Leveled Up Society Review – Is This Prop Firm Legit?

Leveled Up Society Review

Hi, welcome to my Leveled Up Society Review.

Are you interested in becoming a successful trader and looking for funds to make your dream come true?

If so, Leveled Up Society is one program that claims to offer you the funding.

The prop firm claims they can fund you after passing their evaluation stage and scaling your account size to up to $1,000,000.

In this review, I’ll delve into these claims and much more issues, including the cost of joining the platform and how it works.

That said, let’s get started…

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Summary Of Leveled Up Society

Product Name: Leveled Up Society

Product Type: Trader’s Funding Platform

Evaluation Fee: Starting from $297

Official and Correct Site: https://leveledupsociety.com/

Overall Rating: 4/10

My Recommendation:  Not for everyone; kindly read my review to know why

Leveled Up Society Review – Overview

Level Up Society Review

Leveled Up Society allows you to get funding for forex trading.

The platforms reiterate that everyone aspiring to become a prop trader is eligible.

This involves providing them with the funds needed to start trading.

It also involves providing the person with good customer support and education to boost their skills in trading online.

In other words, the prop firm offers traders the funds to trade and make money through profit splits.

Before you get to the funded account, you’ll have to pass their evaluations.

This is done by letting you enroll in their evaluation account stage in levels one and two.

Also, the prop firm tests whether you can manage their funds when they promote you to a funded account in the two phases.

Once the program gets satisfied with you being a good trader based on your progress in the evaluation stage, you stand a chance of getting a funded account.

After advancing to the live funded account, you’ll start making profits and earn income based on the profit share.

The program will offer you a profit share of up to 80% to help you grow your business.

In addition, the program allows you to manage account sizes that range up to $200,000 with a scaling option to enable you to grow your account.

The company trades instruments such as forex pairs, cryptocurrency, indices, and commodities.

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Pros Of Leveled Up Society

  • Accepts a maximum balance of up to $1,000,000.
  • Provides numerous free evaluation retries.
  • Higher profit split of up to 80%.
  • Bi-weekly payouts after the first withdrawal.
  • You can hold the trade during weekends and overnight
  • Allows news trading for both Phase I and Phase II of any of their challenges
  • Offers account scaling option.
  • The leverage account is up to 1:100.

Cons Of Leveled Up Society

  • No EAs allowed
  • Prohibition of martingale’s strategy
  • News restrictions are placed for a funded account ( 2 minutes before and after the red folder event is released)

Who Should Sign Up With Leveled Up Society?

Level Up Society Review

Leveled Up Society accepts focused and highly dedicated traders worldwide, provided you are above 18.

The program will guide you in understanding paper risk and trading management.

Also, the program claims to provide you with the lowest profit target size.

This is a strategy the company uses to aim at becoming the leading prop firm in the industry.

Who Should Not Sign Up with Leveled Up Society Prop Firm?

If you are not an experienced and passionate trader looking for capital to start a proprietary trade, joining the program might not work.

The prop firm provides you with their funds once they are sure that you have the appropriate skills.

During the testing period, you’ll pass through two evaluation stages.

What Is Leveled Up Society?

Level Up Society Review

Leveled Up Society is a platform that claims to offer traders an opportunity to trade.

The prop firm came into action in 2022, with its main offices in the USA.

For instance, when you are around the United States, you can visit their offices in Miami and 1001 Brickell Bay.

The program offers an online demo trading evaluation to help traders learn how to make money on any trading platform online.

When you select a challenge in the program, you’ll develop the ability to utilize the opportunities to trade online.

The program expects you to have trading abilities in platforms free from risks, with the upfront fees required for the evaluation paid.

After completing your evaluation stage, you’ll get a profit split from the money you make in your funded account.

The profit share under the customer and the platform agreement during the registration are always up to 80%.

You can achieve a higher profit share by scaling up your capital to a maximum of $200,000.

After joining the program, you’ll get the opportunity to complete the two-step evaluation and leverage your professional goals.

The prop firm partners with the Eightcap company as their trusted broker, which all prop traders use.

Who Is Leveled Up Society Owner?

Leveled Up Society Review

Levelled Up Society Prop Firm was founded by Cristhian Gonzalez.

Gonzalez launched the new prop firm in 2022 and still serves as the company’s co-owner.

