Ecom Project Zero Review – Is This Amazon FBA Course A Scam?

Ecom Project Zero Review

Hi, welcome to my Ecom Project Zero Review.

If you are a seller on Amazon or want to join the platform, you might be interested in learning how to become a successful seller.

Ecom Project Zero is one course that claims to teach you how to sell products on the Amazon site.

The program targets beginners and professional traders who want to become successful Amazon FBA traders.

However, it is much trickier to capitalize on the claims and promises made by the company when making decisions.

For this reason, this review offers you detailed research on the program to help you capture everything you need to know about the company.

In this review, I’ll prioritize the critical concepts of the program, including; what the course is and how it works.

I’ll also cover the price of the course and how you can join the program to start learning Amazon FBA.

Moreover, I’ll also take you through who Michael is and whether his course is worth your money and time or a scam you should avoid.

Taking all that mentioned into account, let’s begin…

Ecom Project Zero Review Summary

Name of the Product: Ecom Project Zero

Type of the Product: Amazon FBA Program

Product Website:

Founder: Michael Soltis

Overall Rating: 40/100

Product Cost: One-time fee of $2997

Recommendation: Not for Everyone

Ecom Project Zero Review – Overview

Ecom Project Zero Review

Ecom Project Zero is among the Amazon FBA courses that focus their teaching on establishing private labels.

Like lead generations, creating private labels is another method of investing in the Amazon platform to make massive profits.

According to Michael, creating private labels enables you to create unique winning products that attract many customers online.

The nine-module course teaches you six steps to create private labels in an Amazon FBA course.

In the nine modules, you’ll learn every concept in a detailed video coverage to enable you to become an expert seller on the Amazon platform.

Apart from the Ecom Project Zero, Michael also introduces you to a cheaper First Track framework course.

In the first track framework course, you’ll get access to lifetime videos of the course and other series that focus on product research online.

The first track framework course is cheaper to enroll making it an added advantage for people with less capital.

However, it is embedded in the Ecom Project Zero course and requires you to learn after joining the entire program.

Michael also shares with students his experience in the Amazon FBA to motivate them to learn the course.

Michael points out that you can earn up to seven figures a year working as an Amazon FBA private label when successful.

He claims that the business model is an excellent opportunity for everyone looking forward to becoming a successful Amazon FBA trader.

However, if you’re looking for a better way of making money online, feel free to check out this opportunity:

Ecom Project Zero Review

What Is Ecom Project Zero?

Ecom Project Zero Review

Ecom Project Zero is an online course that teaches you how to create your level brands, especially when you want to launch an online business on Amazon.

It is an Amazon FBA course that claims to help you establish your business on the Amazon platform.

The Ecom Project Zero was created by Michael Soltis as a strategy he claims to be important in helping people learn and understand FBA business.

The course offers training on strategies for creating personal levels, such as product sourcing, managing your inventories, and optimizing your product listings.

You will also learn how to conduct safe and reliable shipping of products on Amazon FBA business.

Michael also introduces his students to the fast-track framework, a mini-training course on Amazon FBA.

The mini-course focuses on how to create private labels on the Amazon Platform.

In the process, you’ll learn to source products from different suppliers, identify the products, and establish strong product branding.

To understand more, let’s see how the program work.

How does Ecom Project Zero Works?

Ecom Projects Zero focuses on teaching you how to sell products on the amazon Platform.

For this reason, the program teaches you the six steps you need to follow to master how you can sell your products on the retail site.

These steps include the following:

Conducting Adequate Product Research

According to Michael, identifying winning products is the first step towards creating private labels on the Amazon platform.

When you can identify winning products in your research, Michael assures you of becoming the best in creating private labels by 90%.

According to Michael, the winning products are much more profitable and will make you quickly increase your sales in the platform and grow your business.

He teaches the fundamental product research techniques which perfectly fit the criteria, including choosing small, light, and simple products.

By choosing such products, you will have reduced shipping, manufacturing, and investment costs.

Product Branding

After choosing your winning products, it’s time to brand them, making them more unique to your company.

This will ideally eliminate mistakes such as having images copy generated in the products and the poor quality in product packaging.

Such mistakes may reduce your sales level and make your business less profitable.

Michael focuses on teaching you how to uniquely create a brand that will efficiently differentiate your products from others in the market.

However, he encourages you to always find an expert designer online who can do the job lower if you are not a good designer.

His main aim is to give you the required brand to help you improve your sales on the Amazon platform.

Search For A Top Supplier

When you have excellently branded winning products, it’s time to look for a world-class supplier to help you in product distribution.

Michael teaches you to avoid asking suppliers unnecessary questions when negotiating.

Michael points out that the only way out is to learn how to communicate effectively and quickly with suppliers during business time.

In addition, he teaches how to identify trust factors that will help you distinguish suitable suppliers from bad ones online before choosing to work with one.

For instance, when looking for a supplier, you must ensure the supplier has a reasonable price, strong communication, and at least two years of experience in the field.

