Dropship Downunder Review – Is This Program Worthwhile?

Dropship Downunder Review

Hello! Welcome to my Dropship Downunder Review.

Dropship Downunder is a digital eCommerce training program that targets the Australian market and was created by co-entrepreneurs, namely Klint and Grant Parker.

But is this drop shipping course worth investing in it?

I’ll inform you about that during my explanation.

Before diving deep into it, I want to inform you that I don’t have any affiliation with Dropship Downunder.

As such, this review will be unbiased and helpful.

Before we go further…

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Let’s start.

Summary Dropship Downunder Review

Name of the Product: Dropship Downunder

Website’s URL: https://www.dropshipdownunder.com

Type of the Product: eCommerce Training Course

Founders: Klint & Grant Parker

Product Rating: 4/10

Cost: $2997

Recommendation: No.

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Overview Of Dropship Downunder

Dropship Downunder Review

The Dropship Downunder course aims to provide you with step-by-step guidelines on how to start, run and scale up your drop shipping business successfully.

This drop shipping course mainly targets those who reside in Australia.

It is an ideal opportunity requiring little or no experience in building and running an online business.

Dropship Downunder features up to 12 training modules with over 83 lessons.

Every module covers a different section of the drop shipping business.

The main focus of this training course is the high-ticket approach to the drop shipping business.

For instance, you’ll learn how to sell products with higher profit margins.

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Dropship Downunder Review

What Is Dropship Downunder About?

Dropship Downunder Review

Dropship Downunder is a digital eCommerce training program designed to teach you how to start a drop shipping business.

This training program was created after several trial attempts, and eventually, it became a successful drop shipping business in Australia.

The program’s mission is to train and coach many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who Is The Founder Of The Dropship Downunder?

Dropship Downunder Review

The brains behind the creation of Dropship Downunder are Klint and Grant Parker.

The duo wanted to build a drop shipping business based in Australia.

However, these two don’t live in the same location.

Grant works in Central Coast, New South Wales (Australia), while Klint works in Thailand.

Their aspiration and common goals have made them work together closely.

Both have invested in producing coaching programs, training courses, and other content to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their online business ventures.

Klint and Grant have a YouTube channel that offers various videos, ideas, recommendations, and advice related to the drop shipping business.

So far, the channel has attracted the attention of over 5000 subscribers.

Other features you should expect to get in this channel are content related to eCommerce, methods of researching products, and marketing strategies, among others.

These co-founders have over two decades of experience in the sales and marketing industry.

Out of these twenty years of experience, they spend over five years operating various drop shipping businesses.

They have decided to share their experiences and alleged achievements by creating various training courses.

Through this channel, they’ll guide and mentor you to achieve the same results as they did.

However, you should remember that their main focus is to help those living in Australia.

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A Complete Breakdown Of Dropship Downunder

Dropship Downunder Review

The following is a breakdown of all the modules you should expect to cover in this course if you decide to go for it.

Module 1: Setting Up an Australian Business

This is the introductory module of this training program where you’ll learn how to set up your drop shipping business within Australia.

Remember, since this business is based in Australia, you should be ready to comply with Australian customs and laws.

The video tutorials in this module go over the general business guidelines, such as business registration and setting up your Australian business number (ABN).

Module 2: Selecting an Australian market niche

What follows the first module is the selection of the Australian market niche.

This is the gap that your business intends to fill in the market.

The big secret to your business success is identifying a high-value niche that guarantees you profit.

Videos in this module will teach you the importance of selecting high-ticket products, setting your prices, the significance of brand loyalty, and choosing an ideal product and the right market to target.

Module 3: Australian Market Research

Module 3 deals with how to do market research while focusing Australian market.

Some of its components are identifying niche competition, choosing a profitable market niche, using Google trends, using eBay and Amazon for sales volume verification, sourcing suppliers, and narrowing your niche.

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Module 4: Developing your Shopify store.

This section will teach you how to create and set up an eCommerce store for your business using Shopify.

This section will equip you with skills on how to:

  • Install a theme
  • Select, select, and assign a domain
  • Create product collections
  • Create new product listings
  • Add required pages
  • Add your store menu
  • Installing effective apps
  • Setting up discount codes
  • Creating a custom email for your store
  • Optimizing your store layout

Module 5: Onboarding Australian Suppliers

Finding suitable suppliers for your business is very vital for success of your business.

This module will teach you the strategies to choose the best suppliers within Australia.

Video tutorials under this section talk about how to find, contact and establish a long-lasting relationship with your prospective suppliers within Australia.

You will also learn how to send the right emails and phone scripts and the process involved in onboarding suppliers.

Module 6: Free Traffic /Advertising

In this module, you’ll learn how to attract free traffic and prospective customers for your business.