Gonzalez is a resident of the Miami Fort Lauderdale area of the USA.

He is an experienced prop trader who claims to have succeeded by trading in the forex industry.

Gonzalez believes that every seasoned prop trader should have the opportunity to achieve their objectives online despite financial constraints.

Therefore, by launching the Leveled Up Society, Gonzalez targets to enable all experienced prop traders worldwide to get the opportunity to trade.

He also targets newbies who have a passion for becoming professional forex traders to get the opportunity to trade in the forex industry.

When you join the program, you’ll first pass through two evaluation phases where Gonzalez focuses on the best way to confirm your ability to trade forex.

When you pass the evaluation stage, you’ll be automatically awarded a funded account with a profit share of up to 80%.

At this stage, Gonzalez expects you to increase your trade, earn more profits and grow your account to a maximum balance of $1,000,000.

Gonzalez also encourages traders to use the scaling program allowed by the company to grow their accounts much faster.

How Does Leveled Up Society Work?

Level Up Society Review

Leveled Up Society works by providing you with up to three funding options for trade.

The funding options are two, so they represent the demo account, while the last one represents the live account.

Evaluation Account

In the Evaluation stage, the company aims to identify profitable, disciplined, and consistent traders who can trade with the funded account.

The evaluation stage has two phases: phase one introduces you to the demo account, and phase two promotes you to the funded account.

Evaluation Level One

In this phase, the program requires you to hit a profit target of 8% for consideration as a profitable trader.

Furthermore, you must respect the maximum daily loss of 5% and the maximum loss rules set at 8%.

When trading on the platform, you’ve up to thirty days to reach your set profit target.

Even if you’re an experienced trader, the program requires you to trade for at least five days in the evaluation account.

The account sizes in the program range from $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000.

After you successfully pass level one of the evaluation stages, you’ll automatically move to level two.

In addition, the prop firm offers you a refundable fee of $1,069 if you want to quit it at this stage.

Evaluation Level Two

In the second evaluation phase, the prop firm lowers its profit target to 5%, which you should reach in sixty days.

Despite it extending your maximum trading days to sixty, you’re still expected to trade for at least five days to pass the stage.

However, you’re not required to surpass a maximum daily loss of 5% and maximum loss rules of 8%.

In phase two, there is no refundable fee.

After you successfully pass phase two of the evaluation stage, you’ll get a funded account.

In the funded account, no profit target is set for you, allowing you to trade at your target profit.

However, the program requires you to respect the maximum daily loss of 5%.

In addition, you should not surpass the maximum loss rule set at 8%.

When you start trading with the funded account, you’ll receive up to 80% of your profit share.

The profit share is calculated on your trading account’s total profits.

The program also allows you to withdraw your profits after thirty days which starts counting from the day you placed your first position.

After receiving your first payout, you’ll receive the following weekly payouts:

Evaluation Stage Account Rules Of Leveled Up Society

  • The profit target is the percentage of the profit you must reach to pass the stage before moving to the next stage.

Phase one requires you to reach a profit target of 8%, while phase two requires you to hit a profit target of 5%.

The funded account doesn’t set any profit target for you.

  • You are not required to surpass the maximum daily loss, as it can violate your account.

Phase one, phase two, and the funded account have a maximum daily loss of 5%.

Maximum loss is the highest loss a trader should not pass for the account to be free from violation.

All the accounts have a maximum loss set at 8%.

  • Minimum trading days are the lowest days a trader must trade before completing a phase.

It is also the days a trader should take before requesting a withdrawal in the funded account.

Evaluation phase one and phase two have a minimum trading day of five, while the funded account has no minimum day set.

  • The maximum trading days are the highest number of days you can take to get the required profit target or withdraw.

In evaluation phase one, the maximum number of trading days is 30; in phase two is 60.

  • Does not accept trading news, so the prop firm will not allow you to trade when the news comes out with great impact.

Evaluation Stage Scaling Plan For Leveled Up Society

Leveled Up Society has a scaling plan which requires you to stay profitable for at least three months in the evaluation stage.

The program also allows you to scale your business when two out of the three months are profitable.

Then after you qualify for the account plan, your account will increase by 25% based on the original account balance.

For instance, if you had a starting balance of $200,000, you can expect your account to scale up to $300,000.

In the next scaling, if your balance is $350,000, you expect your account to scale up to $350,000.

