Foreclosure Academy Review -Is Carton Weiss Legit Or A Scam?

Foreclosure Academy Review

Hello there, welcome to my Foreclosure Academy Review.

First, I congratulate you for choosing my website for researching the Foreclosure Academy program.

Here, you will get to learn everything you need to know about the program.

I’ll explain to you whether Foreclosure Academy can help you make money online or another scam you should avoid.

In most cases, real estate programs require higher investment capital for you to make money online.

This makes it difficult for beginners to join such programs, especially when they don’t offer a money-back guarantee.

In most cases, if a program can offer an opportunity to make money online, everyone will be interested in it.

However, you need not jump to it first when every program claims to offer you such an opportunity at a given cost.

It is always important to begin by researching the background of the program.

It is for that same reason that prompted me to put together this review.

Since the program claims to offer you the best opportunity to make money online, there is much more information to know.

The program claims to help you learn how to create deals worth more than $125000 working from home but how?

The program only requires you to spend about 40hrs studying their course and applying what you have learnt to your business.

Foreclosure Academy Review Summary

Name of The Product: Foreclosure Academy

Type of the Product:  Real Estate Program

Product Website:

Founder: Carton Weiss

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: From $497

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

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Foreclosure Academy Review Overview

Foreclosure Academy Review

About 3000 homes in the United States of America join Foreclosure every day.

This means that in a single month, about 90000 homes join foreclosure.

This is because the digital world we live in today has become a nastier place.

However, it’s important to help people who end up losing their homes in the process of joining Foreclosure.

This can make you earn between $10000 to $4000 for every person you help.

According to Walton, about 99.9% of people losing their home is not about failure to pay their taxes or loan in the required time.

There are many other reasons why people lose their homes, including a pandemic, crisis in the family or war.

In some cases, which is common for employees, the family’s breadwinner loses their job.

This makes the company or the government throw them out they end up becoming homeless and jobless.

When life becomes complicated, they’ll have to lose their home in search of another cheaper house to rent.

Following the example cases above, it is no doubt that foreclosure can offer you an opportunity to make money online.

For this reason, this program claims to offer you the best way to learn how to make money online.

Also, most people who lose their homes don’t know they can still claim the money from their local government.

For instance, you’ll earn some cash if an auction bidder is invited into your home after you fail to clear the mortgage fee.

You’ll only need to present them with the information, and then they will work with you if you want to claim your money.

But if you’re here to find an alternative way of making money online, feel free to check out this opportunity:

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Foreclosure Academy Review

What Is Foreclosure Academy?

Foreclosure Academy Review

Foreclosure Academy is a course that trains you how to make money online.

The program has a total of six modules and up to four additions.

You’ll first learn how the foreclosure business is done and how much you can make from the program.

This is to make you become familiar with the foreclosure business and the type of clients you’ll do business with.

In other words, a foreclosure business is a type of investment opportunity that pays you a certain amount if you fulfill a service.

Therefore, after joining Foreclosure Academy, you’ll learn how to perform business, including cold calling.

Because cold calling requires you to have a good script, Walton promises to teach you the most reliable way to do it.

This will help you understand the services you can offer your clients and how your services can satisfy them.

What Is Foreclosure Academy About?

Foreclosure Academy Review

The Foreclosure Academy platform offers a detailed and easy way to get profitable foreclosures online.

This makes you capitalize on your foreclosures to make significant money out of business.

According to the program, you don’t need to buy the property you want to do business with, as in the case of other real estate businesses.

The program is presented in videos, eBooks, and webinars covering all the course concepts.

How Does Foreclosure Academy Work?

Foreclosure Academy Review

Because it is something common for many people to lose their properties under foreclosure, it is no doubt that the business opportunity pays.

The common properties are land and homes, which results from the failure of one to pay their mortgages and taxes.

This creates a business opportunity for foreclosure.

For instance, when a client cannot pay for the mortgage of their homes, they may decide to give it to an auctioneer.

On the other hand, if the home is on rental, the bank or the lending institution may decide to do the foreclosure process to avoid losses.

