Wines For Humanity Review: Is This MLM Legit? 

Wines For Humanity Review

It is my pleasure to invite you to my Wines For Humanity Review.

If you’re wondering whether the Wines For Humanity program is legit or a potential scam, you’re in the right place.

While Anton Steinhart makes claims about the program, this review goes beyond his statements.

I’ve looked into various aspects, including what the program is about, how it works, and the costs involved.

The aim is to help you understand if this multilevel marketing opportunity can make you money.

After reading, you can decide whether to try or explore alternative ways to earn online.

Let’s start…

Summary Of Wines For Humanity Review

Name: Wines For Humanity

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Website’s URL:

Price: Downward payment of $69 Plus $9.95 every month.

Founder: Anton Steinhart.

Product Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read my review to find out more.

Wines For Humanity Review – Overview

Wines For Humanity Review

Wines For Humanity operates as a multi-level marketing company specializing in selling wines to a targeted customer base.

The program engages an independent workforce, individuals who earn income through online promotion and sales of various products.

Additionally, the program actively recruits others to contribute to promoting the company’s wine sales.

Notably, the business transparency of Wines For Humanity sets it apart from pyramid schemes within multilevel marketing.

The recruited workforce exclusively sells legitimate products online, eliminating the reliance on referrals for income generation.

Payment is securely and legally derived from the sales of the company’s wines, establishing it as a legitimate and ethical multilevel marketing platform.

However, it is crucial to fully comprehend the inside out of the company before dedicating your time and investment to ensure informed decision-making.

However, if you’re looking for a better way of making money online as a beginner, kindly check out this:

Wines For Humanity Review

What Is Wines For Humanity?

Wines For Humanity Review

Wines for Humanity is a multi-level marketing program launched back in 2008 by Anton Steinhart.

Anton still serves as the main CEO of the company to date and is the main factor behind all the operations on this platform.

Since its introduction in 2008, the company has managed to expand to become one of the leading wine sales programs online.

Due to his love for wine, Anton wanted to come up with an easier way for wine users to get access to their favorite drink.

At its establishment, the company was based in Naperville, Illinois, and has recently expanded to cover other nine states.

These states include; California, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

The company doesn’t only consume all its profits from the sales with its affiliates alone but also donates to the needy.

These include people faced with different life situations including cancer patients, hungry children, and homeless individuals.

This inspiration gives the company a helping hand for many people across the world which also promotes its growth.

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How Does Wines For Humanity Work?

Wines For Humanity Review

The functioning of the Wines For Humanity program involves the global sale of wines to various consumers.

Operating as a multilevel marketing company, Wines For Humanity incentivizes its affiliates to promote and sell their products.

Upon joining as an affiliate, you earn commissions based on the sales you generate.

Your role entails promoting and selling their products online to diverse wine consumers.

Your affiliate link plays a huge role in determining the total sale.

Additionally, you can broaden the reach by advertising the products and inviting friends to join, potentially increasing your income through their affiliate program.

The affiliate program extends the opportunity to earn extra income by inviting friends to the platform.

Since the company deals in tangible products, it distinguishes itself from pyramid schemes, establishing it as a genuine multilevel marketing scheme.

Importantly, you can still generate income within the program without necessarily inviting others to join the affiliate program.

The Wines For Humanity Model of Business

Wines For Humanity Review

As a multilevel marketing company, The Wines For Humanity program has its business model operating as follows;

  • The retail profits

This is the main source of income in the company which allows you to earn by selling the wines and other products available in the company to customers.

By making direct sales to customers, you will earn a percentage commission from your sales on the platform.

  • The Team Commission

In this business model, you’ll earn commissions from the sales made by the friends you invited to the platform.

This means that when you invite your friend to join the company’s affiliate program, you’ll earn every time the friend makes sales.

This commission however depends on your rank on the referral program and the total number of sales made by your referrers.

  • First Starts

This is a bonus given to members who make sales in their first thirty days of joining the Wines of Community program.

This means that if you are surrounded by wine lovers, you will highly benefit from joining the affiliate program of the company.

For the first thirty days of joining the program, you will stand a chance to get your first start bonus on the platform.

  • The leadership Bonus

This is another type of bonus offered to members who succeed in reaching the leadership level of their trades.

There are several ranks you can attain in the platform which are determined by your performance.

If your performance is high, you will stand a chance to win the leadership bonus as your level increases.

Every higher rank you unlock in the program will make you unlock a certain leadership bonus in the platform.

These ranks include; founder club member, executive director, director, regional director, national director, and global director.

