Beyond BNB Review

Beyond BNB Review – Legitimate Opportunity or A Scam?

Hi, welcome to my Beyond BNB Review.

If you are an investor in a short-term rental property, a property manager, or work as a co-host, then this review is for you.

In addition, you’ll too benefit from this review if you run a private rental arbitrage business.

Beyond BNB claims to be an accelerator that helps short-term rental operators run more successful businesses.

However, you might be more interested in knowing whether this program can help you out in your program or is just a scam.

In this review, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the program.

This includes taking you through the meaning of the program, how to join, pricing, and who the program will benefit more.

I’ll also take you through all the services provided in the program and see if they can truly help you maximize your earnings.

For instance, the program claims to help you understand pricing in your business, especially during the peak season.

Beyond BNB also claims to help increase your booking conversation rates.

I will also provide you with my honest recommendation.

But before I start, I would like to inform you that I am not affiliated with Beyond BNB.

For this reason, I aim to provide you with honest and unbiased information.

Taking that into account, let’s begin…

The Beyond BNB Review Summary

Name of the Product: Beyond BNB

Type of the Product: Earning optimization program

Product Website:

Founder: Jordan Hrovat

Product Rating: 50/100

Product Cost: Not Disclosed

Recommendation: Not for everyone; kindly read this review until the end to learn more.

Beyond BNB Review – Overview

Beyond BNB Review

Several short-term rental operators need help to run their businesses.

Many reasons limit such investors from becoming successful in their businesses, which include:

  • Understanding your price ceiling for the business, especially during the peak season.
  • When your rentals are not being booked during the weekdays, especially during the low season.
  • When the booking channels are not displayed on the first page in the search results of the Google platform.

However, Beyond BNB claims to be the perfect solution for you that aims at helping you overcome the challenges.

According to the program, becoming part of their membership team will enable you to grow your investment and achieve your financial goals.

For instance, through their coaching program, you’ll learn how to run your business effectively despite the challenges.

According to the program, there are three things that most big hotels would not like hosts to know about.

These include free training for short-term rental hosts looking forward to filling their calendars.

For instance, filling up your calendar during low season in normal circumstances is always challenging, limiting you from maximizing your earnings.

The next secret is offering a bonus free eBook to help you gather more knowledge on running your business.

Plus, how to maximize your earnings during high seasons to help you cover the losses incurred in the low season.

However, if you are not interested in this kind of business, here is a better opportunity to consider:

Beyond BNB Review

What Is Beyond BNB?

Beyond BNB Review

Beyond BNB is a platform that helps investors run their short-term rental property business effectively by hosting services.

The program is designed to help investors manage their short-term rentals, enhance their hosting experience and offer solutions to augment profitability.

It also targets property managers, rental arbitrage business owners, and rental investors who want to increase their ranking on the Airbnb platform.

Beyond BNB was created by Jordan Hrovat, an entrepreneur with support from his skilled crew.

When you join Beyond BNB, the platform claims to help you achieve the following:

  • A guaranteed outperformed local market within six weeks after becoming a member.
  • Your booking channel will be displayed on the first page of the Google search platform.
  • Increase your booking conversion rate by turning in more people just looking to start booking.
  • Create a central business hub with automation and systems for listings.
  • Increase your exposure by 6X as it capitalizes on the major OTA.
  • You are creating and managing your earning optimization strategy based on your local market and listings.
  • Refine your strategies and put you ahead of the market to meet the market demand and supply.
  • How to run your entire business by the numbers, consistency, and help you maximize your profits.

Beyond BNB’s main priority is to help you become earning optimization experts to double and triple your earnings.

According to the program, it’s time for everyone to go multi-channel with their hosting business and get more than 50% of bookings.

This is majorly done via their direct bookings and the program.

All these and much more are the websites’ main services to their members.

How Does Beyond BNB Work?

Beyond BNB Review

Beyond BNB offers everything you need to make your business go and achieve the desired transformation.

The platform achieves its mandate by providing the following programs:


When you join Beyond BNB, you’ll get up to 9 hours of on-demand coaching aimed at helping you improve your business skills.

During the coaching session, you’ll get all your questions answered and have most of your problems solved.

By dropping in, the Beyond BNB team of revenue managers will interact with you, listen to your problems, and ask you questions on the call.

From there, they will figure out the most effective way to help you overcome the challenges you are going through in your business.

