YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review: Is Robert Benjamin Legit?

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

I’m delighted to have you reading my YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review today.

This mentorship program asserts that it can equip you with all the necessary information to grow your YouTube channel, whether boosting subscribers, increasing views, or achieving monetization.

However, the validity of these claims remains uncertain, which is why I’ve undertaken this review.

The internet is rife with programs promising the road to success, but not all live up to their promises.

Some may even attempt to deceive you and take advantage of you financially.

So, the question arises: is Robert Benjamin’s program a legit venture or a scam?

I’m here to uncover the truth.

Before we proceed, it’s essential to clarify that I have no affiliations with this mentorship program.

Consequently, you can anticipate receiving objective and impartial information from me.

Stay tuned as I’ll reveal my preferred alternative method for generating income through YouTube.

With that said, let’s dive right in.

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review – Summary

Name: YouTube Shorts Mentorship

Product Type: YouTube Training Program

Website’s URL:

Does It Offer A Refund Policy? Yes (30-day guarantee)

Year Founded: 2020

Cost: $297

Founder/Owner: Robert Benjamin

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommendation: Not Recommended

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review – Overview

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

Robert Benjamin’s mentorship course aims to assist content creators in enhancing their channels, increasing their subscriber and view counts, and effectively monetizing their YouTube and TikTok accounts.

The program asserts that it provides tailored strategies customized to your specific niche and overall account performance.

In return, according to their refund policy, the program owner guarantees an average YouTube subscriber gain of 25,000 or a full refund.

This program primarily relies on what is known as “YouTube Shorts” to drive this growth.

YouTube Shorts are brief vertical videos optimized for smartphone viewing and can be instantly shared on both TikTok and YouTube apps.

This feature gained prominence following the rapid rise of competitors like Instagram Reels and TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the critical question remains: does this mentorship program furnish concrete evidence to support its claims?

Furthermore, can you access similar information elsewhere without incurring any costs?

Hang tight; I’m about to unveil all the details.

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What Is YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

YouTube Short Mentorship is a program that contains teachings on how you can grow your YouTube channel.

Roberts claims that you’ll achieve this by applying his proven strategies.

For those who wish to increase subscribers and views, which increases revenue, Robert asserts that his teaching will turn your dreams into reality.

He claims that his mentorship program will hold your hand in all the complex parts, including the content to post, the time to do so, and titles you can use to enable your videos to attain viewership.

He says this is possible without thinking about how your niche is saturated.

And to back this up, he claims you can get your money back if you don’t attain the desired results.

As a matter of fact, he asserts that, on average, his students have gained 25,000 subscribers after taking his mentorship program.

He attributes this to the fact that he doesn’t offer this program as only a course.

He also consults and will tell you precisely what to do and the changes you must make in your channel for 30 days.

But whether the claims are true or not, they remain in the balance.

Let me take you through how the program works, according to Robert.

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How Does YouTube Shorts Mentorship Work?

After ordering this mentorship program, Benjamin claims that you’ll be taken through six steps to become a YouTube expert.

Each of these steps comes with a prompt that he claims will help him learn more about you to offer a tailored approach to mentoring.

Then, you’ll get niche-specific advice tailored to your needs, which is why the owner claims that success is guaranteed.

While you can grow your channel significantly, Benjamin asserts it will make it easier.

In most cases, content creators usually spend a lot of time and resources coming up with content ideas, yet they don’t gain traction fast.

He says his strategies will be 100 times easier after he informs you what to post and how your content can be improved.

Also, he says that while you’ll be undertaking the course, he will be coming up with a tailored plan for growing your channel.

In summary, these will entail:

  • The time to post
  • Content to post
  • Number of times to post per day
  • The topics to post
  • The titles to use
  • Thumbnails to bring on board and more

Then, after completing his course and getting a tailored plan, his team will take a few days a week to pinpoint where it needs improvement.

To sum up all these, Robert claims that you’ll receive:

  • Six step courses
  • Latest trends updates
  • A tailored growth plans
  • Weekly progress checks
  • And lastly, Guaranteed growth in a record 30 days or granted back your money

But doesn’t that sound easier said than done?

