Alphay International Review: Is This MLM Legit Or A Scam? 

Alphay International Review

Hi, and today I’ll take you through the Alphay International Review.

Learn if this China-based multi-level marketing platform is a genuine opportunity for online passive income or just another scam.

In my thorough review, I uncover the truth about Alphay International, addressing common concerns associated with multi-level marketing programs.

Many such platforms often turn out to be pyramid schemes or fail to deliver on promised payouts.

The misconception that recruiting people into a pyramid scheme guarantees easy money is debunked, as most programs don’t fulfill their commitments.

Deceptive practices, such as imposing challenging referral limits, can leave participants unrewarded.

To counter this, some multi-level marketing platforms incorporate product sales to distance themselves from the pyramid scheme label.

Focusing specifically on Alphay International, my review provides an inside look at the program.

Read on for a detailed understanding of this Canada-based multi-level marketing opportunity.

Let’s start with…

Summary – Alphay International Review

Name: Alphay International

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Website’s URL:

Price: Starts from $45.95 depending on the package you choose in the platform.

Founder: Hui Chen

Product Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read my review to find out more

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Alphay International Review – Overview

Alphay International Review

As a multi-level marketing program, you may be worried if you can actually make significant money with Alphay International.

This is because ALMOST every multi-level marketing company ends up being a pyramid scheme.

Some are partially into the scheme while others are fully into the scheme with their main agenda being to get the numbers they need.

A pyramid scheme is where a company promises to pay you when you invite people into their platforms.

What makes the pyramid scheme considered a scam is the fact that most of them set a limit of recruits for you to earn money.

Even at that, some platforms still end up not paying you hence cannot be considered a legit business.

When it comes to Alphay International’s multilevel, the company has spent more than 50 years in business.

This makes it different from other multilevel marketing companies which don’t last in the market due to their legitimacy.

For this reason, you can actually see that not all the multilevel marketing companies online are pyramid schemes.

What matters is to do research and find out how the company works first before trying it.

Some legit multilevel marketing companies can help you build a passive income online if you join their affiliate programs.

Such legit companies end up selling real products online and pay you commissions on the products you sell for them.

In my opinion, that is the kind of multi-level marketing company everyone may be looking for including you as well.

So, if you think Alphay International is such a legit multilevel marketing platform, here is the whole story explained.

But if you’re looking for an even better and legitimate opportunity to make money, I kindly request you to check out this:

Alphay International Review

What Is Alphay International?

Alphay International Review

Alphay International is an MLM company founded in 2002.

This Chinese-based company sells products of different varieties according to the Chinese lifestyle and medicines.

In addition, the company sells mushroom-based products internationally.

In their affiliate program, Alphay allows you to produce their products to customers worldwide and earn a commission.

The amount you’ll earn as your commission greatly depends on the number of sales you make online.

This means that when you make more sales, you’ll possibly earn more which will make you get significant income from your sales.

This is what makes Alphay International an MLM company.

For these reasons, if you are good at advertising, and you are in a region where the products are marketable, you can earn a passive income from the platform.

The program was started by Hui Chen, a medical practitioner who first launched the program in Singapore.

He later moved the company to China after making it a global targeting affiliates from all parts of the world.

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What Is Contained In Alphay International?

Alphay International Review

Alphay International contains a range of products online that fall under the categories of health, mushrooms, and lifestyle.

The health products include skin care, tea, and beauty products while the lifestyle products include water filters, air purifiers, and fitness equipment.

The mushroom-based products found in the platform include health-promoting products, mushroom extracts, and nutritional supplements.

The company also offers a range of DVDs and books which provide information on the company, its products, and its approach to health.

Here is a close look at the products included in Alphay International:

Herbal Supplements

Alphay International contains herbal supplements made from different bioactive herbs of high quality.

These herbs are sourced from different parts of the world to enable them to meet the qualities of the medicine needed.


The company also contains a variety of teas that are designed to provide energy that promotes physical performance.

They are also made from varieties of national herbs which make them purely natural and effective in improving your energy levels.

They can also help you reduce and manage stress in addition to boosting your concentration.


Alphay International company also has various skin care products that are geared towards revitalizing and nourishing your skin.

The products are made up of botanical extracts that can help you maintain your skin health and beauty.

Beauty products

Another main product sold by the Alphay International company is beauty products which are made to help you improve your beauty.

The beauty products available on the platform are made from natural ingredients to make you look your level best.

These products are designed to make you reduce body wrinkleless, promote your skin health, and make you have a youthful appearance despite your age.