What Products Does Wines For Humanity Sell?

Wines For Humanity Review

Wines For Humanity platform sales variety of products which include the following;

  • Various wines from different selections which include white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, rose wines, and much more.
  • There are different wine accessories offered which include; aerators, decanters, and corkscrews among others.
  • The company offers some gifts which include; spices, gourmet oils, and cheese boards.
  • There are gift baskets that contain some selected types of wines and other items.
  • You can join their monthly wines club which enables you to sample all your favorite wines every month.
  • All the wines sold on this platform come from wineries in countries where wines are produced in large quantities.
  • The company has partnered with more than 500 winemakers across the world to meet the demands of their consumers.

Who Owns The Wines For Humanity?

Wines For Humanity Review

Wines For Humanity company is owned by Anton Steinhart who is based in The USA.

Anton founded the company in 2008 in Naperville in the state of Illinois and has later expanded to eight more states.

He is still the main CEO of the company and has made it one of the most popular wine sales platforms in the world.

Anton has a passion for taking wines and loves different types of wines for luxury when enjoying life.

However, finding the right type of wine or making orders has not been easy, especially for wine-makers across the world.

This motivated him to come up with a platform where wine lovers can easily make their orders of their favorite wine and get it delivered to them.

Anton established Wines For Humanity to simplify the distribution and supply of wines for their consumers.

Despite the company being based in the US, Anton targets to make the company serve the entire world.

Apart from selling wines to consumers, the platform also takes part in helping needy and homeless people.

This is an inspiration that reflects the company name as it claims to donate up to 10% of its sales to the poor.

Who Is Wines For Humanity For?

Wines For Humanity Review

Not everyone may find joining the Wines For Humanity program suitable.

The program specifically caters to three distinct categories of individuals:

  1. Expert salespeople capable of generating sales and establishing a passive income through online transactions.
  2. Skilled recruiters that are adept at inviting friends to join the program and initiate wine sales.
  3. Enthusiastic wine lovers seeking a convenient way to place orders for their favorite wines and have them delivered.

If you fall into any of these three main categories, joining the Wines For Humanity program could be a fitting option for you.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Wines For Humanity?

To enroll in the Wines For Humanity program, there is an initial payment of $69, accompanied by a recurring monthly fee of $9.95.

These fees grant you access to the program’s services, covering the following aspects:

  1. Comprehensive training services to enhance your sales skills and maximize profits.
  2. Utilization of business resources and tools for seamless sales operations.
  3. Provision of a dedicated website for customers to place orders for their preferred wines with convenient delivery options.
  4. Access to the CE back office, equipped with various tools essential for the smooth running of your business.

Upon completing the payment, you gain entry to the platform, enabling you to commence your sales activities.

Additionally, there is a requirement to purchase a wine kit priced at $155, which includes:

  • Up to six bottles of wine
  • Up to eighteen crystal glasses
  • Carrying case
  • Insulated rolling wine bag
  • Corkscrew
  • Marketing materials for a successful business launch.

Is Wines For Humanity A Pyramid Scheme?

Many multi-level marketing platforms are often associated with pyramid schemes, prompting the need to understand this concept before determining their legitimacy.

A pyramid scheme typically involves individuals being compensated for joining a program and recruiting more participants.

These schemes are often criticized for lacking legitimate ways to earn money, relying solely on referral programs that lack transparency and reliability.

In contrast, Wines For Humanity distinguishes itself by not depending solely on a referral program for affiliate earnings.

The primary business opportunity revolves around online wine sales, requiring active participation from all members to generate income.

The inclusion of a referral program is a response to the growing demand for distributors, aiming to expand the sales team.

Upon joining Wines For Humanity, individuals become part of the sales team, allowing their referrer to receive bonuses based on their sales, and vice versa.

This business model, centered around actual product sales, sets Wines For Humanity apart from pyramid schemes that solely rely on referrals.

The company’s revenue is primarily derived from the legitimate sales of wines rather than a recruitment-focused structure.

Is The Wines For Humanity Legit?

Wines For Humanity Review

In my opinion, the Wines For Humanity program is not a scam.

The company targets to partner with all sales experts across the world to ensure all lovers of wine get the opportunity to purchase their wines of choice.

You will therefore stand a chance to build a passive income stream when you become part of their sales team.

However, the company is majorly based in the US operating in nine main states of the country.

This makes it not applicable to sellers from outside the country despite the company claiming to make their operations worldwide.

