Automate Channels Review – Scam Buster or Success Generator?

Automate Channels Review

Hi friend, today I’ll take you through Automate Channels Review.

Automate Channels platform claims to help you learn how to potentially make $300 to $800 a day on YouTube.

According to the program, you don’t need to purchase a camera or take part in creating the videos yourself.

The platform claims to provide effective training on faceless AI YouTube video skills.

As it sounds, it can be the easiest way to earn a passive digital income online without committing to too much work.

However, you cannot judge based on the claims; what matters most is, CAN this strategy work for you?

In this review, I’ll help you answer this question.

In addition, I’ll take you through some of the good things about the platform and its drawbacks.

Taking that into consideration, let’s begin…

Automate Channels Review Summary

Name of the Product: Automate Channels

Type of the Product: YouTube Automation Course

Product Website:

Founder: Caleb Boxx

Product Rating: 30/100

Cost: $597 for the course ($7,800 and $20,000 – for mentorship program)

Recommendation: No, kindly read and find out from my review

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Automate Channels Review – Overview

Automate Channels Review

Making money on YouTube is not easy, despite many people showing interest in earning a passive income from the platform.

For instance, you must qualify for their monetization partnership program to earn from the YouTube platform.

However, there are requirements that you must meet to enable you to qualify for this monetization program.

These requirements include having at least 1,000 subscribers on your channels and at least 4,000 hours of view time.

To meet these requirements, creators spend a lot of time scripting, creating, and editing videos that can attract their audience.

Despite all these struggles, some creators take much longer to qualify for the monetization program.

Others also struggle to grow their channel, maximize their earnings in the platform and may incur losses.

Automate Channels platform, however, claims to offer the best solution to your earning on YouTube.

The program claims to help you create a passive income on YouTube without using a camera or creating the videos yourself.

According to the platform, you’ll only dedicate about thirty minutes of focus time to run your channels and earn possible income.

Their strategy is aimed at helping you earn passive income on your YouTube channel without stressing yourself doing the hard.

The platform also claims that you’ll hire highly skilled freelancers to do your videos’ scripting, creating, and editing.

When you jump to the front page of your YouTube dashboard page, you’ll see many viewers and followers on your channel.

This enables you to free up yourself and enjoy your life as the YouTube platform works 24/7 to create a passive income.

Can that really happen?

Just wait a bit, and you’ll find out the truth soon.

I must tell you about the best YouTube course currently available online.

It’s called Tube Mastery and Monetization, and it was created by Matt Par.

When compared to other courses, Par’s methods are more genuine and profitable, resulting in a higher success rate for his students.

If you want to increase how much money you can make on YouTube, take a look at his free training.

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What Are Automate Channels?

Automate Channels Review

Automate Channels is a platform that teaches you how to create cash flow channels to help you make money on YouTube.

It claims that cash flow channels are a counterintuitive approach that will see you make between $300 and $800.

The program teaches you how to make money on your YouTube channel without stressing yourself making any videos.

This saves you time from struggling to become a YouTube Star and makes your YouTube earnings a business.

The program begins by helping you create a cash flow channel when you are a beginner and editing YouTube videos for you.

The program then introduces you to their viral ranking strategy to see your content ranked on the front page to attract more viewers.

How Do Automate Channels Work?

Automate Channels Review

Automate Channels work by teaching you a strategy for creating a passive income on the YouTube platform.

When you join the program, you’ll have the easiest way to make money on YouTube without being a star.

The program teaches you about their strategy through the online course available for everyone who joins their membership program.

If you the membership program, you unlock the course and learn the following:

How To Create A Cash Flow Channel

You’ll learn how to create a YouTube Channel with an automated cash flow which will be different from other channels in the following ways:

  • The focus is building the channel as a business model where you’ll generate a passive income softly.
  • You will not focus on selling any product or offering any service online with your channel to get paid; YouTube will generate income for you.
  • Again, you’ll not focus on interacting with customers or dealing with people to make money; everything is done for you.
  • In addition, your focus will not be on becoming a YouTube celebrity for you to start making money. You will build a passive income even at the beginner level.

Get Freelancers Do The Hard Work For You

Automate Channels Review

Unlike in the normal days when people do everything themselves to create content on YouTube, this platform gives you a way out.

You will also not focus on scripting, filming, or editing your videos to make money, there are highly skilled programmers who will do the hard work for you.

Most content creators spend a lot on creating and fulfilling their products online.

For this reason, you’ll not waste your time learning how to hold a camera or watch famous YouTubers for help.

This also makes it a suitable side hustle for people who want to increase their monthly income, you will not require any video processing skills to own the channel.

It will also free you from wasting your time which may be a whole day building a business that may end up failing.

How To Use Viral Ranking Strategy

The program provides you with their proven framework which will help you get your videos on the landing page of the YouTube platform.

The frameworks help you get thousands of views without marketing your content on other platforms like Facebook.

The free views you get for your content will be converted to cash either cold cash or hard cash as you wish to have it.