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What Is Contained In The Leveled Up Society Dashboard?

The Leveled Up Society dashboard is a web-based interface that helps provide services to all traders in the Leveled Up Society platform.

A range of features is available in the dashboard with tools designed to help traders succeed.

For instance, traders can view their loss statement, profits progress, and daily loss limit.

In addition, the dashboard allows you to monitor your trading requirements in your account in real time.

For this reason, when you are on track with the dashboard, you can be in top form with your trading goals.

You’ll also be on track with the minimum requirements you need to reach to get the funded account and start earning profits.

Analytical tools are also available in the dashboard, including risk management and trading analysis tools.

Using the tools available in the dashboard, you can monitor and analyze your performance in the market.

This will enable you to set your trading strategies effectively with the change in the market trends and earn your expected profit targets.

The Leveled Up Society Payouts

Leveled Up Society Review

You must be their trader in the live-funded account to qualify for the Levelled Up Society payouts.

The program doesn’t accept payout in the evaluation phases as no profit shares are disbursed to traders in the two stages.

You can make a payout request when you start receiving your first profit share in the funded trading account.

The payout method used in the program is the Deel, where you must accept the transaction fees in the technique.

In your payout request procedure, you must submit your invoice to the company by visiting their official website dashboard.

In the dashboard, you’ll move to the profit split option and submit an invoice requesting a payout.

When your submission is successful, the program will automatically review your account to see if it is eligible for a payout and then process it.

To verify your payout request, you must submit your government-issued identification card, a proof of the address you have used in the last sixty days.

You must also submit an agreement of the signed funded trader from the platform.

The programs also use some trading requirements to confirm your withdrawal request; let’s look at them.

Requirements For Leveled Up Society Payouts

The requirements for withdrawals or payout vary with the number of times you have submitted your request.

For instance, when it is your first time, your requirements will differ from when you make your second subsequent requites.

Here are the requirements for the first application:

  • First payout Requirements

The prop firm checks if you have completed at least thirty days from the day you placed your first trade on the platform.

The prop firm also checks if you are free from orders or open positions, as you cannot make a withdrawal request with an open position.

When you submit a withdrawal request, the program will temporarily place your account into a read-only mode until the process is complete.

  • Second & Future Payouts

Here are the requirements for subsequent payouts:

The prop firm checks if you have completed fourteen days since you placed your first trade after the previous withdrawal date.

You are also not allowed to have orders or open positions when making your payout request.

When processing your payout request, the program will temporarily place your trading account into a read-only mode.

Can Your Leveled Up Society Payout Request Be Rejected?

Yes, your payout request can be fully or partially rejected when you fail to follow the withdrawal request rules set by the company.

When your payout request is rejected, it is a warning to your live-funded account, which may lead to its shutdown.

The company allows trades for only two warnings before they take action on your live-funded trading account.

When you receive your third warning, you may be a breach with your account being closed and will no longer be part of their prop trader’s community.

However, the company allows traders to appeal to their live support chart.

When you go by the appeal to retrieve back your account, the program will expect you to make at least two successful withdrawals without warning.

This will make you claim your account and continue trading with the prop firm, provided the support team verifies your appeal.

Leveled Up Society Leverage

The Leverage the prop firm offers varies with the instrument of trade you choose to work with.

Some instruments have a higher leverage, while others have an average leverage.

Levered Up Society allows you to trade with up to five frequently traded instruments in the forex industry.

Here are the instruments allowed in the prop firm with their corresponding Leverage offered:

Forex Pairs

Forex pairs are the main instruments many prop traders use to trade on the platform.

All the accounts available in the Leveled Up Society offer their forex pairs at a leverage of 100:1.

Other instruments include:


Leveled Up Society offers Leverage of 1:40 on the gold instrument


Leveled Up Society prop firm offers Leverage of 1:30 in indices.


Leveled Up Society offers traders a Leverage of 1:2 on crypto instruments.


In commodities, the prop firm offers traders a leverage of 1:40.

What Is The Leveled Up Society’s Trusted Broker?

The trusted broker the Leveled Up Society uses is Eightcap, a broker regulated by the ASIC in Melbourne, Australia.

The Eightcap broker was formed in 2009 to provide financial services exceptionally to clients in the forex industry.

