Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review: Is This FBA Course Legit?

Greetings! I’m delighted to present my Amazon Beginner Mastery Review to you, hoping you find it informative and enjoyable.

Before I begin, I would like to let you know that I’m NOT affiliated with the Amazon Beginner Mastery.

My OBJECTIVE is to furnish you with sincere and essential insights regarding the program you should be aware of.

Hence, as you peruse this review, you’ll discover compelling motivations to consider joining the program if you aspire to embark on your Amazon FBA venture.

With that in consideration, let us commence…

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review Summary

Name of the Product: Amazon Beginner Mastery

Type of the Product: Amazon FBA Course

Product Website:

Founders: Crescent Kao

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: $1997

Recommendation: Not for everyone

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Amazon Beginner Mastery Review – Overview

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

In his Amazon Beginner Mastery course, Crescent Kao is looking for Amazon FBA business owners who want to become successful sellers.

The program also promises aspiring sellers on Amazon to successfully launch their businesses and provide them with everything they need to grow it.

After joining the program, you’ll learn the Amazon Beginner Mastery course, which teaches you how to succeed in your business.

There are many things you will learn from the course, including:

  • Step-by-step training curriculum
  • Unlimited coaching and mentorship programs
  • A one-on-one coaching calls
  • The checklists of product validation.
  • Done with you:
  1. Product validation
  2. Listing optimization
  3. Manufacturer contact templates
  4. Purchase order templates
  5. Sales and profit analysis and tracking spreadsheets
  6. PPC optimization
  • The list of products to avoid –updated version
  • Money-back guarantee and industry contacts.
  • Students only Facebook group.

After completing your training, the program promises to guide you to launch your Amazon FBA business online.

You will also get the resource materials permanently available online to help you make references whenever you want to do so.

However, if you’re looking for a better alternative business model, feel free to check out this:

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

What Is Amazon Beginner Mastery?

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

Amazon Beginner Mastery is a course that teaches how to succeed in the Amazon FBA Business.

This course was created by Crescent Kao, who launched it in 2021 to help him interact with sellers on Amazon from different places.

His main aim in launching the program is to help people launch a successful Amazon FBA business.

According to the program, implementing what you learn from their course in your business will make you earn a passive income.

This can lead to the rapid growth of your business to help you achieve your financial freedom.

In other words, this course focuses more on private labeling, teaching more about the Amazon FBA business, including product search and negotiation with suppliers.

The program aims at ensuring your Amazon FBA business becomes successful in helping you establish your financial freedom.

The program claims that the amount of profits you’ll generate from the business will depend on how you apply your strategy in the marketplace.

For this reason, Crescent urges his students to take what they learn seriously and apply the skills effectively to their business.

This involves paying attention to the teachings, watching all the videos keenly, and asking questions to the support team.

From there, you will be able to overcome the market challenges, increase your sales, and generate more profits.

According to Crescent, when you implement his strategy in your Amazon FBA business, he asserts that you are poised to be the next to achieve success.

How Does Amazon Beginner Mastery Works?

The Amazon Beginner Mastery course teaches you how to become successful in your Amazon FBA business.

Upon enrollment, you’ll cover the following topics:

Product Discovery

This is the first topic of the course, which determines your level of sales on the platform.

The key to your Amazon FBA business success is ensuring you sell the right products many people would like to buy.

In his program, Crescent teaches you how to choose the right products that are highly profitable and easy to sell.

He teaches about the use of product analysis when choosing your products and conducting good planning to increase profitability.

According to Crescent’s teaching, selling products that generate small or no profits is unnecessary.

Hence this topic helps you learn how to choose the best-selling products in the market and increase your sales.

This makes you stand a high chance of becoming successful in our Amazon FBA business, irrespective of your level of trade.


You’ll learn how to effectively brand them to sell easily from product selection.

Crescent teaches you how to create strong and unique brands for your products to give you a competitive advantage in the platform.

When you are at the top of your competitors, you will automatically increase the sales of your products.

You will learn how to design and develop strong brand images that add value to your products and build some social proof.

You can charge more for your products and maximize your profits.


Selling your products on the Amazon marketplace using the normal method may not increase sales as expected.

There are a lot of challenges that limit you from making massive sales despite choosing the right products with strong brand images.

These challenges include stiff competition in the marketplace and a lack of market skills.

Crescent teaches you how to increase your sales using the modern techniques of launching products and how to predict the honeymoon period.

This strategy will ensure your products are ranked at the top of the search results when buyers search for them.

In this strategy, you will also take advantage of the pay-per-click system available on the Amazon marketplace.

This strategy ensures your products are in front of customers who will be searching for your specific products.

