Dave Sharpe, Legendary Marketer CEO: Clever SCAMMER or Ethical Online Business Owner?

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer

Hey there my friend,

Today I want to have a conversation with you about Dave Sharpe, Legendary Marketer founder, and CEO.

Is he just another notorious online scammer or is he actually someone who is providing ethical value for consumers in the marketplace?

You see, I have heard a whole lot about him ever since I first got into affiliate marketing back in 2014, so today is the day that I’ll share my experiences and opinions about him and Legendary Marketer.

Hopefully, this information will help you to make a smart and informed decision about whether you should get into business with Dave and his company or not.

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Now, let’s get back to this article here…

Negative Views About Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer

When you watch or read the many Legendary Marketer Reviews online, you will see that some people have negative things to say about Dave while you’ll find others saying positive things…

The negative things that I have heard and read are that Dave is a big-time scam artist online.

Some people have given him that label because his former company, the Empower Network was found to be an illegal MLM Pyramid scheme.

Long story short, the Empower Network eventually went bankrupt and a lot of its past members lost money in the process.

By doing some further digging into this, I discovered that the other founder of Empower Network, Dave Woods was the person who seemed to have screwed up the entire operation due to his mismanagement of the company and its earnings.

Now it is a known fact in the internet marketing community that Dave Sharpe and Dave Woods are no longer doing business together and have even had some heated feuds in the past.

Positive Views About Dave Sharpe

Now, the positive things that I have read and heard about Dave Sharpe are that he is a master at creating multiple seven-figure online businesses all through affiliate marketing.

His latest business venture is, of course, the Legendary Marketer.

What is good about Legendary Marketer is that Dave is not operating it as an MLM company as he did with Empower Network, but rather as a freelance digital affiliate marketing training platform.

Dave has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, as well as CBS.

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer
From Forbes.com

Even the American Entrepreneur and original host of the hit TV show “Shark Tank“, Kevin Harrington has partnered with Dave inside Legendary Marketer.

He has done a series of interviews with him, covering topics such as sales, marketing, and the mindset of an entrepreneur, and these are all available inside the $30 per month Legendary Marketer’s Club as one of the training modules.

He stands behind Dave 100% and has given him his full endorsement.

Dave Sharpe, Legendary Marketer
Kevin Harrington (L), Daymond John (R) Photo Credit: inc.com

Legendary Marketer Reviews – Can You Even Trust Them?

Now let’s take a closer look at the many legendary marketer reviews that you’ll find online.

What I have observed is that there are basically two kinds of reviews out there.

The first type of review is the one that is telling you to stay far away from Dave Sharpe and Legendary Marketer while pointing you to sign up for “alternative” training.

And, I don’t really have a problem with that. It’s just that most of those reviews are totally biased.

And I know that this type of tactic is a part of marketing and if you are an affiliate marketer, it’s your job to do honest reviews of products and services, then recommend alternative solutions if the program you are reviewing isn’t recommended.

But what I want to point out is that as you read all those reviews and are doing your due diligence, just be on the lookout for the fake ones because you are bound to run into some.

Now, the other reviews are the ones where the reviewers are telling you how great Legendary Marketer is and that it’s the only affiliate marketing training that you need and should sign up for.

But what you have to also realize is that most of the positive Legendary Marketer reviews are created by affiliates looking to earn commissions whenever time someone signs up and purchases any of the products through their affiliate links.

So with all these reviews out there, who do you listen to, and who can you really trust in this crowded online business world?

All I can say is that you have to carefully gather the facts for yourself, use common sense, and trust your gut instincts to know if Legendary Marketer is the right option for you.

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Here’s My Take On Dave Sharpe and Legendary Marketer…

So, I have personally invested money, time, and energy to go through the entire 15 days of the Online Business Builder challenge at Legendary Marketer as well as the Affiliate Marketer’s Training.

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer
15 Days Online Business Builder

The experience has been eye-opening because of some of the things that I learned I did not know before.

It’s where I learned about using sales funnels to get leads and sales.

I learned the importance of congruency when it comes to creating a landing page for any type of product offering.

This has led to more trust and ultimately a much better conversion rate for me.

And I really loved the training about the importance of storytelling.

This has helped me to write more engaging story posts which I have used in my Facebook Ads marketing campaign.

