Last Ecom Training Review: Is This Training LEGIT Or A SCAM?

Last Ecom Training Review

Hi! Welcome to my Last Ecom Training Review.

The program claims to offer you unlimited training that helps you build a sustainable product-based e-commerce business.

According to the program, the training will help you build a multi-seven-figure dollar business online if you effectively apply their strategies.

Nevertheless, these claims may not be sufficient to persuade you to join the program.

In this evaluation, I aim to uncover the reality behind this training program, enabling you to determine whether it is worth your time and investment.

My primary emphasis lies on critical aspects of the program, such as its purpose, functionality, and the financial commitment required to commence the course.

Prior to commencing my review, it is important to clarify that I have no affiliation with the Last Ecom Training program.

As a result, my objective is to offer an unbiased assessment of the program, presenting you with an honest review that reveals the truth about it.

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Last Ecom Training Review Summary

Name of the Product: Last Ecom Training

Type of the Product: E-commerce training program

Product Website:

Founder: Justin Philips

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: $1497

Recommendation: Not for everyone; kindly read the review to find out why.

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Last Ecom Training Review – Overview

Last Ecom Training Review

Dropshipping is a low-paying investment that takes much of your time and effort to earn significant profits.

The business has high maintenance costs, especially when purchasing your ads on social media platforms.

However, the Last Ecom Training claims to simplify everything when you learn its three secrets strategies.

You will only have to apply their strategies to succeed in your business.

The strategies encompass techniques for generating online traffic for your business, replicating your e-commerce brand, and effectively engaging with influencers to expand your reach.

In so doing, the program aims to help you grow your business to up to a seven-figure dollar and achieve your financial goals.

The program owner claims that the strategies presented in the platform are proven and have made him meet his success online.

The program focuses on the three major principles that will make you venture into your e-commerce business.

They include how to create your business brand website for free in less than one minute, which will help you run your Shopify business.

You’ll also learn the secret of reaching out to as many people as possible to increase your sales and earn more profits from your business.

Justin terms this secret as the trick to influence the market and expand market share.

The last trick Justin shares in the program is traffic hacking which will see you reach out to many customers online for your products to sell more.

However, don’t freak out if you feel this type of business isn’t best for you.

Here is another business alternative that you might want to consider:

Last Ecom Training Review

What Is Last Ecom Training?

Last Ecom Training Review

The Last Ecom Training program teaches you how to generate income in the ecommerce business.

The program was launched by Justin Philips in 2021 as the platform where he wanted to share his success story with many entrepreneurs worldwide.

He uses three secret strategies to explain how you can easily meet your success as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce market.

The strategies range from the start of the business to scaling it to its maximum value in the market.

The secrets of success in E-commerce, as explained by Justin in his course, include the following:

  • Creating high traffic on social media
  • Cloning a successful e-commerce brand
  • Reaching out to more influencers will help you increase your business awareness.

In an e-commerce business, the best way to succeed is to always sell highly trending products.

This involves paying more attention to the newly introduced and trending products in the market.

From there, you can pay for the advertisements on social media to help you get traffic that will increase your sales.

This makes the drop shipping business more expensive as not all the ads you will pay for will purchase your products.

On the other hand, the business consumes a lot of your time when setting it up to the time it will start generating profits.

However, Justin Philips, in his last Ecom training course, claims to help you make everything simple in your business and earn desired profits.

From here, let’s see how the program works.

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How Does Last Ecom Training Works?

Last Ecom Training works by teaching you how to build your own online store and run it on a Shopify E-commerce program.

According to the program, you’ll not require technical skills or an expert to help you manage your business online.

In the program, Justin claims to provide you with the coaching and mentorship that will help you break into the electronic commerce market.

In his teaching, Justin Philips focuses on helping you reduce the following expenses:

  • Expensive paid ads

To effectively run your drop shipping business, you must spend money on paid ads to help you generate more sales.

The most common platforms where people pay for ads are TikTok and Facebook pages, which contain millions of users.

Due to stiff competition in the market, running ads on these platforms does not create as high an impact as expected.

In addition, the cost of running advertisements on these social media platforms continues to rise every year, making it too expensive.

As the advertising price continues, running your ads online in the coming years will be too expensive.

In his course, Justin comes up with an alternative secret to running ads, which he promises to share with you upon registering to his program.

  • The time-consuming Product research

When you decide to do the research on your products online, the exercise will consume a lot of your time.

For instance, you will have to look for trending products online that can easily sell in the market and be able to analyze them from others.

On the other hand, some products tend to stop trending after some time, making their selection less reliable.

For these reasons, you must be able to look for the most profitable on-demand products in the market to make high sales.

Justin teaches you how to do the most effective product selection with his secret aimed at helping you sell the most trending products online.

  • The returns and refunds on Merchandise

There are always cases of returns and refunds from customers online in dropshipping.

For instance, some unsatisfied customers may decide to return their products to the store and request a refund of their money.

