Tube Money Masterclass Review – Is Dylan Miller A Scam?

Tube Money Masterclass Review

Hello there, today I’ll take you through Tube Money Masterclass Review.

If you are looking for an opportunity to start making money online on YouTube, then this review might offer you helpful information.

I’ll let you know if Dylan Miller’s Tube Money Masterclass can help you make money online or if it is a scam you should avoid.

This program teaches you how to create a highly-paying YouTube channel to help you achieve your goals online.

I’ll also take you through how much you will be required to pay to join the program and how you can make money.

Better still, I’ll take you through who Dylan Miller is in the program and how he can help you meet your success by following in his footsteps.

When you finish reading this review, you’ll know whether the program is worth your time or a scam to stay away from.

Worry no more if you find the program unsuitable for you and still want to join another program to help you make money online.

I’ve another cost-effective program for you.

Before I begin, I want to inform you that I’m not affiliated with the Tube Money Masterclass program.

Therefore, I aim to present unbiased information about the program.

With that in mind, let’s begin…

Tube Money Masterclass Review Summary

Name of The Product: Tube Money Masterclass

Type of the Product:  YouTube Channel Creation Training Program

Product Website:

Founder: Dylan Miller

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: $497 or $299 a month for three months.

Recommendation: Not really. Find out why from my review

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Tube Money Masterclass Review – Overview

Tube Money Masterclass Review

Are You looking for an opportunity to help you make money on a YouTube application?

If that is the case, then Dylan Millers welcomes you to the Tube Money Masterclass program.

According to Dylan, this program will help you make money without showing your face on the application or making videos.

In addition, the program claims to help you grow a YouTube channel you have already created into a successful money-making business.

Dylan claims you’ll stand a chance to grow your income by joining the Tube Money Masterclass.

He adds that you’ll increase your time with your family to boost your love and attention to the family members when you join this business.

However, to successfully join the program, you need to be sure of what steps to take and learn how to succeed.

But you first need to ask yourself the following questions;

  • How can I launch my own Cash Cow YouTube channel online?
  • What can I do to scale and grow my YouTube Channel?
  • How can I change YouTube channel creation as my full-time career?

From there, Dylan claims to help you get answers to the questions.

According to Dylan, you don’t have to spend several years figuring out how you can meet your success online the hard way.

The program manages that by providing you with a systematic roadmap, you need to help you reach your target.

This also includes providing you with the formulas that award-winning YouTube professionals use to achieve success.

Dylan is one of the most successful YouTube experts, and he promises to use his claims to help you create an empire YouTube channel online.

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Par’s approach is not only more authentic but also significantly more profitable.

His students consistently achieve remarkable success rates that speak volumes.

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What Is Tube Money Masterclass?

Tube Money Masterclass Review

YouTube Money Masterclass is a YouTube channel creation and monetization training program.

The program has up to seven modules that teach you how to create a cash cow YouTube channel.

The program mainly focuses on taking you through the ins and outs of YouTube automation.

This entails teaching you how to make money by creating videos and posting them online without showing your face.

The Tube Money masterclass program was created back in 2019 by Dylan Miller.

In his teaching, Dylan explains the niches you need to choose to boost your success odds.

He will also help you know how to conduct good keyword research, access various Facebook groups, and get the techniques used in video optimization.

Dylan also describes the entire process as a cash cow strategy that leads you to find great ideas that can make your YouTube channel attract a higher audience.

He states that going by the information, a YouTuber with more than 100,000 followers online can make between $2400 to $4000 from the application.

You’ll only have to understand the mechanics that can help you know how to earn money by creating successful videos online.

Remember, the success of your YouTube automation business relies on your viewers, who are your YouTube followers.

Therefore, all focus in this program is to help you attract a broader audience with your videos and increase your subscriber numbers.

This is what Dylan promises to help you achieve when creating your videos online.

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What Is Cash Cow YouTube Channel Business?

Cash cow YouTube Channel business is a strategy used in creating a YouTube channel with the aim of making the maximum cash possible.

This includes creating top-ranked videos with various niches and businesses that attract large numbers online.

