Buildabizonline Review – Is This Business Worth Joining?

Buildabizonline Review

Hello! I’m welcoming you to my Buildabizonline Review.

Most people have always been asking themselves whether making money online is a viable business opportunity.

My question is, “Are you among this group?”

The truth of the matter is that you can make passive income online in the comfort of your home.

There are several ways of Earning Money Online.

These online businesses will give you the financial freedom you desire only if you invest your money and efforts.

While trying to find out which online business is best for you, consider that there are several platforms to choose from.

Be warned that not all of them are genuine.

Some of the platforms are big scams ready to take advantage of you.

One of these platforms is Buildabizonline.

I’m going to share every bit of the truth about the platform above because I am not associated with the company.

Is Buildabizonline one of the scams?  

Buildabizonline is an online platform that claims to offer you training and the necessary tools to build your online business.

That doesn’t end there; it enables you to build it right from scratch as a beginner or improves the performance of your existing business.

Apart from training and equipping your online business with tools, it also provides you with an opportunity to earn from the platform.

You’ll earn commissions if you promote or recruit new members to join Buildabizonline.

Remember, I’m writing this article for review purposes only and not promoting the platform.

I want to help you get a deep insight into Buildabizonline.

In this, I’ll help you understand what you are subscribing to and avoid disappointment.

Let’s get into it right away…

Summary Of Buildabizonline Review

Name Of The Product: Buildabizonline

Type Of The Product: Affiliate marketing Platform

Website’s URL:

Founder/Owner: Ian Stewart

Product Rating: 6/10

Subscription Fee: $11.75 per month

Recommended: Not Recommended

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Buildabizonline Overview

Buildabizonline Review

The buildabizonline platform is designed to help you earn money from affiliate marketing, running adverts, and promoting links.

Once you register with Buildabizonline, you will not only be promoting the company, but you can earn commissions through the referral system.

After your downline members register as paid members, you’ll be legible to earn a commission.

You can also choose to customize and add any other program you may choose.

Once you sign up for the platform, you will get a trial period of seven days.

During this trial period, you will have a chance to study the features the system will offer you if you register to become a member.

When the trial membership expires, you can decide whether to subscribe to the program or not.

The program sounds appealing if you are eager to make money online.

However, there are various other best alternatives for you to choose from.

When going through other viable options, please remember to go the extra mile and study them well before investing in them.

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Buildabizonline Review

Who is the founder of Buildabizonline?

Buildabizonline Review

Buildabizonline was given birth back in January 2008.

Ian Stewart is the person who came up with the idea of starting this venture.

He used his experience in affiliate marketing to build and develop the aforesaid platform.

His intentions in starting Buildabizonline were to help online businesses to build and grow their online businesses.

Although the information about Ian Stewart is limited, one thing worth noting is that he seems to have a handful of experience in online business.

The founder also claims that he has been making from the platform since its inception on the platform’s website.

What is Buildabizonline?

Buildabizonline Review

Buildabizonline has been in existence for about 14 years ago.

From his personal experience in affiliate marketing, Ian Steward was motivated to start the program.

This platform is a marketing system designed to help program owners and affiliate marketers.

The platform claims to offer a listening ear to your needs and provide an individualized response to your needs.

When you become a member of Buildabizonline, you get access to various training videos, tools, and resources for making money online.

The platform also pays you a commission through lead generation.

If you promote the platform and generate leads, you earn a monthly residual payment of $6 for every member you enroll on the platform.

This platform mainly focuses in doing email marketing.

It is rich in various training materials.

These materials will equip you with skills & knowledge in designing and sending promotional emails.

You can also learn the conversion of prospect lists into buyers.

Another eye-catching feature in the Buildabizonline platform is the link rotator.

This rotator will help you to view various landing pages.

By doing so, you will be able to pinpoint the one with the highest conversion.

The rotator will automatically display various versions of the pages you promote when you use just one link.

When you send out traffic, you will see several landing pages. After that, you will test and choose the one that suits you.

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Features of Buildabizonline

Buildabizonline Review

Program Page: With this first feature, you’ll be in a position to customize and brand yourself.

Aside from that, you may also use one link to promote programs or a maximum of 20 ads on the same page.

Splash Builder: This is a user-friendly splash builder for building small web pages.

You’re at will to customize this feature with a call-to-action button and catchy words.

