Bravenly Global Review: Is This MLM A Scam Or Legit?

Bravenly Global Review

Hello and welcome to my Bravenly Global Review.

In this review, I explain the details of the Bravenly Global program.

This MLM company claims to be your best choice to help you earn a passive income by selling their products online.

Launched in 2020, the Bravenly Global program asserts that numerous affiliates have successfully generated income through their services.

However, you can’t make your decisions on joining the platform based on their CLAIMS.

Just like any other MLM program, you must first research it to ensure you are making the right decision.

This will guide you in making informed decisions that can enhance your chances of success, assuming the program proves worthwhile.

In my presentation, I cover key aspects of Bravenly Global.

Again, if the program doesn’t align with your preferences, I’ll suggest an alternative program for online income.

With that in mind, let’s start…

Bravenly Global Review Summary

Name: Bravenly Global

Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Official Website:

Founders: Brent Emry and Aspen Emry

Product Rating: 60/100

Product Cost: Starting from $49.99 with other additional charges, kindly review the pricing section to learn more.

Recommendation: Not for everyone.

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Bravenly Global Review – Overview

Bravenly Global Review

Bravenly Global is an MLM company targeting to partner with you in marketing their products online.

The program sells tangible products online and offers promotion incentives for those involved in marketing, allowing them to earn income from the business.

The company only requires you to join their membership program and use it to build a passive income.

Since its inception in 2020, the program asserts that it has formed partnerships with numerous affiliates globally, contributing to the expansion of its business.

Their partnership with many affiliates online has contributed to their success in the sales of health and lifestyle products.

Being formed by two couples Aspen and Brent, the company aims at supplying different health products to people within their reach.

Their main aim is to give all their customers get opportunity to place orders for their products and get them delivered to them easily.

They also focus on making their products available to everyone interested in purchasing them from every place they live.

But if you need a better option for making passive income online, I urge you to check out this opportunity:

Bravenly Global Review

What Is Bravenly Global?

Bravenly Global Review

Bravenly Global is an MLM company launched in 2020 with its headquarters based in Florida, United States.

The company operates in the nutritional products supplement founded by Brent Emrys and Aspen Emrys who are couples based in Florida.

As a multi-level marketing company, the company allows you to make money through sales of their products.

The company compensates you with commissions from product sales and offers additional benefits, including commissions for recruiting others to join the platform.

Their primary revenue source comes from selling various health and lifestyle products, distinguishing them from pyramid schemes that prioritize recruitment over product sales.

Your earnings on the platform are determined by both your sales performance and your success in recruiting new members.

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How Does Bravenly Global Work?

Bravenly Global Review

Bravenly works by paying you a commission from sales of their products.

The company sells various products as discussed in the next section of this review.

To earn income, you must sell the products and receive a commission, the amount of which is determined by your affiliate rank.

The Bravenly Global Compensation Plan

In the Bravenly Global compensation plan, you’ll get paid on commission on the sales of the company products.

The company disburses commissions based on your affiliate rank within the program and your sales performance on the platform.

Here is the affiliate ranking system in the Bravenly Global platform.

The company has up to twelve affiliate ranks in the Bravenly Global platform which include the following;

  1. Brand partner is the first rank that allows you to generate up to 100PV every month of your work in the platform.
  2. Senior brand partner, second rank which allows you to make up to 400 GV every month if you maintain 100 PV.
  3. Executive brand partner which helps you make up to 1000 GV if you constantly earn 100 PV in every single month when you generate not less than two legs.
  4. Director that requires you to continue trading with 100 PV for you to earn 2500 GV every month when you generate not less than three legs.
  5. Senior director which helps you earn 5000 GV  if you maintain 100 PV when you generate not less than five legs every month.
  6. Executive director which enables you to earn up to 10000 GV if you maintain a 100 PV and not less than five legs.
  7. Vice president that enables you to earn up to 30000 GV if you constantly earn 100 PV and not less than five legs every single month.
  8. Senior Vice President that allows you to earn up to 75 000GV if you maintain a 100 PV and not less than five legs every single month.
  9. The executive vice president enables you to generate up to 150 000 GV  if you maintain 100 PV and not less than five legs every month.
  10. Silver Executive Vice President which enables you to generate 150 000 GV if you maintain a 100 PV at not less than five legs in every month.
  11. Gold Executive Vice President requires you to continue with your achievement as the executive vice president and also have not less than five legs.
  12. Platinum Executive vice president which is the highest affiliate rank that enables you to generate up to 150000 GV.

