Grow Channels Review: Is Razvan Paraschiv Legit?

Grow Channels Review

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Grow Channels Review Summary

Program’s Name: Grow Channels

Type of Program: YouTube automation Course

Website’s URL:

Social Presence:

  • Facebook:
  • Facebook Community:
  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:

Price of the program: $97

Program Owner: Razvan Paraschiv

My Overall Score: 8/10

My recommendation for the program is not for everyone.

Grow Channels Review – Overview

Grow Channels Review

Grow Channels course promises to make it easy for everyone to become a YouTuber and start making money via YouTube automation.

This course claims to entail all the necessary tools, support, and materials needed to learn and manage your YouTube automation.

As a YouTube automation course, the platform claims to make your training easier and more manageable.

They achieve this by providing you with much more support from the platform to ensure your channel is running.

Due to the increasing number of YouTube automation courses online, Grow Channels uses new skills and techniques to teach the course.

Jazvan being an experienced YouTuber, has extensive knowledge of how to mentor students on the course.

This creates the difference between the course and many other alternative YouTube automation training programs online.

In addition, it makes him attract and encourage his students to succeed in their learning and venture into YouTube automation.

But if you’re here and looking for even better and more genuine ways of earning money from YouTube, I encourage you to check out this complimentary training program:

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What Is Grow Channels?

Grow Channels Review

Grow Channels is an online training course that teaches about YouTube automation as an opportunity to make money.

The program is suitable for people who want to learn how to make money online through YouTube automation.

The course provides detailed content that explains how to become a full-time YouTuber and grow your channel.

According to this course, you can earn money working on YouTube automation without having to appear in your videos.

For these reasons, you’ll have the option to decide how you want your channel to look and how your videos should be.

In the process of teaching, the program also shares some YouTube channel management ideas that can help you make improvements to your video qualities.

This includes teaching you where and how to get new video content that matches your niche and attracts more viewers.

And when you attract more viewers, you’ll stand a chance to qualify for the monetization program.

The platform aims to make you become a successful YouTuber and match other people earning a passive income from YouTube automation.

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What Is Contained In The Grow Channels?

Grow Channels Review

The Grow Channels platform contains the five main methods of making money on YouTube automation, namely;

Google AdSense

This is one of the best methods of earning money on the YouTube platform.

 In this method, you’ll need to apply for a YouTube partnership program.

In so doing, the platform adds Google AdSense advertising to your content.

When your viewers click the advertisements or view them, you’ll be paid according to the partnership agreement.

However, some requirements make you qualify for the Google advertising program.

This includes achieving up to 4,000 watch times and having more than one thousand followers also called subscribers.

You need to match all these conditions within a year of opening your YouTube channel on the platform.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another effective way of making money online for those who own active YouTube channels online.

It involves promoting other content or affiliate products on your video descriptions and earning from their respective companies.

Your earnings come from the commissions made when a customer purchases a product or service you promote on your channel.

Your affiliates will know all the content you promote using the affiliate links which will then be used to process your payments.

Sponsorship Deals

This method requires you to first grow your channel and have a larger audience online.

In so doing, companies will hire you to promote their content and products or advertise their services on your video description.

The company then pays you according to your agreement and contract deals to allow you to maintain your content.

Channel Membership

If you’ve engaging content and thousands of followers, you can use the opportunity to create another stream of income.

This means providing a special membership with extra rewards to make your most loyal followers happy.

Merchandise Sales

In this method, the platform allows you to print and sell products including shirts, tote bags, mugs, and much more.

In this method, it’s advisable to choose the merchandise that matches your niche and the branding of the channel.

The merchandise sales are also suitable for YouTubers who have a large number of followers on the platform.

Who Is Grow Channels For?

The Grow Channels are for those who want to learn and join YouTube automation to allow them to earn money online.

For instance, if you’ve relevant content that you want to run on YouTube to make money, then this program is for you.

It involves creating content and uploading it on your YouTube channel without having to appear on the videos.

The program takes part in ensuring your content is well-created and helping you manage your channels effectively.

This includes thumbnail designs, voice-over, handling research, script writing, and performing video edits.

This makes it a better option for beginners who want to venture into the YouTube automation business.

Who Owns The Grow Channels?

Grow Channels Review

The Grow Channels course was created by Razvan Paraschiv, a popular YouTuber from Romania.

