Freebie Cash Review – Legit Or A Scam? Truth Revealed!

Freebie Cash Review

Hi, welcome to my Freebie Cash Review.

The good thing about digital business is that you don’t have to be a product creator or the owner of service to earn.

And you can comfortably earn by referring other people to buy products that have already been developed.

Basically, Freebie Cash is a software that allows you to earn commissions by referring others to buy ready-made products through this software.

As we go deep into Freebie Cash, I want to inform you that I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Freebie Cash.

Note that this article is purposefully for review and not to promote the software.

Let’s get into it…

Summary Of Freebie Cash Review

Name of the Product: Free Cash


Type of the Product: Done-For-You Software

Founder: Shawn Josiah

Product Rating: 4/10

Cost of the Product: $17

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

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Overview Of Freebie Cash 

Freebie Cash Review

Freebie Cash is a unique application that claims to give you an earning opportunity by simply referring other people to various giveaways.

And this application works using the DFY principles and is easy to launch and use to make money; one striking feature of Freebie Cash is that you’re not the one creating the products or content.

Here, you’ll get paid by recommending people to go for the available products.

But if you’re a beginner and you’re looking forward to starting making money online, then here is the best alternative for you;

Freebie Cash Review

What Is Freebie Cash About?

Freebie Cash Review

Freebie Cash is a new automated DFY system that allows you to earn money by exchanging freebies and converting them to cash without selling any product.

Freebie is alleged to be the fasted way for you to earn online without necessarily undergoing the tedious process of creating a new product.

And Freebie Cash involves three steps;

Freebie Cash Review

Select Done-For-You Offer

In this step, you will select DFY offered by Freebie.

Customize It with Your Affiliate Link

This step allows you to add your affiliate link to the product you selected in the first step and this will allow you to get paid for the product recommended by Shawn Josiah.

 Click to Generate Viral Traffic and Sales

After adding your customized affiliate link, what follows will be to wait and wait to see your list growing for providing free information to regular people.

Who Is The Founder Of Freebie Cash?

Freebie Cash Review

The creator of Freebie Cash is called Shawn Josiah and is known to have designed multiple software and digital products to earn money online by doing marketing tasks and simplifying your business activities.

Also, Shawn Josiah has established his profile as a software developer and digital marketer.

Some of the digital products he has developed include; Perpetual Income, Tweety, Income Engine, Click Home Income, BlazeFunnels, and Rapid Commission Sites.

Further, Shawn teamed up with his team of experts to come up with the most powerful software.

And this software will automate and speed up your business as a beginner or even as an experienced digital entrepreneur.

How Does Freebie Cash Work?

Registering with Freebie Cash involves a few steps that are simple and easy to follow.

After registration, you’ll access the client’s dashboard, which displays all the necessary statistics.

Here are the main steps that you will follow in Freebie Cash.

For creating a new project

First of all, you’ll need to understand the kind of project you’ll create in this case.

This freebie-giveaway campaign requires a product you’re going to give away, pages to deliver, and collect e-mails.

One significant advantage is that the Freebie App has been integrated with everything you need.

They convert many different members from your targeted audiences.

At this step, your Freebie allows you to customize every feature you can access on this page.

For example, you can add your text, text color, underline it, Bolden, or italicize.

Other allowed customization includes; adding images, an icon sliding button link, and uploading your video through drag and drop.

Furthermore, you can add a count-down timer to this page and customize a “Thank You Page,” which you’re given as an additional bonus.

Finally, what follows this is to link your Freebie Cash link.

One advantage of Freebie Cash is their inbuilt and DFY freebies you can easily avail for your page visitors.

Launching and starting running your new project

Running your project is very easy; it involves downloading your Freebie Cash link and integrating it with your project.

You can start earning commissions by recommending various products to your page visitors without creating your products.

After the necessary customization, you can save and publish your project and wait to start making money.

If you wish to edit the name of your campaign, you are free to apply your unique icon and adjust the domain settings to suit your taste and preferences.

To increase your chances of attracting more traffic and getting ranked in Google, you have to customize the settings of your Search Engine Optimization.

Finally, Freebie Cash Software gives you access to step-by-step video tutorials that can help you understand more about Freebie Cash.

What Are The Features Of Freebie Cash?

Freebie Cash Review

Freebie Cash has some attractive features Shawn claims you’re going to like.

Here are some of the features you can access in this software;

Done-For-You Products, Upsells & Landing Pages

There are lots of products that you are going to have access to, such as landing pages, upsells, and built-ins that will help you avoid wasting much time creating them from scratch.

Built-In Traffic Generation

Freebie has a huge traffic source that you can tap into and earn good money.

Traffic generation is going to play a key role in every process you’re going to take.

Click Automatic Software

This software will help you distribute freebies with ease, traffic, and leads.

You can generate more income from this software while still on auto-pilot.


This in-depth training video will allow you to access everything within the platform and give you an insight into the software.

24/7 Support Team

Freebie Cash has a dedicated team of supporters that will provide you with the answers you need.

This team of dedicated supporters will cover you whenever you require them.