Also, you will learn cheaper and more creative marketing strategies you can apply to market your drop shipping business.

The contents of the videos in this module talk about how to use Facebook Groups, Forums, Online Auction/ Sales sites, and Gumtree.

Module 7: Google PLA & AdWords Advertising

Module 7 teaches you how to Google Ads to attract your prospective customers.

This program teaches you how to create your account, choose the ideal keywords for your campaign, and set up your campaigns.

Module 8: High-Level Ads Campaigns

This module teaches you how to create and run your Facebook Ads.

It will take you through all the relevant features of Facebook Ads like Business Manager and how to launch the process of running ads.

Module 9: Influencer and other paid traffic

This module will introduce you to various marketing strategies, one of them being influencer marketing.

In this case, you’ll learn how to leverage other people’s audiences.

In addition, you will learn how to run ads on Trading Posts platforms and Gumtree because these are cost-effective methods of getting traffic.

Module 10: Basic E-commerce onsite Search Engine Optimization

This module will teach you how to make your dropshipping store achieve the highest ranking in most search engines.

It contains one video that shows you how to get an organic ranking.

Module 11: Going Live with your store

This is a one-video module that will show you the best approach to use when launching your store and going live.

This approach will avoid technical issues while launching your store because this module will ensure you execute every step correctly.

Module 12: Moving Forward & Extras

These lessons equip you with knowledge and skills that will propel your business to higher levels.

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Dropship Downunder Review

What Is The Cost Of Joining Dropship Downunder?

Dropship Downunder Review

To join this course, you’ll pay $2,997 to benefit from all the training resources inside.

It will not be budget-friendly; therefore, be sure if you will consider it.

Does Dropship Downunder Offer A Refund?

Dropship Downunder Review

Allegedly, an action-based refund policy will cover you for the first 60 days of joining.

Additionally, you’ll get $100 if you adhere to all the laid steps of the refund application.

Is Dropship Downunder A Scam?

Dropship Downunder is not a scam.

This is a genuine training opportunity rich in various drop shipping skills.

The creators have overpriced this program, and it does not guarantee that you will make any profit from the business.

But if you’re reading this review to find a better way of making money online, then here is a simple method for you:

Dropship Downunder Review

What I Like About Dropship Downunder

  • Targets High-ticket products

This business model has a higher potential of earning you more profits since it will teach you to focus on high-value products.

  • Offers a broader market niche

You’ll learn how to identify the best market niche and product to invest in a wide range of market niches to choose from.

  • It’s a scalable business model

It allows you to scale up your business since it does not require physical products or staff.

What I Don’t Like About Dropship Downunder

  • Expensive

The course cost is very high, yet there are other platforms where you can access the same information free of charge.

  • Limited to Australia

Although this is a good business model, it only targets aspiring Australian investors.

  • Ads Exhaustion

Your ads might get viral for a short time; your prospects might get tired of repeatedly seeing the same advert.

  • Delayed shipping

You might experience delayed shipping if your suppliers and clients are not within the same locality.

Is There Any Alternative to Dropship Downunder?

Of course, yes, there is an alternative to this program.

My number one recommended alternative to this program is affiliate marketing.

But I must say that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

This business opportunity will require you to put effort into seeing impressive results.

To get started, you need to have an area of interest and tap on offer you a great return.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing and are NOT sure where to start, then I’ve got you covered.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to get started with affiliate marketing:

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Dropship Downunder Review

FAQs About Dropship Downunder

How long does it take to stabilize after using the  Dropship Downunder course?

Your drop shipping business could stabilize in less than a month, depending on your efforts and commitment.

In most cases, people who invest in this business begin seeing profits after a month.

What type of drop shipping does the Dropship Downunder course deals with?

This course focuses on drop shipping high-ticket products sourced from Australian suppliers.

Is this business model ideal for a newbie?

Allegedly the course has been designed to accommodate various needs of people ranging from newbies to people with advanced experiences.

It has step-by-step modules and tools that can help you set up your store by yourself and run it in no time.

Will I get access to all the content after joining the  Dropship Downunder course?

When you register and pay for the program, you’ll gain access to all the training resources and can utilize them whenever you want.

How long will the  Dropship Downunder course take?

This training program has no time limit; you can choose a flexible timeline and schedule to finish the course.

Do I still need the  Dropship Downunder course if I already have a drop shipping store?

YES, you will still need this training program because it contains the necessary tools and resources that you can use to enhance your current E-Commerce store.

Some of these include advertising, sourcing suppliers, and new marketing techniques.

Will I get personal support and one-on-one guidance from the Dropship Downunder course?

There will be coaching sessions through which you can receive personalized assistance. However, you are going to pay an extra hourly fee.

Attached below is a video review of Dropship Downunder:

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