Razvan has great popularity on his YouTube channels boasts more than 30,000 subscribers.

In his teachings in the channels, Razvan speaks more about YouTube automation as a means of making money online.

He claims that joining YouTube Automation can help you develop a career and build a passive income online.

With more than fifty videos on his channels, Razvan tries to encourage more people to join YouTube automation.

He created his channels back in August 2021 and has managed to grow them to become his main source of income.

As the founder of the Grow Channels course, Razvan tries to educate more people on the benefits of starting YouTube automation.

His main aim is to make more people learn how to make money through the YouTube automation process.

Apart from YouTube, Razvan is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Online Presence Of Razvan Paraschiv

Razvan Paraschiv is a very active user of social media platforms.

He uses both for his business and personal use.

Let me take you through some of his social media platforms and highlight what he does over there.


Grow Channels Review

Razvan Paraschiv uses, “Razvanpb” as his Instagram username.

He boasts a whopping 961k followers with 1,637 posts on his account and claims to have over 4,000 students who are taking the Grow Channels course.

He also claims to help the 9-5ers generate passive income through YouTube without necessarily showing their faces or what is referred to as YouTube automation.

In most of his posts on his Instagram account, he shares motivation and ideas of how someone can generate income on YouTube.

Grow Channels Review

If you ask me, if you’re just beginning and want to know a glimpse of his course, then going through this post can be helpful.

And since he commands close to a million followers on this platform, it is beyond doubt that this guy is offering help to people.


Grow Channels Review

Razvan has over 30k followers on his YouTube account with over 50 videos so far.

He claims that his main goal is to offer valuable content to his followers to also be able to generate passive income online.

He shares ideas and tips on starting a Faceless YouTube channel through his step-by-step guides.


Grow Channels Review

On his Facebook account, Razvan has over 1,300 followers and 2.2k friends.

He also shares his achievements and YouTube automation ideas here.

The guy seems to be very passionate about teaching people ways of making money online and that is why his presence online doesn’t end there.

He runs a private Facebook community that boasts over 8k members.

YouTube Automation Made Simple for 9-5ers is the name of the community, and it also revolves around sharing YouTube automation ideas.

Grow Channels Review

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Grow Channels?

The Grow Channels YouTube automation course costs $97 to enroll and learn their complete training.

Is The Grow Channels A Scam?

In my view, the Grow Channels course is NOT a SCAM.

You can learn how to earn passive income from YouTube automation using this training program online.

The program aims to help people who want to venture into YouTube automation as their source of income.

After joining the program, the owner claims to take you through the training to enable you to become a successful YouTuber.

This will enable you to come up with your preferred method of building a passive income from your YouTube channel.

Even though the program promises to help you succeed in your YouTube automation career, it is not for everyone.

The platform is suitable for people who want to venture into YouTube information and have a passion for making money out of it.

Grow Channels Review

What Are The Grow Channel Trustpilot Reviews Like?

Grow Channels course has a 4.5/5-star rating on Trustpilot from a sample of 94 reviewers as shown:

Grow Channels Review

Out of the 94 reviews, about 90% of the reviewers awarded the program a rating of five stars.

Grow Channels Review

Let me break down some reviews to get to know more about this platform;

A reviewer by the name Opositivehustle gives the course a five-star rating stating that it is the best YouTube automation training course.

Grow Channels Review

Diana Blank thinks the course is a great training program with valuable, honest content.

According to Diana, the courses contain everything you need to know about the YouTube automation program.

Grow Channels Review

Mohammed Irfan also feels happy to be part of the Grow Channels course membership program.

According to him, Razvan has made a great decision in helping people learn YouTube automation.

Grow Channels Review

On the flipside, ARV Ready sees the programs as a total rip-off and awarded the platform a 1-star rating.

Ready says the program’s content is bad because it has too many ads and not enough teaching.

Grow Channels Review

Sandra Jones thinks joining Grow Channels was a waste of her time and money because the coaches didn’t show up for her.

Grow Channels Review

Another reviewer, Carlos Angulo, thinks the program’s course content is bad because the videos seem too general.

According to him, the content lacks new ideas and is just like other online courses.

Grow Channels Review

Those are just but a few reviews I sampled out.

But I’m sure you have a rough picture of this automation case.

Feel free to check out more reviews on Trustpilot to learn more.