Eightcap Broker has five offices distributed globally and regulated in different locations.

The Eightcap broker has a trust score of 73 out of 99, making it the best and average risk-free broker.

The broker allows you to trade in the following markets:

  • Forex Trading
  • CFD Trading
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • shares
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Social Trading or copy trading
  • Offers up to 45 forex pairs
  • Provides up to 326 tradable symbols

The Eightcap offers you up to two account types: a raw account and a standard account.

The amount you pay and the commissions will depend on your chosen account.

In addition, the broker charges you for the overnight fee, which is based on holding an overnight trading open position.

Eightcap broker is the widely used broker in the Meta Trader 4 and offers newer Meta 5 platforms.

What Trading Instruments Are Allowed In Leveled Up Society?

Leveled Up Society program uses trading instruments such as:

  • Forex pairs at a leverage of 1:100.
  • Commodities at a leverage of 1:40.
  • Indices at a leverage of 1:30.
  • Cryptocurrency at a leverage of 1:2.

Steps For Joining Leveled Up Society

Level Up Society Review

Joining the Level Up Society is very simple; you will need to follow the steps below;

Step One: Registration

Like any other prop firm, you must begin by registering for the program to become one of the members.

During the registration process, you must key in your details on the registration page and complete the process by paying the entry fee.

Step Two: Start Challenge

To begin trading with the Leveled Up Society, move to the homepage and choose your start challenge.

The start challenge is located where the pricing is and includes different programs.

The programs are of different sizes, which are determined by the account size, which you will have to choose.

Step Three: Learning Rules

After choosing your account size, you must learn the rules you must follow before purchasing it.

At this stage, you will also cover the objectives you should put forward to help you succeed in the program.

Stage Four: Start Trading

After choosing your account size, you must look for a trading platform.

Also, the trading platform is effective in helping you get started in trading in the market.

If you’ve got a trading platform, you can begin trading in the phases available in the program.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Leveled Up Society?

Here are the benefits of joining the Leveled Up Society.

Funded Trading Opportunities

After you join the Leveled Up Society, you’ll get funded trading opportunities.

You’ll need to complete their evaluation process to claim their account trading opportunities.

Their funds can help traders trade large positions and earn more profits in the forex industry.

Excellent Mentoring & Coaching

Leveled Up Society has an expert team that provides professional mentoring and coaching.

This strategy ensures that all traders who join the program gain experience to become professional traders in the funded account.

From their expert teaching, the program aims at ensuring their traders improve their skills and grow their accounts.

Their Dashboard Is Easy To Use

The program provides an easy-to-use dashboard to give many traders easy access to the platform services.

The dashboard makes it much easy for multiple traders to keep track of their trading process when managing their trade.

More Freedom & Flexible

Leveled Up Society offers traders more freedom and flexibility in their schedules.

In addition, the program allows you to trade anywhere in the world and does not require any specific working hours and location for work.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Leveled Up Society?

Level Up Society Review

The price for joining the program depends on the account size you choose to work within the program.

There are four different account sizes available in the program.

Here are the account sizes with their corresponding fees:

  • $25,000 account size with its fee set at $297.
  • $50,000 account size with a price set at $497.
  • $100,000 account size with a fee set at $997.

The fees are payable upon completion of the evaluation phase.

You must pay a one-time fee with no extra or recurring charge added.

In an attempt to reduce the entry fee, traders have a chance to make good use of the discount offers provided on the platform.

In addition, the traders who want to access the dashboard pay a monthly fee of $97 in the program.

The dashboard offers real-time tracking of performance and trade metrics.

The monthly fee of the dashboard is waived in the evaluation stage, but when you join the funded account, it becomes mandatory.

In addition, the program claims to offer you discounts or bonuses when you refer a friend to the platform.

However, the discounts and bonuses in this stage vary based on the referral program the prop firm offers.

Winning the bonuses can help you save the cost of joining the Level Up Society account size fees.

So, if you want to engage in such discounts and bonuses to boost your fees, you need to check on the program website regularly to get updated.

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Is Leveled Up Society A Scam?

In my view, Leveled Up Society is technically not a scam.

The program provides traders with the opportunity to change the passion they have for trading into a full-time career.

By making them develop a full-time career, the program claims to offer them the capital required to trade in the forex industry.

Apart from providing the funds to trade, the program offers traders good customer support and education.

