Glow Node Prop Firm Review – Is This Prop Firm LEGIT?

Glow Node Prop Firm Review

Welcome to the Glow Node Prop Firm Review.

If you’re interested in knowing what glow node prop firm is, what it offers, and how it works, then this review has you covered.

Glow Node program is one of the best-performing prop firms online with excellent customer ratings.

In this review, I’ll explain what you need to know about the prop firm.

That said, let’s get started…

Summary of the Glow Node Prop Firm

Product Name: Glow Node Prop Firm

Product Type: Traders Funding Platform

Monthly fees: None

Evaluation Fee: Starting from $50

Official Site:

Program Founders: Ryan Beasley & Sam Bradbury

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Recommendation:  Not for everyone; kindly read my review to see why

Glow Node Prop Firm Review – Overview

Glow Node Prop Firm Review

Glow Node Prop Firm is one of the newest prop firms in the market offering the opportunity to trade forex, crypto, indices, and metals.

Despite the prop firm being newly launched in 2021, it has recorded good market performance, attracting more traders.

It boasts impressive ratings and reviews online, and most of its traders seem satisfied with its services.

The program provides up to six account sizes, from a $50,000 account to the largest $200,000 account size.

This allows you to begin trading from the lowest level, especially as a beginner.

The evaluation fee charged by the prop firm is also fair, which allows more traders to join the platform.

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Glow Node Prop Firm Pros

  • Offers fee refund

The Glow Node Prop Firm platform allows you to claim back your evaluation fee if need be.

However, you’ll have to withdraw at least 15% of the profits for your refund request to go through.

You can claim your refund for instant funding once you hit a maximum scaling target of (scaled *5).

  • Allows you to hold trade Over Weekends

The prop firm allows you to take a break from your trading account during weekends if you wish to do so.

You can also extend your weekend trading days to increase your daily profits.

As such, you’re not limited to the number of days to trade in the platform.

  • Accepts Copy trading

Glow Node Prop Firm allows you to copy trade from friends or colleagues outside the firm.

However, you cannot trade off another account in the firm, including your account.

Therefore, if you like copy trading, you must look for an account outside the firm to copy trade into your account.

  • Accepts trading via multiple accounts

The firm allows you to own up to three active accounts in the platform, allowing you to trade with all the active accounts.

The firm also allows you to trade with a maximum capital total of $300,000 for the three accounts you can own at most.

This means that if you’ve three active accounts, then the total starting balance in the three accounts must be less than $300,000.

Glow Node Prop Firm Cons

  • Longer Withdrawal time intervals

The firm allows you to make a withdrawal request at a time interval of up to 14 days which is quite long compared to other firms.

The longer period limits traders from making instant withdrawals in case of emergency financial needs.

The withdrawal request also takes up to seven days to be confirmed, and your funds will be transferred into your account.

  • Hinger trading period for scaling

The program sets a minimum trading period of up to three months to allow you to scale your business.

This duration may be pretty long for traders with faster trading skills who would like to speed up the growth of their trading accounts.

Who Should Sign Up with Glow Node Prop Firm?

If you’re a proprietary trader or have a great passion for becoming one, then Glow Node Prop Firm could be your next deal.

You can sign up with the Glow Node platform to learn proprietary trading and become part of their trading team.

After joining the platform, you can trade forex, crypto, metals, and indices.

Official Glow Node Site: CLICK HERE

Who Should Not Sign Up with Glow Node Prop Firm?

If you’re not interested in trading forex, indices, crypto, or metals, joining the Glow Node prop firm might NOT suit you.

Also, if you’re unable to pass their evaluation, you won’t be able to get the funded account.

What Is Glow Node Prop Firm?

Glow Node Prop Firm Review

Glow Node Prop Firm is a trading platform that started in April 2021.

The company has a trading program where prop traders can trade and help them become more profitable.

The program was launched after the company claimed to have noticed a broader gap in the trading market.

Also, the program claims to help you by providing you with tools, funding, and the training required to trade effectively.

The program was started by Ryan Beasley, the founder, and CEO.

Ryan launched the Glow Node prop firm with a great passion for helping traders trade.

Ryan collaborated with Sam Bradbury in building the Glow Node Prop Firm and is still a partner in managing the platform business.

The prop firm allows traders to trade in the forex exchange market.

The services provided in the platform include the funded trading program, forex training, and indicators.

The indicators offered are based on the trading view as predicted in the platform and the monthly subscription.

As a prop firm, Glow Node offers you prop trading on indices, forex, and metals.

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How Does Glow Node Prop Firm Work?