Optimizing Your Product Listings

What follows after choosing your trusted supplier is creating an optimized product listing on the Amazon platform.

This will help you stand a chance to succeed in your private labeling on the retail site, enabling you to change visitors into trusted customers.

In the product listing optimization process, Michael teaches you how to craft the detail page of an optimized product with some beautiful images.

You can also consider optimizing the product with some bullet points and an attractive keyword title.

The keywords should create an algorithm that will make it loved by customers who visit the products on the platform.

Product Shipping

Shipping products to the Amazon platform is always the most challenging step for most traders, as it involves speed and charges.

In the program, Michael takes you three steps that can help you ship your products to the Amazon platform quickly and effectively.

The process will also ensure you ship your products at the most affordable rates that will not let you worry about spending much of your capital.

The first step is to establish a shipping plan that will help you work effectively with Amazon, such as choosing the right location for the warehouse.

You will also learn how to get the barcodes for the products and how you can send the details of your product shipping to your supplier.

The supplier will handle the remaining task and get your products shipped to the retail site as required.

Launching Your Products On Amazon

After shipping your products to Amazon, it’s time you are ready to launch them and begin attracting customers for you to start making sales.

As a beginner, you might struggle in this stage to identify customers and sell the products online.

However, in Ecom Project Zero, Michael makes everything easy by taking you through a formula that uses three easy steps to make sales.

The simple steps will help you generate profits, enabling you to make massive sales of your product online without struggling to look for customers.

For this reason, Michael promises you not to stress yourself relying on Google ads or ads on Instagram and Facebook to make sales.

What Is Contained In Ecom Project Zero?

Ecom Project Zero Amazon FBA course consists of nine models, with each module covering a specific topic of the course.

Here are the nine modules of the course:

  • Module one:

Introduction to Amazon FBA

  • Module two:

Product research master class

  • Module three:

Finding a world-class supplier

  • Module four:

How to create a beautiful, fully optimized product listing

  • Module Five:

Shipping Products to Amazon

  • Module six:

How to launch your products on Amazon like a pro.

  • Module Seven:

Amazon PPC Mastery

  • Module eight:

Critical Detail to help you manage and grow your business.

  • Module nine:

Foundations for creating a legendary brand.

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What is contained in the Fast-Track Framework?

Ecom Project Zero Review

Fast-Track Framework is another simple training course offered in the Ecom Project Zero platform.

According to Michael, the course provides lifetime access to well-formatted video coverage of product research and other bonuses.

Here are what you will get in the Fast-track Framework:

Fast-Track Framework Videos

These on-demand video series contain six steps teaching the success path to help you create a six-figure business.

Michael claims that the Fast-track Framework knowledge made him create a six-figure Amazon FBA business that made him quit his previous job.

He shares the knowledge with the students by working them through each step that can help them get on the right track effectively.

Product Research Software

The program also offers you a discounted product research software tool which is effective in helping you conduct product research online.

Michael claims that the software tool is the best for researching winning products online without stressing about manual search.

The software tool searches for the products by accessing the potential of the winning products online, making it an excellent product research tool.

You will also get up to three bonuses on the course, including:

Product Research Masterclass Bonus

This bonus is provided by the Ecom Project Zero program and will teach you how to reliably identify winning products online.

Michael said that finding winning products is the primary strategy to establish a fast-growing business on the Amazon platform.

The Product Sourcing Tutorial

The next bonus in the course is the product sourcing tutorial, where you will learn the most effective steps of finding good manufacturers online.

In the tutorial, Michael takes you through the use of real-time products to identify the best manufacturers online.

Excellent Product Example Case Study

This is the last bonus in the course, where Michael takes you through an example of a case study of a good product.

The case study talks about a winning product which displays the possible profits you can get from such products.

Who Is The Owner Of Ecom Project Zero?

Ecom Project Zero Review

Ecom Project is owned by Michael Soltis, who claims to have started his private Amazon FBA business back in 2017.

Michael has more than six years of working as an Amazon FBA investor, which has made him gain outstanding experience in the private label business.

Apart from owning the platform, Michael also works as a part-time head of the Lifeguard in Virginia.

He is also a general biology major working for his close community in their local college.

Michael owns over twenty Amazon products and claims to generate about six figures yearly.

While launching the Ecom Project Zero, Michael aimed to share his tactics and strategies with other Amazon FBA traders.

He also targeted beginners who also have an interest in learning Amazon FBA to also make good use of his strategies and tactics.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Ecom Project Zero?

Ecom Project Zero Review

To join the Ecom Project Zero, you’ll have to pay a total fee of $2,997.

This fee includes both the mentorship program and the Ecom Project Zero course.

However, the price tag does not include your investment capital which will enable you to get started.

This means you must remain with some extra dollars to use as capital after learning the course.

The business model requires a unanimous investment capital between $4000 and $12000.

