Organo Gold Review: Is This MLM Legit Or A Scam?

Organo Gold Review

Hi and welcome to my Organo Gold Review.

Organo Gold claims to be the best platform where you can earn a passive income by selling their products.

It is a global marketing company that targets to partner with traders and affiliates across the world.

The company also rewards you in the form of a commission if you recruit a person into the platform.

If your recruit purchases a product on the platform, you will get a commission.

Even though Organo Gold sells real products such as coffee, vitamins, soap, and more.

You must first learn the inside out of the program to understand how the company operates in detail.

For instance, most MLMs are always known to offer less significant payouts for their affiliates.

Sometimes, the commissions are too little to sustain you in the company making them.

So, Is Organo Gold different from other multilevel marketing programs online?

And if so, what makes it unique?

Well, those and much more are my top priority questions I am going to help you answer in this review.

Taking that in mind, let us begin…

Organo Gold Review Summary

Name: Organo Gold

Type: MLM


Founder: Bernardo Chuo

Product Rating: 50/100

Product Cost: Starting from $39.

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read and find out from my review

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Organo Gold Review – Overview

Organo Gold Review

Organo Gold is an MLM that provides you with the opportunity to make money through the sales of their products.

By selling their products, the company awards you a commission.

Their main products include coffee, vitamins, and soap which they sell as their main source of income.

However, what makes their products unique is the infusion of the product called Organic gold made from Ganoderma mushrooms.

The Ganoderma mushroom also called red reishi mushroom is known to be good in in reducing the toxicity found in coffee.

Organo Gold therefore infuses the Ganoderma mushroom in their coffee.

This is what makes their coffee more special and healthy compared to other types of coffee you will find elsewhere.

Apart from promoting and selling their products, the company pays you for recruiting more people.

For instance, if you invite your friend into the platform and purchase their product, you’ll get a commission.

You will also get a bonus when your recruits sign up on the platform.

However, if you need another opportunity to make money online, you can check it out here:

Organo Gold Review

What Is The Meaning Of Organo Gold?

Organo Gold Review

Organo Gold is a global network that helps people improve their levels of freedom, balance, and well-being.

The program features their main product as being a coffee brand that has Ganoderma infused in it which makes it special.

The Ganoderma lucidum a type of mushroom is known to have many health benefits.

The main benefit of this fungi substance is that it helps neutralize the toxify of caffeine found in coffee.

The Organo mushroom which is a famous Asian traditional medicine is what makes the Organo products unique.

By adding the Ganoderma mushroom, the company ensures its coffee achieves its desired taste.

In their effort to change the lives of people, the company sells different products such as nutraceuticals and beverages.

Their products are made naturally with unique ingredients.

The company provides its product samples, automated shipping options, individual sales of the products, and product samples.

As part of their affiliate team, the program offers you more business opportunities with many compensation plans.

The generous compensation plans help you build a passive income stream and use the opportunity to achieve your financial freedom.

The Organo Gold Company was founded by Bernardo Chua who is an experienced person in the health and medicine sector.

He founded the company in 2008 where the company has grown to become one of the top best multilevel marketing platforms.

Today, the company offers a range of products that embrace the use of their Ganoderma lucidum which makes them unique from other similar products in the market.

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How Does Organo Gold Work?

Organo Gold is a business that uses a multi-level marketing approach to sell its products online.

The key selling point of their products, mainly beverages and nutraceuticals, is the infusion of Ganoderma, a special fungi substance.

This fungi substance is highly valued in Asian countries for its perceived health benefits, contributing to the popularity of Organo Gold products in those regions.

The company offers a way for individuals to earn money by not only selling Organo Gold products but also by recruiting others to join the platform.

Affiliates are rewarded through a compensation plan based on the actions of their recruits.

For example, when someone you recruit signs up, you receive a sign-up bonus.

If that person makes a purchase, you also earn a commission.

The amount of commission you receive is influenced by factors like the investment made by your recruit and the number of recruits you have.

Additionally, your affiliate rank within the platform determines the commission you earn from recruiting.

New affiliates might earn more initially, but as their recruits bring in more people, their earnings have the potential to increase.

What Is Contained In Organo Gold Platform?

Organo Gold Review

Organo Gold products contain various products which include the following:

The Black coffee

The black coffee from Organic Gold Company is considered the best-prepared coffee that helps stimulate your senses.

