REI Game Changers Review – Real Estate SCAM or Legit?

REI Game Changers Review

Hello there, today I’ll take you through REI Game Changers Review.

Perhaps you are looking for a real estate program that helps you start a wholesale business online and earn an extra income.

If so, REI Game Changers company claims to be the best option for you online.

I’ll take you through the detailed information you need to know about the REI Game Changers program.

This includes letting you know if the program can effectively help you make money online or is another program you need to avoid.

And if you can make money with the program, I’ll explain how it works and the cost of joining it.

In addition, I’ll explain who James Hodges is and his contribution to the program, together with other stakeholders in the company.

Before I begin, I want to let you know that I’m not affiliated with the company.

For this reason, I aim to provide unbiased information that will enable you to make a well-informed decision.

I’ll also provide an honest recommendation about the program explaining to you whom it is suitable for.

Before we go further…

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Taking that in mind, let’s hit the trail…

REI Game Changers Review Summary 

Name of The Product: REI Game Changers

Type of the Product:  Real Estate Program

Product Website:

Founder: James Hodges & Alan Biel

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: $7000

Recommendation: Not really (find out why from my review)

REI Game Changers Review – Overview

REI Game Changers Review

When you want to launch a wholesale business in a real estate program, then REI Game Changer might be what you’re looking for.

This coaching and mentorship program claims to help you meet your success online when you join their training course.

Because different sellers are busy connecting themselves with many competitors online, it may be difficult for you to find one.

As you know, there are many people who have shifted to working online as the best opportunity to earn money today.

This has led to increased competition for jobs online, especially for the programs that offer legit opportunities of making money.

According to James Hodges, it’ll take time to connect to sellers online due to increased demand.

He claims you’ll learn more opportunities to make hidden money from your competitors by joining REI Game Changers.

This will help you connect to many sellers online and make significant money that can enable you to grow your business.

Because most real estate programs always have many challenges, James assures his affiliates that the program has a high success rate.

According to James, REI Game changers is a high-quality platform that offers you the best opportunities you need to know online.

If you join the program, James encourages you to be a good communicator and have good skills in sales and marketing.

The program, however, requires you to be able to spend a significant amount of money to get started.

However, if you’re looking for another great opportunity to make money online, feel free to check out this:

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REI Game Changers Review

What Is REI Game Changers?

REI Game Changers Review

REI Game Changers is a real estate investing program that teaches you how to launch a wholesale real estate business.

The program was founded by James Hodges and his friend Alan Biel.

The program comprises two courses offering different opportunities to make money online.

The first course is the Accelerator program which takes six months longer to complete.

The second course is called Catalyst, which takes about four months to complete.

In the Accelerator program, you’ll learn how to start from being a single operator to a larger business owner.

It is suitable for flippers and real estate wholesalers who want online personal and financial freedom.

The Catalyst program, on the other hand, helps you learn some advanced marketing skills.

You’ll also learn how to outsource your products online and build a stable team for day-to-day work.

REI Game Changers Review

Who Is James Hodges?

REI Game Changers Review

James Hodges is a successful real estate investor who lives in Midland, Texas.

He has met his success online by becoming a great real estate wholesaler.

James started investing in real estate in 2018, where he began his business making about 17000 dollars a year.

He then began offering coaching and mentorship programs, where he started making up to six figures in a year.

Apart from the REI Game changers, James founded the Awaken Real estate program.

Awaken program is a real estate company that purchased and sold products in Midland in 2018.

James later collaborated with Alan Biel to form the REI Game Changer in 2019.

The company, with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, has become its best-performing platform since its introduction.

James has a YouTube channel where he shares video content daily with numerous followers.

James has more than 2k followers on his Facebook fan page and posts some amazing short videos daily.

He also actively participates in many podcasts, video interviews, and real estate investing events.

Who Is Alan Biel?

REI Game Changers Review

Alan Biel is also a co-founder of the REI Game Changers program with James Hodges.

Alan is a successful investor in real estate wholesaling and also resides in Midland, Texas.

He finished his studies in 2003 after graduating from Texas Wesleyan University.

Alan then began his career by working as a USPTA tennis expert for more than sixteen years.

In his online career, Alan launched his business as a part-time investor in the real estate business for twelve years.

He changed it to a full-time career in 2018 when he and James Hodges formed the Awaken Real Estate program.

Like James Hodges, Alan is also active in real estate events, podcasts, interviews, and live videos.

When they formed the REI Game Changers with James Hodges, they were both professional real estate investors.

This made them connect well with other top real estate investors in the USA, who they used as their trusted clients.

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How Do REI Game Changers Work?

REI Game Changers Review

REI Game Changers course is divided into four sections, each explaining every aspect of Real Estate Investment.

The categories include;

Marketing Optimization

In this section, you’ll learn how to market your business and your skills online to attract more clients.

According to James Hodges, you can’t meet your success as a real estate investor if you lack the required marketing skills.

James, therefore, stresses teaching you every marketing skill you need to help you succeed in your business.

Dual Follow Up

In this section, you’ll learn how to follow up on messages in your business and ensure all your prospect do not forget your business and skills.

Another important aspect of the real estate business is that James focuses on helping you easily grow your business.