NOTE: As you have noted, the name of the program initially was “Old Company Profile.” This is still the name on Trustpilot.

What I Like About The Grow Channels

  • Excellent support

If you join the membership program of the Grow channels, you’ll get strong support from the community.

This allows you to share ideas on how to create and upload your content into your channel.

It also helps you learn new ways of earning more with your YouTube channel on the platform.

  • Teaches a better way to earn income

YouTube automation is a better way to build a passive income as it is easy to manage and make money out of it.

It also doesn’t require you to put more investment in before you start earning from your channel.

In addition, you can manage your YouTube automation without having to show your face in your videos.

  • Offers good coaching techniques

Grow Channels has good coaching techniques from Razvan who is an experienced YouTuber earning a passive income from his channel.

Razvan has extensive skills on how to create and manage YouTube content which he shares with his students online.

According to Razvan, everyone who joins the platform deserves success, and aims to make everyone succeed in the platform.

What I Don’t Like About The Grow Channels?

  • Earnings not guaranteed

Earnings from YouTube automation are not guaranteed as they vary depending on how you manage your channel.

For instance, it’ll take you a much longer time to grow your channel and start earning significant money from it.

In addition, the amount you will earn from your channel also depends on the niche you choose and the method of making money you apply.

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Is There Any Alternative To Grow Channels?

I’m sure this is a section that you have an interest in.

Yes, I have an alternative for you to this course.

If you want to start a successful YouTube channel, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started.

I encourage you to grab this free training to make a difference in your life today.

Like the course I’ve highlighted above, it is easier and simpler to incorporate affiliate marketing into the YouTube business.

At least, you’ll be able to recommend some genuine products and services to your audience and get paid when they purchase through your link.

And the good thing about this mode of business is the fact that it matches well with beginners.

 So, even if you’re just getting started, you can start building your audience on YouTube, and then enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

And if you want to take action now, I encourage you to explore further by checking out this opportunity here:

Grow Channels Review

FAQs About The Grow Channels

Is Razvan Paraschiv Real?

Razvan Paraschiv is a legit YouTuber who has made YouTube automation a full-time career online.

He started his YouTube automation career in 2021 and claims to have an outstanding experience in the business model.

In addition, Razvan is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Is YouTube Automation legit?

YouTube automation is a legitimate way of making money online just like any other business model.

However, the payment you will get from the YouTube automation is not guaranteed, as it varies depending on how you manage your business.

For instance, some brands and niches you choose for your channel may make you earn more or less which also depends on the popularity of the channel.

Where Can I Learn YouTube Automation?

There are several platforms where you can learn YouTube automation courses and get started with your career.

You can learn by watching free YouTube videos, Forums, Facebook groups, TikTok, Instagram, and free online courses.

How Much Can I Make With My Channel In YouTube Automation?

The amount you can make from your channel depends on the niche you choose and your audience capacity.

If you have a larger audience, you’ll make more money than someone with a smaller audience.

Some business niches pay much more than others making it a key factor in determining your earnings from the platform.

What Products Can I Review On YouTube?

There are varieties of products and services you can review on your YouTube channel when you have gained high popularity.

They include more marketable electronics, toys, clothes, appliances, sneakers, and much more.

You only need to understand your audience to know which items will work best for you.

How Do You Get Paid If You Review A Product?

If you do product reviews on your channel, you’ll get paid if someone purchases the product you review.

The earnings come from the commission received from the purchase of the products which varies depending on the number of buyers on your channels.

In addition, the more products you review, the more you are likely to earn money from the platform.

Can YouTube Automation Make You Wealthy?

The amount you can earn on your YouTube channel depends on the effort you put in and the channel size.

If you have an already grown channel with a large number of followers online, you can easily earn more from the channel.

For this reason, it’ll take you a much longer time to earn much money from the platform if you’re beginning from scratch.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Start Making Money On Your YouTube Channel?

To start making money on YouTube, your channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers online in the past year.

This follows with having at least 4,000 watch times in your video content posted on the channel in the past year.

These requirements are the main targets every YouTuber wants to meet for you to monetize your channel and start making money.

What Are The Best Niches For YouTube Automation?

There are, many niches you can choose for your YouTube channel and start making money online.

However, the best niches with more pay include health and fitness, which touches almost everybody.

The technology and travel niches are also trending with many people making good money out of them.

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