In addition, you will learn how to use product listing and optimize your keywords to be on top of the search page.

This will make you stand out from your competitors and generate massive sales.

What Is Included in Amazon Beginner Mastery Course?

After going through the program, let’s see how Crescent teaches the course to make you capture everything he has prepared for you:

Step-by-Step Training Curriculum

Crescent organizes the course into a step-by-step tutorial with videos between five to forty-five minutes long.

You’ll also get multiple reference materials, templates, and guides on how to succeed in your business.

Done with you Product Validation

This section will teach you how to make product selection, analysis, and tracking.

In normal circumstances, tracking and analysis of products are always ignored despite playing an important role in the selection of products.

You will learn how to effectively do your product tracking, which requires a lot of assistance, especially for beginners.

Done with you Listing Optimization

Buyers on the Amazon marketplace base their purchase decision on the quality and your product listings.

For this reason, learning how to optimize your product listings will help you come up with keyboard-rich product listings.
This includes bullet points, titles, descriptions of products, and the use of backend keywords.

Done with you Manufacturer Contact Templates

This section will teach you how to effectively contact and communicate with your manufacturers and suppliers.

Crescent teaches you the phraseology and professionalism you need to have when dealing with suppliers and managers.

This will enable you to get faster replies and purchase your products at the best prices.

Done with you Purchase order templates

In this section, you will learn how to get track of all your details to avoid losing your sensitive information.

Businesses transaction is always known to have many moving parts that require a secured cover-up.

The program offers you contract templates and purchase order that helps you protect and cover all your interests.

Done with you PPC Optimization

Crescent takes you through his pay-per-click system strategy on the Amazon marketplace.

He promises to work together with all his students to help them optimize their campaigns.

He focuses on keyword research, budgeting, and bidding, among others.

Are There Any Amazon Beginner Mastery bonuses?

Amazon Beginner Mastery offers the following programs as bonuses:

Unlimited One On One Coaching And Mentorship

This program enables you to reach out to the expert team whenever you need business support.

The program sets you free to ask any question about Amazon FBA business and get answers from the experienced expert team.

One On One Coaching Calls

You can enjoy this bonus if you want to speak with the expert team on a phone call.

This bonus also allows you to engage in a video chat with the expert team when making your consultations.

Students Only Facebook group

In this program, you will get the opportunity to meet other like-minded Amazon sellers on the platform.

You can then use the opportunity to share your views, questions and get results while learning together as a community.

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Who Is The Owner Of Amazon Beginner Mastery?

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

Amazon Beginner Mastery is owned by Crescent Kao, a successful entrepreneur who began his career at the early age of 24.

He graduated from Western Washington University and was awarded a Computer Science and Industrial Design degree.

In the first two years, Crescent was able to generate up to two million dollars from his business.

According to Crescent, the business started generating profits within the first thirty days.

This motivated him to start his Amazon FBA business and make it a full-time career.

He claims to have spent more than $1,0000 in training to gain more knowledge of the business.

Crescent focused on ensuring the business worked and was very excited when he became successful.

This made him come up with Amazon Beginner Mastery Course to teach others how to start Amazon FBA Business.

Crescent uses proven strategies to teach his students how to become successful easily when selling products on the Amazon platform.

Crescent has a passion for helping many other people achieve success in business and gain financial freedom.

He has managed to attract more than 8,0000 followers who are interested in selling products on the Amazon platform.

Upon joining the Amazon Beginner Mastery, Crescent guarantees significant profitability for your business.

You will only have to understand what you learn from the course and apply it to your Amazon FBA business to succeed.

According to him, when you successfully start selling on Amazon using his strategy, you can easily escape your low-paying job and focus on the business.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Amazon Beginner Mastery?

Amazon Beginner Mastery offers two payment options for anyone wanting to join the course.

The first option is to pay a one-time fee of $1,997, which covers the entire course and all the additional bonuses.

You can also go for the monthly payment option, which requires you to pay $599 every month for five months.

The program also offers you a money-back service which is valid within 14 days of joining the program.

In addition, your refund service will only be valid if you have spent less than 20% of the course within the stated period.

This means that you will not be able to get a refund when you do not meet any of the conditions.

You, therefore, need to go through the terms of services in the program before you request your money-back service.

Is Amazon Beginner Mastery A Scam?

In my opinion, the Amazon Beginner Mastery program is technically not a SCAM.

You can apply the knowledge learned in the Amazon marketplace to help you succeed.

In addition, Crescent makes all his educational and resource materials permanently available online.

This makes it easier for traders to make references whenever they face challenges in business or forget some concepts in the program.

However, upon joining their course, the program does not guarantee success in the Amazon marketplace.

