EYL University Review

EYL University Review – Is This Real Estate Course Worth It?

Hello, welcome to my EYL University Review.

If you want to know more about the Earn Your Leisure University program, this review has got you covered.

I’m sure you want to know the inside out of this program.

Hold on, I’ll take you through that in a short while.

But first, is the EYL University program legit?

That is what I’m going to answer in black and white.

I will also explain who Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are in this program.

Disclaimer:  I’m not affiliated with the EYL University program.

As such, I’ll provide you with truthful information.

After reading this detailed review, I’m sure you’ll have enough reasons to join or leave this program.

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EYL University Review Summary

Name of the Product: EYL University

Website’s URL: https://www.eyluniversity.com/

Type of the Product: Real Estate Investment Program

Founders: Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: $999 a year

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EYL University Review – Overview

EYL University Review

Are you looking for a course that can offer you training on real estate investment?

If so, then EYL University Program is here for you.

It is a real estate program that claims to be the best course to expose you to three major types of real estate investing.

  • Wholesaling
  • Flipping
  • Long-term buy and hold

Real estate investment is always known to be the oldest world wealth builder attracting many investors worldwide.

Therefore, everyone wanting to start an online investment will always consider starting a real estate investment first.

This is because real estate investment has a lot of potential, making it the best investment with a higher success rate.

However, before joining the program, you must first ask yourself if it’s the right time to enter real estate investing.

Because real estate investing is highly capital intensive and may also sometime require high labor.

In addition, you will have to put more capital into the investment to make significant profits.

In that regard, if you’re NOT comfortable spending a huge amount of money on this business model, then you can consider this profitable business idea:

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EYL University Review

What is EYL University?

EYL University Review

EYL is a Earn Your Leisure training program.

This course offers training on real estate investment, making it one of the most commonly known real estate investing programs.

The EYL University Program was created by Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings.

The program also offers training on the real estate market and financial literacy.

Unlike other real estate investing programs, EYL University offers its training through entertaining films.

They make the films entertaining by creating and incorporating some comedy into the film.

This is to make the films more exciting and effective for students to have an enjoyable learning experience.

EYL University’s program focuses more on the black community.

They aim to provide enough assistance to help you successfully join a real estate investing.

The EYL University Program claims that their quality assistance may not be readily available on the other real estate investment programs.

For this reason, they claim to be the most reliable course that can help you learn real estate investing with great satisfaction.

Can you believe this statement?

Before you decide on the course, let me take you through who Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are.

Who Are Rashad Bilal And Troy Millings?

EYL University Review

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are the owner and managers of the EYL University Training Program.

The two are great friends and decided to put their resources together to create the EYL University program.

The EYL program has grown to become one of the trending real estate investment courses.

Rashad Bilal has an excellent background in finance and is also the co-creator and owner of the Bilal Group LLC.

On the other hand, Troy Milling has an outstanding experience in teaching.

He has worked for many years as a teacher at the primary school level.

For this reason, Troy and Rashad are great experts in the finance industry.

They claim to be the best teachers for everyone who wants to build wealth working online.

Rashad and Troy have a YouTube channel with more than 600K followers.

They have more than 800 videos on their YouTube channels which covers sectors such as sports, business methods, entrepreneurs, and entertainment.

Their videos also teach about the current financial trends in the market, with some of the most paying opportunities today.

Rashad and Troy majorly focus on expanding the prosperity of the black community.

They also propose to infuse the black culture, which has currently become one of the most famous cultures, into the business.

Rashad and Troy have their primary objective of providing an enjoyable learning experience when training on real estate investing.

They attract more social media followers due to their teaching topics, such as banking, investing, and loans.

How about EYL University Program? What does it cover?

To answer this question, let me take you through the course.

What Is EYL University All About?

EYL University Review

EYL University course covers various topics necessary for an individual who wants to join the real estate industry.

You will cover single-family homes and raw land investment topics when learning real estate investing.

You will also learn other topics, such as apartment buildings, multi-unit properties, and commercial real estate investing.

For this reason, learning this course will greatly benefit an individual who wants to manage a rental property.

In the learning process, Rashad and Troy include interviews with different specialists, such as accountants and attorneys.

Other specialists also included in the interviews are mortgage brokers and insurance agents.

After learning what the course is all about, let’s now proceed to the course breakdown.

EYL University Course Breakdown

EYL University Review

This course is made up of two sections.

The first section of the course covers the EYL approach, while the next section covers the blueprint plan of a home buyer.

The breakdown of this course, therefore, divides the course into two sections:

The Community

In this section, you will learn about wealth creation.

The major focus in the EYL approach section that Rashad and Troy teach in the course.

When learning this section, you will be given access to a Facebook group and participate in live questions and answers sessions.

You are also allowed to participate in instructional seminars about the topics covered in the program.

In addition, a financial planning call in this section allows you to converse with Rashad.

It is a significant element of the community part of this program’s section.

The conversation plan also includes talking to a qualified and experienced financial accountant like Troy Millings.