It has a bitter and dark taste that makes it more special with an intense aroma and has up to 100% organic Ganoderma.

The presence of Ganoderma makes it achieve the test and quality that coffee lovers are looking for in their purchase.

Gourmet Latte

Organo Gold Company also sells gourmet latte which they consider as the most favorite house café latte.

The gourmet latte also contains up to 100% mixture of ganoderma purified with coffee which makes it perfect for drinking in your free time.

You can also take it as a break first or drink it during your break time at home or at work to make your morning drink much excellent.

Gourmet Moca

Another special drink from the Organo Gold is the gourmet moca which comes with the best tastes from cocoa offers.

These include the sweet taste that comes from 100% organic Ganoderma Lucidum which gives it the desired taste and quality.

King of Coffee

The king of coffee also contains 100% organic Ganoderma with pure organic coffee that makes it achieve the top quality flavors coffee lovers are looking for.

This includes antioxidant-rich ganoderma beans of high quality and many other gourmet coffee substances.

By purchasing the king of coffee, Organic Gold Company promises to let you enjoy the healthy taste you are looking for in your drink.

The organic green tea

Organic Gold Company also offers you a measuring and tasty green tea with a high concentration of antioxidants.

According to Chinese medicine, green tea is important in helping you overcome your health conditions.

What Makes The Ganoderma So Special In Organic Gold Products?

The Ganoderma Lucidum also known as red reishi is a special powerful and potent Chinese medicine used for various body treatments.

The substance is useful in boosting your body health, and also effective in increasing your lifespan.

It is a famous fungus substance known in most Asian countries as the top medicinal substance that is used in mostly Japan and Korea.

Due it its high demand, the ganoderma substance is planted on a large scale in Asian countries and also imported to many other European countries.

In the early days, Ganoderma was reserved for emperors and nobles only due to its importance on the body’s health.

It was later made available for everyone which increased its usage on a large scale increasing its demand in Asian countries and the entire world.

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Benefits Of Ganoderma In Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Chinese medicine, Ganoderma is very important for human health in the following ways:

Important antioxidant and anti-aging substance.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, ganoderma is useful in increasing your lifespan.

It is also an important antioxidant used in most beverages to improve their taste and quality.

In addition, Ganoderma is known to be very useful in increasing the train and IQ of the brain memory.

The fungus also increases the strength of the body muscles and anabolic resistance in the body.

A good protector

The Ganoderma substance is important in stimulating your immunity system of the body which makes it a good resistant.

The fungus substance can help you remove waste from your body organs to keep you fresh and safe by removing toxins from your body.

It also helps in reducing and controlling infections like pharyngitis, laryngitis, and throat and neck pains.

Red reishi is also considered the best antibiotic and can also be used to prevent flu and colds.

In addition, the ganoderma can help you fight allergic conditions in your body due to its analgesic potent conditions.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Organo Gold Platform?

Their official website does not disclose the cost of joining the Organo Gold platform.

However, if you go by buying their products, you will get a Gourmet Café Moca that goes for $39.00 for 15 sachets.

The Gourmet black coffee which also goes for $39 for up to 30 sachets.

For more information, you can visit their official website and contact their customer support team to learn more about their pricing.

Does Organo Gold Offer A Refund Policy?

The Organo Gold platform doesn’t mention any refund policy on their official website on either the signup fee or products.

This means that you may not likely get refunded if you decide to join the platform after joining it or if you want to return their products.

For this reason, you must first understand how the program works before taking the risk of investing in the platform.

If you purchase any of their products, you may not likely be able to reclaim your money if you want to return your product to their store.

Is Organo Gold A Scam?

In my view, Organo Gold is a legitimate multilevel marketing company that sells different coffee products as their source of income.

You can easily join Organo Gold’s affiliate program to promote and sell their real products, earning commissions in the process.

The company aims to reach customers worldwide who value the use of their unique Ganoderma substance, particularly appealing to coffee enthusiasts.

However, building a passive income through this multi-level marketing platform may not be straightforward.

The commissions from sales are relatively small and may not provide sufficient income initially.

Beginners might spend more than they earn or take a longer time to see returns.

It’s crucial to note that Organo Gold does not offer refunds to affiliates or customers, as stated on their website.

This lack of a refund policy makes it important to carefully consider joining the platform, as you must be willing to work within their payment rates.

While the Organo Gold platform may be suitable for those connected to various places or surrounded by coffee lovers, it may not be beneficial for everyone.

