ClearUnited Review – Scam MLM Scheme Or Legit?

ClearUnited Review

Hello, today I will take you through ClearUnited Review.

Perhaps you have come across ClearUnited’s website and want to know more about it in your research.

If so, this review will offer you the must-know information about this mobile phone data privacy MLM company.

Is the ClearUnited Program Legit?

And if it is, then how can you make money out of the program?

These and much more questions about ClearUnited company are my main priority in this review.

I will also explain Michael Proper’s position in the ClearUnited company.

But before I start taking you through the program, I would like to inform you that I am not associated with the ClearUnited Company in any form.

For this reason, every piece of information I provide about the company is unbiased and truthful.

Let’s begin…

ClearUnited Review Summary

Name of the Product: ClearUnited

Type of Product: Mobile Phone Privacy MLM

Website’s URL:

Founder:  Michael Proper

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: Numerous Monthly Subscriptions

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ClearUnited Review – Overview

ClearUnited Review

ClearUnited is one of the Mobile phone companies providing practical and groundbreaking products to its customers.

Besides this company, many other phone privacy Multi-Level Marketing companies are out there.

However, the question everyone would like to ask about the ClearUnited before deciding on the course is;

How is this company better than other Phone Privacy MLM companies out there?

To answer this question, I will take you through the course’s major concepts that make it unique among others.

By being unique, the company targets many customers to continue investing in it to create jobs for many other people.

This company claims it operates with its main aim to provide you with the opportunity to decentralize your life.

In most cases, you will only stand a chance to profit significantly from such companies if you invest huge capital.

The company has many other claims that help it attract more customers to start investing in it.

However, if you lack reasonable capital, investing in the company will not provide you with a reasonable amount of money.

Before you decide on the program, let’s first look at the promises and features the company puts forward to attract people.

Let’s begin by looking at what ClearUnited is all about.

But first, if you’re looking for a better alternative to make money online as a beginner, then feel free to check out this incredible opportunity:

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ClearUnited Review

What Is ClearUnited?

ClearUnited Review

ClearUnited is one of the most trending Multi-Level Marketing companies online today.

The company has all its operations based on telecommunications, protecting phone privacy.

This company will offer protection to your cellphone once you join it and pay a specific premium.

Michael Proper, the company’s founder, claims to have several other IT companies that all focus on creating Managed Service Providers.

In its operation, ClearUnited company offers you opportunities by sharing its products with you to ensure you become successful.

For instance, when you make an order for a product from the ClearUnited company every month, you will earn significant profits.

Unlike other multi-level marketing companies, your profits in this program get to your account.

For this reason, ClearUnited Company claims to provide huge profits to its members to attract people into the business.

In addition, it is much simple to set up your circle of influence in the ClearUnited platform.

You simply refer your friends to love and purchase your products from the platform and make more profits.

When you refer more friends, you will stand a chance to grow your circle of influence, enabling you to earn more profits.

Let’s first go through its product line to learn more about how this company operates.

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ClearUnited Product Line

ClearUnited Review

ClearUnited has several products that range from different types of cell phones.

When you purchase a clear phone, your phone will stay safe against trackers, malware, viruses, and advertisement.

These are some of the Clearphones available for you in the market that you can purchase today;

  • Clearphone 220, which goes for 50 dollars per month.
  • Clearphone 420 goes for 100 dollars per month, and Clearphone 620 goes for 150 dollars per month.

Apart from these offers, the company also provides you with other in-house services at home.

These services include ClearOS, an operating system with the same look as the Linux Operating System.

The clear phones offered by ClearUnited use hardware manufacturers that also create devices of top brands.

Who Is Michael Proper?

ClearUnited Review

While conducting my research on the ClearUnited company, I found that Michael Proper is the creator and visionary of this program.

According to his biography, Michael has created many companies apart from ClearUnited in the IT industry.

The IT company he founded, ClearUnited, has become the most trending company today, attracting many customers globally.

He shares great experience in creating companies in the IT industry because he claims he has more than 20 years of experience.

Michael Proper is also the creator of the Managed Service provider in the IT industry.

Before Michael set up a clear center, he began by creating Direct Pointe, an IT service company.

He also founded the DPFS, which is an Information Technology financing company.

In addition, Michael took part in the launching of the calculated research and technology and also found some veritas solutions for IT companies.

How Do ClearUnited Products Work?

ClearUnited Review

When it comes to the operations of ClearUnited company products, the products show inexperienced management in the MLM industry.

Most of their products are straightforward in operation and always appear to be very easy to use.

When you purchase the products from ClearUnited, you’ll pay the same prices as you would for brand phones.