More About The Compensation Plan Of Bravenly Global

You also need to maintain not less than five legs in a month.

In the affiliate ranking, the PV is a short abbreviation that refers to personal volume.

Your personal volume is the volume of sales that you generate from customer orders you retailed or Bravenly Global affiliates’ own orders.

According to the platform, a maximum of 51% of your PV should come from personal or customer order volume.

As Bravenly Ambassador the payment is set at $9.99 with an additional money awarded a commission of 10% of the sales volume.

On the other hand, the GV is an abbreviation that refers to Group Volume which are PV-generated affiliates together with their downline.

If you are ranked the Director or have improved to the rank of the executive director, you will get a maximum of 50% needed for the GV.

However, it is later reduced to 40% if you reach the rank of vice president or if you move higher than the vice president rank.

The Retail Commissions

The retail commissions are another way in which you can earn money from the Bravenly Global platform which pays up to 20%.

The retail commission is paid based on the retail sales volume of the customer.

Referral Commissions

As a referrer in the platform, you’ll earn the following commissions;

  • Up to 10% commission on the order volume of the products for a personally recruited ambassador.
  • A 10% commission on ambassadors recruited indirectly in the available downline.
  • Lastly, a 10% commission on the product orders that are made from the ambassadors recruited personally in the platform.

What Is Contained In Bravenly Global?

Bravenly Global Review

Bravenly Company contains different products in the health and lifestyle industry.

The company claims its main market is lifestyle products by providing a range of products in nutritional supplements.

The products also cover general health, spanning weight loss, pain relief, and intimacy.

The product lineup from Bravenly Global includes:

Bravenly Balance

  • Supportive and complementary supplement
  • Retail price: $99.999

Bravenly Boost Brew

  • Arabic coffee with adaptogenic mushrooms and nootropics
  • 2.9 oz pouch priced at $39.99

Bravenly Gold

  • Supports hunger reduction, immunity, and body fat loss
  • $69.99 for up to 30 servings

Bravenly Burn

  • Metabolism support
  • $49.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules

Bravenly Rush

  • Vitamin energy drink with 26 single-serve sachets
  • Priced at $74.99

Bravenly Ignite

  • Advanced appetite support in a 60-capsule bottle
  • $73.99

Bravenly Product

  • Adaptogen supplement for adrenal health and increased energy

Bravenly Calm

  • The unique adaptogenic formula for body fitness and mental clarity
  • $49.99 for each 60-capsule bottle

Bravenly Relief

  • Relief for joint or muscle discomfort
  • $62.50 for 100ml of 3.4 oz tube

Bravenly Glow Girl

  • Gummies with vitamins D, E, C, and A, along with a collagen booster blend
  • $55 for a bottle of 60 gummies

Bravenly Drive

  • Supports mood elevation, hormonal balance, and sexual wellness
  • $44 for a bottle of 60 capsules

Additionally, these products are available in discounted bundles for those interested in purchasing multiple items together.

Who Are The Founders Of The Bravenly Global?

Bravenly Global Review

Bravenly Global was founded by Brent Emry and Aspen Emry who are both couples based in Florida, United States.

The couple launched the program in 2020 with both serving as the CEO of the company to date.

Their main aim in launching the program was to make it a platform that would give their customers easy access to their products.

This is to enable them to easily make purchases of the products and get them delivered to their doorstep with much ease.

In addition, the couples use the platform to make the products available to all their customers online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Bravenly Global?

The cost of joining Bravenly Global is set at $49.99 which allows you to join their membership program.

The company also provides you with up to two brand partner business packs including the brand partner business ultimate pack that goes for $259.99.

The other package is the Brand Partner Business all-in pack that goes for $399.99.

In addition, there is also the $9.99 ambassador sign-up option which allows you to earn a 10% commission on the Bravenly global products.

By paying all these prices, you will get the opportunity to join the Bravenly Global company affiliate program.

This allows you to start earning from their affiliate programs through sales of their products and recruit new sales ambassadors in the platform.

Does Bravenly Global Offer A Refund policy?

Bravenly Global doesn’t talk about any refund policy on its official website.

This means that there is no guarantee that you can reclaim back your funds from the company if you quit their membership program.

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Is Bravenly Global A Scam?

In my assessment, the Bravenly Global platform appears legitimate as it focuses on selling tangible products through a multilevel marketing approach.

Earning opportunities include making money from product sales and receiving commissions by recruiting others into the affiliate program.

