What Is Unique Content?

What Is Unique Content

What Is Unique Content?

When starting out learning SEO, you will hear your coach, teacher or whomever, tell you how important unique content is.

But have you asked yourself what is unique content?  Do you really understand what it means?

Well, today I am going to be giving you my version of what unique content is.

Unique content is content that is not found anywhere else on the entire world wide web.  Google bots really love to discover unique content.

When unique content is discovered by google and other search engines, the content is rewarded by climbing up further in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Unique content is one of the many indicators for google to rank any website available online.

If you are a blogger or someone who wants to use the internet as a way of financial gain, you should learn to understand this very important factor.

If you have been following my first few posts, you will see that I am setting up this website as a test to show people how this website will rank in the search engines because I am using uniqueness as a way of blogging.

You are here reading about unique content because you want to know more about it.

When you write anything online with an intention to have your website in the #1 position in google, you have to make sure that you are following this necessary & wise advice.


How Can You Be Unique?

Write as if you are talking naturally to a close friend or relative.

This will create a conversational tone in your article.   Your reader will connect with you and you will get more dialogue in this way.

As I write, I am doing it freely – from my mind and it is not researched or rehashed in any way.

I am not concentrating fully on keywords because this will let you write like a robot, therefore; confusing the human reader.

The more I do this, the more I am able to write more words – which is also a benefit and another determining factor for google to rank sites.

I learned a lot from other webmasters such as Backlinko and Neil Patel  – these guys are geniuses!

I would suggest you also add them to your blogging following.

The more honest and open you are with your audience, the more your unique content will flow from your mind.

The reader will feel impulsed to connect with you and may leave a comment or two, share on social media, etc – which will all increase your overall rankings.


Is This Unique Content?

What do you think of this content?

Do you think you will see it anywhere else online? (unless it’s copied).

You see – I am not here writing necessarily to make money online, but rather to show you what you need to do in order to get page 1 rankings most of the time.

Of course: there are other factors which contribute to your rankings, however, unique content is rated highly and is in a league of its own.

I am always going to be unique as I build out this website and do promise never to copy another webmaster and have the work displayed on my site as my own.

This website is not fancy with graphics like many others, (most of them look the same to me) but it is promised to be as unique as possible with the content contained within it.

I have also made a decision to make sure to write over 1000+ words with every post I write.

This is a personal goal of mine which I have dedicated myself to follow as long as I blog. (If you see me slacking, let me know).

Even when I do not have much to say, I will still add words until the post has reached its goals.


How Can You Write Unique Content?

First, you must clear your mind from all the doubts, fears, and indecision that you have within yourself.

We all have them, but you must learn to master it and have no fear.

Mrs. Rosevelt said that You must do something each day which scares the hell out of you. (I am just paraphrasing)

Apply this to blogging uniquely and you will find yourself doing great things online, regardless of which niche you are currently involved in.

Also, refer to what I said above about in the “How Can You Be Unique?”  section.


Will You Be Unique?

Whatever it is that you do online – do you plan to start being unique in all you do?

It will greatly benefit you no matter what you do online.  It just requires you to be bold, determined and strong minded.

Do you fear what others might say when you start to be yourself and show your own uniqueness?

Do not worry about what others may think of you.

I remember reading about Marconi – the man who invented the radio, where he was criticized by “friends” when he told them that he had discovered the way to make radio waves signal travel through the use of wire – this was way before wireless devices were ever created.

His ‘friends” had him examined in a mental facility because they thought that he was crazy/insane.

Now you see evidence today anywhere you see cell phones, radios, tv’s, computer, satellites etc.

These devices were able to be created because Marconi didn’t quit on the first sight of opposition and believed in his uniqueness.



I am coming close to the end of today’s blog post, and I am glad that you stick around to the end to read.

You are going to do well in your business because you have demonstrated that you are able to pay attention to details when you see them presented to you.

If you use this strategy on your blog and you see it working for you, I would like to hear your feedback.

Also, make sure to get familiar with the other over 200 other Google ranking factors which will enable your work to reach more people.

Stay tuned to my website as I write out more useful information for you to get your blogging to unique heights.

I hope you have found some value in my “What Is Unique Content” blog post today.

I had a lot of fun writing it out while I was with my young family:  partner and my 2-month-old baby boy – along with my little daughter.

Anyone can be a smart human blogger – writing up a storm of unique content to their blog audiences.


PS:  I also like feedback.  What do you want to see me writing about more on this blog website?

Your feedback will propel smart human blogger in the search engines and your contributions will be seen.


Thanks again for your time.


