Checks On Repeat Review – Ugly Truth Revealed!

Checks On Repeat Review

I highly welcome you to read my Checks On Repeat Review.

Do you have an idea about this program? 

Is there any possibility that you can make an income with this program?

Or is it another SCAM that wants to rob your hard-earned money?

I’m here to answer all those questions. 

While I’m on it, I should point out something.

First, I’m not affiliated with the Checks On Repeat program.

Also, I’m NOT trying to convince you to join or subscribe to the program.

Instead, I’m here to offer you nothing but the plain truth about the program.

At the end of this review, you’ll be in a better position to answer whether this program is LEGIT or a SCAM

I know that you’re trying to find some ways of making money online, and you’ve taken the first step to review such programs before you can make your last decision. 

But making money online should not give you a problem; if you need to start earning money from scratch, you can check out this Way To Learn More About Making Money Online.

After all, is said and done, let’s now find out what this program offers. 

I’ll break down everything from A to Z so, let’s dive in…

Summary of Checks On Repeat Review

Name of the Program: Checks On Repeat

Type of Program: High Ticket Program

Website’s URL:

Founder/Owner: Wes Wells

Cost: The lowest is at $3,247, while the Highest is at $21,847

Recommended: No. More info ahead

Checks On Repeat Review – Overview

Checks On Repeat is a platform dedicated to collecting new signers’ email addresses and persuading them to its sale funnel.

Then, made to sell them low-quality offers, very expensive, and high tickets while at the same time offering them the same chance to market similar offers. 

After you’ve become a member of this program, you’ll have access to what is now known as a “Done-for-You” website that comes with email swipes and several other promo tools. 

Also, you’ll be given poor-quality and outdated PLR products. 

At the same time, you’ll need to pay heavily for you to be granted the chance of selling one among the four offered membership packages. 

Other interested people will need to enroll in this platform just like the program owner recruited you. 

So, is this program Legit or a scam?

Overview continues…

Well, this website owned by Wess is only a storefront platform that advocates for the website you’ll be directed to. 

The owner doesn’t lose anything, even at a point you fail, because you’ll have already squandered your hard-earned money on this platform. 

And investing a lot of money in such a program is a significantly wrong mode of making an income. 

However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll outrightly declare this program as a SCAM. 

However, if you want to learn in-depth and get the right answer to such a question, you’ll need to read through the other part of my Checks On Repeat Review. 

But you can still earn money online using other alternatives, and if you’re this fellow who needs financial freedom, I have you covered. 

This noble option is not only legitimate but also it is an option you can easily try by yourself. 

Checks On Repeat Review

Checks On Repeat Review Explained

First things first, Checks On Repeat is a platform developed by Wess.

And its main goal is to collect your email address, after which you’ll be directed to a sales funnel for you to get the products that this website promotes. 

Check out the screenshot shown when you search

Checks On Repeat Review

The lookalike websites have now saturated the web, and I can tell you that it’s very hard to track them all.

And the biggest similarity with all such websites is that they’ll funnel you via several pages without necessarily showing the name of the product they’re promoting. 

The only option to know about the product’s name is by booking a call with their sales customer care. 

Right before you’re told to schedule a call, you’ll be presented with a page with a heavy price tag. 

They do this as a way to save more time because you’ll be aware of its prices. 

Keep note that if you wish to join such a program, be ready to part with thousands of dollars. 

Worse yet, every membership plan will demand a lot higher than its former one, plus, you’ll incur extra fees. 

Continue reading my Checks On Repeat Review so that you can have an understanding of how this scheme work and the amount of money you’ll need to invest in getting started. 

But first, let’s find out the founder and information about him. 

Who is behind Checks On Repeat?

As a thumb of rule, always check to ascertain the founder of an online program because you may end up spending money on a program without the right history. 

With online programs, gaining trust from a program that you just come across is always a great risk. 

As per the information I found out, Wes Wells is behind Checks On Repeat. 

This fellow worked for a company until 2016 when he resigned and got a huge payoff for his hard work. 

In 2017 however, he opted to begin working online. 

For almost two years, nothing seemed to bear fruit, and that is when he thought of starting this same program I’m currently reviewing.

He claims that his life changed after unleashing the program, which paid off because it paid out for marketing and having others join.  

Could he be the actual founder or creator of this program?

Unfortunately, getting the appropriate answer to this is not easy. 