Air Purifiers

The air purifiers in the platform are made to help you purify them by removing allergens, dust, and some common air pollutants.

Water filters

You can also maintain your water as clean as possible using water filters which help you remove all possible contaminants from drinking water.

The Alphay international water filters make you maintain healthy drinking water free from any contaminants.

Fitness Equipment

The fitness equipment found in the Alphay International products is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

This equipment includes exercise bikes, treadmills, and home gyms among others.

Mushroom extracts

The Alphay International company also offers mushroom extracts which are made to help you improve your energy.

These products can also help you manage your stress and improve your well-being in your day-to-day life.

If you lack some nutrients, these products will also be good for you by ensuring you get all the nutrients your body needs.

Nutritional Supplements

These are products designed to help you improve your body’s nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to improve your health.

Books and DVDs

There are also different varieties of books and DVDs in the platform that contain the Alphays approach to health.

The book also helps you learn more about Chinese medicine and other products sold in Alphay International.

How Does Alphay International Work?

Alphay International Review

Alphay International program is a multi-level marketing company.

For these reasons, the company allows you to earn their money in the form of commissions from sales of their products.

You can also earn a small income from recruiting more people into Alphay International.

To earn money from this platform, you only need to join their affiliate program and start promoting their products worldwide.

If a customer buys their products using your link, you’ll get a commission from the sales which varies depending on the type of products you sell.

If you have a high number of sales, you’ll also likely make more money from the platform.

To help you boost your sales online, the company provides you with more training materials to help you learn more about how to make their sales.

The company also provides you with more resources that aid in the distribution of their products to reach more customers effectively.

These include sales and marketing materials which you’ll gain access to immediately when you join their affiliate program.

There are three main ways of making money on Alphay International which are as follows:

  • Commissions from making sales of Alphay International Company products
  • Commissions from inviting more people to join Alphay International company platform.
  • The Alphay Platinum earn overrides when they make downline sales.

Alphay Platinum is the highest rank of an affiliate on the platform.

The ranks start from Alphay international distributor, then you move to Alphay silver, Alphay gold, and Alphay platinum.

There are also some bonus plans in the platform that you can participate in to help you boost your earnings in the platform.

Furthermore, engaging in the Alphay loyalty program enables you to accumulate additional discounts on their products.

Who Owns Alphay International?

Alphay International Review

Alphay International company is owned by a Chinese medical practitioner called Hui Chen.

Hui founded the company in 2002 in Singapore and later moved it to China in 2004 after the business picked on successfully.

Today, Alphay International is known globally with its offices spread across the world.

The main aim of founding Alphay International was to make people across the world stay healthier and happy.

The company provides natural health solutions to its clients across the world by using traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is therefore the main product of the company which is focused on maintaining your body balance.

In his mission, the company was launched to provide health solutions naturally using Chinese traditional medicine.

Their products revolve around body health, beauty, and lifestyle.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Alphay International?

The cost of joining Alphay International depends on the package you choose on the platform.

Before accessing their pricing, it is necessary to initiate the membership process by submitting an application.

In your application, you’ll need to provide your true personal details and register as a distributor on the platform.

These will take you to the packages available in the platform which include the starter kit and the business builder package.

The Alphay International Starter Kit

This is the package with the lowest price available in the platform which goes for $49.95.

This starter kit contains the Alphay international marketing materials, the business system, and the training videos.

The Alphay international builder package

The builder package goes for $99.95.

In this package, you’ll get Alphay International product samples, training videos, marketing materials, and the business system.

You’ll also get access to the Alphay international business builder tools.

Is Alphay International A Pyramid Scheme?

Not really, Alphay International Company is not entirely a pyramid scheme.

For a program to be fully a pyramid scheme, its main way of making money is always based on recruiting people to its platform.

However, for Alphay International, that is not the case, the company sells real products online where their affiliates earn commissions.

Even though the company also pays its affiliates to invite people to the platform, their main source of income is from their sales of products online.

There are also many other opportunities for making money on the platform which makes it different from a pyramid scheme platform.

Is Alphay International Legit?

In my opinion, Alphay International company is NOT a SCAM despite being a multi-level marketing program.

The program offers different opportunities for making money online to their affiliates which makes it a better way to make money online.

In addition, the program provides training resources marketing materials, and tools that make distribution of their tools easy.

You only need to make sales of the Alphay international products for you to start earning from the platform.

Furthermore, the company affiliate program is available for anyone across the world irrespective of where you come from.

However, the Alphay International program is not suitable for everyone.

The company targets people who have many followers online and can get clients to purchase their products.