The top 100 people to buy the Freebie Cash will also enjoy additional benefits in the form of bonuses.

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What Is The Cost Of Freebie Cash?

Most investors will always fear looking into any Done-For-You system due to its cost.

Do you also have the same phobia?

Do you think this Freebie Cash is going to be that very expensive?

In most cases, product creators responsible for creating DFYs claim that their systems can earn you over $1,000.

During its launch, Freebie Cash was selling at $17, which is not very expensive compared to the cost of other software in the market.

This cost is affordable for anyone who aspires to join an online business.

The product creator claims this cost is only meant for you to enjoy during the launch and will likely skyrocket once the launch stage has elapsed.

Does Freebie Cash Offer A Refund?

Freebie Cash Review

If you can afford to pay for this product, you don’t have to worry, for there is no risk involved since a 30-day refund policy covers you.

This policy allows you to test the software and even go up to the extent of making sales within this trial period.

If you still find Freebie Cash software is not good for you, apply for a refund within the stipulated thirty days guarantee.

Is There Any Additional Cost In Freebie Cash? 

Apart from the initial cost of Freebie Cash software, other additional costs will be involved in upgrades.

Freebie software comes with the following upgrades;

  1. Unlimited Version

The cost of this upgrade ranges between $ 37 and $47, allowing you to eliminate the limitations of FE.

It will also unlock more features that will help you run your unlimited sales engine, which will boost your results.

  1. Done-For-You

This upgrade will cost you between $197 and $297 and gives you access to a hands-free experience.

In this case, the software developer prepares everything you need, including Done-For-You products.

Additionally, you’ll get 4 DFY campaigns within top business niches, DFY SEO, DFY setup, and general fine-tuning.

It does not require technical skills; you must deploy it and start earning.

  1. High Ticket Maximizer

This upgrade goes between $47 and $97.

In this upsell, you will learn how to earn high-ticket commissions through the pre-selected high-ticket products that you’ll plug & play.

You can earn up to $1k commissions from every sale.

  1. Traffic Booster 

These upsell costs range between $67 and $167, allowing you to leverage traffic and insights to generate traffic online.

The developer has integrated pixels in the back of their sales page.

It will give you high-quality data that you can use to retarget the most targeted data.

Further, you will know how to retarget or design look-alike audiences drawn from the DFY traffic data. Finally, remember that you are provided with plug $play data.

  1. Franchise License

This product costs between $97 & $297, giving all members the license to customize and resell Freebie Cash to others and retain the profits from their sales.

They can do this without creating landing pages, writing copies, or creating new content.

  1. Passive Income Masterclass 

This upgrade will cost you between $27 & $47 and will teach you how to create a passive source of income through the selected multiple-income Masterclass.

  1. Multiple Income Stream Masterclass

This program costs about $27 to $47 and will teach you how to create several income streams by applying seven selected income streams Masterclass.

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Is Freebie Cash A Scam?

NO, Freebie Cash is NOT a SCAM.

It is a legit software design that allows you to create income passively by referring others to purchase various products and services through the software.

This software claims to be very for creating and launching your product campaign.

You also don’t have to create any product or service, but you’ll use the products available on the platform.

Although this software is relatively cheap, I won’t recommend it as the best opportunity of earning online.

There are other more excellent opportunities that you can leverage and make good money from online.

But for today, I want to share with you a business opportunity that I’ve used for some time now;

Freebie Cash Review

What I Like About Freebie Cash 

  • It has a Simple User Interface

The Freebie Cash software features a user interface that is easy to navigate.

  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced users

Since this software is user-friendly, it suits various categories of users ranging from newbies to intermediate and experienced online experts.

  • It is digital software

This software is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Also, it stores your information in the cloud storage

What I Don’t Like About Freebie Cash

  • Freebie Cash is still a new product that has not gained much popularity.

This product was launched in August 2021.

To that effect, it is not popular among most digital users

Is There Any Alternative To Freebie Cash?

There are other best alternatives to Freebie Cash that can suit you.

And one of the best alternatives that I will recommend to you is Affiliate marketing.

As I did, this is a business model you can invest in and build your financial freedom.

Plus, the best thing about affiliate marketing is that it gives you the real feeling of passive income; you’ll be earning money while engaging in other activities of your liking.

And for that reason, I decided to go out of my way and provide you with the right information to enable you to get started with affiliate marketing.

Check on the next page;

Freebie Cash Review

FAQs About Freebie Cash

Freebie Cash Review

Is Freebie Cash a Scam?

Freebie Cash is not a scam.

The software allows you to make money online by giving others giveaways.

How much does Freebie Cash cost?

To get access to this software, you will have to pay $17.

Although the joining price is relatively affordable, you will have to pay for other upsells to enjoy more software benefits.

Does Freebie Cash offer a refund?

Yes, there is a refund policy that covers Freebie Cash users.

And this policy gives you a grace period of 30 days to test the program.

Who is the creator of Freebie Cash?

Shawn Josiah created this software, and he is a known software developer who has created several digital products.

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