For this reason, it may be difficult to clearly demonstrate how ClearUnited competes with other companies with higher ranks.

In addition, the price tag for other ClearPhones may look outrageous in their price tag, especially for someone who values data privacy.

For instance, paying up to 150 dollars per month for a brand phone with no name may not be affordable for many people.

On the other hand, after signing up to the platform and paying the subscription fee, you’ll not take the phone immediately.

Getting the phone may take up to four months, making some people lose hope due to the long wait time.

Does ClearUnited Have A Compensations Plan?

Yes, the ClearUnited Company offers a compensation plan to its customers.

The company customers are always paid when the clear phones are sold on subscriptions.

For you to claim your payment information of commissions from the company, you must refer at least three customers to ClearUnited.

When you are referring customers to the company, you can choose to recruit both retail affiliates or just normal ClearUnited Customers.

After recruiting at least three customers, you will earn your commission when the customer purchases products from ClearUnited.

ClearUnited Affiliate Ranks

The ClearUnited Compensation plan has up to eight affiliate ranks.

These affiliate ranks include;


This rank involves signing up to the ClearUnited site as an affiliate.


This rank deals with generating at least three subscriptions or purchases in the platform.


Involves generating a commission for up to nine ClearPhone subscriptions or purchases.


This rank generates a commission for up to 27 ClearPhone subscriptions and purchases.


This rank generates a commission of up to 81 ClearPhone subscriptions and purchases.


This rank generates a commission for up to 729 ClearPhone subscriptions or purchases.


This last rank generates a commission for up to 2187 ClearPhone subscriptions or purchases.

These eight compensation plans are available for affiliates of the ClearUnited Company.

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What Is The Price Of Joining Clearunited?

The membership price for joining the platform is not mentioned on the website.

If you want to join this website as an affiliate, you will not pay any amount to become a member.

You’ll purchase a Clearphone product from the platform and start referring friends to get money.

In addition, the outright cost of the ClearPhones is also not indicated on the website.

For this reason, you’ll have to check for the cost of the phones on other online retail platforms such as Amazon.

The ClearUnited company runs the stores of Amazon phones.

However, there is no clear information on whether the ClearUnited company buys the Clearphones from the Amazon platform.

How Can You Register With ClearUnited?

ClearUnited Review

First, you will begin by entering your email address, followed by your first name and last name.

You will finish your registration process by entering your phone number and referral code.

After your registration, you’ll automatically become a site member, where you will be granted access to site products.

This allows you to start making purchases and refer other customers to the platform to earn your commissions.

How Does Clear United Pay Its Affiliates?

ClearUnited company pays its affiliates in the form of commissions through their compensation structure.

In an unleveled compensation structure, the affiliate is at the top of the team of unleveled customers.

In this case, when you recruit a new affiliate to the site, the new customer will stay under your level as level one.

And if the affiliates also recruit another customer into the site, the new customer now comes to another level as level two.

The new recruit will come under level four if the level two affiliate recruits another customer.

The process goes up to the maximum levels the site can achieve, which may reach an infinite number.

How Does The UniLevel Team Of Levels Earn Commissions From ClearUnited?

The ClearUnited company pays its affiliates commissions based on their ranks.

This is the list of payments the company offers based on rank;

  • Drop-ranked customers get 10% on level one, 9% on level two, and 8% on level three.
  • Rain-ranked customers are paid a 10% commission on levels 1 and 2.
  • Shower-ranked customers are paid 10% on Level one and level two and 5% on level three.
  • Snow-ranked customers are paid 10% on levels one and two and 5% on levels three and four.
  • Storm-ranked customers are paid 10% on levels one and two, 5% on levels three and four, and 1% on level five.
  • Lightning-ranked customers are paid 10% on levels one and two, 5% on levels three and four, and 1% on levels 5 and six.
  • Thunder-ranked customers are paid 10% on levels one and two, 5% on levels three and four, and 1% on levels five to seven.

What Are Paid Drops In ClearUnited?

Paid Drops happen when at least three ClearPhone affiliates are in a fractal consisting of a minimum of three circle members.

The members must also score an NPS of at least seven.

The NPS is the Net Promoter Score which is always calculated based on surveys that are conducted on ClearUnited company members.

The Net Promoter Score always shows how the company’s affiliates like and recommend the program and its services.

However, due to the vagueness of the ClearUnited site, there is no clear explanation of this section.

The platform is that the company groups the drops according to the ranks.