The Glow Node Prop Firm allows you to begin trading by providing you with different trading accounts.

The trading accounts include the two-phase and the single-phase accounts.

Here is what you need to know about the two accounts;

Single Phase

This one-phase challenge enables you to set a single-phase target to hit in your business.

After passing the target, you’ll get funded to grow your business.

If you are a good risk manager, a single-phase account can help you create a challenge for your business.

The single-phase account has no time limit, allowing you to pass it quickly.

The time you take to pass the challenge depends on your skills and trade speed.

  • Profit Targets

Single phase account has a profit target of 10%, set for everyone who chooses to trade with this account.

The company only requires you to hit 10% profit in your trade to pass the stage and get funded.

This is a breakthrough for traders who choose to work with the single-phase account compared to the overall target of 13%.

After you successfully hit the profit target of 105, the company will automatically renew your account.

This will enable you to become a fully funded trader in the program and start earning your profit share.

Official Glow Node Site: CLICK HERE

  • Relative Drawdown Limit

The Single-Phase account has a relative daily drawdown limit of 4%.

For this reason, you’ll receive a maximum drawdown limit of 4% of the initial balance in your account when you start your day.

A new trading day in the program starts at 0001 GMT +2, where all the drawdown is calculated.

For instance, if at 00:01 GMT, you had a balance of $100,000 as your starting balance, then your drawdown limit will be 4% of the balance.

This means that you’ll risk up to $4,000 that day, which claims to be a smaller limit according to the program.

The program claims that the smaller drawdown limit is a strategy to ensure traders can overcome risks when trading on the platform.

  • Maximum Drawdown Limit

The maximum Drawdown limit for the single-phase account is set at 8%.

This means you cannot exceed the 8% drawdown set for this account.

The draw-down limit will trail in your trading as you earn more profits.

For instance, when you begin with the $100,000 account, you’ll have a drawdown limit of $92,000.

  • The Trading Hours

The trading hours of the single phase begin at 00;01 GMT +2 and terminate at 23;59 GMT+2.

No restrictions are set during the trading time, allowing traders to keep their trade open even at night.

You can also place your trades over the weekend to maximize your profits.

  • Funded Account

You’ll join the funded trading account when you pass the single-phase challenge.

No profit targets or limits will be set for you in the funded trading account.

Excellent risk management skills allow you to make as much profit as possible.

The daily relative drawdown limit is 4%, while the maximum drawdown limit is 8% on the starting balance for the fended account.

Just like in the case of the single phase, the trading hours for the funded account also commence at 00;01 and end at 23;59 GMT +2.

As such, you’re not restricted on your time for trading, even over the night or during weekends.

The Two-Phase

The two-phase is the second account option in the Glow Node Prop Firm.

The two phases are divided into phase one and phase two;

  • Phase One

Here are what is contained in the phase one challenge;

The 8% profit target is calculated on your initial balance of trade, which you need to hit to pass this stage.

5% Daily relative drawdown, which you get as your maximum drawdown balance that your account started with during your trade.

The trading time of this phase challenge starts at 00:01 GMT +2 and ends at 23:59 GMT +2.

The phase challenge has an absolute drawdown limit of 10%, meaning you should not exceed 10% as the account drawdown.

The trading time for the challenge starts at 00:01 GMT +2 and ends at 23:59 GMT +2.

Also, you aren’t restricted in your trading time.

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  • Phase Two

Here is what has been contained in the phase two challenges of the account.

The 5% profit target is much less than the 8% target in the single-phase challenge.

However, the program does not want you to record consistency in profitability before you are given cash to trade with.

A daily relative drawdown limit is calculated on the initial balance for the trading day.

The account also has a 10% Absolute drawdown limit, meaning you should not trade beyond 10$ of your initial balance.

The trading hours for the phase two challenges are the same as the others, starting at 00:01 GMT +2 and ending at 23:59 GMT +2.

  • Funded Account

After you pass the phase two challenges, the program renews your account and lets you join the funded account.

Here are the features of the funded account in the program.

No profit targets with any account with no profit limits set for you to trade.

This allows you to have the freedom to make as much profit as you may wish to make.

The account has a daily relative drawdown limit of 5%, calculated on your starting balance.

The maximum drawdown limit of the funded account is set at 10% of the starting balance.


Features Of Glow Node Prop Firm

Here are the features available on the Glow Node Prop Firm;

  • Instant Funding

Instant funding is a feature that benefits traders who want to instantly boost their capital.

To qualify for instant funding, you must be able to cover up to 90% of your risk, while the program will help you cover the remaining 10%.

