IPPEI Lead Generation Review

IPPEI Lead Generation Review – Is This Course Legitimate?

I’m excited to introduce you to my IPPEI Lead Generation Review.

So, is this course a 100% Scam or Legit?

What does it offer?

IPPEI Lead Generation claims that it’ll coach you to generate leads for your business.

But the primary question is to know its Legitimacy.

Could it be the program that you’ve wanted to know about its Legitimacy for some time now?

I’ll soon take you through all that.

Stick with me, and be sure to learn everything about this course.

While I’ll be taking you through this review, I’ll be honest with you; I’ll offer you an accurate picture of what this course is all about.

And the good news is that I’m not affiliated with this course; therefore, I’ll give things just the way they are, not adding even a pinch of salt.

If you’ve been trying to look for ways of making money without success, then this could be your day; towards the tail end of this post, I’ll offer you my best recommendation of how you can start earning money without paying a fortune.

So be sure to accompany me to the end of this review.

Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s set out for this review.

Keep in mind that I’ve done good research on this program, and you can always leave a comment below the post for further discussions.

Summary of IPPEI Lead Generation Review

Name of the Product: IPPEI Lead Generation

Founder: IPPEI Kanehara

Type of Product: Lead generation course

Price: $4,800 to $9,000

Is it Recommended? : I’ll disclose everything during the discussion

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IPPEI Lead Generation Review

IPPEI Kanehara markets a lead generation training course created by Dan; his longtime mentor.

Essentially, the IPPEI Lead Gen is a coaching and training course that will offer you skills to generate leads for your businesses.

Better still, it also gives you skills on the rental and type of method you can use to monetize your business by entering into deals with local businesses.

Though we’ll find that this program isn’t a Scam in any way, you’ll have to bear the burden of the expensive fee you’ll pay to acquire the lead generation course.

And due to the high-priced course, I’ll frankly tell you that this one isn’t an excellent program to invest your money in.

However, if you still need to learn more about this program, you should read my review because I’ll break everything down.

I’ll always advocate for progressive and straightforward ways of earning money, and I’ll always be back with what I’ve always done in the past.

Unlike the pricier and hyped courses, I have a blueprint that will allow you to start earning money without having to break the bank.

And if you’ve got a passion for a specific niche, that doubles up as a propeller towards success in this field of an affiliate marketer.

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IPPEI Lead Generation Review

Who is Behind IPPEI Lead Generation?

IPPEI Lead Generation Review

Born in Japan, IPPEI relocated to the United States when he was seven years old, and while there, he learned the typical ways of schooling, obtained a degree, and joined the corporate world.

But on learning that he wasn’t making much money in his white-collar job, he opted to try other methods of earning a living.

And for him to make a living, he started an online business as an affiliate marketer.

Before coming across his all-time mentor Dan, IPPEI had tried many ways of making money online.

As such, IPPEI ended up setting up a very successful business that set its feet on Dan’s business venture.

Due to that, he was able to earn a lot of money every month, offering lead-generation services to many other local businesses.

Although he is now making real money, he is still not contended with his achievements.

For that reason, he is trying to market his coaching course on his site.

IPPEI Lead Gen Explained

IPPEI Lead Generation Review

As I mentioned earlier, IPPEI Lead Gen is a platform that’ll train and coach you to generate leads for businesses locally.

Brad Campbell and Dan Klein founded the program; however, it is owned by IPPEI Kanehara.

The platform will offer you a rental method to track your businesses online by working with local businesses.

Three parties are involved in lead generation:

An affiliate platform

The customers who require help

And the merchant that offers service

The platform trains you about SEO methods for ranking your websites to give online businesses a lot of sales leads.

As such, your business gets revenue after selling such leads.

In the program, you’ll be needed to attend a one-on-one call session with an experienced coach.

The call session will inform you about the cost, the course, and the general overview of the Lead Gen coaching platform.

I’ll be open with you; the call will try to convince you that their platform is Legit.

That is why I’ve always told you that if you need to start earning money online with a shoestring budget, then go through the Steps I’ve Highlighted For You Here.

Let’s find more information about IPPEI & Dan Course

Check out this short video in the meantime:

The course covers three essential components of coming up with a prosperous lead-generating online business:

Finding the best market

Setup and ranking site to generate leads

Selling the leads to owners of the business

The course entails over 30 hours of lessons of video that cover everything their platform advocates for.

Getting a Good Market

At the onset, you’ll learn the goodness of getting the appropriate market to build your first site for generating leads.

In that regard, IPPEI will offer you all the tools you need to evaluate your marketing skills and ideas.

As a thumb of rule, a good market has an excellent search volume but weak competition.

After you’ve identified the right market, the next thing you need to do is to create and rank a site to generate leads.