You’ll therefore get the opportunity to show your skills trading online with a starting balance of $25,000 and earn a profit target of 80%.

However, the program requires great commitment and passion for earning from the funded account.

For instance, first takes you through an evaluation stage before you can move to the funded account.

And if you can’t pass the evaluation stage, you’ll not get the opportunity to get the funded account.

As such, you’ll have to retake the evaluation phases or trade with your funds.

My Assessment Of The Leveled Up Society

Profits Split – 7/10

Leveled Up Society offers you a profit share of up to 80%.

The higher profit share enables traders to earn more income and grow their trading accounts.

The high-profit split also enables traders set their profit target and scale their accounts into their preferred size.

Scaling Opportunities – 6/10

Leveled Up Society allows you to scale your account by up to 25%.

If you have a starting balance of $25,000, your new balance will become $30,000 after scaling.

However, the scaling opportunity comes with its conditions, including becoming profitable in at least two of your first three trading months.

Profits Targets -7/10

Leveled Up Society has lower profit targets set for traders in the evaluation stage, with phase one set at 8% and phase two at 5%.

The funded account, however, doesn’t set a profit target for traders.

As such, this allows you to trade at your targets and grow your account to your desired level.

Affordability – 7/10

Leveled Up Society sets its price at the lowest level to target both beginners and professionals.

For instance, you’ll only have to pay $297 to join the program and purchase the $25,000 account.

The program is also available anywhere worldwide, with its services being affordable for beginners and professionals.

Trader Supports – 6/10

Leveled Up Society has an expert team focused on providing excellent customer support to its traders.

Customer support is available 24/7 for any trader seeking help or making an inquiry.

By providing customer support, the program aims at ensuring every trader gets the best out of their trade by minimizing mistakes in the program.

Tradable Assets – 6/10

Leveled Up Society provides traders with numerous trading tools, such as trading journals, risk management, and market analysis tools.

The trading tools are aimed at optimizing the performance of your trading account to earn more profits.

Trustworthiness – 5/10

Leveled Up Society platform has a good customer review attracting a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars in the trust pilot.

The program also has a testimony of payment proof on its Instagram page, where transactions made by winners are confirmed.

In addition, the program also provides traders with live-funded accounts for them traders to earn money online.

My Overall Rating is 4/10

Compared with other prop firms, Level Up Society is an average performer in the market.

The program is still new, with only one year since its launch.

What Are People Saying

Trust Pilot

Leveled Up Society Review

Leveled Up Society has a good rating of 3.5 on the trust pilot platform.

In addition, the program has its reviews distributed as 63% five stars, 5% four stars, 1% one star, less than 1% for 2 stars, and 31% for 1 star.

It is apparent that the 31% for the 1 star should be a cause for alarm.

Several users claim that the company is NOT honest enough to release their funds.

There are those who claim that the company is a scam.

One user by the name of AGA claims that the website is a scam and that if your profit is bigger than 5%, you’ll never get your payouts.

Leveled Up Society Review


Leveled Up Society program has an Instagram account with 91 posts and over 35,400 followers.


Leveled Up Society has an average rating in its performance.

However, the prop firm has had its share of challenges, including the fact that it has a lot of complaints about delayed or non-payments from its users/traders.

Leveled Up Society FAQs

What Happens When I Don’t Meet The Evaluation Phase Requirement Of Leveled Up Society?

If you don’t meet the trading requirements in the evaluation, you can either retake the evaluation phase or trade the phase using capital.

What Kind Of Trading Does Leveled Up Society Allow?

Leveled Up Society focuses on trading forex pairs, especially in the evaluation phase.

However, when you join the funded account, you can trade other markets, such as indices, cryptocurrency, and commodities.

Is Leveled Up Society Good For Newbies?

The program accepts traders from all levels, including experienced traders and beginners.

Leveled Up Society offers comprehensive education to beginners with excellent customer support to help them become expert traders.

The customer support provided by the program helps traders acquire new skills in trading online.

Does Leveled Up Society Offer A Refund Policy?

Leveled Up Society offers its traders a refundable fee of up to 1069.

However, the refundable fee is only available for traders in phase one of the evaluation stage.

You cannot reclaim the fundable fee offer if you reach phase two and the funded account.

Thank you for reading my Leveled Up Society Review.

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