For instance, when trading $100,000 as your starting balance, your draw-down limit will be $5,000.

You’re expected to pay up to $4,500 while they help you cover the remaining $500 in the event of a loss.

  • Funded Rules

After being promoted to the funded accounts, you’ll not have any profit targets or limits set.

This is a strategy the program sets to allow you to make as much profit as possible and earn more money from your business.

The funded accounts don’t have a daily drawdown limit set for traders; instead, they apply the overall drawdown limits.

The funded accounts’ absolute drawdown limit is 5% with an extended trading hour.

The trading hours begin at 00:01 GMT and end at 23:59 GMT, allowing you enough time to trade, even at weekends or overnight.

Official Glow Node Site: CLICK HERE

  • Withdrawals

The program allows you to withdraw after the 14 days of the calendar on your funded account.

You are also allowed to withdraw any amount above $50 and will wait another 14 days to make another withdrawal.

It is also possible to withdraw 100% of your profit; however, this will lead to your drawdown limit being adjusted to 5% of your account balance.

The drawdown limit will be moved back to a break to the starting balance when you hit the 5% profit target again.

Before you make your withdrawal request, ensure all your accounts are closed.

You must stop trading until your withdrawal request is fully processed and confirmed.

You are free to request withdrawal anytime on the 14th day by contacting the support center of the prop firm.

The program will send you a response once your withdrawal is confirmed and get your funds transferred into your account within seven days.

The company pays traders through cryptocurrency, bank transfer, or PayPal.

  • Scaling  

Here is what you need to know about scaling in the program.

You need to be in the business for at least three months as the minimum trading period set by the program.

The program expects you to reach at least 10% withdrawn profits in the trading period.

Your account must also be above your initial balance to start scaling.

Scaling is done on 30% of your initial balance.

When you begin scaling your business, the profit split will rise to 90:10.

The scaling can be repeated for up to $1,000,000 as the maximum amount set by the program.

Steps For Joining Glow Node Prop Firm

Here are the steps for joining the prop firm;

Step One: Registration.

The process of joining the Glow Node Prop Firm begins by registering on its official website.

Step Two: Choosing Your Trading Account

You will then have to choose the account size of your preferred choice.

The prop firm has up to six account sizes, including $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000.

Each account size has its own purchase fee, which increases as the size of the account increases.

Step Three: Paying The Evaluation Fee

After choosing your account, you will then have to pay the evaluation fee to allow you to begin your evaluation stage.

Step Four: Getting A Funded Account

After passing your evaluation, the program will renew your account and instantly promote you to a funded account to begin trading.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Glow Node Prop Firm?

Glow Node Prop Firm Review

  • Glow Nodes Prop Firm allows you to scale your business to achieve your financial goals online.
  • The prop firm offers you instant funding once you pass your evaluation stage to allow you to begin trading with the funded account.
  • The program allows you to own up to three active funded accounts with a maximum starting balance of up to $300000.
  • The program provides training services to traders to help them gain skills to trade and pass your evaluation stage.
  • Glow Node Proprietary Firm provides trading tools and assets, such as premium indicators, to help you speed up your trade.
  • You will also get good customer support from the platform once you become a member of their proprietary traders.

What Is the Cost of Joining the Glow Node Prop Firm?

The cost of joining the Glow Node Prop Firm depends on your chosen account size.

Here are the available account sizes in the platform and their cost;

  • $5,000 is the smallest account size and costs you $50.
  • $10,000 account size, which costs you $99 to purchase.
  • $25,000 account, which costs $199 to buy.
  • $50,000 account size that costs up to $349 to purchase.
  • $100,000 account size costs up to $499 to purchase.
  • $200,000 is the largest account size and costs $999 to purchase.

All the prices set for the account sizes are the evaluation fee for every funded account size.

Therefore, you will have to pay the evaluation fee to begin your evaluation in the program.

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Is Glow Node Prop Firm A Scam?

In my opinion, Glow Node Prop Firm is not a SCAM.

After you join the program and begin trading in their evaluation stage, you’ll stand a chance to get promoted into their funded account.

Also, you’ll get the opportunity to trade on crypto, forex, indices, and metals.

As such, this platform offers you many opportunities.

However, sometimes making profits from the platform may not be as easy as it may sound to you.

For instance, the program expects you to pass the evaluation stages in phase two and the single phase for you to join the funded account.

Passing the evaluation stages may not be easy for some people who don’t have skills or passion for this type of trading.

In addition, the withdrawal time interval may also not please some traders as it takes as long as 14 days to request.

This means that you cannot make an emergency withdrawal before the time interval is reached.

