FundedNext Review – Is This Prop Firm Legit?

Fundednext Review

Hello, welcome to my FundedNext Review.

In this review, I’ll let you know whether Fundednext can enable you to achieve your business goals in the forex industry or if it is a scam to avoid.

I’ll also take you through the cost of joining the pro firm.

Furthermore, I will explain who Abdullah Jayed is.

With that in mind, let’s get started…

Summary of FundedNext

Product Name: FundedNext

Product Type: Trader’s Funding Program

Monthly fees: None

Registration Fee: Starts from $99 to $999, depending on your chosen model.

Official Site:

Program founder:  Abdullah Jayed

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation:  Not for everyone, find out why in this review.

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FundedNext Overview

Fundednext Review

FundedNext is a top-performing proprietary firm in the forex industry today.

The program claims to offer its traders the best trading environment with a comfortable trading platform.

FundedNext program has two trading models: the Evaluation and the express models.

Each of the two models has an assessment and the funded phase, with a program offering traders a profit share in both phases.

For instance, in the assessment phase or demo account, the trader will get a profit share of 15%, while in the funded account.

After getting the funded accounts, your profit share begins at 60% before making the first withdrawal.

According to the prop firm, the profit share at the evaluation stage rewards traders for outstanding performance.

The funded account will increase its profit shares to a maximum value of 90%, depending on how you scale your business.

The program also provides a scaling plan that helps you grow your account balance to $4,000,000.

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Pros Of FundedNext Prop Firm

  • Excellent rating of 4.6/5 in Trustpilot
  • Unlimited Evaluation on free retries
  • Has a maximum balance of up to $4,000,000
  • Offers a profit split of up to 90%
  • Provides a scaling account option to traders
  • Offers profit split of up to 15% during evaluation stages
  • Does not put any restriction on Trading Style
  • Leverage 100:1
  • Has a wider variety of instruments for trading
  • Allows weekend and overnight holding

Cons Of FundedNext Prop Firm

  • Minimum Trading days of five days
  • Has a consistent rule for its express account

Who Should Sign Up with FundedNext Prop Firm?

If you want to sign up for the FundedNext Prop Firm, you need to consider some essential things.

They include the following:

First, you need to be a severely talented, hardworking trader in the forex industry to enable you to pass their demo accounts.

Also, you must be trustworthy and profitable to achieve your profit targets and respect their maximum daily losses to get a funded account.

Besides, a person should be comfortable trading with their accepted instruments, including the forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

Finally, you must be a trader who can respect the trading rules set for traders.


What Is FundedNext?

Fundednext Review

FundedNext is a proprietary firm launched on March 18, 2022.

The program was incorporated to offer traders a conducive environment for forex traders to achieve their best in the forex industry.

FundedNext has offices in the USA, the UK, and the UAE.

Also, you can find their offices in Bangladesh, even though their main headquarters are located in the United Arabs Emirates.

FundedNext has different funded modules that ensure you get the best of your trade in the available instruments.

FundedNext partners with Eightcap, which it recommends as the trusted broker for the company.

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How Does FundedNext Prop Firm Work?

Fundednext Review

FundedNext Program provides you with two trading options, including:

Express Model

The express model has two models; the express consistency model and the non-consistency express model.

If you want to trade with the prop firm, you must choose between the two available models in the Program.

Consistency Express Model Accounts

Traders pass through a one-step evaluation process in the Consistency Express model account.

No maximum trading days will be required during the evaluation process, with a leverage of 1:100.

However, the traders must hit a profit target of 25% and ensure they stay within the maximum daily loss of 5%.

On the other hand, you aren’t allowed to trade news restricting you from trading during high-impact news releases.

However, you must trade for at least ten days a month to secure your account.

This will also ensure your profit gains are consistent as you aim at hitting your profit target for the business model.

After completing your Evaluation on the Consistency express model, the program will automatically award you a funded account.

When you get the funded account, you’ll not have any profit targets set for you, allowing you to trade at your target.

It only requires you to respect the rules, such as the maximum daily loss of 5% and the maximum loss set at 10%.

You must also follow the consistency rules set in the program even if trading with the funded account.

In every trading circle, which takes up to one month, you must trade for at least ten days to secure your account.

Based on the profit gains from your business, the company starts by offering you a profit split of 60%.

During the evaluation stage, the company offers you a profit share of 15% which will now depend on your profit and payout.

The program will increase your profit split to 75% in the funded account after making your first withdrawal request.

The highest profit split you can receive in the funded account is up to 90%, which will come after making your second withdrawal request.

The Scaling Plan Of The Consistency Model Account.