Tracking Tool: Buildabizonline platform is equipped with an in-built tracker.

And the main purpose of this tool is to track your URLs and establish which one of your adverts is being displayed.

Auto-responder: It has a simple and user-friendly auto-responder.

As an in-built auto-responder,  the tool will help you automate your business and increase the growth of your list.

Capture Builder: Capture builder will help you build a capture page in the easiest way possible.

It enables you to design a unique template or choose from the free templates available.

Form Builder: With the forms feature, you can customize your web pages and texts by matching colors.

If you are looking for the best alternative to get started with an online business, then Affiliate Marketing can be the best way to get started.

Here is a video that talks about some additional features:


Membership Sets

Buildabizonline has categorized the feature into two sets depending on the members.

Free Membership

Coming below are key features you’ll enjoy under the free membership:

  • key Pre-written email swaps
  • HTML Editor
  • Promotional banners and links
  • Training on email marketing
  • Buildabizonline business cards (Simple cards for promoting Buildabizonline)
  • Tool for logo building
  • A pair of banner builders
  • URL Rotator
  • Auto-responder
  • Advertising training

Paid membership

If you are a paid member, you will enjoy more features than free members.

As such, you’ll attract more traffic, promoting affiliate links among other members.

Further, other additional features such as;

  • Auto-responder
  • Splash page builder
  • Email tracking
  • Email Template Creator
  • Scarcity bar creator
  • 10 burner pages
  • Button builder
  • Responder form creator
  • 2-step Form Generator

Jason Foster

Buildabizonline Compensation Plan

For you to money from this platform you’re offered two major ways to do so; through referral links and by building your team.

This makes the multi-level platform marketing or, in other words, a pyramid scheme.

Besides, this platform has a 5-level structure of straight-line queues to track your payments.

Here are the five queue levels:

Lv.1: The affiliate who recruited you receives a gift of $20, and you will receive $20 when you recruit subsequent affiliates.

Lv.2: It offers you $50 for recruiting subsequent affiliates and your recruiter $50.

Lv.3: It offers you $100 for recruiting subsequent affiliates and your recruiter $100.

Lv.4: It offers you $200 for recruiting subsequent affiliates and your recruiter $200.

Lv.5: It offers you $500 for recruiting subsequent affiliates and your recruiter $500.

Understand that these recurring gifts are paid every month.

This doesn’t make any difference from other Pyramid Schemes.

Buildabizonline is not clear about this rulemaking; it is unreliable.

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Is Buildabizonline A Scam?

Buildabizonline is hiding behind a mask, making it a SCAM. 

Despite having many attractive business tools, I won’t recommend them to you.

This is because their compensation plan is causing too much suspicion.

Also, this platform seems to be different on the surface, but underneath is a money gifting scheme.

They are very clever in the way they have avoided getting the attention of the FTC.

If you fail to get downline referrals, you won’t be earning any commission.

What I Like About Buildabizonline 

  • No Additional Upsells. Paying more does not unlock additional upsells.
  • It is relative. Registration will only cost you $11.75 per month, thus making it affordable.
  • Built by an expert. Ian Stewart has experience in affiliate marketing.
  • This has enabled him to stay for long in the market for.

What I Don’t Like About Buildabizonline 

  • It’s a pyramid scheme: Without any doubt, this platform is a pyramid scheme. 
  • It has only hibernated itself from getting FTC’s attention. 
  • Their objective is mainly to recruit more members.
  • You must pay to win: The only way you will benefit most from this platform’s compensation plan is by enrolling in a higher tier. 
  • This means you will be spending $870, which can be expensive for some people.
  • Can land you into trouble: Buildabizonline is not an ideal venture for anyone. 
  • You can land into trouble with authorities for promoting it. 
  • You’ll become an accomplice to a scamming program.

Is There Any Alternative To Buildabizonline?

The answer to this is YES! 

There are other best alternative ways of earning online in the comfort of your home.

Ever since I started affiliate marketing, I have enjoyed financial freedom.

Initially, I had a negative attitude toward online businesses, but it changed when I began making a steady income online.

And what’s good is that companies will even award you with cash and prizes for getting more customers to their business.

Just as this company that gave me an award for earning my first $10,000 commission

This is a great opportunity for you to explore various ways of earning money online.

Tap into your passion and turn it into a money-making venture.

Here is all you need to know to get started…

Buildabizonline Review

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