Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review: Is Frankie Quiroz A Scam?

I highly welcome you to be part of the Brand Mentor Masterclass Review.

I must say, it is a pleasure to see you come over to read my review.

From the onset, I’m sure you’re here to know whether Frankie Quiroz’s course has something positive to offer.

Now that most people are joining the online industry to find ways of making ends meet, many courses have been fronted to try and answer these demands.

However, not all of these courses have the interest of people at heart.

Others masquerade as helpful courses yet in the real sense they are trying to lure you into registering and paying for sham courses.

And in that same breath, it is advisable to tread cautiously on the internet before you become their next target prey.

I don’t mean to instill fear in you but I want to ensure you stay alert and careful.

That being said, let’s come to the business of the day.

Frankie fronts an e-commerce branding and training course that he claims to take you from grass to grace.

Where does the truth lie?

Is Frankie wealthy, as he claims?

How is his business doing?

All these questions will form part of this review.

And one last thing, I want to bring to your attention my intent in this review.

I have no affiliation with this masterclass course, and therefore, all the information I’ll present here will be sincere and neutral.

And with no other thing to clarify, let’s jump straight to it…

Summary Of Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

Name Of The Program: Brand Mentor Masterclass

Type Of The Program: E-Commerce Branding & Training Course

Program’s Owner: Frankie Quiroz

Website’s URL:

Domain Registration Details:

  • Created On: 2022-09-03
  • Expiration Date: 2024-09-03

Cost: $98/month ($1 setup fee included) or $1500 one-time fee

Overall Score: 6/10

Do I Recommend this Program? Not for everyone, I’ll tell you why.

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Brand Mentor Masterclass Review Overview

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

Brand Mentor Masterclass is a course by Frankie Quiroz that he allegedly made to offer members an entire framework to create an e-commerce brand.

By using a plethora of tools, from personalized mentorship to AI-powered apps, the course claims to offer immense success.

Aside from allowing members to set up a brand of their own, it also allows them to succeed in all their doings.

However, such programs come with a caveat.

Just like any other business, success isn’t guaranteed, and worse of it all is the fact that you’ll need to be a bit more creative.

In such a business, you need to work with others or do the hard work by yourself.

So, why does the owner make it simple and easy to start, yet the reality demands nothing less than hard work.

If anything, Frankie could inform his members that starting this business is not for the faint-hearted, and anyone who needs to establish a brand should be ready for the job ahead.

But on the side, Frankie is fighting to bring more interested people on board, and that is why he is pitching for people to join the course, which is expensive, on the other hand, if you ask me.

However, don’t be worried, we’ll get to the bottom of this and serve you with nothing but the truth.

Before I continue…

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Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

What Is Brand Mentor Masterclass?

As earlier stated, Brand Mentor Masterclass is a course that was created by Frankie Quiroz, with its main aim being to help those who are struggling to set foot in e-commerce.

It claims to offer you as a Bonafede member a private discord community where you’ll enjoy sharing with members your experience and asking relevant questions.

The course, which I’ll highlight later contains 10 modules masterclass and 30+ lessons, with a world-class curriculum that traverses across your brand-building journey from A-Z.

Isn’t that interesting?

Wait, I’m yet to uncover more news to that effect.

Aside from modules and lessons, the course will offer you weekly live Zoom coaching calls.

So, if you’re facing challenges on the platform, you can also ask any relevant questions on the platform.

Besides, you’ll also get access to old live calls and access to more than 150 live classes.

Now, let me take you through who Frankie is and his role in this masterclass course.

Who Owns/Founder Of Brand Mentor Masterclass?

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

Frankie Quiroz is the owner and founder of Brand Mentor Masterclass.

He claims to be a seasoned and successful serial E-Commerce brand owner with over 10 years of experience in this industry.

His journey started in 2009 when he began selling T-shirts in a car Trunk with only $40 as his capital.

He claims to have taken this as a learning journey and he has built a very successful eight-figure brand.

As part of his success story, he claims that his financial stability made him to be in a position to retire his parents.

He is a co-founder of Tuned in Tokyo.

In his words, Frankie claims that his brand was endorsed by a big brand.

But I can’t prove that from my point of view.

Keep in mind that I’m not refuting the claims unless I come across information that proves otherwise.