Due to the high competition in the market, you may sometimes make low sales, which reduces your income.

Also, the company requires some investment to join their affiliate program which may not be affordable for some people.

Besides, you need to have some business knowledge for you to effectively run the business online.

Above all, affiliates from outside China may find the business not applicable to them, especially those involved in less stock.

For instance, if you come from places far from China, the shipping fee may be very expensive making it difficult to distribute the products.

Following all these challenges, the platform is therefore not the best opportunity to make money online for everyone.

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Please, continue reading this review to discover my favorite opportunity of making money for you online.

Alphay International Review

What Do I Like About Alphay International?

  • Alphay International has a legit business

The company has more than 20 years in business with many testimonies online.

Most multi-level marketing companies don’t last in the market due to the challenges they face in business.

The only option to stay in business for a longer time and win trust among customers is by having a legitimate business.

  • Offers quality health products

The products sold in the Alphay international company are of top quality which increases their purchase online.

This makes them easy to sell and maintain their customers online which becomes a challenge with most multi-level marketing companies.

All their products are aimed at improving people’s health and making them live a happier and healthy life.

  • Alphay International is not faced with lawsuits and complaints

Most multi-level companies faced with different complaints and lawsuits end up not lasting in business.

However, the Alphay International company, they are not faced with any lawsuit or complaint online.

This makes it succeed as a multi-level marketing to win more affiliates and grow their business online.

What I Don’t Like About Alphay International?

  • Alphay products may not appeal to everyone

Because Alphay International products are purely made from Traditional Chinese medicine, they may not appeal to everyone.

Some people may end up boycotting the products, especially outside the country.

This makes the international sales of the products difficult and sometimes not applicable in some countries.

  • Distribution of the products outside the country may be difficult and less applicable.

The Alphay International company is a global platform making sales worldwide irrespective of where you are located.

However, making sales outside the country requires shipping which is very expensive and sometimes not applicable if the place is too far.

This makes the sales of the products less manageable for affiliates outside the country.

  • The compensation plan is more complex

The compensation plan is more complex and requires the distributors to make large downlines for them to achieve it.

Failing to build the larger downlines will not make you earn sizable commissions online as required.

This sometimes becomes a big challenge for affiliates outside the country, especially those that may not make it to reach the target sales due to the distance.

  • The products may be too expensive

The Alphay International products may be too expensive to some customers making them difficult to sell.

Due to the high competition in the market share, it will be difficult to sell the products in the regions where their competitors dwell in.

In addition, the products may end up losing market in some places where there are similar products sold at cheaper prices.

Is There Any Alternative To Alphay International?

Yes, I have a superior alternative to offer in place of this MLM program.

If you’re seeking a direct and uncomplicated method to generate income online without navigating through complexities, I’m here to assist you.

Finding legitimate ways to make money can be challenging due to the overwhelming amount of information available online.

However, in my case, I have a proven approach backed by over 6 years of experience.

I consistently recommend beginners explore affiliate marketing, although only a small percentage tend to take action.

I believe you’re among those few individuals ready to take the initiative and establish a business from scratch.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn passive income by promoting products and services without the need for inventory.

Doesn’t that sound like a promising business opportunity worth exploring?

I’m confident you’re nodding in agreement.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve prepared an in-depth guide for you that contains essential information to kickstart this lucrative business venture.

If you have some time to spare, feel free to check it out here:

Alphay International Review

FAQs About Alphay International

How Much Money Can I Make From Alphay International?

The Alphay international company does not publish any average amount you can earn from their platform.

Just like any other multi-level marketing company you can make little to no money depending on what you do on the platform.

For this reason, it will take you time to start making significant money from the program based on the number of sales and affiliate rank on the platform.

Who Can Join Alphay International?

Alphay International is available for anyone who can make sales of their products and earn income.

However, if you can recruit members to the platform, you can also stand a chance to make money from the platform.

You only need to be at least 18 years of age for you to be accepted into the platform and join their affiliate program.

Is There Any Compensation Plan In Alphay International?

Alphay International has a compensation plan for its affiliates in the platform.

However, their compensation plan requirements are much complex making the affiliates build more downlines to get a sizable income.

This makes it not applicable to some affiliates, especially beginners who still lack business experience online.

Can I Support Alphay International Outside China?

Alphay International is a global company operating worldwide with all its services and products.

However, enjoying the company services outside the country may become a challenge due to the distance and accessibility.

For this reason, you will sometimes have to move to China for you to access the services easily.

Thank you for reading my Alphay International Review.

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