You will have to put more effort and investment to succeed in your business using knowledge from the course.

The program also charges high prices to learn the course making it too expensive to join for low-income earners.

For this reason, Amazon Beginner Mastery may not be a suitable option for beginners who wants to start a business from scratch.

Furthermore, the program only targets sellers on the Amazon marketplace or people who are interested in joining the Amazon FBA business.

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

What I Like About Amazon Beginner Mastery

  • Offers permanent educational resources

Amazon Beginner Mastery course offers a wide range of educational materials to aid your studies.

The materials are permanently available in the platform to enable you to access them any time you want.

In addition, you can always revisit the materials from the program in your entire life, even after finishing the course.

  • Provide unlimited one-on-one mentorship.

Crescent promises his students unlimited coaching and mentorship program during your training session.

He promises to make himself available to all his students and attend to them every time they need his support.

For this reason, you can ask him everything you would like to know about Amazon’s FBA business.

  • The course suits both experts and beginners.

Crescent makes the Amazon Beginner Mastery course simpler to accommodate both beginners and expert sellers on Amazon.

This strategy ensures that no one interested in joining the program is left out or feels discouraged in any way about the course.

  • Provides access to private support on his Facebook group

If you want to engage in a private chat with Crescent when learning the course, the program has a private Facebook group that has you covered.

You can use the private group to ask questions and get answers from the support team that can help you shape your business.

Furthermore, you can use the private Facebook group to speak to Crescent directly when seeking support.

What I Don’t Like About Amazon Beginner Mastery

  • It is too expensive

The program asks for a higher price to join the course, which makes it too expensive, especially for beginners.

For instance, learning from this course may be too expensive if you want to start an Amazon FBA business from scratch.

Many other online programs offer training on Amazon FBA business at a lower cost than the Amazon Beginner Mastery program.

  • The refund policy is not guaranteed.

 Despite the program promising students a money-back service, some conditions that come with the policy are not realistic.

For instance, it is only valid within 14 days of joining the program and requires you to have consumed less than 20% of the course.

This makes it have no guarantee as you may not claim it after finishing the course.

  • The program lacks testimonies and objectives.

Amazon Beginner Mastery has few reviews online despite being in the market for more than two years.

The program also lacks a reputation among its users and may not guarantee success when you join the course.

This means that it will be upon you to put more efforts for you to succeed with the program.

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Is There Any Alternative To Amazon Beginner Mastery?

Certainly, there are other alternatives available to you if you want to make money online.

Having accumulated more than five years of experience in online business, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the strategies and techniques necessary to thrive as a successful entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that your path to success does not have to mirror the challenges you face.

In reality, your journey can be effortless and free from obstacles.

To unlock your full potential, it is imperative that you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to every endeavor.

Affiliate marketing presents the ideal opportunity for beginners, as it offers simplicity in joining and mastering the field.

As a beginner, I strongly encourage you to embrace this business model, which allows you to earn while learning.

Moreover, you will experience gradual growth throughout your journey.

However, that’s not all.

Before diving in, it is essential to grasp the fundamentals of this business model in order to get started.

To ensure a seamless and easy experience for you, I have decided to extend a helping hand.

Here is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that covers everything you need:

Amazon Beginner Mastery Review

FAQs About Amazon Beginner Mastery

Who Is Amazon Beginner Mastery Course For?

Amazon Beginner Mastery course targets people who want to launch a successful Amazon FBA business online.

For this reason, you must be a seller on the Amazon marketplace or interested in joining the business for you to benefit from this course.

In addition, you must have some basic business skills and have more than 18 years of age to benefit from the Amazon Beginner Mastery program.

Is There A Refund Policy In The Amazon Beginner Mastery?

Yes, the program allows its students to request their money back when they feel like quitting the course.

However, the policy is only valid if you have covered less than 20% of the course after your payment was confirmed.

In addition, the policy period is set at 14 days which starts counting from the day your payment was received.

For How Long Will I Have To Wait To Start Seeing Results After Completing Amazon Beginner Mastery?

According to Crescent, the amount of time you will need to see results depends on how you implement his strategy in your business.

It can take you less than 30 days to start generating profits if your business is successful.

If you don’t use the strategy effectively, seeing results may take much longer than expected.

How Much Can I Make With Amazon FBA Business?

The amount of money you will generate from the business depends on how you manage it in the marketplace.

In the Amazon Beginner Mastery program, Crescent claims to have made up to seven figures in the business after spending a few years in it.

You, therefore, need to put more effort and apply what you learn in the program effectively to earn more from your business.

Thank you for reading my Amazon Beginner Mastery Review.

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