You’ll be good to go after finishing the course if you have a capital amount within the range.

On the other hand, the price of learning the Fast-Track Framework course, which is also a mini-Amazon FBA course, is $4 per day.

The program allows you to pay the price of $37, which is the original price of the course.

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Is Ecom Project Zero A Scam?

In my opinion, Ecom Project Zero is technically NOT a SCAM.

Michael tries to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to become successful Amazon FBA traders.

The program targets beginners and professional traders who want to increase their sales on Amazon.

Michael himself is a successful Amazon FBA trader with an outstanding experience in the market since 2017.

However, the business model and the course’s price tag may be too high for some low-income earners.

For instance, when you combine the course’s price tag and the capital required to start the business, you must spend more than ten thousand dollars.

This makes it a more risky and lesser option for beginners who wants to start the program from scratch.

In addition, some online entrepreneurs claim that the Amazon private label business is dead and has no value.

This might result from the fewer people joining the private label business today and the challenges the traders face in the business model.

Despite being a legit training program on Amazon FBA private label, the course may not be an option for everyone.

If you find the course not suitable for you, worry less, there are other alternative options to make you achieve your success online.

Ecom Project Zero Review

What I Like About Ecom Project Zero

  • Offers a refund policy

Michael offers the student a refund policy on their entry fees wh, which guarantees them to claim their money back.

However, the refund policy period expires within thirty days and requires you to apply for it before the due date to get the money back.

However, this policy only works on the Ecom Project Zero course and is not available for people who choose to learn the Mini First-Track Framework course.

  • Michael Offers A Mini First Track Framework

Michael offers a mini system that helps you learn Amazon FBA at a much lower price.

The mini-course only requires $4 to learn everything it teaches an Amazon FBA business.

  • Offers A Full A-Z Amazon FBA Course.

The course covers all the concepts of establishing a private label on Amazon’s FBA business.

In addition, the program offers live coaching on the business model every week for students to interact with the expert team more.

So, if you have questions to ask about the course or services, online coaching will be much of a benefit to you.

What I Don’t Like About Ecom Project Zero

  • Ecom Project Zero Is Much More Expensive

The program is too expensive to join, which doesn’t make it a suitable option for beginners.

Compared to many other Amazon FBA courses online, Ecom Project Zero’s price is higher.

For this reason, some people may consider joining other programs that charge a lower price than the Ecom Project Zero.

  • The Business Model Is Too Expensive

Apart from being expensive to join, it requires you to have some extra dollars to get started.

This means that after paying the entry fee, you’ll still need to have some capital to start the business.

The money you’ll use as capital has no guarantee of generating profits.

This is so because it depends on the trading outcome, making it a risky business model.

  • The Website Does Not Display Detailed Information

When you go by the website alone, you’ll not be able to get enough information about the program.

The program makes the information on their official website too brief for people who want to learn.

This forces you to depend on other sources to seek information about the program.

  • Not An Option For Everyone

The course only targets people who want to learn about Amazon’s FBA business model.

If you have no passion for becoming an Amazon FBA trader, then joining the program will not in any way benefit you.

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Is There Any Alternative To Ecom Project Zero?

Yes, you can still opt for a different alternative business opportunity online.

I agree that there are many opportunities one may decide to venture into; however, for this review, I’ll encourage you to go for Affiliate Marketing.

This is even particularly an excellent opportunity for those who are starting out and want to enjoy getting passive income.

Affiliate marketing involves marketing products and services of a particular company or business and then getting compensated through a commission.

However, it is paramount to learn the tricks and tips for getting started with this business opportunity.

And this is where my input comes in.

I decided to lay down a simple and short guide that will enable you to get started with affiliate marketing.

Feel free to check out the following:

Ecom Project Zero Review

FAQs About The Ecom Project Zero  

Who Is Ecom Project Zero For?

The course targets passionate individuals motivated to learn how to establish private labels on the Amazon platform.

In addition, the program is suitable for people who can afford to pay its price.

Because the business model is too expensive, you must have enough capital to get started.

This makes it a business model only suitable for people who can take risks irrespective of the investment capital they use.

Does Ecom Project Zero Course Also Offer Lead Generation?

No, the program only teaches creating private labels on Amazon’s FBA business.

Michael is a successful trader who focuses only on creating a private label.

On the contrary, he doesn’t show any experience in lead generation.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you will learn about lead generation in the course.

Is The Creation Of A Private Label Better Than A Lead Generation?

It all depends on your choice of business model.

However, lead generation seems better than a private label as it does not require much capital.

It also has a potential consistency in generating income with a lowered saturation risk on Amazon.

Is The Ecom Project Zero Worth Its Price?

Compared to other courses offering training on Amazon’s FBA business, Ecom Project Zero is more expensive.

However, the program takes you through Michael’s exact strategy to achieve success.

The program, therefore, works best for people who can afford both the required price tag and the capital to help them get started.

Thank you for reading my Ecom Project Zero Review.

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