Solmax Global Review: A Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

Solmax Global Review

Hello and welcome to my detailed Solmax Global Review.

By reading this review, try not to skip any line as it contains the truth about this company.

I’ll provide you with my personal view on whether Solmax Global is legit or a scam you should avoid.

As a company offering services to its affiliates online, I’ll provide you with some reactions to what people say online.

This will also include the company rating from different credibility sites based on its performance in the market.

In the situation where you find the Solmax Global program, not your choice, you’ll not have to lose hope in your dream of making money online.

I have my favorite recommendation for you that can also make your dreams come true.

Taking that in mind, let us begin…

Summary Of Solmax Global Review

Name: Solmax Global 

Type: Multi-Level Marketing


Founder: Undisclosed

Overall Rating: 60/100

Cost: Starting from $100 depending on the package you choose.

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read and find out from my review

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Solmax Global Review – Overview

Solmax Global Review

Solmax Global is also one of the multi-level marketing companies online.

This company claims to offer its affiliates opportunities to make money by investing in their equity tokens.

This makes it a sort of cryptocurrency investment that claims to be at the front end in empowering you to achieve your financial independence.

The company doesn’t have any real or identical product to sell to its members or to the public online like other known multilevel marketing companies.

However, the company allows its members to also make money by adding more people to the platform.

In this case, the company claims to offer its affiliates up to 10% commission on recruiting other people to the platform.

In addition, the program claims to offer some additional bonuses to its members based on their performance in the platform.

Note, that any business that bases their main source of money-making on recruiting people to their platform is a pyramid scheme.

Such companies are always not accepted in most countries as they end up being scams.

So, Is the Solmax Global platform also a pyramid scheme?

Continue reading this review to learn more.

But if you need a better alternative to make money, I suggest that you check out this real opportunity:

What Is Solmax Global?

Solmax Global Review

Solmax Global is an MLM company that claims to help you achieve your financial freedom with its money-making opportunities online.

The company claims to be at the front end in helping you create an income stream that can help you improve your financial health online.

In addition, the program claims to offer training and support to its affiliates to help them improve their chances of success. 

Just like any other multilevel marketing company, you may not capitalize on these claims to make your decisions.

Most multilevel marketing companies are known to be blood sackers with only a small number of them being legit for their affiliates.

And if not a scam, they sometimes end up paying insignificant amounts that will require you to spend more time, effort, and money for you to succeed in them.

However, before you place your judgment on the Solmax Global Company, let us continue looking at how it works in detail.

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How Does Solmax Global Work?

Solmax Global works by providing you with the opportunity to make money online when you join their membership.

Joining the membership program makes you become a Solmax Global member, also known as the Independent Marketing Partner.

The first opportunity as a member is to promote their membership program and earn a commission from it.

But before you join the membership program, you must first choose the package and make your payment on the platform.

After joining the platform, you’ll start earning money by investing in their equity tokens in their platform.

This tokens business makes it look like a cryptocurrency which in their claim will increase their percentage price from 600% up to 800%.

However, it is always known to many multi-level marketing companies that don’t deal with real products.

Such companies come up with some sort of investments that move around cryptocurrencies or oil to make their business look legit.

But most of them end up being pyramid schemes as they focus more on recruiting more people into their platform.

For instance, The Solmax Global members make much of their money by inviting more people into the Solmax Global platform.

This means that you make money by selling the membership program to more people online with the commission being a percentage of the sales your recruits make.

The program also achieves some binary compensation plan which allows you to own two legs where you become level one.

You’ll then need to invite two more people who’ll occupy level two and decide on which of them will occupy left and right.

But the program doesn’t explain the commission you’ll earn from their company.

This means that there is no guarantee on the plan as to how much you’ll receive from the business.

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Is Solmax Global A Pyramid Scheme?

To answer these questions effectively, let us first understand what is meant by the term pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a program that pays you for inviting your friends into their platform.

Your payment will be on a commission based on your agreement with the company and the total number of people you invite to the platform.

Such program uses recruitment as their main opportunity to make money and have no other business model engaged in.