It is a strategy that offers entrepreneurs a great opportunity to create a successful online business on the YouTube application.

In this strategy, you will have to download stock footage that is free to use and matches the topic of your video.

The next step is to put all the clips together and search for a voice cover to help you cover the entire video such that you won’t have to appear in the videos.

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You’ll then begin optimizing the video to your desired look before posting it to your YouTube channel for viewers to watch and start earning money.

During the automation process, you can consider hiring other experts to help you achieve the desired quality in your video content.

Remember, the success of your videos lies in the quality of the video you create that will help you attract a broader audience.

Who Is Tube Money Masterclass For?

Tube Money Masterclass Review

Dylan Miller states that the program opens doors for everyone who wants to build a career in YouTube automation.

If you want financial freedom working online as a YouTuber, then the program claims to offer you the best opportunity.

Dylan also welcomes all people of different ages to the program and does not consider the background you come from.

He claims to help you learn the skills and the required strategies to make your entrepreneurial dream come to reality.

Who Is Dylan Miller?

Tube Money Masterclass Review

Dylan Miller is a successful YouTuber who practices YouTube automation as a career job.

He has two gold and six silver creator awards from the YouTube application.

He began working as an expert in the data entry job online, where he used to earn about $30,000 a year.

Because he was the breadwinner of his family, he dreamed of other opportunities that could make him earn more income.

He also realized that he was not meant to be working for up to 80 hours a week in his dream career.

Therefore, he had to start exploring other meaningful online careers that could help him achieve his financial freedom.

As he grew more interested in earning a passive income online, he joined FBA, affiliate marketing, Shopify drop shipping, and blogs.

After trying all these opportunities, he found success later in the YouTube automation business.

He joined the business in 2014, where he created his first YouTube channel.

From there, he built a money-making cash cow empire and later formed the Tube Money Masterclass in 2019.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining Tube Money Masterclass?

The Tube Money Masterclass program provides you with two options for payment.

First, you can join the program by paying a one-time fee of $497.

If you find this price tag too expensive, you can try the second option.

You can pay $299 monthly for three months in the second option.

However, when you pay the price in three months’ installments, the total price of the course will now become $897.

On the other hand, the program offers a money-back service that can help you claim your money back to your wallet.

In the service, you’ve up to ninety days to claim your money back before the service expires.

This policy, therefore, allows you to claim your money, especially if you feel like leaving the program or if it is not suitable for you.

If you leave the program after the policy period is over, there is no guarantee of getting your money.

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Is Tube Money Masterclass A Scam?

In my opinion, the Tube Money Masterclass program is technically NOT a SCAM.

The training course is a direct program that follows a step-by-step legit process of making money using your YouTube channel.

However, it may not be as easy as Dylan sounds when making money out of it.

According to testimonials, the business model is difficult initially and becomes easy as you gain more experience.

For this reason, it may not work out for everyone, as Dylan states.

Some people may end up losing hope at the start of the project due to the tough conditions and challenges they may face.

For instance, finding good video footage might initially be challenging for some people.

In addition, the business model may also require you to create videos with a perfect length that can easily be ranked first.

You also need to know how to optimize your videos and what the voice cover you chose should say in the entire video.

All these aspects are considered much to make your YouTube Channel grow and earn more online.

However, you must be more experienced in YouTube automation to achieve all these aspects.

Dylan, therefore, teaches you everything you need to know about YouTube automation you need to know.

If in any way you find the program not working for you, you need not lose hope.

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What I Like About Tube Money Masterclass

  • Dylan Millers is a successful expert

Tube Money Masterclass owner Dylan is a successful YouTuber with two gold and six silver awards from the YouTube application.

Therefore, he is a great testimony with skills that can inspire everyone to make money online through YouTube automation.

With Dylan’s great knowledge and skills, there are more hopes for success for everyone who follows in his footsteps to achieve their goals.

  • The program has testimonials.

Most of the testimonies on the website claim to have applied the cash cow strategy to grow their YouTube channels.

There are also many positive reviews about the program online on the program’s website.

  • The program offers a money-back guarantee.