On the other hand, the program also takes up to seven more days to send money into your account.

Some traders may not be patient enough to wait long before receiving their funds in their accounts.

➜ Get Funded on Glow Node 

My Assessment of the Glow Node Prop Firm

Here are my assessments of the Glow Node Prop Firm;

Profits Split – 9/10

The Glow Node Prop Firm has a profit split from 80% up to 90 which is impressive for traders.

The higher profit share allows you to earn the most significant share of your profits to encourage you to trade more.

You only leave 20% of the profit you get to the company, which also reduces to 10% if you continue trading more on the platform.

Scaling Opportunities – 7/10

The scaling opportunity available in the program is also manageable by many traders due to the easier scaling rules set.

When you follow their scaling opportunity conditions and earn the profit share as expected, you can quickly scale your business.

Profits Targets – 8/10

Meeting profit targets in the Glow Node Prop Firm evaluation stages in the prop firm significantly easier.

The profit targets, which are 8% for phase one and 5% for phase two, are fair for every trader to hit and advance to the funded account.

The company sets a lower profit target to make as many traders pass the evaluation stage as possible.

Affordability – 6/10

Glow Node Prop Firm is much more affordable for traders across the world.

You can quickly join the platform and start their evaluation trading to enable you to advance into their funded account.

In addition, the company makes the registration into the program and the fee lower to accommodate more traders into the platform.

Trader Support – 7/10

The customer support for traders on the platform is also good.

You can quickly contact their customer care team at and get a quick response if you have any queries.

Tradable Assets – 6/10

The Glow Node Prop Firm has several trading assets they offer their traders, including premium indicators.

The tradable assets and tools make trading much simpler for traders to earn more profits than expected.

Trustworthiness – 8/10

Because of the numerous positive reviews, testimonies, and high ratings online, Glow Node Prop Firm has built more trust in traders.

Most traders, therefore, feel comfortable trading in the program and earning profits enabling them to achieve their financial goals.

My Overall Rating – 7/10

Overall, Glow Node Prop Firm attains 7/10 as one of the best-performing proprietary firms in the market.

As such, you’ll stand a chance to achieve financial freedom online when you trade with the platform effectively.

What Are People Saying

Trust Pilot

Is Glow Node Prop Firm A Scam?

In the trust pilot platform, Glow Node company has a total review of 33 with a rating of 4.7/5.

The excellent rating in the trust pilot shows the impressive performance of the Glow Node Prop Firm.

Up to 94% of people rating the prop firm give it five stars, while only 6% match it with four stars.


Glow Node Prop Firm Review

The Glow Node Prop Firm has an official Facebook Page where they have gained 62 followers and fifty likes.

Despite the recent launching of their Facebook page, they have had positive progress gaining more likes and followers daily.

This also shows the impressive trust more traders have in the program.


Glow Node Prop firm generally has a positive review and rating on scam detector sites and their social media pages.

For this reason, there is no doubt that most of the traders using the platform are happy with their service.

However, not everyone who trades with the set will be impressed with their services, providing room for a few complainers.

FAQs About Glow Node Prop Firm

Can I Get A Refund From Glow Node Prop Firm?

Yes, the program can refund your evaluation fee after you reach a target withdrawal of 15% of your profit.

When you get instant funding, you can only receive a refund when you get a maximum scaling of five times your initial scaling amount.

How Many Accounts Can I Have?

The program allows you up to three active accounts at the same time.

Your active accounts can have a maximum starting balance of $300,000 across all the accounts you have on the platform.

Can My Trading Account Expire?

Yes, your trading account can expire, which depends on the duration you take before trading.

According to the program, your trading account will expire thirty days after your last trade.

To prevent your account from expiring, you must contact customer support if you want to take a trading break of more than thirty days.

Can I Hold Trades Over The Weekend?

You are allowed by the program to trade or hold your trading by the program over the weekend.

The cryptocurrency trade is always open 24/7, even though you must be cautious as trading and holding your transaction simultaneously over the weekend is impossible.

In addition, you are not allowed to hold more than 305 of your margin over the weekend, as you may expect.

Are There Any Minimum Or Maximum Trading Days?

The company has no minimum or maximum trading days set for traders on the platform.

You are, therefore, free to choose the minimum or maximum trading days you want in the program.

In addition, the program does not set any time limit for trade with the trader, allowing you to trade as long as you want.

What is the maximum account leverage for Glow Node Prop Firm?

The proprietary firm uses the following account leverage.

  • 1:30 across all the Forex pairs
  • 1:10 for the indices
  • 1:3 for the cryptocurrencies.

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