This may also involve taking the property to auction after issuing a default notice to the client.

This means that if the home is your property and the tenant fails to pay it after issuing a default notice, you’ll have to involve your bank.

By transferring the process to the bank or the lending institution you work with, they’ll take part in reselling the property.

This will help them recover the losses you may have gone through when the payment defaulted.

How Will You Benefit From The Foreclosure Business?

When the lending institution sells the property under foreclosure, it’ll reclaim a certain amount.

The money will then be sent back to the program’s owner, which in this case is you.

But in most cases, the money gets hidden by the government, and you may not get it if you don’t know how to reclaim it.

Because most owners, after spending several years, fail to know how to reclaim the money paid for their property under foreclosure.

This allows you to reclaim the money from the government.

The government will only reclaim their defaulted payment from the money and will be willing to give back the remaining amount to the owner.

That is if you make the follow-up process with your bank or the lending institution.

For instance, when the property is sold to another client for, let’s say, one million dollars.

The government will recover their defaulted taxes, say 100,000 dollars, and the remaining amount can be reclaimed by the property owner.

This is where Foreclosure Academy teaches you how to claim the money and get paid by the government.

You can look for clients online who have experienced the same problem and help them claim the money and get paid.

The best clients to do this business with are people who don’t know they are entitled to this cash when they lose their homes.

Such clients will be willing to cooperate and provide the necessary information you’ll require to fill out for you to claim the money back.

If the property is not yours, you’ll learn how to make between 30% to 40% commission from the sales of the property.

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Foreclosure Academy Breakdown

After joining Foreclosure Academy, there are many offers available for you.

However, you’ll begin by signing up for the registration form to get access to the available offers.

After completing the registration process, you’ll be required to review the course content and then make the payment.

Once you complete your payment, you’ll get an email from the program.

The email contains everything you need for the program, such as the learning credential from their portal.

These are things the program offers you in the email;

  • The Members Area

You’ll have a six-module course in the member’s area that teaches necessary concepts such as website design.

You will also learn how to do market research to help you in a word-by-word script that is required for closing client deals.

  • The Private Members-Only Community

In this offer, you’ll learn how to make your business more successful from the mistakes and progress of other people.

You’ll also learn how to get in touch with many other successful business partners who are earning more than 100,000 dollars.

Because this forum is much more interactive, you’ll stand a chance to have your doubts cleared and get lifetime access.

  • The Weekly Webinars

This offer helps you in setting up your integrations and also your website.

If you join Foreclosure, you’ll not have to hire a technician expert to help you start your website.

If you get stuck, you’ll simply forward your request to the weekly webinars in the program.

  • Money-Back Service

The last offer available in this program is the refund policy service.

According to the Foreclosure Academy, this policy is guaranteed and unconditional.

This means that there are no set rules that govern the service.

However, the service is guaranteed for a period of only thirty days.

They use this policy to show how they are confident about their services and the promises they make to their clients.

According to the program, it’ll take you less than thirty days after joining the program to rule out if the program is good or unsuitable for you.

So, after thirty days, you’ll become part of the full membership program and will not need to quit.

For this reason, if you join the program and realize it is not suitable for you, you can quit it before the money-back service period is over.

This will allow you to claim your money back and avoid incurring any loss for the program.

NOTE: If you quit after the refund policy period is over, you’ll NOT be able to get the money back as required.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Foreclosure Academy?

To join the Foreclosure Academy, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $497.

However, the program allows you to pay this amount in three months installment of $197 each.

After paying this registration amount, the other additional chargers are not compulsory.

The other charges (paid ads) that enable you to get more leads in the program are for those who trust the program more.

It also depends on how much money you can raise to use the paid ads.

If your income limit is low, you can start by paying only the required price and enjoying the service.

Is Foreclosure Academy A Scam?

Foreclosure Academy is technically not a scam, in my opinion.

It seems to be a legit business but not for everyone who may want to start a real estate business.