This is most common if the customer does not receive the product they did not order or changes their mind about the product on delivery.

Handing such cases may be much more difficult if you are still new in the e-commerce industry.

However, when you join the Last Ecom Training program, Justin promises to teach you how to handle such cases without losing customers.

You will learn how to pay back your unsatisfied customers without eating much into your profits to keep your business profitable.

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What Is Included In Last Ecom Training?

Here are the main topics you will learn from this workshop:

How you can build your Website without Being Tech Savvy

You will learn how you can create your professional website without having any technical web design skills.

The course guides you on every step you will need to create your website, where you will get the secrets of building a functional online store.

The Reach Out Method

In this topic, you will learn how to get a large number of influencers that help you promote your new brands online.

The program provides you with a number of reach-out methods that will help you turn your newly found brand into a well-known name.

 Get Free traffic to your Brand.

Instead of paying for advertisement for you to get traffics, the program teaches you how to generate free followers online.

In their strategy, you will not have to spend more in getting traffic, making it less expensive than common drop shipping.

The proven strategy for getting traffic is provided in the program for free after learning the course.

Recurring revenue hack

You will learn how to create an exclusive community for all your listeners online.

In so doing, you will be able to scale your urnings up to $5000 every month in less than 45 days.

The formula to going viral

In this section, you will learn how to generate millions of viewers online without paying for the ads online.

This trick gradually reduces the cost of maintaining your business at the same time, increasing your sales.

The Media Company

In this section, you will learn how to transform your e-commerce business into a more profitable investment.

When you join the program, you will not need more technical skills or experts to help you carry out the business.

You will learn everything from the program and the support you need to run the business online effectively.

Who Is the Owner of the Last Ecom Training?

Last Ecom Training Review

The Last Ecom Training course is proudly owned by Justin Philips, an HBCU graduate of Howard University.

HBCU, also known as the Historical Black College or University, was the main career Justin professionalized in during his studies.

This made him, in collaboration with his friend Corey come up with Support Black Colleges, where they were able to make up to one million dollars in just a single day.

Justin is a highly experienced entrepreneur from Houston, Texas, United States.

Justin is also a known co-founder of the brand support black colleges, with extensive experience in the drop shipping business.

He has a passion for teaching new and developing entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their success through e-commerce business.

Justin is also an expert in marketing, which he claims enabled him to run many brands that pay him up to seven-figure dollars as income.

The alum from Howard University aims to provide traders with skills in attributes such as marketing, sales, and e-commerce.

He teaches about his marketing strategies in different campaigns and also forms partnerships with NBA2K, Shopify, NBA, and much more.

What Is the Cost of Joining Last Ecom Training?

The Last Ecom Training costs you $1,497 to join and learn the entire course.

The price is a one-time fee payable at the registration, granting you access to the course modules.

The program does not allow payment via installments or charge any other extra cost for its services.

In addition, there is no hidden cost in the program, allowing you to pay only the registration fee and start learning.

In your entire learning process, the program offers additional modules and tools to boost your understanding of the course.

Additionally, Justin provides you with additional online coaching, enabling you to interact with him directly through audio calls.

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Is Last Ecom Training A Scam?

In my view, the Last Ecom Training program is not a scam; you can succeed in your e-commerce business using the three secrets from Justin.

People in dropshipping businesses find it difficult to earn a passive income from their store, especially when they are new.

This is always caused by the increase in expenses and the stiff competition in the product market.

For instance, the high maintenance cost of running an e-commerce business makes it too costly, which may limit you from growing your business.

Justin makes everything simple for its students, enabling them to run their e-commerce business online smoothly.

In his three secrets, Justin ensures the major challenges faced in the business have an easy way in his course.

He promises to make all his students succeed in their e-commerce business and earn up to seven-figure dollars.

However, you can only manage to succeed in the business if you are able to apply the strategies in your e-commerce.

In addition, you must have a passion for running an e-commerce business to succeed in this course.

If you are not talented in the e-commerce business or have no interest in starting one, you will not benefit from joining this program.

In addition, if you lack enough capital to purchase the course and run the business, it will be difficult for you to succeed in the program.

On there other hand, the Last Ecom Training program pricing is too expensive for the course.

Several alternative programs exist that provide e-commerce training at a lower cost compared to Last Ecom Training.

I encourage you to continue reading this review to discover the best alternative program for generating online income.

Last Ecom Training Review

What I like about Last Ecom Training

  • Justin is a good teacher

The Howard University alumni have earned an outstanding reputation for assisting numerous individuals in achieving success.

He has extensive experience and forms partnerships with many other successful clients online.

For this reason, he is always there to help you with any problem related to his last Ecom training course.

  • Justin is a successful entrepreneur.

Justin attained his moment of triumph when he successfully generated up to seven dollars in his online business.

This motivated him to start an online training program where he could help other business owners.