Frankie also informs people that the easiest way to make a change in life and business is to be around people who are already at the stage that you want to be.

As to whether that is a pitch or coming from a sincere point of view remains an unanswered concern.

But, hold on, I’ll unmask that.

Keep reading so that you can learn everything.

Let’s get into detail and see what this course covers.

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What Does Brand Mentor Masterclass Course Entail?

The course entails a ten-module masterclass with 30+ lessons and a world-class curriculum that covers everything you need to know about building your brand from point A to Point Z.

Here are the modules that are contained in the course:

Module 1:

  • Brand Building & Introduction

Module 2:

  • Finding a winning niche & building a product around it

Module 3:

  • Shopify store mastery

Module 4:

  • Branding an empire

Module 5:

  • Aggressive marketing

Module 6:

  • Email/SMS like a pro

Module 7:

  • Operations & Logistics

Module 8:

  • Customer support best practices

Module 9:

  • Business Fundamentals That Have Saved Me Millions

Module 10:

  • Millionaire hacks

Aside from the modules, you’ll also have access to the following services:

#1. Weekly Live Mentorship

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

You’ll have exclusive access to two live group mentorship classes each Monday and Tuesday.

The owner claims that these sessions will play a pivotal role in ensuring your growth is possible.

#2. A-Z brand building Course (get access to the best Ecom training)

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

This is a section that offers you learning lessons as well.

It comes with over 70+ live class replays, with an exemplary curriculum that covers everything in detail.

#3. Get Responses To Any Of Your Queries

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

While you establish your successful brand, you’ll get answers to the most challenging questions that you may have.

#4. Live Session Recordings

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

This is a bonus that comes with this course.

You’ll get full access to all the live session recordings, so if you come across any challenge, you’ll be capable of getting back and getting the right information that you need to get moving.

#5. Monthly Guest Coaching Sessions

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

If you happen to be the best of the best, you’ll be invited to join the team that offers the most valuable information they usually charge about $1,000 per hour.

Frankie states that in this session, he’ll settle the charges for you.

#6. Private Discord Community

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

The next area of interest is the private discord arena.

Here, winners share proven ideas and share challenges they face along their journey of brand establishment.

#7. Rockstar Rolodex

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

You’re offered the top experts in different fields like graphic designers, email marketers, media buyers, film editors, and more at your disposal.

It is upon you to use their expertise to take your brand to a new level.

What Is The Cost Of Brand Mentor Masterclass Course?

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

While I couldn’t find the course pricing directly on the website, I made an effort to discover their pricing through other means.

I provided random information during registration and was able to ascertain the precise pricing for this course.

The program offers two pricing options.

The first option of $97 is payable on a monthly basis with an additional $1 processing fee.

For a one-time fee, you’ll be expected to part with $1500.

What do you think about the pricing of this course?

Is it worth your investment?

I’ll still try to break down some of the tips that might inform your decision.

Keep on reading.

How Does Frankie Quiroz’s Socials Looks Like?

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

While doing my rigorous research, I wanted to know how Frankie has fashioned himself on his social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), etc.

And something is clear.

Frankie Quiroz is happy to showcase how he has succeeded in e-commerce and a case point here is his Tuned in Tokyo brand.

He claims to have built 8-figure brands that have enabled him to be successful online.

He claims to be the co-founder of Drip Creationz as well.

Now, aside from his Instagram account, all other socials only promote his brand and some funnels.

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

It appears that he lacks interest in the Brand Mentor Masterclass course.

However, that’s not all; something on his Facebook account caught my attention and left me contemplating.

In one of the post-dated March 19, 2023, Franks claims that he hired Kanye West’s former Yeezy Lawyer to lead his defense team in the Nike lawsuit.

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

But, after a scrutiny and thorough search on the internet, I didn’t find anything close to that.

In fact, it was an edited screenshot that the fellow shared for clout-chasing.

To be sincere, if this guy is this rich and had filed a lawsuit, this information could be easily available on the web.

The upcoming section I’m about to cover is equally crucial and deserves your attention.

Without understanding the genuine truth about this individual, you might inadvertently become ensnared in his deception.

Is Frankie Quiroz Paying Companies to Publish His Own Articles?

This part is interesting.

Let me pose a question to you.

If I’m rich, as I claim, do I have a reason to approach renowned publishers to publish my story, or do the publishers themselves approach me?