Setup an Online Lead Generating Assets

This training course involves creating and ranking a site that’ll generate leads.

IPPEI will take you through SEO basics.

The problem is that this personality will teach you to use past SEO techniques.

And such techniques don’t offer any benefits to your lead generation businesses.

Selling the leads to owners of a business.

Here, you’ll advance to seek for business owners to buy the leads to generate revenue.

Dan will train you to get potential business owners and buy your leads.

This stage is usually the most challenging for most online marketers because if you fail to find one to sell the leads, you’ll lose all the investment and make no money.

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Jason Foster

The Cost of IPPEI Lead Gen Coaching Program

I’m sure that you’re also asking yourself why the owners of this program are unable to disclose the cost of their services.

Your guess is as good as mine.

The primary function of the webinar is not to sell the program to you.

The cost may scare away many people before joining.

Imagine that you’ll have to spend about $5,700 only for coaching.

This implies that you’ll need to be fully loaded with cash if you wish to start this kind of business.

In other words, entry fees and underlying costs are costly.

You’ll need to incur the cost of buying an email responder, calls tracker, digital marketing tools, domains, web hosting, etc.

Therefore, if you’re into this business venture, you’ll need to set aside thousands of dollars every month.

And mostly, a huge amount will go to digital advertisements.

Before your site can start generating free leads, it will have been after some months of waiting.

As such, you’ll need to buy Facebook and Google ads to promote your site and generate leads.

If there is no business willing to acquire leads, it directly implies that you’ll lose a lot of money.

This business is a risky one; unless you’ve some pocket change, this business will end up consuming all your hard-earned money.

Can you make any income using the IPPEI Lead Gen Coaching program?

You can only make money on this platform when you purchase the leads.

Generating leads is one long process, and finding a potential client is another.

For instance, if you succeed in setting up a website with significant traffic, you’ll face another problem of finding a buyer.

The Lead Gen coaching program claims that it can train you to convince businesses to buy your leads.

But the tricky part is the fact that you’ll have to meet them in person to persuade them to buy those leads.

Which is not always an easy thing to do.

So, I can tell you without contradiction that this is not working you can do it while you stay seated in your home office.

But if you’re the kind of person who likes to approach people, you stand a chance of making money with this kind of program.

Most people who love to work online opt for the passive method of generating income.

Is IPPEI Lead Generation Course Legit?

Yes, his program is a legit one.

You’ll get lessons in video form, but sincerely speaking, it should cost you over $5,860 as priced.

And the fact that lead generation isn’t a business for everybody.

You’ll need to adjust your mind to learn and do as much as possible to start making money.

Also, the business model is too competitive for a newcomer to succeed.

Keep in mind that you’re competing with other local SEO experts to have a client buy your leads.

And your success usually is dependent on the results you bring to the table.

The leads should convert, or else the business owners will avoid you.

Worse yet, the IPPEI Lead Gen program does not give you a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, you need to set up a massive spending budget to set up this business.

The Red Flags of IPPEI Lead Generation 

Building links will eat up much of your time

After you’ve signed in to this program, IPPEI will always claim that he’ll use private networks to aid your site to build links proactively.

Beginners are not favored whatsoever!

If you’re starting and you’ve no experience online, you’ll end up being frustrated.

Like any other lead generation program, this coaching course is not for the faint-hearted.

Bad debt

The issue here is that you may get leads but fail to be paid.

That is usually the issue of rank and rentals.

Hidden Cost

The problem with this program is that they don’t disclose the program’s cost.

The price you’ll see will be much dependent on how much you’ll pay.

That shows that you’ll keep on guessing what you should pay without any certainty.

Let’s now look into what I like and don’t like about this program.

What I like about IPPEI Lead Gen

  • Comes with a unique business structure for building assets
  • Dan & IPPEI will train you about everything they know
  • You’ll get to learn several other business skills
  • You’ll be linked to Facebook groups and weekly life.

What I don’t like about IPPEI Led Gen

  • Ranking & renting take a very long time
  • Building links consumes a lot of time
  • The entry fee is very high
  • Difficult for beginners
  • It comes with a lot of hidden costs
  • It doesn’t disclose any information regarding the cost

Now that you know what I like and what I don’t, isn’t that enough for you to make a well-informed decision?

Yeah, I’m sure it is.

But I’ll not end this review without offering you the recommendation I promised you at the beginning of this article.

I’ll be honest with you; making money online needs consistency and patience.

So don’t think that the recommendation I’ll offer you will make you an overnight millionaire.

My #1 Recommendation

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I’ve prepared my top-rated training program that will enable you to start venturing into online businesses.

This is the method I use, and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with those interested in starting a genuine online business.

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IPPEI Lead Generation Review

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