Professional Content

The program also provides a video training session that takes up to six weeks to complete.

In the video training, you’ll get click-by-click instructions without missing details.


Under the community, you’ll learn how to raise your standards with some other hosts, especially those above your level.

This will help you bounce ideas and figure out what is working for other investors in the field.


In this section, the program helps you identify the most effective tools for your business to help you make the right choice.

In addition, you will get tools that will consistently help you refine your pricing strategy in your entire business.


The program provides you with a dedicated revenue manager in this section, which will assist you in ensuring you get the best results.

Your revenue manager will, therefore, hold you responsible for everything you do and how you manage your results.


Beyond BNB claims to offer you 24/7 reliable support via email, community, and chats in their support program.

Their professional and highly skilled revenue managers offer support and are available whenever you need them.

What Is Contained In Beyond BNB?

When you visit Beyond BNB, the program claims to help you fill your calendar to the maximum capacity.

The program achieves this by helping you send more people to your listings and implementing strategic revenue optimization tactics.

Beyond BNB also helps you increase your conversation rate in your business.

The program contains the following features that help in achieving its mandate:

Traffic Generation

Beyond BNB Review

Beyond BNB program contains a traffic generation strategy that helps you list your property on the major booking channels.

In the traffic generation program, you’ll get daily SEO edits and update minimum night stays.

This ensures all your listings are always available and visible to your customers.


Beyond BNB Review

Under conversions, the program helps you optimize your daily listings and night rates to meet market demand and supply.

Direct Bookings

Beyond BNB Review

Direct bookings are another top feature of the Beyond BNB program that allows you to create your own direct booking.

Your direct booking will greatly help you reduce the cost of booking channels, especially for repeat guests.

The program also teaches you to attract longer bookings by updating your minimum night stay requirements.

This feature helps you fill up the gaps still available in your bookings as the date nears.

Creating your own Website

Beyond BNB Review

The program teaches you how to build a personal website with repeat customers.

After creating your website, you will learn how to market your direct booking website to previous guests by offering discounts.

The discount options, as explained in the program, are aimed at helping the customers the next time they stay on your website.

On the other hand, you will learn how to take control of your business by abiding and creating your own cancellation policies.

You will also learn how to overcome house rules, damage claims, and payments.

How To Get On The First Page Of Airbnb And The Booking.Com

Beyond BNB Review

You will learn how to make daily updates to your listings which is a strategy that will help you rank higher in Airbnb.

The main priority of this section is to make your channel rank on the first page of and Airbnb.

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Who Is The Owner Of Beyond BNB?

Beyond BNB is owned by Jordan Hrovat, an entrepreneur who decided to create the program with another skilled crew.

His main aim in creating the program is to deliver effective solutions to help people improve their Airbnb earnings.

He is more interested in hosts needing help with their investments to grow and maximize their earnings.

According to Jordan, most hosts who face changes in managing their short-term rental property business need more knowledge and support for the business.

Some also need more tools and services to help them grow their business and achieve their financial goals.

So, by creating Beyond BNB, Jordan focused on helping such hosts acquire the services they need to improve their business.

The solutions will also help you improve your services and overall guest experience and promote your business.

How Can I Get Started With The Beyond BNB?

To start with Beyond BNB, you must be a co-host, rental arbitrage business owner, property manager, or short-term rental investor.

You must be operating the business and perhaps need help managing it or want to get started in the next thirty days.

In addition, you must be committed to turning your business into a thriving short-term rental business with predictable revenue.

If you are such a person, Beyond BNB will help ensure you meet your business. Goals.

So, to get started with the program, you must schedule a call via their link to have their support team chat with you.

By chatting with you, the program tries to determine if its Earning optimization accelerator is a perfect fit for you.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Beyond BNB?

Beyond BNB doesn’t disclose the pricing for joining the platform or any premium paid to access their service.

In most cases, programs that don’t disclose their members’ pricing tend to have individual-based prices.

This means that you’ll be charged based on your needs and how you want them to help you.

However, this payment type makes it difficult for most people to build trust in search programs as it is difficult to determine your likely expenditure on the service.

Most people, therefore, prefer to go for services with a common price for all their clients and charge more in case of a special inquiry.

Is Beyond BNB A Scam?

Beyond the BNB program isn’t a scam.

The program offers a more comprehensive service that can help you increase your hosting business earnings.