What Is A Blog

What Is A Blog


What Is a Blog

So I am back at blogging today and was just wondering what you were wondering about blogging.

One of the most popular question that you and many other people ask is “What Is A Blog?

A blog has many different meanings which I will break down for you in the simplest form.

You are now reading a blog post on Smart Human Blogger.

A Blog is a communication tool used to reach out to hundred and thousands of people on a daily basis.

A Blog can be about anything at all.  You can have an interest in food and start a blog talking about your favorite foods, recipes, etc.

A blog does not have to be long, it could be something as short as just telling someone about a lunch you just had at a new restaurant down the street.

However, if you are interested in having your blog be seen by many people, I would suggest that you write 1000+ words on the daily.


Blogging Should Be Fun

Blogging can be a fun venture if you like to share your thoughts with others or even with yourself.

Some people start a blog just to talk to themselves (more like a diary).

Most other people start a blog to connect with other people who share the same interest as them.

Blogging should be something that you enjoy doing and should be genuine.

Also, a blog does not have to be all about text.  Some bloggers do use their blog as photo blogs.

These people are passionate about taking photos and sharing them and a blog is just perfect for doing that.


Should You Start A Blog?

It depends on you of course.  There is no rule that says you have to write or post pictures on a weblog.

It is, however, something that you may want to look into, especially if you have a passion about something.

Blogging is your own voice on the internet.  You can talk about whatever it is that you want to talk about.

The internet has provided a wonderful platform where you are free to express your thoughts and opinions about anything under the sun.

I would not consider myself the best pro blogger at all, I just started this blog (Nov 5, 2016) on this blog and do desire to keep doing so for a long time.

I have set a target to write up to 1000+ words daily to show you that you do not have to be an expert in writing to have a blog.

The fact is that anyone can have a blog online and do real successful with it too.


Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Video Blogs or Vlogs are already popular on video streaming websites such as Vimeo, youtube, Dailymotion and others.

More and more people prefer to get their information in the form of videos so that is why many people are going in the direction of videos.

I personally believe that the written word is the most powerful form of communication and I will stick it for as long as possible.

Vlog(s) may be getting the popularity now, but words will always triumph over videos.


Be Real When Writing Blogs

My advice to you is to be real authentic when writing out a blog.  It does not matter what you write about, it all has to do with integrity and honesty.

I am not writing for financial gains on this website, but rather for reaching out to you with a whole ton of value and some form of enlightening.

I want to be unique with each and every thought that I write.  I mostly do the writing from my mind and does not do prior research.

I realize that this is not the traditional way to blog but let me just remind you: “I prefer it my way”.

I have the freedom to write what I want to write and that is all that matters to me right now, not necessary what others think.

Still, there will always be people who criticize you no matter what you do in life.

This reminds me of an old African saying.  It looks like this:

What is a blog


Do not let your mom, dad, neighbor, best friend nor anyone else discourage you from starting something that matters to you.

You are in control of your life, so go ahead and do what you aspire to be.  Do not matter what they say.  They do not know your real passions and your real self.

You are the one who knows you like no other.  Do not be confined to society and follow senseless traditions which have been around to manipulate us.



Wow!  Was that a rant or was it true facts?

I am now coming to the end of this blog post.

It is now 6:37am November 6, 2016.  I literally just woke up and started writing to you today.

I hope that you have gotten the idea of what a blog is and how you can start if you want to.

Free resources are available on blogger.com and wordpress.com.

You can host your weblog on hosting websites such as Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy and others.

Now, I have to go and look after a bit of breakfast for the family.

I will reach out to you as soon as possible with another blog to share something of value.

I do not yet know what it will be about yet because the mind changes from time to time and life is unpredictable, however, I know that you will find something to take away from it.

Believe me, I have a lot to talk about and I will keep blogging like the smart blogger who I am.

Your thoughts will be shared in the comments section if you leave a comment.

As I build out this blog, I will also continue to update with different tools to make your whole experience better.

As usual, I am going to thank you for reading this blog post.

Imagine, you could have clicked on a different link to lead you somewhere else online and you decided to click this one.

So, a big THANK YOU to you.


Thought for today: Go out and do something to change your life in a positive way today!



Blog (noun) – a journal or diary that is on the Internet.

Blogger (noun) – a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing the way news is shared.

Blog (verb) – to write a blog – I am going to blog before breakfast this morning.

Blogging (verb) – the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my way of sharing my passions with the world.

What Should I Blog About To Make Money

What Should I Blog About

Almost everyone who starts blogging asks themselves or search engines the very popular question: What Should I Blog About To Make Money?