For instance, when you acquire good follow-up skills, you will know how to conduct automation in email marketing.

This will enable you to appear in the email inboxes of your customers and clients whenever you want to advertise your products.

In addition, you will learn how to hire professionals that will help you maintain your prospects and allow them to sign a deal with you.

Sales Process

James teaches you how to land more sales and improve your conversations with clients online in this section.

The main focus of this section is to learn how to outsource your products and sell your skills to professional clients.

Scaling Sequence

James teaches you to hire more people for your business in this category.

You’ll also learn where you can find people online and how you will effectively manage them.

According to James, when you perfectly manage your people, they will aim at doing a great job for your business.

This will help you easily scale your business and grow it upwards.

What Is The Cost Of Joining REI Game Changers?

When you want to enroll in the REI Game Changers, you’ll have to pay a one-time payment of 7,000 dollars.

In addition, you’ll have to set aside a marketing budget of at least 1,000 dollars which you will use to start your business career.

The program, however, offers you a breakthrough in your business by doing as much as they can to help you start the investment.

When you enroll in the program, you will have to schedule a phone call to enable you to talk to the coaches and the expert team.

This will help you determine what the business will cost you in advance and make your decisions according to your financial status.

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Is REI Game Changers A Scam?

In my opinion, REI Game Changers is not a SCAM.

Both James Hodges and Alan Biel are successful real estate investors.

They are two mentors and founders of the program with the aim of helping you with the newest strategies and methods of making money online.

The training program is open for both flippers and real estate investors who want to meet their success online.

For instance, James Hodges earned more than two million dollars in his wholesaling business in real estate after just eighteen months.

As a coach and a mentor, James focuses on inspiring others to follow in his footsteps to enable them to succeed online.

However, it may not be easy for everyone to make money from this program.

You need to spend significant money and spare time to do the hard work to become successful in real estate.

In addition, the program does not guarantee refund service to its members despite charging a high price.

For this reason, you should be able to take risks and find ways to overcome them risks before you join the program.

Following this, I believe there are better options for cost-effective programs for beginners to join and make money online.

So, if you find the program not suitable for you, you can still check out this other great opportunity:

REI Game Changers Review

What I Like About REI Game Changers

  • James is a good mentor

James is a successful real estate investor who perfectly understands marketing online.

He uses his marketing skills to inspire others to follow in his footsteps to achieve their goals online.

James also makes himself available to members through scheduled phone calls to guide them in the decision-making when enrolling in the program.

  • The program has testimonies.

REI Game changers have positive reviews from their clients online who have achieved success by enrolling in the program.

The testimonies are available on the company’s official website and other sites that reveal the credibility of other programs online.

This shows that the program can truly assist you in making money online to achieve your goals when you follow in the owners’ footsteps.

  • Offers a great opportunity to make money online

You can make money when you join the real estate industry.

Investing in real estate will require you to pay a higher capital amount, giving you a huge amount of money in return.

This makes it the best opportunity to help you succeed in your business faster than other known opportunities available online.

What I Don’t Like About REI Game Changers

  • It is an expensive business model.

Joining REI Game Changers program is too expensive for many people.

For this reason, it requires you to have a higher capital investment that may not be available for most people who want to start investing in the program.

If you cannot pay the prices, you may not benefit from the program as you will not get access to its services.

  • Not A good option for Beginners.

Most beginners online will go for programs enabling them to start their investment from scratch.

However, this is not the case with this program, as it requires you to have at least 1000 dollars as capital to start your business.

For this reason, many beginners might not benefit from the program, especially when they cannot raise the capital required.

  • It is a risky business model.

Despite requiring you to pay a higher amount of money as capital, investing in real estate industries exposes you to many kinds of risks.

The program, however, does not have a guaranteed money-back service to compensate for any risk faced by clients.

You should be able to take risks before investing in the program to avoid losing hope in it.

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Is There Any Other Alternative To REI Game Changers?

I don’t mean to discredit the above program, but you can still choose a better alternative to start making money online.

Affiliate marketing is the real deal when it comes to growing gradually in making money online for beginners.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of your skillset.

If you’re looking forward to starting this great opportunity, take a few minutes to check out this:

REI Game Changers Review

FAQs About REI Game Changers

REI Game Changers Review

How soon can I expect to see results from REI Game Changers?

How first you will start earning money from the program depends on the level of your implementation of the skills.

When you implement the skills, you may start making money from the marketing deals offered by the program about two days after implementation.

For this reason, the faster you implement the skills you learn, the faster you will start making deals and get your results.

How much should I invest in marketing per month?

The amount you spend on your marketing determines the goals you want to shive in your business.

For instance, if you have a goal of making at least five deals every month, with a cost acquisition of, let’s say, 2500 dollars, then you will need 12500 dollars per month.

How do I know the strategy is working in my market?

The company has coached more than 450 investors living in the United States, enabling them to develop working strategies.

In their findings, they came up with strategies that work best in the country in all the available types of markets.

The company also customizes marketing plans in its program designed for clients in specific situations.

Who is REI Game Changer For?

This mentorship program targets clients who want to invest in the real estate industry to achieve their goals.

It offers coaching and consultation programs to flippers and wholesalers who want to launch a wholesaling business in real estate.

Thank you for reading this REI Game Changers Review.

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