Beyond BNB program provides a realistic approach that helps overcome most challenges of the Airbnb hosting business.

They aim to make the investors maximize their earnings during high and low seasons in business.

Therefore, it is earning optimization accelerator program and not just a strategy and advice, as some claim.

The program only targets clients that specifically rely on Airbnb for their business rather than for everyone.

For instance, you must be running your business on Airbnb or want to start it in the next thirty days.

If you don’t fall under these categories, the program is not for you, and joining it may not benefit you.

On the other hand, the program does not include the price of joining it, which can help you figure out your expenditure on their services.

Most people go by the price to determine if they can afford the services offered in the program or think of another option.

To know the price, you will have to inquire from their support team and explain your problems for them to set the amount you should pay.

Members may pay special prices based on their problems by requesting pricing from the support team.

On the other hand, the program needs to reveal a detailed explanation of the owner’s background.

Many people like knowing more about the owner of a program to build more trust and use their success path as a motivation in their career.

Following all these reasons, the Beyond BNB program is only for some who want to make money online.

Beyond BNB Review

What I Like About the Beyond BNB

  • The program has testimonies

When you visit the official website of the Beyond BNB program, you will get testimonies of clients expressing their appreciation.

Most of the clients are satisfied with the services provided by the Beyond BNB program as per the information provided on the website.

The clients have also left a higher program rating in their review, which shows a positive reputation.

  • Offers comprehensive teaching in EO Acceleration

According to Jordan, the Beyond BNB program is more than just a strategy or advice to hosts.

The program covers an extensive area of managing most hosts’ short-term rental property business.

The program achieves this by providing its hosts with tools that help them enhance their listings and implement automated systems.

What I Don’t Like About the Beyond BNB

  • Not an option for beginners

Beyond BNB program only targets hosts who own short-term rental property houses but need help to run them.

If you want to start the business from scratch, the program is for someone else, and you will have to look for another program to join.

In addition, beginners who are low-income earners may also not benefit from this program as the business model is much more expensive.

  • Does not disclose the pricing for the course

When you visit the program’s official website, there is nowhere to mention the cost of joining it.

This makes it difficult to determine the cost of joining the program as it may force you to contact their support team for inquiries.

Inquiring about prices from the expert team may make you pay unique and higher prices from other members.

  • There needs to be more information about the owner.

The program also does not display background information about the owner and career.

This will force people to look for information from another source to learn more about the program’s owner.

Apart from Jordan, who owns the company, other ether crew members are kept from the program.

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Is There Any Alternative To Beyond BNB?

Yes, you can opt for an alternative to this program.

You can try affiliate marketing if you’re a beginner and want to start an online business.

This business alternative allows you to grow your income while learning.

Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this business.

In other words, affiliate marketing allows you to market the products and services of a company without necessarily buying them.

Your work ends when you refer a product or service to an individual, and after they make a successful sale, you get renumerated in the form of a commission.

However, before you can get started, you must familiarize yourself with the basics of this business.

And that is where I come in.

I have prepared a step-by-step guide that will enable you to get started.

Check it out:

Beyond BNB Review

FAQs About The Beyond BNB

Does The Beyond BNB Offer A Refund Policy?

The program doesn’t disclose any pricing service for its customers from the information provided on its website.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back if you want to quit the program.

This makes the program unsuitable for hosts who cannot face risk in their business.

Who Is The Beyond BNB For?

Beyond BNB program targets to work with hosts running a short-term property business online.

The program aims at helping them enhance their business and maximize their earnings, especially during the low season.

So, to join the program, you must have already started a short-term rental property business and wants to grow it to achieve financial freedom.

How Long Will It Take To Start Getting Results On My Business From The Beyond BNB?

According to the Beyond BNB program, it will take you about six weeks to start getting results in your business.

However, you will only get results as expected if you effectively implement what you learned from the program into your business.

If you encounter challenges in implementing what you learned in the program into your business, it may take much longer to get results.

Does The Beyond BNB Have Any Compensation Plan For Their Customer?

Based on the information provided on the official website page of Beyond BNB Company, no major compensation plan is mentioned.

The program only offers an eBook as a bonus to help its members read and learn more about what they have been mentored in the program.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that the program may offer you any other bonus when you join their team and start accessing their services.

Thank you for checking out my Beyond BNB Review.

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