The answer is simple – yet many bloggers explain the process in the most complex way possible.

You should simply blog about what you want to blog about.

Whatever niche that you are helping out, you should really talk to them in a conversational tone and add value to their lives.

This will be the 3rd blog which I am writing today and I am not concerned about getting this post on the top of the search engines.

Although, many will argue that bloggers should research keywords as a ritual and make sure to put keywords in the right places here and there.

To be honest, keyword research takes a lot of time and energy out of the average blogger, not to mention the content research.

I do not really enjoy doing the whole keyword research thing and have to be worrying about which keyword research tool on the market is the best to use.

Even when you as a researcher go out and do the full research on a niche and research your keywords, it will be you at the end of the day to be relevant to your niche audience.

People who are looking for information from you, really do want to get that “human element” when it comes to getting their information.

If you have read my first two posts ever on Smart Human Blogger, you will see me mention this.

So, when blogging in your niche, you need to focus on the reader.

Get in their head and write things that you think they would like to get more information on.

It doesn’t matter if your niche is a competitive one, you just have to keep writing out words upon words to convey the right messages to your audience.

It is also a great idea to read what others are blogging about and then write your own blog in your own unique way.

Blogging should be easy and fun for the aspiring smart blogger and not a daunting process as some people want you to believe.


Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Let’s face it: we are imperfect.  Mistakes help us to become better in life at our tasks.

I don’t know about you, but when I make mistakes, I usually have something valuable to take away from the experience.

The very famous story about Thomas Edison should inspire you to keep making mistakes.

Edison failed thousands of times before he perfected the incandescent light bulb.  It is because of his many failures that today we now have the convenience of using the light bulb at our leisure.

Never take your time for granted – time is a very precious thing and you should use it wisely.

Instead of watching a video about something that will not help you to reach your goals in life, why not watch something that will help you out?

The same applies to anything else that you choose to do with your time.  Audios, texts, and videos information should not waste your time but rather improve you.

Find the right information out there which will help you to succeed in your business.  Be an expert in whatever niche you are involved in.


Do not think Mediocre

Mediocrity is a crime of the worst nature.  Why bother to set out to do something if you are not going to be the best at it?

Who told you that you cannot do great things?

It is always up to you to make the right choices in life and you are always in total control of what you do.

Remove the fear from your mind and be sure to get your hands on the prize that you set out for in the first place.

You are unique and there is no other person in the world who is exactly identical to you – get to know your inner you and persist past all failures.


Set High Goals

Set high goals in life or shoot for the moon as some say.

When you are setting your goals, think big.  Do not limit yourself to 1 billion dollars but rather shoot for the moon by thinking that you can earn 10 billion dollars.

Who cares what the naysayers say.  All they do is focus on what doesn’t work.

You are different (I hope) in this race of life, so set a plan and work towards it.

There are people out there who are handicapped in the sense of physicality, however, they have managed to do quite well in business because they made the decision to never let their disability get in the way of their success.

Most of you reading this right now has all your limbs intact and ready to go.  However, most of you neglect to use your limbs to its maximum potential.

Why do we do this?  Is it because humans take things for granted when we have it in abundance?

All I know is that the ones who make big differences in life are the ones who utilize all the tools available to their advantage.


Set Your Goals

As I mentioned earlier in this same article, this is my third post for today and so far this one is at 877 words.

I emphasize this not to be cocky or anything like that, but just to show you that you too can write about what you want to write about without having any fear whatsoever.

What if someone does not like what you write?  Is it the end of the world?  Certainly not – it should be considered as something good.

I mean, someone took the time out of his or her day to leave a comment on your website.  To me; that is something really cool – whether it be positive or negative.

Still, do not focus on writing stupidity, but rather something worthwhile.

So set your goals today and move ahead in life.


Dare to be different

Isn’t it great to be different from the rest?

Doesn’t it allow you to stand out online or anywhere else?

So why do so many people copy each other?

It is because most people do not see themselves great at something.

They think that only what is already written out there is worth seeing and reproducing.

Not so!  You can become a real unique blogger when you start seeing yourself as a smart, unique blogger.

Google loves content just as how a drug addict loves drugs or even more than a fat kid loves cake – Focus on giving Google what their bots want.

You will see your rankings start pumping up and you can be greatly rewarded if you are smart enough.



I am going to stop here for today.

Stay tuned as I will be discussing something important and valuable in the next post.

I am glad you stick around to the end of this post and hopefully, now you know what you are going to be blogging about the next time you blog.

Thank you for reading today!

