Brand Builder University Review – Is Ben Donovan LEGIT?

Brand Builder University Review

Hello there. Today, I’ll take you through the inside out of Brand Builder University Review.

So, if you look forward to starting and scaling your business online to achieve financial freedom, this review might sort you out.

I’ll provide you with the latest opportunities to help you build your financial freedom career online as an amazon seller.

If you join this program, you’ll stand a chance of becoming a successful seller on the largest retail website online.

However, it is worth your time and energy to conduct good research to know whether it can lead you to success or is just another scam to avoid.

By researching the program, you’ll come to learn everything you need to know about the company, including;

  • The cost of joining the program
  • How you can make money out of it to achieve your goals in life.
  • How the program works and what it is all about to help you know if you can fit in it and withstand its requirements.

Above all, I’ll explain to you who Ben Donovan is.

Because I’m not an associate of the Brand Builder University, I’ll offer you unbiased information about the company.

Let’s begin…

Brand Builder University Review Summary

Name of The Product: Brand Builder University

Type of the Product:  Amazon FBA Training Program

Product Website:

Founder: Ben Donovan

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: One time $997 or $397 per month for three months.

Recommendation: Not Really. Find out why from my review.

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Brand Builder University Review – Overview

Brand Builder University Review

Amazon FBA programs have offered many people business opportunities that have made others achieve their success online.

As an Amazon FBA seller, you’ll learn how to start your business online on the world’s largest retail platforms.

However, to perfectly understand how you can sell on the Amazon platforms, you must have the required skills and knowledge in Amazon FBA.

The Brand Builder University claims to offer you the best knowledge and skill to launch your Amazon business.

According to Ben Donovan, joining this program will help you know how to start your profitable business on the amazon website in only three steps.

He says you can scale the business from a simple investment to a six-figure brand investment within one year.

Ben, therefore, assures you of achieving the financial freedom you’re looking for by joining the program and becoming successful.

He claims to be a great testimony to everyone who would like to meet their success working as an Amazon seller.

In the program, Ben targets everyone who thinks they are good at marketing and have dreams of owning a business online.

However, if you want to start an alternative business as a beginner, then feel free to check out this:

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Brand Builder University Review

What Is Brand Builder University?

Brand Builder University Review

Brand Builder University is an Amazon FBA training program that teaches you how to launch your online business as a seller on the Amazon website.

The program focuses on providing you with the skill and knowledge required to create your Amazon brand product and sell online to earn profits.

When you enroll in the program, you’ll learn the different concepts available in the course, such as how to run your PPC ads.

The course consists of up to eleven modules that carry full Amazon seller course concepts.

According to Ben Donovan, you need to have full background knowledge on how to sell on the market to succeed in this program.

You can enroll and begin training as an Amazon seller from scratch and still achieve your dreams online.

This means that the program targets everyone who might have been looking forward to starting a business online, be it from scratch or starting from some level.

However, it might only sound worthwhile to you when you go by what Ben states if you look at how the program works in detail.

How Does The Brand Builder University Work?

Brand Builder University Review

The Brand Builder University course has up to eleven modules that teach you how to run PPC ads and the lead traffic generation process.

In the modules, you’ll learn a breakdown of every concept you need to learn about launching your Amazon FBA business.

The aspects with major focus include how to create and scale your business, how to outsource products and team building in business.

According to Ben, by joining the program, your main focus is to learn how to attract more customers to buy your products.

You’ll learn how to create a successful online store where more and more customers will find and buy your products online.

During the learning period, Ben provides you with coaching sessions live online where you can effectively interact with him and ask questions.

The major topics in the program are product launches, building to exit, selling in Europe, and trademarking.

During the learning process, you’ll get enrolled in a weekly podcast allowing you to engage with the active practitioners around you.

This will let you learn what active sellers who claim to have succeeded online are doing now.

You’ll also get video tutorials where the program shares the strategies and tactics you can use to grow your eCommerce business.

You’ll learn how to effectively meet your success in twelve months by scaling your business from scratch to a six-figure business.

The program also guides you in following the step-by-step procedure to start your business.

This program claims to have been featured in many top eCommerce publications such as carbon 6, 8fig, sellers, and empire.

The program is available on the Ecombalance, seller board, and feedback whiz.

What Is Brand Builder University All About?

I’ll let you know how the programs work to help you achieve your dreams online.

The program claims to help you get empowered and equipped to create a profitable eCommerce business online.

The program focuses on teaching you three major concepts necessary in the Amazon FBA business, namely;

  • Developing products
  • Solving problems
  • Serving people

According to the program, mastering these three business concepts will help you create a life-changing business online.

In the beginning, Ben states that the course consisted of a few YouTube videos with some scrappy content.

However, as time passed and many people succeeded, the course expanded to become a fully-fledged program.

The program provides you with up to sixty-eight best Amazon seller tools aimed at helping you scale your FBA business.

Also available for you is the Amazon PPC software tools which are up to twenty-one in number.

There are also twelve best accounting software tools for the Amazon FBA business.

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Who Is The Founder Of Brand Builder University?

Brand Builder University Review

Ben Donovan is the owner of the Brand Builder University.

He founded the program with other partners, including Bec Donovan, Claire Howarth, and karezza Camus.

Ben is passionate about helping people meet their success online by launching a profitable eCommerce business.