According to the program, this strategy has been used by several students who have seen success out of it.

The program only requires you to follow the simple step by steps instructions on how to use the framework and see yourself get more reviews.

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What Is Contained In Automate Channels?

Automate Channels Review

The course also includes the following:

Cash Flow Blueprint On Automated YouTube Channel.

The program wants to see you succeed through its services.

The program’s main priority is to enable you to own a cash flow channel and earn your desired amount from YouTube.

In this section, the program will teach you how to manage earnings with your cash flow channel without worrying about being a YouTube star.

There is also no skill required in this section as it only needs a little focus time to monitor your earnings on the channel.

Uncovering The Little-Known System

In this strategy, you will learn how your video can rank high on the front page of the YouTube page.

Your content gets to the front page; YouTube will give you more views, making you stand a chance to get thousands of views.

This will help you build your channel and generate more money as the higher number of viewers you get, the more money you make.

The Little-Known Shortcuts For Finding Viral Contents Ideas From Your Competitors

The program also offers you a little know shortcut that will help you find some viral content ideas from your competitors.

Most YouTubers like such shortcuts to help them get their desired contents that can attract more viewers.

Note that in every niche, you must find competitors, and learning how to come top on the list of your competitors is the way out.

When your competitors are better than you, growing your channel to make more money may be much more tricky.

The program teaches techniques to see you come top among your competitors.

How To Automate Multiple Channels

In addition, you will learn how to automate the multiple channels you own while increasing your monthly earnings.

This strategy will help you improve your profit margin to up to 90%, making you earn the maximum income with your channel.

This strategy is more helpful for people who want to own more than one channel as their main business online.

You can use the strategy to run and manage the two businesses effectively and make money out of them as desired.

Secret Behind Viral Videos

You will also learn the secret behind the most popular videos that most people care about and struggle to see.

This strategy helps you create loyal fans who will consistently watch your videos and help you rack up your views on the platform.

Learning the secret behind viral videos is helpful in helping you learn the adjustments you need to make to your content to attract more viewers.

How being a star can limit you from scaling your YouTube Empire

You will learn how being a YouTube star can prevent you from scaling your YouTube Empire.

The platform explains videos you will be eligible to watch after unlocking the course.

What Are The Actual Costs Involved In Running A YouTube Automation Channel Business?

Ever thought about starting a YouTube channel with automation?

It might cost between $82 to $1060 for each video at the beginning.

You’ll likely need to make around 50 to 60 videos before you start seeing real results.

That means you might have to invest around $4,000, not counting the automation tool costs.

One person, Caleb, says he spends $50 to $70 per video.

But the exact amount you spend will depend on what your videos are about and how good you want them to look.

Here is a breakdown of the cost (automation software not included)

  • Thumbnail: $5-$50
  • Keyword idea research: $3-$17
  • Scriptwriting: $15-$200 for 1200 words
  • Voice over: $15-$570 for 1200 words or 8–9-minute video
  • Video editing: $50-$210
  • Video description: $4-$13

One-time fees:

  • About page and channel description: $4-$13
  • YouTube banner and logo: $20-$25

What Is the Cost of Joining Automate Channels?

Automate Channels Review

To enroll in the Automate Channels course, there’s a fee of $597, giving immediate access to the course material.

Upon payment receipt, the content becomes available instantly, ready for viewing in under two minutes.

However, that’s just the beginning.

To witness tangible results on your channel, you’ll need to engage in a mentorship program, costing between $7,800 and $20,000.

Additionally, various services listed earlier require further financial commitment.

Before committing to this course and business approach, be prepared for these expenses.

The owner suggests having a starting amount of over $4,000.

Also, notably, the platform’s official website doesn’t detail its refund policy, meaning there’s no guaranteed reimbursement upon joining.

Understanding the platform thoroughly before investing is crucial to avoid missteps.

Ultimately, the pivotal question is whether paying this price will genuinely facilitate the growth of a passive income on YouTube.

That’s the core concern for this program.

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Who is The Founder Of Automate Channels?

Automate Channels Review

Caleb Boxx is the founder of Automate Channels course.

From a high school dropout to a YouTube automation world, Caleb Boxx redefines success.

Coming from Dallas, this entrepreneur extraordinaire holds the key to digital media domination as the founder and CEO of Automation Holdings LLC.

With his captivating charisma and exciting expertise, Caleb has conquered the YouTube realm since the tender age of 16 back in 2016.

By the time he reached 21, he had amassed an astonishing $5M fortune, leaving his peers in awe.

Recognized as a true trailblazer, Caleb’s name graces the glossy pages of renowned publications such as Forbes, INC, Men’s Journal, and many more.

But his reach doesn’t stop there; tune in to the electrifying Uncensored Millionaire Podcast, where Caleb fearlessly interviews a diverse array of entrepreneurial powerhouses.

Spanning across the globe, Caleb’s empire thrives with over 200 talented team members scattered across offices in the US, India, and Cambodia.

Social media is ablaze with his magnetic presence, boasting a staggering 590K Instagram followers who eagerly hang on to his every word.