The consistency model account claims to provide the best scaling plan when you hit a profit target of 10% and above.

The target should be achieved in four months or more, with at least two months producing a profitable outcome.

The last month of the four must also be profitable to enjoy the scaling plan offered in the business model.

In the scaling plan, the program claims to increase your account by 40% based on your original account balance.

The scaling plan can aim to increase your account size to its maximum balance of $4,000,000.

Non-Consistency Express Model Accounts

This is the second trading account option in the Express models.

In the non-consistency express model account, traders must pass through the evaluation requirements set for the model.

The requirements include reaching a profit target of 25% and ensuring you stay within the maximum daily loss of 5%.

You also need to respect the maximum loss rules set at 10%, even though the program doesn’t set any maximum trading days for you.

In the non-consistency express model, no consistency rules are set to adhere to, like in the case of the express consistency model.

This allows you to trade with no limitations and focus on reaching your profit targets and fulfilling your business goals.

Your funded account will be scaled by 25% of the balance in the evaluation stage, with no profit targets set for you.

This means that when your evaluation account has a balance of $100,000, your funded account will have a size of $25,000.

The rules you must respect when trading with the funded account are the maximum daily loss of 5% and the maximum loss rule of 10%.

The funded account needs a consistent rule allowing you to do your business as expected.

In every trading circle, which takes a whole month, you must trade for at least ten days with no maximum days set for you.

The prop firm first offers you a profit share of 60% when you start making profits in the funded account.

The program also gives you a profit share of 15% in your evaluation stage, which comes in your first payout.

Your profit split will increase by 15% to hit 75% when you make your first withdrawal with your funded account.

After making your second withdrawal with the funded account, the profit split will increase to a maximum of 90%.

The Scaling Plan In A Non-Consistency Model Account

The Non-consistency model account provides a scaling plan for up to a 40% increase in your original balance.

According to this business model, you must hit a profit target set at 10% in at least four months to claim the plan.

In the four months, at least two months should bring a profitable result, and the last month also reaches the profit target.

When you meet the requirements in the account setting, you will be able to claim the scaling plan.

The scaling plan can increase your balance to a maximum value of $4,000,000.

In this business model, you are allowed to trade overnights and during the weekends as much as you want without any limitations on time.

However, you cannot trade news, mainly when a release occurs during high-impact news.

Evaluation Model Account

The Evaluation model account is the second trading option in the FundedNext Program.

Evaluation Model Account focuses on selecting the platform’s most talented and severe forex traders.

The model account allows you to trade news, freeing you from using high-impact news releases.

Such traders must have received a reward for their consistent effort, evidenced in their evaluation stage at phase two.

In this business model, you can trade with a leverage of 1:100.

The Evaluation Model account has two phases: phase one, phase two, and the funded account.

Phase One

In phase one of the Evaluation Model Account, you will be required to hit a profit target of 10%.

The program also requires you to respect the maximum daily loss of 5% and the maximum loss rules of 10%.

You have up to thirty days calendar to reach your profit target, with your days starting counting from the first day of trade.

This is the day you first placed your position on phase one of the evaluation account.

In addition, the program requires you to trade for at least five days in a month before you can be granted to proceed to phase two.

Phase Two

In phase two of the Evaluation Model Account, traders must hit a profit target of 5% while respecting a maximum daily loss of 5%.

You also need to respect the maximum daily loss set at 10% with your trading time to hit the profit target increased to sixty days.

The trading days begin counting from the first day you placed your position on the evaluation account.

In addition, the Program requires you to trade for at least five days to be granted to join the funded account.

Funded Account

You will be awarded a funded account when you complete phase two of the evaluation stage.

The funded account has no profit targets set; you only need to respect the maximum daily loss of 5% and the maximum loss rules of 10%.

The program will offer you a first profit split of 80% based on your profits from the Program.

During the evaluation stages of the Evaluation Model Account, you will receive a profit split of 15% which will be based on the profits you make.

You will begin receiving your payment bi-weekly after you get your first payment.

  • The Account Scaling Plan Of The Evaluation Model Account

The Evaluation Model Account has a scaling plan requiring you first to hit a target of 10% profits.

The profit target should be reached in four months, with at least two months producing a profitable outcome.

The last month must also end in profits to claim the scaling plan in your funded account.

In the scaling plan, your account size will be increased by 40% based on your original balance.

The maximum account balance you can have after scaling is $4,000,000.

The program also offers a profit split of up to 90% when your account is scaled for the first time.

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What Is The Broker Used In The FundedNext?

FundedNext program uses the Eightcap broker regulated by the ASIC body in the City of Melbourne, Australia.

The Eightcap broker company was launched in 2009 to offer financial services to clients in the forex industry.