There is some inconsistent information on his sales pages where he says he joined the program, and others mentioned his program. 

So, which idea do we buy?

The other thing I noticed with this fellow is that it doesn’t offer any link to any of his social media platforms. 

That is also another bad show. 

After that, I can now take you through how this program works. 

Services offered by Checks On Repeat

This platform offers you a high-ticket marketing trick. After joining it, you’ll be granted an opportunity to market it to other individuals, and based on which of the four levels you’ll join, you’ll be in a position to market on that similar level and get 50 percent commissions. 

Expect the following “Done-for-You” services on the Checks On Repeat program:

Website already built for you

Here, you’ll be presented with a website similar to the one of Wess. 

Also, other marketers use the platform that is a lookalike of the Wess’s for bringing onboard other members. 

Generation of Lead

With this platform, you’ll be required to spend a huge amount of money quite often and leave it for the team dedicated to the task to take care of all other stuff. 


Again, you don’t have to close your sales since you have a dedicated team to take care of all such things. 

In other words, you’ll get everything done, and if you are not willing to spend your money, this program will not help you even a minute. 

Also, keep in mind that you won’t depend on the “Do-for-You” because you don’t have full control over the platform. 

That said, let’s now come back to the big question.

Is Checks On Repeat A SCAM?

It is not easy to outrightly say that this program is a scam. 

But my advice could be to be on the safer side and try and stay away from a program that is purely centered on high-ticket marketing. 

 In most cases, such are usually unreliable and very expensive.

And unless you’re a good risk-taker, making an income out of this business model is almost impossible. 

In my honest opinion, this program isn’t a good opportunity to kick-start your online business. 

Besides, if you opt to join this platform, the chances are high that you’ll come out after losing the fruits of your labor. 

Worse yet, Checks On Repeat is not an ideal business opportunity you can venture.

This is because it sells low-quality and outdated PLR products. As such, you’ll not be successful selling such to people. 

The chances of you making money selling such low-quality products are low, even if you decide to do a very extensive promotion. 

Keep in mind that the entry cost for this program is damn expensive, and you’ll rarely find people joining it. 

Out there, I know of many genuine companies that will offer low-quality outdated PLRs and additional resources at no cost. 

For that reason, do you see any reason why you should spend a fortune on Checks On Repeat?

As if that is not enough, if you sign up for this program, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars running ads.

And that is the same reason the owner of this website requires individuals like you to market their program.

Jason Foster


In summary, this program is all about:

  • Purchase a high-ticket package
  • Market the same high-ticket package
  • Make very high-ticket commissions by marketing a similar sales funnel
  • Earn yourself a living out of the process

Another red flag for this program is the fact that the program is normal sales funnel-based, according to the research I did on the web. 

From what I found out, everything that Checks On Repeat has is similar to the offers from The Warrior program’s sales page. 

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And that is not the end; the price is also very similar. 

The absence of a name, trademark or any other method to identify what you’re starting to get into is a big concern. 

Aside from that, there is no definite way of knowing if the platform is legit, yet they still go further to ask to pay thousands of dollars. 

Such programs offer you materials on how you can make money, and they offer you a pinch of essential info to lure you into buying their idea. 

And for that case, I repeat, I don’t recommend this product to you, and neither will I risk money on a platform that I’m sure I’ll not benefit from. 

Pros and Cons

What I like about Checks On Repeat 

  • It comes with a “Done-for-You” functionality: As I mentioned earlier, you’ll get hosting, websites, sale pages, and even email swipes. 
  • Their prices are very transparent: You’ll not get to know the prices for most high-ticket products until you talk to your sales representative. But with this program, you’ll get to know the prices upfront.

What I didn’t like about Checks On Repeat

  • As I have already shared with you, this program markets very low-quality products you’re given to sell.
  • The system has little to no substance, and the promise of get-rich and wealthy quickly is a dream.
  • The Checks On Repeat costs you an arm and a leg, and that is not the end; you’ll have to incur the cost of running ads.
  • You’ll need to bring others on board for you to get more than what you’ll spend.
  • It features PLRs products that are overpriced and found elsewhere for absolutely free.
  • You’ll be given PLRs products that are not only expensive but also poor quality as well.
  • The worst thing about this program is that you’ll not be given any refund.
  • Their T&C doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

Now, the sad truth is the fact that after paying for this program, your money disappears.

Finally, this platform has been flagged countless times

After going through all these posts, I’m finally coming close to the end of the post.