He is a successful content creator who claims to make up to seven-figure income in operating different brands online.

On the other hand, Bec Donovan, a co-founder of the program, is a creative director for the program.

In her docket, she oversees all the videos and designs available in the program.

Bec also engages in direct brand work in the company, where she is passionate about building different business designs.

The designs reveal the nature of the products sold and improve the conversion rates.

Claire Howarth is also a co-founder and content writer for the program.

She began her career as a high school teacher in languages before officially joining the Brand Builders University program.

Karizza Camus, on the other hand, keeps up all the operations in the program going.

She has also uploaded many tutorials on the program’s blog to help people understand more about the program.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Brand Builders University?

When you want to enroll in this program, you’ll have to choose one of the two payment options allowed by the program.

The first option is to pay $997, a one-time fee, to get access to the full training and resources available in the program.

However, if the amount looks too expensive to raise at once, consider paying the cost using the three months installment option.

In this second option, you’ll pay $397 every month for up to three months to complete the full price of the course.

When you tabulate the two prices, you’ll realize that paying it using the installments option looks more expensive than the first option.

Therefore, if you can raise the full amount, I recommend you use the first payment option to help you cut the price.

The program claims to offer you a refund policy.

According to the program, you’ll have up to fourteen days to reclaim your money if you quit the course.

After the two weeks policy period expires, there is no guarantee of getting your money back despite quitting the program.

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Is Brand Builders University A Scam?

Brand Builders University program is not a SCAM.

The program has numerous contents that aim at helping young entrepreneurs make money online.

However, the program may make things sound much easier than they are in a normal situation.

For instance, if you want to succeed in the business and scale with ease, there are other concepts you must consider;

Price negotiation, creating a product description that is more appealing to people, and running PPC ads effectively.

Adding titles to the winning products you’ve identified as your best brands.

Lastly, you need to identify the best audience for your products to make maximum sales and earn more income.

The process may not be easy for everyone who will join the program.

Some people need help testing different products to get the best brand product to sell online.

You might also encounter challenges when promoting your selected products to your buyers online.

On the other hand, the program deals with budgeting for web traffic during product advertisement and sales.

However, the web traffic budget is always higher, which may make you spend more at the beginning of your business.

This makes it risky to start an online business, especially for beginners, as you must be ready to risk possibly failing.

The program is more suitable for investors capable of taking risks and having the required capital to start the business.

Brand Builder University Review

What I Like About Brand Builder University?

  • Ben Donovan Is A Good Teacher.

The founder of the program, Ben Donovan, is a successful seller who truly knows what it takes to sell on Amazon.

He, therefore, aims to help people aspiring to make money achieve success through his experience and skills.

  • The Program Offers A Refund Policy.

Because the program may be suitable for some who might think of joining it, the company offers a money-back service.

The money-back service allows you to reclaim your money within fourteen days of joining the program.

As such, you’ll not incur losses paying the entry price if you quit the program before the refund period expires.

What I Don’t Like About Brand Builders University?

  • An Expensive Business Model

To start the business, you must invest at least $10000 to help you purchase the brand products.

This makes the entire opportunity expensive.

  • Not a suitable option for beginners

Because the business model requires you to spend more on identifying products online, it might be challenging for beginners.

Most beginners will love choosing a cost-effective business model where they can begin making money from scratch.

There are many more such online opportunities that you can join to start making money with as little capital as possible.

  • A risky Business Model

The business model entails running web traffics, which requires a higher investment.

However, web traffic exposes you to a high risk of losing your money and therefore has no guarantee of success for everyone.

If you can avoid investing your money into the program, you might fail in the business from the start.

Is There Any Alternative To Brand Builders University?

Though I’m not bashing the program above, I don’t think most beginners will spend their fortune with the business model.

As I’ve pointed out above, identifying and branding the products isn’t easy and hence calls for a different passive income opportunity.

Affiliate marketing could be a great opportunity that you’ve yearned to go for.

I tell you what, the business opportunity has been there for a while now; however, it still has many opportunities that haven’t been exploited.

And if you want to learn how such business works in real life, feel free to check out this guide I have made for you:

Brand Builder University Review

FAQs About Brand Builders University

Can I sell products with zero reviews?

Yes, it is possible to sell products even with zero reviews online.

Apart from reviews, amazon shoppers also consider looking at ratings, descriptions, and images of the program.

They may rely on other information to make decisions in purchasing the product despite having yet to review it.

Can I request Customers to leave reviews on my products?

Yes, asking your customers to leave a review of the products you sell to them is ok.

However, it would help if you allowed them to leave an honest review rather than limiting them to only writing a positive review.

Remember, not all may leave a positive review of the product; others may also leave a negative one.

How do Reviews contribute to product ranking online?

When you have more positive reviews on your products brands, the ranks of the products will increase in the amazon search results.

When the rank is higher, you will increase your sales and eventually make more profits from your products online.

However, other factors also matter when ranking your products, including the star rating of the products.

How can I know if I have pending orders on Amazon?

To check if you have a pending order on the amazon platform, you will need to move to the manage orders page.

The page is located inside seller central, where you will have an option of scrolling the main page in search of the orders.

The pending orders will be available in the pending status, allowing you to click it to open the orders and look at them.

Here is a short video that you can watch about Amazon FBA:

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