The broker allows traders to trade numerous instruments such as indices, shares, and commodities.

  • The Eightcap broker is considered an average risk scoring a trusted core of 73/99, offering the following services.
  • Cryptocurrency trading,
  • Forex trading
  • CFD Trading
  • Copy trading/social trading
  • Provides up to 45 forex pairs.
  • Offers up to 326 tradable symbols.

Eightcap broker has two account types, including standard account and raw account.

And you’ll pay your fees and commission depending on the type of account you choose to work with.

For instance, the fees in the raw account are built on commission, while those on standard type are built on the spread.

The other extra fee the broker may charge is the overnight fee, considered as interest for overnight trading to be held in an open position.

The Eightcap offers to trade on the Metatrader4 and the Metertrader5 from meta quotes competitions.

Who Is The Founder Of FundedNext?

Fundednext Review

FundedNext was founded by Abdullah Jayed, a young entrepreneur in the digital sector who based his career on the forex trade.

Abdullah founded FundedNext in 2022 and has been the prop firm’s CEO.

In 2016, he first launched the Jayed corporative, which aimed at providing more opportunities for making money.

The program was to create more job opportunities for people globally while simplifying the lives of people.

In addition, Abdullah created other companies and projects such as eComChef, Money Back FX, and Growth Alliance.

All these companies recorded positive progress to become bigger projects in the market within a short period.

From the day he launched the FundedNext Prop Firm, the company has significantly grown to become one of the multi-million-dollar prop firms in the world.

Abdullah tries to create as many projects as possible to solve unemployment issues in society.

According to Abdullah, every young person with dreams of success should be allowed to chase their goals online.

In the FundedNext program, Abdullah claims to help the traders with some strategies to help them.

The strategies aim to ensure they test themselves to know their talent and trade level.

The program, as created by Abdullah, allows it to quickly fund the traders immediately after they pass their evaluation stage.

Apart from FundedNext, Abdullah is also available on LinkedIn and Instagram, where he regularly posts new updates.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the FundedNext Prop Firm?

Fundednext Review

Here are the great advantages you will enjoy when you join the FundedNext Prop Firm:

  • Allows You To Earn A Profit Share Of Up To 15% In The Evaluation Stage.

FundedNext is the only prop firm in the forex industries that offers you a profit share during the evaluation stage.

This strategy aims to promote talented and serious traders for their hard work and skills, enabling them to trade more.

  • Offering You A Profit Share Of Up To 90%

When you become a professional trader in the FundedNext prop firm-funded account, your profit share will increase to a maximum of 90%.

This is the highest profit share the prop firm offers its traders to motivate them to continue trading more on the platform.

  • Offers You A Scaling Plan Of Up To $4,000,000 On Your Account Balance.

The Program offers a scaling plan if you consistently profit with your funded account.

The scaling plan aims to increase your account balance by 40% up to a maximum value of $4000000.

You can therefore use the scaling plan opportunities to grow your business and achieve your goals.

  • Offers You A Dedicated Account Manager

When you join FundedNext, you will be designated an account manager.

The account managers will help you get all your queries answered at the right time every day and whenever you need them.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The FundedNext?

Fundednext Review

After joining FundedNext, you must pay the registration fee according to your chosen funded amount.

The registration fees also vary depending on the business model you choose.

Here are the available funded amounts with their fee required for the Consistency Model Accounts:

  • $15000 funding amount, which goes for $99.
  • $25000 funding amount that costs $199.
  • $50000 funding amount for $299.
  • $100000 funding amount for $549.
  • $200000 funding amount for $999.

The funding amount and corresponding fees for the non-consistency express model are here:

  • $15000 funding amount, which goes for $119.
  • $25000 funding amount that costs $229.
  • $50000 funding amount for $379.
  • $100000 funding amount for $699.

Here is the funding amount with their correspondent fees for the Evaluation model:

  • $15000 funding amount, which goes for $99.
  • $25000 funding amount that costs $199.
  • $50000 funding amount for $299.
  • $100000 funding amount for $549.
  • $200000 funding amount for $999.

The program claims that you can claim back your registration fee after being granted to become a funded trader.

Is FundedNext A Scam?

Fundednext Review

FundedNext is technically not a scam.

You can trade and earn your profit share as stated.

FundedNext also provides an excellent profit share when you become their funded account trader.

The 90% profit share offered in the program aims at making you quickly grow your business while trading in the platform.

On the other hand, the program has a great review on Trustpilot, achieving a rating of 4.6/5 with numerous followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This shows the amount of satisfaction most of the FundedNext traders have for their services and trust.