But I won’t end this Checks On Repeat Review without offering you my best recommendations. 

My #1 Recommendation

Making money online now is easier thanks to the super-growth of digital marketing that has been seen in the recent past.

It now means that the affiliate marketing business venture is big and comes with many opportunities. 

That’s why I’ll recommend starting this venture today for anyone who has a passion for a particular niche.

And if you’ve got no idea about where you can start, I’ve got you covered 🙂

Since I’m endowed with knowledge of this business model, I’ll offer you a quick and instant guide on how you can get started without spending all your investments.

If you’re ready to start a journey of many opportunities, then waste no more time, check it out for yourself…

Checks On Repeat Review

18 thoughts on “Checks On Repeat Review – Ugly Truth Revealed!

  1. I had never heard of this program before this article.  I love getting information like this, as I know exactly what to steer clear of.  Some opportunities are clear right up front they are a scam, some are not.  So it’s nice to find reviews like this to help all of us make good decisions when looking for ways to make money.  Great review, thank you.

  2. This is way to expensive for my blood. With so many websites that look identical how do they look through Googles lense. Probably copied content too which the search engines hate. Also, the fact that they don’t even tell you what products they are promoting before you shell out thousands is a huge red flag to me. The high price ticket is the first red flag. The secrecy of what they’re marketing is the other. I’d stay away.

  3. Seems like another program that walks the line between legit and scam. The internet is full of garbage like this. Programs that demand you pay a premium to get anything back. They prey on people who either don’t have time or don’t want to take the time to learn what they are getting into. There are a lot of people out there who are desperate to make money online. Programs like these usually just leave these folks in a work financial position than when they started.

  4. I heard about ClickFunnels before and saw that the Repeat is based on a similar system. I can see that Repeat is costly, and I would not consider buying it for myself. It is a wrong move that Repeat does not link to any social media site since that is where the traffic comes from.

    I always stayed away from high-ticket platforms, joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2021, and never looked back. They have everything I need to create a lucrative online marketing business.

    Thank you for sharing. It was an exciting read.


  5. Thanks for writing such a thorough review of Checks on Repeat. For such an expensive initial investment, you would assume they would provide more information about the products they are asking you to sell. This is a business, but it’s one thing to sell cheap items at an overpriced value. It reduces our credibility as marketers to pull stunts like these. Thanks for clarifying and doing such in-depth research.

  6. I think this program is way out of most people’s budget. It’s good to point out that even though it may be legitimate and not a scam, it still isn’t worth investing your hard earned money and time when they are much much much better programs out there that don’t cost a fraction of what Checks on Repeat is charging. 

  7. Thank you for your thorough review on Checks on Repeat. I also try and stay away from programs where everyone gets the same funnel and website to promote, as the competition is stiff and I think the only way to get visitors to this website is to use paid advertising.

    I think that there are a lot cheaper options out there where you can get great training for a fraction of the price. And if the products are poor quality, then it is going to be difficult to sell them, plus the fact that there is no money back guarantee.

  8. Checks on Repeat in my opinion is a scam. It is this type of scam that brought me to Wealthy Affiliate. Whenever, a company is baiting you with a product and then switches it to another costlier product that is a HUGE RED FLAG that you are about to be taken for a ride. Companies of this type will often get reported to the FTC and the FCC because of bad business practices that scam people out of thousands of dollars and give low or mediocre products in return.


  9. Hello, thank you for this review.
    Well I pretty much needed nothing else than the high prices to discard this as an option haha. And it does not seem like is going to pay off sometime. Like you said there are plenty of other ways to make money in the internet that don’t require such a high risk and investment, thank you for sharing your comments and opinions

  10. This sounds like a typical MLM and I’m glad you’ve brought it out into the light!  I don’t blame people who fall for this sort of thing…I’ve fallen for them myself (more than once).  I sure wish I had someone like you way back then to tell me to run!

  11. That is a big price for such a low rated funnel program, the price drives me away right away. I don’t like programs that offer lots of upsells with no real explanation of the product you are buying into. I appreciate your review and helping me better understand the program. I will be sharing your review with my followers. 

  12. I am impressed with how expensive these learning platforms can be. I was wondering if Checks on Repeat was a legit option. And you have answered my question. At $3,247 for the lowest price, I would expect top-notch quality. But it turns out that this is not the case for this course. Thank you for your review. I will keep away from it!

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