Justin promises to share his strategic secret with his students through his teaching for business growth.

  • The program offers coaching calls.

When you have personal issues, the program provides you with a coaching call where you can speak to Justin directly.

Justin promises to help you overcome issues you frequently face in your business.

What I Don’t Like About Last Ecom Training

  • The dropshipping business requires high maintenance.

Maintaining a drop shipping business is always challenging for new business owners.

This makes the cost of maintaining the business too expensive.

  • Dropshipping does not offer a passive income whatsoever

Earning a passive income from your drop shipping business may be challenging, especially when new to the market.

For this reason, it will take you much longer to start earning a significant amount from it.

  • It is hard to predict the income from your drop shipping business

Another great challenge with the drop shipping business is its income figures are unpredictable, especially when you are new to the market.

This challenge goes beyond the strategies Justin teaches about the business and hence cannot be escaped despite joining the program.

For this reason, you might not effectively plan and run your e-commerce business going by predictions.

  • The paid traffic is increasingly becoming too expensive

For you to get more customers online, you must engage in paid ads on social media platforms, including TikTok and Facebook.

However, Google ads are becoming too expensive every year, making it not applicable for some entrepreneurs.

  • Refunds and returns

The returns of already purchased goods by unsatisfied customers who want a refund are inevitable in an e-commerce business.

This makes the business more challenging you may end up eating into your profits when making the refunds.

In addition, the returned goods lose their prices in the market as some customers may end up returning already-used products.

  • The program is too expensive.

The registration fee charged by the program is too expensive.

This makes it not a suitable option for beginners who might lack the capital to purchase the course.

Is There Any Alternative To Last Ecom Training?

Currently, we find ourselves at a decisive moment.

There is an abundance of online businesses available, even for beginners.

However, for the purpose of this review, I will focus on one particular business that I am very familiar with.

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing?

It is a business model where you can start from scratch and achieve your desired success.

The best part is that you can begin without spending a fortune.

Gone are the days when you were required to pay exorbitant amounts of money to start a business that would struggle to break even and generate profits.

With affiliate marketing, you can promote products and services from various companies without physically handling the products.

Drawing from over six years of business experience, I have acquired valuable knowledge and insights that can help you excel in this field.

If you’re interested in starting this business, I invite you to explore the guide I have specifically created for you:

Last Ecom Training Review

FAQs About Last Ecom Training

Does Last Ecom Training Program Offer A Refund Policy?

Yes, the program offers a refund of the registration fee.

However, the refund is action-based and valid within thirty days of joining the program.

It is, therefore, not guaranteed that you may claim your money by making an application request.

Who Is The Last Ecom Training Course For?

The program aims to educate entrepreneurs who want to start their e-commerce business online.

However, Justin states that the course can also help e-commerce business owners who want to grow their businesses.

So, if you want to learn how to start your e-commerce business, you can join the program.

Is Ecommerce Still Worth It In 2024?

E-commerce business is still worth it up to date with many people earning a passive income from it.

However, you need to find profitable products that are trending online and promote them.

In so doing, you will be able to generate a sustainable income from e-commerce.

Is Drop Shipping Business A Hassle?

Drop Shipping business is a hassle because it has a high maintenance cost, especially when paying for the ads.

In addition, the research of the products online is time-consuming.

On the other hand, the drop shipping business faces returns of products and refunds from unsatisfied customers.

I sincerely appreciate your time in reading my Last Ecom Training Review.

Do you’ve any additional thoughts or insights to share about this review?

I am eagerly looking forward to reading your comments in the section below.

3 thoughts on “Last Ecom Training Review: Is This Training LEGIT Or A SCAM?

  1. Hi Sharletta,
    The same thing happened to me and I’m trying to get a refund but it’s a World War with Justin and his team. I purchased his course in full, September 14th, 2023 and only received the zoom call link. The link is useless if I haven’t received the course material to know what questions to ask!
    Trying to get a refund at this point is like fighting a scammer. I’m being told that for a refund to be issued, I need to show where I used Justin’s strategies and before/after results of the use.
    My full email explained I did not get any link to the course but Justin or his team are thieves playing games. I’ve seen on multiple platforms that other people did not get the course and it shouldn’t be hard for them to check that the link did not forward to my email address. After going back and forth via email, 11 times, about my refund, they sent me the link to say it’s a lifetime usage and here it is. I explained that I am not interested and tried on 3 attempts to get ahold of his customer service. They don’t respond to any communication via one of his email addresses neither on his discord help link.
    I need my husbands’ hard earned money that he gifted me when I was interested in a project, that I do not wish to move forward with a team that shows a lack of communication and customer service. Any company doing business will do right by the customer if they know they’re at fault. But I guess that’s part of how he makes his $millions.

  2. My name is Sharletta Evans and I invested last month. I did not receive any information and I thought you were a scam. I came in with full payment. I need to here from you and your staff. I need to be connected.

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