When you join the Tube Money Masterclass, you’ve up to ninety days to claim your money back if you want to leave.

This is a great thing for people who might not have to find the program suitable for them after joining.

You will not fear losing your money if you feel like quitting the program before the policy period ends.

  • The Business Model is Unique

YouTube Automation is still not yet saturated like other opportunities online.

For this reason, you can still make money with the program easily without facing stiff competition.

The amount of money you’ll make from the business model will, however, depend on the quality of your videos.

What I Don’t Like About Tube Money Masterclass

  • Not a good option for Beginners.

If you are a beginner, you might not know if this opportunity is right for you due to a lack of experience in the business model.

This exposes you to high risks compared to more experienced people who might have learned how to overcome the risk.

For this reason, learning to manage the program will take you more time before earning, which some people may not wait for.

  • There is no guarantee of success in the program.

Despite Dylan claiming that the program targets everyone wanting to build their career in YouTube Automation.

Joining the program may not necessarily mean that you will automatically succeed in the business model.

You might risk wasting your money and time doing the business, which will not yield positive results.

Is There Any Alternative To Tube Money Masterclass?

Of course, you can still use another alternative to this program to make money online.

The current best YouTube course that I have ever experienced is from Matt Par.

He has a top free video training that you can watch here.

Now, as usual, I normally encourage beginners, anyone interested in making money online, to start off their journey with affiliate marketing.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a business model where you market products or services of a legitimate entity, and then get compensated with a commission for any successful sale.

But before you can get there, you need to learn the basic skills that come with this business.

And I did that for you.

Check out the below section:

Tube Money Masterclass Review

FAQs About Tube Money Masterclass

How long will it take to start making money with the Tube Money Masterclass program?

The time you start earning from the program depends on your understanding level.

If you master the course perfectly, it may take up to three months to completely finish it and start making money.

However, if you find the course challenging, earning money from the program may take a long time.

Can I Join the Tube Money Masterclass program if my YouTube channel is already created?

Yes, Tube Money Masterclass allows people with already created YouTube channels to join the program.

They will help you grow your YouTube channel into an empire channel that generates a higher income.

Is there any hidden fee on the Tube Money Masterclass program?

In my research, I have not encountered any hidden fees in the program.

According to the program instructions, you only have to pay the entry cost to access the course teaching in the program.

The program allows you to pay the cost in two options with no hidden fee in any of the options.

Does Tube Money Masterclass offer any Compensation plan?  

No, there is no compensation plan or bonus available in the program.

You will only learn how to make money through YouTube Automation when you join the program.

You will then apply the knowledge you learned in class to start your business and earn money online on YouTube.

Here is a video of a review of Tube Money Masterclass that you can also watch:

Thank you for reading this Tube Money Masterclass Review.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Tube Money Masterclass Review – Is Dylan Miller A Scam?

  1. Dylan Miller is a scam. I purchased a monetized site from him and they never provided it. Horrible people and they ignore your inquiries. Do NOT buy this program. They have horrible support.

    1. Hi Sasha,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback and expressing your concerns regarding Dylan Miller’s program. I understand how frustrating it can be when expectations are not met, especially when it involves a significant investment like purchasing a monetized site.

      While I am an independent content creator and not directly affiliated with Dylan Miller or his program, I value transparency and providing helpful information to my readers. It’s important to address any negative experiences to ensure the community is well-informed.

      I would recommend reaching out to Dylan Miller’s customer support once again, clearly outlining the issues you’ve faced and expressing your dissatisfaction.

      If, after further attempts, you still find it challenging to receive support or resolution, I would encourage you to explore other avenues for assistance.

      Additionally, check out Tube Mastery and Monetization, it’s the best YouTube course online in my opinion.

      Created by Matt Par, it offers genuine and profitable methods, ensuring a high success rate for students.

      For increased YouTube earnings, don’t miss his free training.

      Thank you again for bringing this matter to my attention. I hope you can find a satisfactory resolution to the issue you encountered.

      – Jason

    2. I am in the same boat as Sasha. It has been 8 months and they have yet to give support. I DO NOT RECCOMMEND Dylan Miller’s course. I am reporting to the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company

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