If you liked this post, you may also like my previous posts so check them out!

Think Money, Not Pretty!

I remember listening to someone on an audio tape who preached “Think Money, Not Pretty“.

When I remember who it was I will do my best to credit him.

What this person meant was to not think of how pretty a website was, but how you can actually make money from it.

Some people who enter online comes with the intention of making money right away.

Those people fail miserably and we all know that that is the truth.

In my previous article,  I spoke a little bit about writing naturally where I pointed out that once you focus on natural writing and passions the money will come as a by-product (or something like that).

Learning how to use the internet to make money is a wonderful thing but some people overcomplicate this.

There are many unethical liars online who sell you dreams and will not really come upfront and tell you the simple truth.

It is not difficult, that is the first thing about it.

It does not require you to lose a lot of money.

It requires you to have a website for one.  It requires you to have content on the website (preferably unique, quality, content).

It requires you to have a lot of patience.  You will not start making real money till after the 2 years mark.

No one tells you this truth, but I am here to let the truth be known.

So let’s get back on track…

When you have an online business, the first thing that you want to concentrate on is not the design of the website.

A website design is somewhat nice, however, a nice looking website doesn’t just automatically earn a profit for the website’s owner.

The content is the way for people to see your website.

There are many websites online where the website owner makes thousands of dollars per day.

Most of these websites are mostly black text on a white background!

There is a scarcity of images on these websites – yet they manage to make the money unnoticed.

That is what being a smart human blogger is all about.

These bloggers all have something in common; they are connecting with the website visitor by communicating via words.

It is my passion to connect with people and share my opinions, knowledge, and thoughts.

I will not be afraid to communicate back even if it a negative comment being given.

No fear is here as I am learning how to combat all fears.

Important things that you should consider is that you have another human being on the other side of the screen looking at what you have written.

If you are able to connect with that person in some way, they will connect back with you.

There are many different types of people on this earth and some of them share something in common with you.

They all have desires, fears, and many other things.

You can be the one to help them out in your niche and earn a great living doing so.

I want to teach you that you do not have to have fancy graphics on your website to profit.

One of the most effective methods of making money anywhere online is through text links and email capture.

It is great when you have something to sell to your readers.

The best thing to sell is your own product as this will enable you to earn 100% of the profits.

The second best thing to do is to sell other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

Anything I share with you can be implemented and used to earn online.

Many top bloggers online use affiliate marketing to make the most of their earnings.

We all need money to do things in life and that is why it is important to earn.

I want to keep the focus of this website on unique content as an example for you to write your articles.

You should understand this as a smart human blogger.

Currently, I have other sites that focus on making money, but I want this Smart Human Blogger website to stand out as being different.

Do understand my point.

I know that many people will criticize the look of the Smart Human Blogger website, but who cares what they think.

I am not here to enter a most “beautiful looking website” competition with any other webmaster or blogger.

The whole idea is blogging – not modeling.

Focus on your niche and offer the blogging experience that your users are seeking.

Give the value like no other blogs out there and you will see great benefits for years to come.

Your website will be the envy of your competition and they will wish to themselves that they were doing it like you.

Be in a league of your own and type out your thoughts with passion.

Make writing easily by connecting with your audience more and more.

How do you connect with your audience more and more?

Give them high-quality information so that they will become your forever fan.

They will hail you as their personal hero for years upon years to come.

Bear in mind though that not every single person who reads your website will love what you put out.

Face the facts: there are haters out there whose job seem like to criticize everything around them.

Do not “focus on the locusts” around you.  Just have your goals and desires in mind and keep moving – no time to stop or gaze.

Your website is your domain to do whatever it is that you want to do.  It is your duty to stick with it and keep moving.

I am coming close to the 1000+ word mark as this is always the least I should write.

It does take discipline to achieve anything great in life so set your goals and never give up.

Think Money, Not Pretty does make sense to me.

That is what you must do in order to really make it big online.  Google is one of the biggest examples of this.

I mean check out how simple their website is and yet it is the #1 website worldwide 🙂

Think Money Not Pretty


In my next post I will share something interesting again, so look out for it.

Thanks for reading.


Smart Human Blogger – SEO Tips

Smart Human Blogger – SEO Tips

To be a smart human blogger, you need to know a bit of SEO to be seen in the search engines.

Understanding keywords are also important as well as writing in a conversational tone.

The facts are that every word which has ever been typed into a search engine search box and entered is a keyword.

I like to be as simple as possible so I will do my best to simplify what I am saying.

The writing is always the biggest obstacle that people have a challenge with.