These are the grouping of the drops per rank:

  • The drop-ranked affiliates get 1 paid drop.
  • Rain-ranked affiliates get 20 paid drops.
  • Shower-ranked affiliates get 20 paid drops.
  • Snow-ranked affiliates get 50 paid drops.
  • Storm-ranked affiliates get 100 paid drops.
  • Lightning-ranked affiliates receive 250 paid drops.
  • Thunder-ranked affiliates get 500 paid drops.

Is ClearUnited A Scam?

In my opinion, ClearUnited is technically not a scam.

The program seems legit and operates under the known old companies in the IT industry.

The company provides different data privacy products that seem good for people.

However, the data privacy products offered by the company may not be as impressive as Michael Proper describes them.

In addition, the income opportunity of the products is also poorly explained on the website.

For this reason, it is hard to explain how people make money in this program.

It will take you much time and effort to start making money from this program.

If you find this program not satisfying, there is no need to worry; many other online programs offer opportunities to make money.

Kindly check out my progress:

ClearUnited Review

What I Like About ClearUnited

  • The program is easy to join

The program only requires you to enter your personal data search as email, name, phone number, and referral code to complete the signup.

  • Easy to refer someone

Recruiting new members to the site is easy after joining the program.

You must simply send your referral code to the new customer during registration.

When the customer successfully joins the program, you will get your commission on their purchases, provided you meet the targets required.

What I Don’t Like About ClearUnited

  • Unclear Compensation Plan

The compensation plan explained on the ClearUnited website is very difficult to understand.

For this reason, it may not be easy for everyone to learn how to maximize the plan.

This can also be clear evidence to show their little experience in multi-level marketing.

However, this does not mean that they cannot make improvements in their plans in the future.

  • Marketing their product can be challenging

Marketing of ClearUnited company is quite difficult because there are some bigger brands.

In addition, many customers are also turned away by the high subscriptions on the monthly products on data privacy.

Some customers also prefer enrolling in a VPN service for data privacy which only costs 20 dollars a month, rather than joining the program.

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Is There Any Alternative To ClearUnited?

Of course, you can find an alternative to this program.

If you have an area you’re passionate about and want to tap to generate revenue as a beginner, then I have the best opportunity for you.

Affiliate marketing is one of those business models you might want to join.

Why do I recommend affiliate marketing?

First of all, you’re not required to refer anyone to the business for you to earn money, like in the case of the ClearUnited program.

Again, in affiliate marketing, you can promote products or services of your choice.

This is not the case with multi-level marketing because it restricts affiliates from promoting products from MLM companies.

Lastly, Affiliate marketing is a free business model to join and get started.

However, before joining this business model, you must learn the basics to succeed.

But that should not worry you.

Here is a blueprint that will help you get started with this opportunity:

ClearUnited Review

FAQs About ClearUnited

How Can I make money out of the ClearUnited program?

The ClearUnited program offers you the opportunity to make money in two ways;

  • First is through retail commissions you earn from the sales of the Clearphone subscriptions.
  • Secondly is the residual commissions you earn when you build the team into the platform.

How can I get started with the ClearUnited Program?

To get started with this platform, you must maintain and purchase the Clearphones.

During the maintenance process, you must pay for the subscriptions to the company products you purchase.

However, the website does not mention the cost of becoming a ClearUnited affiliate.

For this reason, you will have to check the price from their compensation plan.

Who is the ClearUnited Program for?

The program is for people who want to join multilevel marketing programs to make money online.

Therefore, if you are interested in the multi-level marketing program, then the ClearUnited program might be best for you.

However, if you are not a fan of multi-level marketing, you might want to consider alternative ways of making money online.

Does ClearUnited Company produce Cellphones? 

The ClearUnited Company does not clearly specify whether it produces its own cell phones on its website.

For this reason, it may be hard to explain where they purchase or get cell phones.

This sometimes makes it challenging to believe in their claims.

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Here is a video of ClearPHONE Demsotration by ClearUnited:

Thank you for reading my ClearUnited Review.

I’ll be happy to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “ClearUnited Review – Scam MLM Scheme Or Legit?

  1. The Clearphone I ordered from Canada arrived with a SIM card already installed and an American phone number. After a year and some months of service, I received a text from T Mobile to sign into my account. I could never find an invoice on ClearUnited for my services, although I had debits coming from my account….. when I logged into T Mobile, there was a bill for $18k USD. I messaged ClearUnited, and they stated they “had a deal” with T Mobile.. WHAT? They disconnected my services the next day, and four months later, were still trying to debit my account, with three payments being debited. I had my bank return the funds after a fraud investigation. WHAT A NIGHTMARE, would not recommend. ZERO help as well in regards to customer service.

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