Of course, the answer is obvious.

Mark Zuckerberg will never pay even a penny for his story to be aired or written.

The success speaks for itself.

But for Frankie, the opposite is true.

In the “about” section of his YouTube account, he has provided links to Forbes, Thriveglobal, Facebook, Influencive, and Instagram.

In particular, I was interested in the Forbes, Thriveglobal, and Infuencive articles that he claims to have featured him.

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

He undertakes paid interviews and sponsored post, which in a way is geared toward promoting his ventures.

As a way, Frankie tries to authenticate himself as a self-thought entrepreneur and to attract interested individuals into buying his course.

I think Frankie was doing quite well until I stumbled upon these sponsored articles and paid interviews.

To be open with you, Frankie uses his paid PR posts as a way to promote his brand and for self-promotion.

I’ll tell you what, the articles he shares are his and he authored them word-by-word.

Let’s get to know how this fellow gets to appear on Forbes.

How Did Frankie Quiroz Feature On and How?

So, Frankie Quiroz did something pretty cool – he got himself featured in Forbes USA!

You’ve probably heard of Shama Hyder, right?

She used to write for Forbes and has ties to PR companies.

As it turns out, the seemingly organic articles were, in fact, paid for by Frankie himself to Shama.

She published the articles for Frankie on Forbes.

Check out the screenshot for an article that she published for Frankie, which was actually paid for:

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

The reason why Frankie got verifications on most of his socials is because of the paid publications and paid interviews he had.

Keep in mind that Frankie on his website pointed out that he has been featured on Forbes and other platforms, yet it is true that he paid to have his article published.

And that is different from being featured.

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

Is Brand Mentor Masterclass A Scam?

I don’t deny that this course isn’t a scam.

My concern is that Frankie hired PR agencies to customize some publications for him.

Why can’t he let his success speak for itself?

Is he trying to lure people into paying the yearly one-time fee without actually giving members the value for their money?

What if his main source of income is the brand business that he promotes and the fee paid by interested individuals for the course?

Also, in the same breath, if Frankie is for sure successful, do you think succeeding in E-commerce, particularly branding type of a business is a walk in the park?

First of all, you need to know that it is expensive to get started because you’ll need to do a lot of hard work before you can materialize your business.

However, don’t let this deter you from going for such business.

If you firmly believe you have what it takes to enter this industry, consider exploring free online resources before investing in paid courses.

Always stay ahead of time.

Knowing what to pay for and what not to.

That way, you’ll never get duped with some superfluous information that can be gotten anywhere else for free.

Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

What I Like About Brand Mentor Masterclass

  • The training offered is extensive
  • They offer innovative tools
  • The pricing option is flexible on a monthly and yearly basis

What I Don’t Like About Brand Mentor Masterclass

  • The training course is pricier
  • Paid publication taints Frankie’s name
  • It isn’t a business idea for beginners
  • The business itself is risky
  • No ratings from Trustpilot
  • Frankie’s Facebook timeline features inaccurate information, raising concerns about transparency.

Is There Any Other Alternative To Brand Mentor Masterclass?

Are you looking for the best alternative to this course?

Well, I want to share with you my #1 recommendation.

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You only need to familiarize yourself with the basic information about this business model and then be on the way to that journey of making money online.

However, before you can get started, you need to seek relevant information to learn this business model.

And since I boast more than 6 years in this domain, I know what works and what doesn’t.

So, to make your work easier and quicker, I tailored a step-by-step guide that will get you started.

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Brand Mentor Masterclass Review

FAQs About Brand Mentor Masterclass

Who Is The Founder Of Tune In Tokyo?

Brian Porter and Frankie Quiroz are the founders of Tuned in Tokyo, and they started the company in 2015.

Who’s The Brand Mentor Masterclass For?

If you’re someone who wants to kickstart and build a successful e-commerce brand without needing tons of marketing know-how and without any special skills, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Can You Be Billed Continuously If You Don’t Stop The Subscription Of Brand Mentor Masterclass?

Yes, if you don’t stop your monthly subscription to this course, then you’ll be billed automatically.

So stay alert.

Thank you for reading my Brand Mentor Masterclass Review.

If you’ve any concerns regarding this review, I’ll be happy to get to know your feedback in the section below.

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