review on the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0! I love how in-depth and unbiased your review was and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air after reading tons of other reviews that are clearly downplaying a product to sell something else. It doesn’t seem like the Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 is for me, though. It’s such a big investment paying $997 for the course and then spending even more on paid ads and other required software.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. It’s true that the price is kinda high, but Brain actually does provide quality training to help you succeed and get a good ROI. Of course, there are other less expensive options out there. You can check out the alternative that I included in the review to see if it’s for you.

  2. When you say you are in no way affiliated with the program does that mean you haven’t taken the course? I see he won an award with click funnels, is click funnels included in the price of his course or would you also need to purchase a click funnels account to follow along? I’m wondering how many people have taken his course and found success. Do you know of any students of his that are notable?

    1. Hey there! “I am not affiliated” means that I haven’t signed up for the program and joined the affiliate program to promote it. That means I am not motivated by money and therefore, the aim is to give an unbiased view – that way, you can get the truth about this or any other program reviewed here.

      Now, Clickfunnels isn’t included in the price of Affiliate Escape.  This is a tool that is sold separately. 

      Overall, it’s a solid educational course from a legit teacher. 

  3. Hi, I read your content and I have to say that was great. These days many online investors have found affiliate marketing an excellent opportunity to make money on their budget so people are involved with learning affiliate marketing sources. I think the best way to make money online is affiliate marketing so it’s better to know the challenges and contents and finally to have a plan for it. Thanks my friend for sharing.

  4. From being a waiter to becoming a top-earner affiliate marketer. This is why affiliate marketing is my number one go-to internet marketing business. It’s easy to join but you need the right training. And you do not need to empty your bank account for the training. This is where I don’t like Brian’s Affiliate Escape Plan. It’s too expensive, there are other good alternatives like the Wealthy Affiliate. 

  5. I have seen plenty of affiliate marketing courses over the years requiring a very large amount of money to enroll, which had me thinking that many of them were scams. I do believe that affiliate marketing is definitely a legit way to earn income online and that only the right courses that teach us how it’s done are definitely worth joining. 

    The Affiliate Escape Plan certainly seems legit enough to join and learn how to grow a successful online business.  

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hi Terrence, I’m glad that you are able to avoid the scams and are actually on a mission to find genuine affiliate training and support.  Brian’s course is good, but if you are concerned about the price, then you can check out the alternative in the post. Thanks for reading and sharing your views. 

  6. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing business for a little over two years but I am not yet where I want to be. I understand that there is still a lot I need to learn about this industry. Thus, I am always looking out for programs that could help me reach my goal — Time freedom and financial freedom.

    Affiliate Escape Plan by Brian Brewer seems like a legit affiliate training program that focuses on click funnels and uses social media to target customers. The 10 lessons cover most if not all the necessary aspects of affiliate marketing. More importantly, he will teach you how to use every tool needed for you to succeed. 

    But $997 is a lot of money ☺. I might consider this program if there is a money-back guarantee. 

    Anyway, thanks for this straightforward review. 

    1. Yeah, Brain Brewer is a solid guy who knows about affiliate marketing and has been doing it for years.

      His program can be considered a bit pricey when compared to others, but it’s highly rated and people do get results. 

      It’s always a good idea to learn new skills as an affiliate so that you can be flexible. 

  7. I keep hearing about Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0, and I did come across a few posts about Brian Brewer!

    There are many different affiliate programs out there that teach affiliate marketing, and although I love high tickets, I don’t think paying almost $1000 for the course to start is something I’ll be doing again.

    I’ve personally spent a lot in my 6 years working online, but it does look like a great program if someone has money and wants to learn.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yeah, Brian’s course is good, but it may be too pricey for some people. If you fall in that category, simply check out the alternative that I provided here

      I wish you lots of success as you get moving with your business. 

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