In the teaching, Rashad Bilal talks about financial planning subjects, such as investment, college saving plans, and retirement.

The Home Buyers Blueprint Plan

The home buyers’ blueprint plan will teach you about home-buying.

It is part of this course that significantly benefits both realtors and home buyers in real estate.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to selling or even purchasing a real estate house, this section of the course covers your needs.

You’ll learn about the different critical phases involved in the purchase process.

You will also be provided with the basic information required during the process to enable you to make wise selections.

This section covers other topics, such as title insurance, interest rates, commissions, closing expenses, and escrow accounts.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The EYL University Program?

EYL University Review

The price of joining this program is tagged at 999 dollars for a year.

You can also pay for the course at a monthly premium of 199.

However, when you go by monthly payment, you will spend a total of about 2338 dollars in a year.

This will be much more expensive in the case when you choose to pay it on a one-time basis.

On the other hand, the program promises a refund policy.

However, to get the money back promise, you must meet some conditions set aside by the management.

In my opinion, I recommend you take your time to read the terms and conditions of the refund policy.

This will give you a better understanding of reclaiming your money, as some conditions may not be clear.

Is EYL University A Scam?

So, is the program a scam?

This is a question everyone who wants to join the course ought to ask or think of before making any haste decision.

In my opinion, the program is not technically a SCAM.

You can succeed and make good money out of this program.

However, making money from this program may not be as much easier as Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal describe.

There is much to be done in the program for you to start making money from it.

In addition, the effort and capital input in the program do not provide you with any real guarantee of success.

Real estate investment also has a small profit margin hence cannot be a great way for beginners to make money.

The real estate programs are also labor and capital-intensive.

This makes it difficult for young entrepreneurs to make a significant profit.

Therefore, this course is unsuitable for a newbie who wants a sustainable income from real estate investments with less capital.

In that regard, if you’re looking for the best alternative to make money online, then feel free to check out how I’ve been able to make money online:

EYL University Review

What I Like About EYL University Course?

  • Offers quality teaching on financial education

Rashad and Troy seem to be good financial experts with outstanding wealth-building experience.

On the other hand, Troy has outstanding teaching experience as he started his career as a teacher.

He uses his teaching experience to make financial education simpler and more enjoyable for students.

  • This Program offers its members a Private Facebook group, webinars, and live sessions.

When you join this program, you will be given access to webinars and a private Facebook community.

You will also be offered a live session in the course, enabling you to interact with course experts easily.

This makes the course more interesting and interactive, as you will be free to chat with members and experts for learning purposes.

  • The program offers Money back service.

This program provides you with a refund policy on the course.

For this reason, if you enroll in the course and find it not satisfying, you can claim your money back and use it to join another course.

However, there are terms and conditions you must read and accept before claiming the service.

What I Don’t Like About EYL University Program

  • It is risky to invest in real estate

Real estate investment is a risky business to start due to its high-risk rates.

Because of this, you must be able to take the risk before you can join the program.

  • This program offers an expensive membership premium

The membership cost of this program is quite costly.

This makes the course not for everyone, as Rashid and Troy claim.

You must be able to pay the total membership premium before you can begin the learning process.

  • It is labor and capital-intensive.

The real estate investing learned in the program requires huge capital and high labor to start.

Despite the high capital, there is no guarantee of direct success from the program.

You will also need to spend time on the program to make significant profits.

  • There are no success testimonials confirmed from the previous students.

At the time of my research, I had never received any success testimonial from any programming student.

You can use the success testimonials from the students to figure out the success rates of a program.

  • The course focuses more on branding.

This program is more on branding than on real estate investing.

It may make more money on branding rather than real estate.

This is evident in their high success rate on social media platforms, which has attracted many followers.

Is There an Alternative To EYL University Program?

You can still go for another alternative to this program.

With more than 6 years in online business, I know what works and what doesn’t work.

If you’re a beginner and need a place to start, then affiliate marketing might be the best option.

Do you know why I suggest that?

First, affiliate marketing is a business model that will not affect your entire investment.

Also, it is a business model that you can learn while earning.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a business model that entails marketing products and services for a reputable company and getting paid through commission for any successful sale.

But to start this business, you need to learn some basics.

However, not all programs or training that claim to offer you training about affiliate marketing will stay true to their words.

That is why I went out of my way to offer you a blueprint that will teach you about affiliate marketing.

Check it out:

EYL University Review

FAQs About EYL University

Who is EYL University For?

In my opinion, this course is best suitable for real estate investors.

It will significantly benefit you if you have already established a real estate investment with some significant profit margins.

However, for a newbie, this course can only suit you if you have good capital.

How much money can I make with the real estate program?

The amount of money you can make in real estate depends on your capital, labor, and time.

If you input a huge capital into your real estate investment, you will stand a chance to make a significant profit.

This will also involve spending more time and effort on the business.

Is real estate the best hustle?

In my opinion, real estate investing is a good hustle but not for everyone.

Despite being a good hustle, which can help you make money online, it may not be a good investment for everyone.

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Here is a videos review of EYL University:

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