It will take a much longer time and high cost to make orders of wines and be delivered if you are outside the United States.

In addition, the services may also not be offered in sanctioned countries due to political instability in the affected nations.

On the other hand, the company also faces some other challenges as a multilevel marketing company.

This includes the imbalance of the earning rates on the market as most people are not alcoholics.

You will also take a much longer time to start making a significant amount of money from this platform.

This is largely affected by the stiff competition in the sales market because it involves selling similar products.

Another MLM program that you can also check out is Jifu.

Wines For Humanity Review

What Are People Saying About The Wines For Humanity MLM Online?

Here are my findings on the program online:

Wines For Humanity Ratings Trustpilot

In the Trustpilot platform, the Wines For Humanity platform has no rating with no reviewer commenting on the program.


On the Yelp platform, Wines For Humanity has an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

This rating comes from a sample of 64 reviewers as shown below:

Wines For Humanity Review


Indeed, the Wines For Humanity platform has an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars as shown below.

Wines For Humanity Review


Wines For Humanity platform also has a Facebook page with more than 63,000 followers.

Their page has also attracted more than 62,000 likes as shown below.

Wines For Humanity Review

What I Like About Wines For Humanity?

  • The program provides a legitimate way to make money online.

The program offers you a tangible way of making money online as you will exactly know what you will get from the sales.

This makes the business easy to manage and succeeds in it to build a passive income stream from your sales.

  • The commission rates are high

The high commission rates in the platform make it a well-paying multilevel marketing company to its affiliates.

You will get a sales commission of up to 18% on the platform when you make your sales of wines online.

This makes it higher than the other popular multi-level marketing companies online.

  • Allows you to retain your membership in the program even if your account is deactivated.

When you don’t fulfill the set monthly quota, you may risk your account being deactivated denying you the opportunity to earn commissions.

You will not lose your account completely as you will still remain a member of their sales team.

This means that you will not have to purchase another starter kit or purchase a new membership program on the platform.

What I Don’t Like About Wines For Humanity?

  • Has a recurring fee

The recurring fee paid monthly in this MLM makes it more expensive to afford especially for low-income earners.

Most recurring fees are always not applicable for traders who want to start the business from scratch.

  • Based in the United States only

The company is limited to the US only despite claiming to be operating worldwide.

It will be more expensive and almost impossible to make orders of wines on the platform from other parts of the world.

This makes it not an option for sales experts outside the United States who also want to join their sales team.

  • Offers similar products

The wines and other accessories sold on the platform are not unique and are found in other similar multi-level marketing programs.

This makes competition high, lowering the sales rate and also making you earn less from your sales.

For this reason, it will take you a much longer time to start making significant income from the platform.

Are There Alternatives to Wines For Humanity?

Yes, I have a genuine business opportunity that I’d like to present to you, especially suitable for beginners looking to start an online business.

Amid discussions about online income generation, it’s crucial to distinguish between legitimate and questionable opportunities.

With over 6 years of online business experience, I understand what works effectively.

Have you considered affiliate marketing?

It’s a well-established business model with untapped potential.

In affiliate marketing, you promote products and services from other companies and earn a commission for each sale.

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, I have a detailed guide to help you navigate from the basics to advanced strategies.

Feel free to explore the guide below:

Wines For Humanity Review

FAQs About Wines For Humanity

Can I Join Wines For Humanity From Outside The US?

Yes, the program allows you to join their membership program from any part of the world irrespective of your origin.

However, the company is based in the US covering nine states of the country.

If you are far from the country, it will be more expensive to manage your sales and sometimes not applicable.

Is There A Refund Policy In The Wines For Humanity?

The program does not offer any refund to their traders after joining the platform.

For this reason, if you have your account deactivated from the operations, you will risk losing your registration money.

You will need to be more careful and learn to take risks before giving the program a chance for your investment.

Is Wines For Humanity A Get Rich?

Not really, it will take you a much longer time to start earning a significant amount of money from the platform.

The company faces numerous challenges, the main one being that most people are not alcoholics making the sales not applicable to them.

This means that you will only have to make sales to only wine lovers and not to anyone as in the case with other well-paying businesses.

Does Wines For Humanity Offer Educational Resources?

Yes, there are various educational resources you will get from the platform to learn how to make your sales effectively.

These educational resources are however available for members who clear their registration fee and also pay the recurring fee.

For this reason, you’ll get access to these resources if you can pay the required fee as stated in the platform.

Thank you for reading my Wines For Humanity Review.

If you’ve additional comments or questions regarding this MLM program, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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