I notice that many people resonated with my story and as a result, it prompted them to sign up and I made sales in the process.

I was so impressed with the training that I had to write a post in the Private Legendary Marketer’s Facebook group to acknowledge my gratitude, particularly to the director of training, Matt Heltzel as you can see below:

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer

Who Is Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer For? (It’s Not For Everyone).

So, Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer is a GREAT program to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing, but it’s not a program that I would recommend to everyone.

First off, if you don’t understand that starting and growing a successful online business requires money and time investment, then I wouldn’t suggest that you even think about getting started.

All the high-income skills training that’s available inside Legendary Marketer is extremely valuable.

But keep in mind that you won’t necessarily need all of this training to build up your online business.

It’s going to depend entirely on the type of business that you want to create.

I mention this because some marketers out there are claiming that you will need to spend up to $10K or more.

This is simply not true, so don’t be deceived by these claims.

What I see those marketers doing is adding up the prices for all the LM products, then highlighting the grand total as if that’s what you are going to have to pay.

I like to explain it like this for more people to understand:

It’s like going into a McDonald’s restaurant and choosing 1 or 2 meals instead of buying everything that they have available on the menu.

So it’s the same concept with all the products at LM. They are available and it’s totally dependant on the customer if they want to buy a product or not: based on their own business needs.

Necessary Tools Needed For Legendary Marketer

You’ll also need to get a subscription from an email autoresponder company such as GetResponse or AWeber. Both services come with a free trial but will cost you between $15-$20 per month afterward – that is if you choose to keep using them.

I personally prefer AWeber as pointed out on my Essential Tools For Affiliate Marketing page, so feel free to take a look if you want to see it and the other tools I use to run my online business.

You’ll need landing page builder software such as ClickFunnels (try for free), LeadPages, or ThriveThemes.

This software allows you to collect prospects’ email addresses and funnel them to your thank you/bridge page where you’ll introduce them to whatever affiliate offer you are promoting.

And most importantly, you are going to need a domain name, website, and hosting so that you can connect them to the Landing page software that you choose to work with.

Inside Legendary Marketer, the training focuses mainly on driving free Tiktok traffic or paid ads to your landing page.

So if you decide to do ads, that means you’ll need an ad budget to pay for FB ads, Solo Ads, Google Ads, or any other ad platform of your choice.

Also, if you have experience with SEO affiliate marketing, you would need to spend some time creating content in the form of pages or posts on your website, Youtube vlogs, Tiktok, and Facebook (Instagram) reels in order to attract free organic traffic.

Overall though, people who are brand new to affiliate marketing are the ones who will most likely face a bit of a challenge because of the learning curve involved.

So if you’re new and have decided to start your affiliate marketing journey at Legendary Marketer, keep in mind that it’s going to take time, true efforts, and some money.

Don’t try to rush in and expect to start earning money in a short period of time.

Learn the skills first, then apply what you learn and you will be more successful that way.

On the other hand, I think that more experienced affiliate marketers will stand a better chance of being successful at a quicker rate, as they utilize the training at Legendary Marketer.

They are usually the people who are earning the most commissions promoting LM and other affiliate products.

This is due to the building up of their personal brand over the years which allows them to gain trust and attract a huge following on their already established platforms, such as a Facebook Page, Youtube channel, or their own website.

Legendary Marketer Products + Costs

Legendary Marketer Products

Here is the list of legendary marketer products along with a little bit about what they are, as well as their current prices…

  • Legendary Marketers Club – This is the flagship product of LM with free BONUS access to the 15-day online business builder challenge. It’s updated every month with weekly live webinars, and interviews by top experienced 7-figure online business owners such as Kevin Harrington, Nathan Lucas, and Matt Hertzel among others – PRICE: $30/month.
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle – shows you how to get warm traffic to your landing page using paid ads such as Solo Ads and FB ads. They also provide in-house solo ad vendors so that you can get started promoting your affiliate links to warm audiences as soon as possible. PRICE: $247 one time.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – a full-blown step-by-step business course specifically showing you how to promote other people’s products and services to earn a full-time online income. PRICE: $2,500 one time
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – This course shows you how to create and sell your own digital product online. E-learning is a hugely profitable industry right now which is growing each year and is estimated to surpass USD 275 billion in value by 2022 according to Reuters so this may be something for you if you have a passion for teaching a skill that you know. PRICE: $2,500 one time
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – This course shows students how to become a coach or consultant in their chosen niche. It covers how to pitch and create your unique offer so that you will be able to get sales from your prospects. PRICE: $2,500 one time
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – This training course shows you how to plan, host, and profit from a live event or mastermind group outing. PRICE: $2,500 one time

Legendary Marketer live experiences

Legendary Marketer also offers live masterminds business events each year. The prices for these are the most expensive and you can talk to your business coach inside your LM back office to get more information on the prices, time, and location.