However, the Program may only work out for some; as easy as it sounds, you must be very talented and have the required skills to succeed.

You must also be trustworthy and profitable enough to trade with the funded account.

My Assessment of the FundedNext Prop Firm

Here are some factors that I used to make a judgment about this prop firm:

Scaling Opportunities – 8/10

FundedNext program has an impressive scaling plan for its traders.

You’ll receive a 40% increase in your account balance every time you hit their scaling plan requirements.

As claimed by the prop firm, your account balance can increase to $4,000,000 based on your profits and your account balance.

Profits Targets – 9/10

FundedNext has the best profit share compared to other companies offering proprietary trade in the forex industry.

The program provides a profit share of 15% in the evaluation stage and increases the share to 605 when you join the funded account.

Upon making your first and second withdrawals, your profit split percentage increases drastically to hit its maximum value of 90%.

Affordability – 8/10

The prop firm is highly affordable with a lower entry cost which favors most proprietary traders in the forex industry.

In addition, FundedNext has no restrictions in any country, allowing you to trade forex anywhere in the world.

Trader Supports – 7/10

Trader support available in FundedNext is open for anyone who wants to join or seek information about the firm.

The Program provides you with up to three ways to reach out to their professional team, including;

Use their site via or on live chat or message them through messenger.

Tradable Assets – 6/10

There are several tradable assets available for you in the FundedNext platform.

They include indices, commodities, and forex, allowing you to trade in various assets.

You will, therefore, have numerous options for assets when it comes to trading in the platform.

Trustworthiness – 9/10

Based on the higher rating on Trustpilot and the large number of followers on their social media pages, the program wins the hearts of many traders.

Most traders who comment on their pages express satisfaction with the services offered.

My Overall Rating: is 8/10

I rate FundedNext proprietary firm 8/10 ratings based on their performance and customer feedback.

What Are People Saying

Here are how different traders react to the FundedNext prop firm online on social media pages and the Trustpilot platform.

Trust Pilot

Fundednext Review

FundedNext has a rating of 4.6/5 in the Trustpilot, with about 84% of the reviews rating it at five stars.

The statistics are from a sample test of 4,153 reviews on the Trustpilot platform, which shows positive progress for the prop firm.

Even that being the case, I noted some negative reviews.

Notable was a complaint about delayed payment as a result of copy trading.

Another trader was concerned with the number of suspended accounts on the platform.

Fundednext Review


FundedNext program has an active Facebook account with more than 52k followers.

They have attracted 52,048 likes, with many customers leaving positive comments about their satisfaction with the program.


FundedNext Program also has a Twitter page with more than 10.4k followers.

They have more than 1.3k tweets, with most customers expressing satisfaction with the program services.


On their Instagram page, FundedNext prop firm has more than 23K followers with more than 554 posts.

Most of the followers on their pages are traders who positively review their services on the platform.


FundedNext prop firm has over 80 videos on their YouTube channel attracting over 24.8K subscribers.

Most of the videos on their channel are educational, attracting more than one million views.


FundedNext has more positive reviews from their trader than negative ones showing an impressive result.

Remember, despite the Program being great for some people, it may only satisfy some.

FAQs About FundedNext Prop Firm

Can I Take A Break And Not Trade For Sometimes In The FundedNext?

You can take a break from trading in the platform, which will pause your trading account for a certain period.

During the break, you will not worry about your trading account being deleted even if you have some funds in your wallet.

However, you must update your account manager before you take a break, as it may be against the rules if you fail to do so.

Can I Merge My Accounts In FundedNext?

Yes, you can merge accounts with an account  balance of up to $300,000 but under the following conditions:

The two accounts you want to merge must be in the same model, for instance, merging a non-consistency account with another non-consistency account.

You cannot merge the two accounts if a trade runs in any of the account’s trading cycles.

Which Platform Can I Use To Trade With The FundedNext Program?

Fundednexrt prop firm allows you to trade with a well-known platform in the forex industry called the MT4 platform.

The MT4 platform is provided by Eightcap broker, which ASIC regulates.

When Does My Trading Cycle Start When Using The FundedNext?

When your first trade on the platform, you will have your trading cycle started.

This should be distinct from when your account gets activated, as it does not mean you have started your trading cycle.

For instance, when your account is activated on Monday, and you place your trade on Thursday, your trading cycle starts counting on Thursday.

Does FundedNext Company Have Any Country Restrictions?

Trading with the FundedNext program is not restricted to any country worldwide.

This means you can trade with the platform free from any country if you have an internet connection.

However, you must adhere to your local governing rules and the local authority instructions placed in your country against trading in the forex industry.

Thank you for reading my FundedNext Review.

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