I think that because many are focused on money too much, that is why they have a hard time coping with writing.

Writing should be natural and should just roll off your fingers like words flowing off your tongue.

Right now, I know that the more you write from your heart and mind, the more you will write.

The focus should be as if you are just talking to a good friend and family member, but in this case, you are writing out the words.

Do not focus too much on getting your words out as if you were an intellectual; just speak like a normal person because after all, we are all normal people.

Most people who start writing online see it a major challenge to write out 500 words and consider it to be too much work.

I just looked at my word count below in my dashboard and saw that it is at 243.

The point is that you can write as many words as you like.

Just do it naturally.

Some people ask me sometimes why they have not made a sale online, but when I take a look at the website they are enquiring about, I only see a few pages of words on it.

If you want to succeed online in any niche, you really have to have content in whatever niche you are in.

I am not going to focus on adding affiliate links to this post or any other on this website.  I am just going to write to you and helping you for as long as I live.

And the reason why I will do this is that I want EVERYBODY to succeed in life.

What I do not like about this world is the rat race and the misinformation that is fed to many of the population.

I may be getting off topic here so just let me move along.

It is amazing what the internet can accomplish for anyone.  Imagine, you are here reading this now because you clicked on a page.  Isn’t that amazing?

I believe that anyone can become a success, no matter where you are in the world and your current situation.

Am I wasting my time writing this now?  Will people see it?  Of course, people will see it, it’s online!

This post title is titled “Smart Human Blogger – SEO Tips” right?

You are now a smart human blogger because you are still here reading right now.

You are certainly not stupid for reading.

So here is what I do when I write an article:

I first write a keyword (without doing much keyword research).

I then decide in my mind that I want to target over 1000 words.  I then start writing my research and opinions.

I make sure to add my title sprinkled across my post so that the google bots notices and rewards me by placing me on top of the search results.

It is not a difficult task at all.  I have heard all over the place that once it is unique, google will love you and rank your pages.

So I am now at 606 words and all that I am writing are keywords for sure.  That is definitely a part of SEO.

When you find this post in the search engines then the point is proven.

Do not waste too much time thinking too much, just do something today and write, write, write…

Words are beautiful when you put what you are thinking on “paper”.

Right at this moment, you may be wondering to yourself if this all makes sense.  Do it and see it work in your world.

This is my first post on this website and it will certainly not be the last of it.

I am writing with a passion and I am not going to let anyone on the face of this earth stop me from expressing myself through words.

I see that you are still here and I wonder to myself, why are you still reading?

What exactly else are you curious to learn?

I can teach a lot, but I do believe that the more you ask questions, the more answers you will be given.

That is why the internet was created in the first place.  It is a communication medium and may be the most intelligent that we have seen so far.

I like writing on the internet about all kinds of things.  I do know SEO a bit and I do love to learn about different things all over the world.

Learning is the key to finding happiness – I believe and I am willing to teach humble students.


The “writer’s block” myth

Stop thinking about “writer’s block” – it ‘s all in the mind.

I want to continue writing without worries and I want you to do that as well.

Talk to the people like a smart human blogger and not like a google bot.

We are all smarter than that.  Aren’t we?

For those of you who are looking at this post and criticizing, I say this “It is better to focus on your own business”

Not to offend anyone here, but I am just telling like it is (Gary Neville I think?) 🙂

I am having fun and you should too.  Why go around like a serious scoundrel (that’s a unique word).  – I haven’t used it in a while.

All I know is there is something magical about blogging, even when you write stupid things it does have a way of showing up online for other people to follow the stupidity.

Same with great reading blogs, they show up too, especially the ones who are doing it passionately and naturally.

You can do very well in your online niche.

Follow the people who are already in your niche and examine carefully what they are doing, but do not copy exactly.

You will get banned from the search engines if you are doing it that way – find a unique strategy within yourself because you can.

Be a smart human blogger for once in your life and make it happen.  No time for procrastination nor the thought of giving up.

Move and do your thing,  ask me for help when you need it.

Words of wisdom today:
When you close your mouth you will not get fed.

Speak about what you want in life.


Thank you for reading my point on this smart human blogger – SEO TIPS.  Let’s see if the google bots are smart enough to figure this thing out.

This is a bit different and that is how I want it to be.

Next article will be something helpful, so I think you should stay tuned to see what I have written.

Also, what I am writing is all from what I have learned over the years, so I did not pre-planned this – it just happened.

PS: Be sure to check out my top recommendation for making money online.

This is the same training I have used to build many sources of online income.

Check it out here for more details.