Legendary Marketer Refund

Legendary Marketer offers a refund of the $30 Marketer’s Club monthly subscription within 30 days after your first payment.

If you have already passed the 30 days, you will not be eligible to get a refund.

You can also get a refund on upcoming recurring charges within 3 days of the next charge and of course, if you want to cancel your membership entirely, you can do so by contacting the Legendary Marketer customer service team.

For a refund on any of the business blueprints, you will have 3 days after purchase to do so, if for some reason it doesn’t provide any value for you and your business.

Legendary Marketer Sign Up

The Legendary Marketer sign-up process is quite simple. You can go directly to the official domain name at https://legendarymarketer.com

Once you locate the domain name, just click on it and you will be led to the homepage where you will see a button that says “GET STARTED”

You will be redirected to the next page where you can enter your name and email address to get access to the 15-day online business builder challenge.

Or just use my affiliate helper link here to sign up directly.

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer

This is actually what I recommend newbies to start out with.

It shows the foundational steps needed to build up a sustainable online business and it doesn’t require a major investment.

You get started for just $7.

The only thing that can be a little frustrating is that you’ll have to wait each day for each training to be unlocked by your business coach.

Or bypass this by scheduling a call in your Legendary Marketer Backoffice. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate (Make Money By Promoting LM)

The Legendary Marketer affiliate program pays out big commissions whenever time someone purchases any of the business blueprints or Mastermind events packages through your affiliate link.

You may have seen earning screenshots from some Legendary Marketer affiliates showing big commissions of up to $1000, $4000, or even $10,000.

Yes, earning these commissions is very possible.

You’ll just need to laser focus on the Legendary marketer training and you will be able to achieve this for yourself too.

Take a look at the screenshot that I took from the Legendary Marketer website.

It shows you the commission breakdown of each of the products on offer…

Legendary Marketer Tuition Reimbursement Program

Another cool thing about the Legendary Marketer is that they will give you a full reimbursement of a business blueprint product that you purchase if you are able to sell that same product 10 times within a 2-year window.

I think this is a great offer because you can potentially get a very valuable product for absolutely free!

If this is something that you are interested in, then you may want to go to this page to learn more.

Conclusion of Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer Review.

So we have now come to the conclusion of Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer review.

Even though Dave may have a somewhat negative past, I have to say that he has turned a new leaf and made sure that his company stays compliant while changing the lives of many people from all across the world.

I have interacted with him in the Facebook group and watched a lot of his materials and have come to respect what he stands for.

He wants other people to win in this affiliate marketing game so I am working along with him to bring his service to you and others who want to use the power of the internet to create a full-time, life-changing income online while doing it ethically.

If you have any questions about what I have written here or want to add your views, feel free to drop a comment below.

Also, if you found this valuable, do consider sharing it on social media so that other people find it and learn more about Dave Shape and Legendary Marketer.

Wishing you great success as you build your very own online business.

Your #1 Fan

Jason Foster

6 thoughts on “Dave Sharpe, Legendary Marketer CEO: Clever SCAMMER or Ethical Online Business Owner?

  1. They give out a $1000 commission on their $2500 products. That makes paying $2500 for the course sound pretty stupid.

  2. Thanks for the Dave Sharpe review. I get it – that this is another revenue builder for those who take this further but am I right in assuming that I need to purchase all of the blueprints to be able to run a successful online LM AM business? Thanks for replying …

    1. If you already have experience with building landing pages, email autoresponders/marketing, etc, then you won’t necessarily need the purchase the bigger packages. The marketer’s club would be sufficient at $30 p/m

    2. Hey this is not true, I did the 15 day course and have gone on to be very successful with it. Located here in Arizona happy to shed some insight I do not have a course or anything to sell you. It is a real business opportunity

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