If you find the platform unsuitable for your needs, there are alternative options available for making money online, which I’ll explored further in this review.

Organo Gold Review

What I Like About Organo Gold

  • Sells real products online

In most cases, the products that multilevel marketing platform sells are what makes them a source of money-making opportunities.

You will get the opportunity to join their affiliate marketing team and earn a commission from the sales of the products.

If the program has no real products to sell, you might not easily earn from it as it will be a money-making opportunity.

  • The Organo Gold Company embraces the consumption of Ganoderma Lucidum products.

The ganoderma lucidum substance that makes their products unique from other coffee brands is important in boosting body health.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, the fungus substance is important in boosting your health and improving your lifespan.

This makes it an important substance in Organic Gold products that makes them very marketable among coffee lovers.

  • It is available worldwide

You can join the Organo Gold substance from any part of the world irrespective of your location or ethnicity.

Even though the fungus substance infused on Organo gold is common in Asian countries, it can be consumed by any coffee lover across the world.

For this reason, you can join the platform as a coffee lover and purchase their products or as an affiliate to promote sales and earn income.

What I Don’t Like Organo Gold

  • Does not offer any refund

Organo Gold doesn’t offer you the opportunity to reclaim back your money after joining the platform

Even if you buy their products and feel not interested, you will not get the opportunity to return the product and reclaim your money.

This makes the platform not a good option for coffee lovers who are not used to taking their unique Ganoderma substance.

  • Not for everyone

Even though the Organo Gold company sells real products, their payout is less significant and may not easily sustain you.

The money might be too small to withstand and may not be used as the main source of income or the only work online.

This makes it not an option for everyone who wants to build a passive income stream working online to achieve their financial freedom.

  • Not applicable in some places

The best place to enjoy Organo Gold products is when you are within Asia or close to their main stores.

If you are outside China, you might end up paying a high shipping fee which makes it not applicable for you as a buyer.

In addition, the company would like you to attend their meetings which makes it not applicable for affiliates that come from far away.

Is There Any Alternative To Organo Gold?

Getting a suitable way to make money online, particularly for beginners, can be a daunting task.

Having accumulated over 6 years of experience in online ventures, I recognize the significance of selecting a path that fosters both growth and income.

For those starting out, affiliate marketing stands out as a highly recommended option, often overlooked by many.

Before deciding, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of this business model.

Leveraging my expertise, I’ve crafted a guide to assist you in getting started.

If you’re prepared to take the next step, feel free to explore the guide here:

Organo Gold Review

FAQs About The Organo Gold

Are There Side Effects Of The Ganoderma Used In The Organic Gold Products?

Even though not well documented on the Organic Gold company website, Ganoderma consumption comes with some side effects.

The side effects include experiencing some allergic reactions especially when you take ganoderma or coffee.

On the other hand, you might experience some digestive problems or some side effects related to coffee like insomnia when using the ganoderma.

How Should I Consume The Organo Gold Products?

Each and every product sold on the Organo Gold website comes with full instructions on how to consume it.

For this reason, you must first check how to take the drink from the label which has detailed suggestions.

For instance, black coffee or King Coffee should be taken on a daily basis during breakfast or in your free time.

Is Organo Gold Products Safe For Drinking?

Organo Gold products are safe for consumption which makes it be sold freely to people across the world.

However, for people who experience different allergic reactions, it may be unsafe due to its popular side effects.

In addition, if you are facing different health conditions or on a special medication, you should consult your physician before taking any of the Organic Gold products.

Can Organic Gold Products Help In Weight Loss?

Organic products are also important in reducing weight which makes it be used as a weight loss product.

However, there is no clear justification or scientific research on this aspect and hence still remains a claim made by most people who use the products.

What comes from research is that coffee can help in boosting your metabolism and also suppress your appetite which makes it effective in weight loss.

What Makes The Organo Gold Products Unique From Other Coffee Brands?

The Organo Gold comes with a unique ganoderma lucidum product which is a fungus substance with many health benefits to coffee lovers.

For instance, it is claimed that the fungus substance is important in improving the taste, boldness, and sweetness of coffee.

It also helps in improving your health condition and helping you improve your lifespan.

Thank you for reading my Organo Gold Review.

If you have any further comments or questions regarding this review, I’ll be delighted to respond promptly.

Please feel free to leave your comments in the section below, and I’ll address them as soon as possible.

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