The business model is about learning how to sell your service to clients via phone.

The program teaches all the methods and techniques you’ll use to conduct business.

However, for you to make a significant profit, you’ll have to put more effort into getting the skills.

It’ll also be easier for you if you spare enough time to learn the course in detail.

The program does not offer the best opportunity for beginners with zero experience in launching an online business.

It will take a long time to master the course, which requires you to spend more money.

However, don’t worry if you find the program challenging and still have a great interest in doing business online, don’t worry.

You can join many other less stressful and cost-effective programs online to help you make money online, even for beginners.

Check out my journey to learn more:

Foreclosure Academy Review

What I Like About Foreclosure Academy?

  • Offers Unconditional Money back service

Foreclosure Academy program allows you to claim your money back within thirty days if you’re not impressed with their services.

This shows that you’ll not have to worry about losing your money if you join the program.

The money-back service is guaranteed for up to thirty days after joining the program.

  • Offers a unique investment opportunity.

The foreclosure business model is not common for most gurus online.

It is, therefore, an opportunity that can benefit you when you succeed.

It also provides you with an opportunity with great potential for success if you understand it.

  • Easy to join and learn

The cost of joining Foreclosure Academy is relatively fair for anyone who wants to learn the business model.

It only requires you to pay the entry cost and get a chance to access all the programs and offers available on the platform.

What I Don’t Like About Foreclosure Academy

  • The business model only relies on real estate investors and auctions.

When you join the program, you’ll only learn how to sell the properties to auctions or real estate investors.

The program does not support the sales of the properties to the general public.

This limits you from creating such deals with clients in public.

  • The banks rely on quick sales

Because the banks are interested mostly in claiming their share of the money from the program, they rely on making quick sales.

This, however, limits you from attracting more potential buyers online as they do not spare good time to market the properties effectively.

So, if you are an individual looking for a good market for your properties, this may form an obstacle in your path.

  • It is a risky business model

Sometimes, it may be a risky business model as you may lose many dollars and much time in the business and get nothing in return.

This is why the business model is not for everyone who wants to do online business.

The risky part of the business model happens to people who join the business without checking if the opportunity is right for them.

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Is There Any Alternative To Foreclosure Academy?

It is true that not all people are interested in doing real estate and related business, and in that spirit, I’ll do good by offering you the best alternative.

Affiliate marketing is one of the business opportunities that hasn’t been exploited to its full potential, yet many people underrate it.

Time and again, I’ll always encourage beginners to start their journey with this good business venture.

Imagine the freedom you get from earning passive income even when you’re asleep.

Affiliate marketing enables you to market products and services for a reputable company and earn a commission for any successful sale that you make.

And why now check out this guide to enable you to start this business opportunity right away?

I’ve personally tailored it for you:

Foreclosure Academy Review

FAQs About Foreclosure Academy

Is there additional support Foreclosure Academy offers?

The Foreclosure Academy offers you additional 24/7 email support when learning the course.

This offer is available with other support services, such as weekly webinars to all members who register for the program.

Are there any other extra charges in the program?

Yes, the program has additional charges, including ad payment, which makes you stand a chance to win more leads.

However, the extra charges are not compulsory, and you can enjoy the offers and services from the program without paying them.

So, if you feel not interested in winning more leads, you may consider paying the entry cost and avoiding the other extra charges.

Who is Foreclosure Academy for?

Foreclosure Academy targets people who can learn and master the real estate foreclosure business.

If you are a beginner who wants to learn the program from scratch, you may not find this program of benefit to you.

This is because you may spend much of your time and money and get nothing in return, as it may not work out for every beginner.

Can I Customize the program to meet my needs?

Foreclosure Academy allows you to modify its program more suitably and reliably.

This service allows you to utilize your experience and skills to satisfy your needs when conducting your business online.

So, if you realize that the default setting or coverage of the program is not suitable for you, feel free to customize the program to satisfy your desires.

Thank you for checking out my Foreclosure Academy Review.

But if you have any additional comments, feel free to let me know in the section below.

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