The legitimacy is reinforced by the existence of tangible products and a structured affiliate rank system, extending up to level 12 on the program’s website.

However, it’s essential to note that, like many multilevel marketing platforms, the initial commissions for beginners may be relatively modest.

The potential for increased earnings comes with a higher affiliate rank and an extended duration of participation.

Despite its legitimacy, the program poses challenges, particularly in terms of the relatively small commissions and the high cost associated with joining the affiliate membership program.

For prospective members, the substantial time investment required to recover the signup fee might be a deterrent.

While the program is genuine, it may not be suitable for everyone.

It is better suited for individuals good at sales promotion and capable of recruiting new members to boost their commissions.

If the Bravenly Global program doesn’t align with your preferences, stay tuned in this review for an alternative program that might better suit your needs in the online earning space.

Bravenly Global Review

What I like About Bravenly Global

  • Sells real products online

Bravenly Global company sells real health and lifestyle products to their targeted customers as their main source of income online.

This makes them different from other multilevel marketing programs that do not have real products to sell online.

It also makes them offer their affiliates a better opportunity to make money online through their affiliate programs.

  • Payment increases as your affiliate rank increases

If your affiliate rank increases in the platform, you will have your payment rate increased by a certain value determined by the rank.

This allows you to earn more from your trade to build a passive income in the platform.

It also motivates you to aim higher in your trade online and achieve your level best from their affiliate program.

  • Have real ownership identity

Bravenly Global Company has a real ownership identity that makes it build trust among its affiliates.

Their owners Brent and Aspen are both experienced entrepreneurs in the multilevel marketing industry.

This gives them a greater experience in making your entrepreneurs achieve more from their sales of products.

What I Don’t Like About Bravenly Global

  • Too expensive to join

Joining the Bravenly Global program involves paying different amounts for different payments required in the platform.

The different payments make the entire registration process too expensive and require you to put a larger capital upfront for you to join.

On the other hand, it requires you to make a huge investment which will take you a much longer time to recover.

  • Does not offer money money-back service.

Bravenly Global program does not provide you with the option to reclaim back your money if you decide to quit the platform.

This means that you must be able to take risks before making a decision to join the Bravenly Global program.

If you find the program not a suitable option for you, the best way is to quit it before making your payment.

  • The earnings from the platform are less significant

Just like any other multilevel marketing program, the amount you can earn in the form of commission from the sales of their products is too little.

As a beginner, the amount may be too little to use in building a passive income making it difficult for you to maintain the work.

In addition, the small commissions earned from the program make it less applicable to most low-income earning people.

  • It will take you a much longer time to start earning a significant amount from the platform.

Because the commission paid in the platform is too little, it will take you a much longer time to build a passive income from the platform.

For instance, the increase in payment on the platform is determined by your affiliate rank and the number of sales you make.

Is There Any Alternative To Bravenly Global?

Certainly, finding the right opportunity to earn money online, especially as a beginner, can be challenging.

With over 6 years of experience in online businesses, I understand the importance of choosing the right path for growth and income.

One highly recommended option for beginners is affiliate marketing, a well-established opportunity that might not have been fully explored by many.

Before making a decision, it’s crucial to grasp the basics of this business model.

Drawing on my experience, I’ve created a guide to help you get started.

If you’re ready to take action, you can check out the guide here:

Bravenly Global Review

FAQs About Bravenly Global

Is Bravenly Global A Pyramid Scheme?

In my opinion, the Bravenly Global program is not a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid scheme programs typically lack tangible products for sale.

Also, such programs rely on recruiting individuals as the primary income source for their affiliates.

However, the program offers real product sales as their main source of income to their affiliates.

How Much Can I Earn With Bravenly Global?

The amount you can earn from this MLM depends on your affiliate rank.

If you make more sales, recruit many people, and are ranked high on the platform, you’ll possibly earn more.

But if you are a beginner with no recruit, the amount you can earn can be less significant.

Must I Pay For The Additional Packs In Bravenly Global To Join?

As part of the registration criteria, the program requires you to also pay for any of the two available packs in their platform.

The payment is made after you have first paid the first registration fee on the platform.

For this reason, there is no other way of joining the program without paying for the additional package.

Is There Any Age Restriction In Joining The Bravenly Global?

The program does not restrict any person from joining their affiliate programs and earning money.

However, you must be at least 18 years old for you to meet the requirements of making money online.

Thank you for reading my Bravenly Global Review.

Do you still have any additional comments about this MLM program?

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