For instance, the pyramid scheme program doesn’t offer sales of any recognized products online making them less legitimate.

Solmax Global also has some similarities to a pyramid scheme program as it focuses more on recruiting people to its platform.

The company doesn’t clearly state how its affiliates make money other than the recruiting their friends into the platform.

Most such pyramid schemes are always banned from operating in most countries.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Solmax Global?

The cost of joining Solmax Global membership depends on the package you choose in their platform.

There are up to eight membership packages available on the platform with their prices ranging from $25 to $5,000.

This means that the least you can pay to join the platform is $25 when you choose the lowest package available.

Here are the packages and their corresponding prices:

  • Smart package costs $25
  • Rockie package cost $50.
  • The basic package costs $100.
  • Starter package costs $250.
  • Executive package costs $500.
  • Premium package costs $1,000.
  • Professional package costs $2,500.
  • Elite package costs $5,000.

However, the platform also allows you to sign up for free.

But in this case, you’ll only have the option of selling Solmax Global membership to people online and earning a 10% commission.

You can also qualify for other bonuses like team bonuses, and other selective matching bonuses online when you upgrade to the premium packages.

However, there is no direct earning disclaimer on the amount you can make from the platform.

This makes it hard to predict or tell what you can make from the platform as a Solmax Global member.

In addition, the time you’ll take to start earning a significant amount from this platform is unpredictable and may not be justified.

This is due to a lack of explanation on the earning disclaimer in the platform.

Is Solmax Global A Scam?

Solmax Global Review

In my opinion, Solmax Global is a scam.

The company doesn’t have a real product to sell online or offer a real method of making money like other multilevel marketing programs.

The program focuses on the recruitment of more people into their platform as an opportunity to make money.

The company doesn’t clearly outline how its business model works or rather how you will earn from their equity tokens.

But for recruitment, the company promises to pay you up to 10% of the commissions your recruits to the platform make.

As known for many multilevel marketing companies, most of them who don’t offer retail products in their platform are always a scam.

They end up being a pyramid scheme in reality and hide other pretty businesses to make them survive in the market share.

On the other hand, the company doesn’t disclose its owner or any relevant information about its owner on the platform.

As known by many affiliates, any MLM company that doesn’t reveal the information about its owner is always a scam.

Solmax Global also has poor ranking on the top credibility sites such as the Trustpilot platform.

This means that most of the users of the platform are not feeling happy with their services online or not supporting their services.

Furthermore, multilevel marketing companies do offer low income to their affiliates compared to other opportunities.

For instance, studies show that affiliates of MLM companies make less than $0.07 from their sales in an hour.

This is too much low and unreliable which will make you spend more time to make it significant for withdrawals.

So, in my view, I don’t recommend Solmax Global to anyone who wants to start making money online.

Jason Foster

What Are People Saying About Solmax Global Program Online?


Solmax Global has an average rating of 3.1 from a sample of 8 reviewers (December 30, 2023)

Solmax Global Review

From the reviewers, 50% of them gave the program a five-star while the remaining 50% gave it a one-star rating.

Solmax Global Review

Oratile Raphael Beregane gave Solmax Global a five-star rating seeing it as a good opportunity for making money online.

The reviewer feels impressed with the company as the best opportunity to make money everyone should consider.

Solmax Global Review

Imtiaz Khan states that the company is 100% secure with good investment opportunities for everyone.

Solmax Global Review

Cj Miraj claims to have invested $100 into the platform and got up to $2,500 in return and wants to reinvest again.

Solmax Global Review

On the other hand, Ashick Bad another reviewer has a complaint about the company giving it a one-star rating.

The reviewer claims that the company has not made payment for the past 8 months of joining their platform.

Solmax Global Review

Binksy Brown states that you should not lose your money to the fraudsters who own this Company setting it as a big scam.

Bark K S states that the company blocked them after raising concerns about their services online to traders.

The reviewer claims to have lost money to the platform where the company used the reviewer’s money as an investment in the platform.