Is Automate Channels A Scam?

In my opinion, Automate Channels platform is not technically a scam.

Through the monetization program, you can use their trick to make money on YouTube.

However, making money out of their strategy may not be as easy as they put on their website.

You need to do a lot to reach a level where you can start making reasonable amounts from the channel.

For instance, trusting freelancers for content creation, editing, and video scripting may be tricky.

Some freelancers may turn out to be your competitors, while others make you face copyright challenges when posting your content online.

In addition, the little time the program talks about focusing on your channel is not enough to help you manage your posts.

Managing your channel may require more time learning and knowing what your audience wants.

This will help you create high-quality content and make adjustments to help you reach your audience’s demands.

For this reason, I may NOT personally RECOMMEND Automate Channels for beginners with little experience running a cash flow channel.

Growing your channel using their strategy may be tricky for beginners.

Other Alternative Programs can help you make money online, please continue reading this review to see what I have for you.

Automate Channels Review

What I like About Automate Channels

  • Offers an easy way to make money on the YouTube platform.

Automate Channels enable you to earn a passive income on YouTube without spending much time and effort on content creation.

The platform claims you’ll only need about thirty minutes to focus on your channel and allow YouTube to generate money for you.

This makes it the best platform to offer you an opportunity to build your passive income as a side or permanent hustle.

  • It is easier to join and start.

The platform charges fair prices to join and start learning their course and has no other recurring charges.

The cheaper prices also make it reliable and applicable to customers across the globe, including beginners who want to start a business from scratch.

When you pay the price, the course will be unlocked, and you will start the course from the start.

  • The strategy is based on Faceless artificial intelligence.

In this strategy, you will not have to show your face in your video content when creating them or engage in the hard work.

The program teaches you how to use the AI tools that will help you cover your face and use a third party to create content.

This includes hiring highly skilled freelancers online to help create the content you want to post on your channel.

  • No waste of time learning

According to the program, managing your channel will not require you to have skills on the platform.

The system and third-party freelancers take care of everything, and you only need to focus on your earnings.

  • High rating on Trust Pilot

Automate Channels have an excellent review on Trust Pilot with a rating of 4.7   out of five, starting from a review sample of 33.

Automate Channels Review

What I Don’t Like About Automate Channels

  • Not an option for everyone

Despite the program being cheap to join, it may not be suitable for everyone who wants to make money.

The strategies and techniques taught in the platform require people experienced in running YouTube channels.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that everyone who joins the program will automatically succeed.

  • The amount of money targeted by the platform is not realistic for beginners.

Getting your account and earning between $300 and $800 daily will take time.

This earning requires a higher number of viewers, which may only be achieved by channels with more followers.

Therefore, the earnings on the website may be tricky for a newly formed channel as it sounds.

Is There Any Alternative To Automate Channels?

There is a difference between creating a faceless YouTube channel and creating a successful faceless YouTube channel.

I don’t mean to bash this program, but I can still offer you an excellent option to crush YouTube without recording any video.


Of course, nothing works best, like doing affiliate marketing through YouTube without necessarily showing your face.

Your responsibilities will only be to tailor products or services you want to promote and get renumerated as a commission.

And there is nothing as good as starting such a program from scratch, more so for a beginner.

Learn more here:

Automate Channels Review

FAQs About The Automate Channels

Who Are Automate Channels For?

Automate Channels platform targets people who want to create a passive income online.

You only need about thirty minutes daily to focus and earn income without creating products.

You’ll create a passive income generation stream on YouTube and maximize your earning to at least $300-$800 a day.

What Makes Automate Channels Different From Other Staff Online?

Automate Channels claim not to be full of theoretical explanations that cannot help you out.

The platform offers a step-by-step framework that aims at helping you start a profitable YouTube channel.

You’ll learn how to create a YouTube business and get proven strategies that can help you go viral.

What Are Cash Flow Channels?

Cash flow channels are automated methods that help you create an automated YouTube channel without a camera.

The cash flow channels are operated by highly skilled freelancers who create, edit, and script videos.

You only need to focus on the channel and monitor your views and possible earnings.

Do Automated Channels Offer In-Depth Customer Support?

When you join Automate Channels, you’ll get a six-month accelerator designed to get you up to $5,000 monthly.

The platform also has a private mastermind with instant access to immediately unlock the course.

The platform also allows you to ask questions and get quick feedback from their expert team.

What Exactly Do I Get By Joining Automated Channels Platform?

After joining, you’ll get in-depth teaching on creating a cash-producing YouTube channel.

So, this program might work for you if you want to create a YouTube Channel without creating videos yourself.

In addition, you will get the proven viral ranking formula in the program.

Does The Viral Ranking Strategy Have A Proof?

According to the platform, there are hundreds of students who have used the strategy to rank more on YouTube.

The program claims that most of these students have seen success out of the strategy and passed their testimonies on their official website.

You only need to follow the step-by-step instruction available in the program on how to use the framework.

Thank you for reading my Automate Channels Review.

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