Solmax Global Review

What I like About Solmax Global

Offers free registration

Solmax Global Company allows entrepreneurs without money to also join their platform without purchasing a package.

This makes it a better opportunity that favors both low-income earners and the entire middle-class earners online.

However, when you join for free, there are some money-making opportunities you’ll be denied until you upgrade to the premium plans.

Doesn’t have a recurring fee

After making your first payment of the registration fee, you’ll not have to pay any other additional fee.

The program will now allow you to continue enjoying your business on their platform and make your money.

You’ll only have to invest in the business you do in the platform that is if you want to invest in the equity tokens.

The platforms offer support to their participants especially when you join their membership program.

These educational programs are meant to help you succeed in your business and achieve your financial freedom.

They are also available to anyone who wants to venture into the money-making opportunities available on the platform.

What I Don’t Like About Solmax Global

Does not reveal information about their ownership

Solmax Global program doesn’t disclose information about their owner which raises a red flag about their legitimacy.

Lack of information about the program owner or history of the company makes it lose trust among users.

  • Low-income rates

The amount you can earn from an MLM is too low irrespective of what they offer.

This makes it difficult to build a passive income working on the program.

You’ll also have to spend more money on the platform with their success also not guaranteed for everyone who joins the platform.

  • Doesn’t offer any real product to sell online

Most MLM companies that seem to be legit offer retail of real products online to the public.

From the retails of such real products, their affiliates end up making money as commissions from the sales they make online.

  • Focus more on the recruitment of people

The well-explained business opportunity in the Solmax Global Company is the recruitment of new members into the platform.

According to the platform you will earn up to 10% commission when you recruit a new member into the platform.

This makes the company portray a pyramid scheme as you will need to invite many people to join the platform for you to get paid.

  • Has no security to their trader funds

There is no protection mechanism put in place to secure the funds of traders who invest in the Equity tokens in the platform.

The company doesn’t partner with any broker online which can also ensure good security of the trader funds online.

This makes it difficult for people to trust the business process as you’ll have to take risks for you to invest in the tokens.

Is There Any Alternative To Solmax Global?

Yes, there is a better alternative to this MLM program.

As you have seen, making money from any MLM program can sometimes be a daunting task.

The process and marketing skills needed to bring people on board can pose challenges.

It may not always be easy for them to navigate.

I recommend you jump into affiliate marketing.

This is a business that doesn’t require you to bring anyone on board.

With this business, you’re marketing products or services to people without necessarily buying the products yourself.

And in exchange, you get paid a commission for any sales made.

Isn’t that an interesting business opportunity to try?

I personally think it is because you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started.

FYI, I have been doing this business for more than 6 years, therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll make positive progress once you get started.

And even to make things work quicker for you is a step-by-step guide I have made for you.

Take a few minutes of your time to go through and you’ll not regret it:

FAQs About The Solmax Global

Does Solmax Global Offer A Refund Policy?

Solmax Global doesn’t offer any refund of the money you pay for your registration as per the information on the platform.

This means that there is no guarantee that you’ll receive your money back if you quit it.

For this reason, you’ll have to join the platform after learning the truth behind it to avoid mistakes or taking losses.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted In The Solmax Global?

The company accepts different payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies.

You need to first verify if your mode of payment is accepted in the platform before giving it a chance for your investment.

To do so, you can consider contacting their support team for inquiries on the mode of payment you want to use.

Is There Restricted Countries To Using Solmax Global?

Solmax Global is available worldwide and doesn’t restrict anyone from joining their platform.

For this reason, you can join the platform from any part of the world provided you have access to the internet.

The platform also doesn’t consider your ethnicity provided you can understand the English language, you will be ready to get started.

Is There Any Age Restriction To Joining The Solmax Global?

As per the information from the platform, everyone is allowed to join their platform and start making money.

However, due to Google guidelines that govern internet users, you’re not allowed to join such kind of business if you are less than 18 of age.

Thank you for reading my Solmax Global Review.

If you’ve any comments or additions regarding this company, I encourage you to leave a comment in the section below.

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