In fact, what worries me is the fact that the strategy seems to be a done-for-you business.

But let me try and share the reality check of things.

What Will You Actually Get On YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

In the process of doing my research about this program, I stumbled upon a person who actually bought the course to make a review of it.

In fact, the individual, going by his nickname, Mr. Spock, shared an email confirming their purchase.

Check out the screenshot:

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

In the first instance, he was very disappointed because of the findings he came across.

And here is why.

He claims that the fact that Robert marketed his program to be tailored mentorship would make you believe that it comes with a tailored approach.

He was expecting extra educational material and a tailored approach to improvements /actions to increase views and subscribers on his YouTube channel.

But trust me, you, he found something else.

He received another course compiled using approximately 95% of freely available YouTube videos he posts on his YouTube channel.

Additionally, an automatically generated PDF with an action plan proved unsuitable for his tailored needs.

And that alone proves something: Robert or his team members never went through the questionnaire that one must fill out for a personalized approach.

In fact, the generated documents could have been auto-generated to sort out Mr. Spock and those who paid for the course.

So, could Robert be playing mind games with his customers?

Before I can answer that question, let’s try and find out the creator of this mentorship program.

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Who Founded/Owns YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

Robert Benjamin is the person behind the YouTube Shorts Mentorship program.

He developed this program to teach creators how to plan and tailor posts to gain traction for more views and subscriptions.

And in the end, you’ll be rewarded by reaping more from revenue ad share with such traction.

Robert began his journey on YouTube in 2019, posting educational videos on posting content on online platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, etc.

He offers his mentorship program at $297.

Before then, he used to work at VaynerMedia between January 2018 and February 2020 and has used the name to advertise his products in the industry.

Over those two years, he relished collaborating with a prominent media powerhouse, gaining deep insights into various media platforms.

Now, he shares his expertise in optimizing these platforms to maximize results within the industry.

What Is The Cost Of Joining YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

It will cost you $297 to access this program’s guidance and resources.

And to offer you customer satisfaction, Robert offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But to ensure that no person takes advantage of the refund claims, the program has set out some preventive measures.

So, it is important to be honest before claiming a refund.

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How Is The YouTube Shorts Mentorship Delivered?

The course is delivered through your email message once you make the checkout.

The total delivery file size is 1.1 GB.

Keep in mind that the files will be delivered online.

And the files shared are offered for you for lifetime access.

Course Curriculum Of YouTube Shorts Mentorship

In this mentorship, you’ll get six-step courses, but let me highlight all of the courses in general:

  • Introduction: Navigating YouTube Growth
  • Rapid YouTube Growth Strategies
  • Full-Length Content vs. Shorts
  • Unlocking Monetization Potential with Shorts
  • Achieving Your First 1,000 Subscribers
  • Deciphering the Ideal Upload Frequency
  • Maximizing Impact with Prime Posting Times
  • Harnessing the Power of Effective Hashtags
  • Focusing on the Ultimate Metric
  • Tailoring Your Content for Different Placements
  • Crafting Compelling Video Titles
  • Boosting Watch Time for Success
  • Elevating Your Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Demystifying the YouTube Algorithm
  • Strategies for Going Viral
  • Selecting the Right Soundtrack
  • Conclusion: Your Path to YouTube Success

Is This YouTube Shorts Mentorship Program A Scam?

To answer this question to finality, I have searched for case studies online:

On the Reddit community group – TikTokhelp, a subreddit user named dejountercurray expressed his concern, saying he was beginning to wonder if Robert was still actively conducting mentorships.

He mentioned that due to illness, he couldn’t post for a couple of weeks, and he still had two months of mentorship remaining, but Robert hadn’t responded to him.

Here is the screenshot:

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

Another one named Salomelarrea pointed out that she had never received any concrete mentorship.

She mentioned that the mentorship she got was similar to the information Robert had earlier posted on most of his videos.

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

Together with the findings of Mr. Spock, Robert Benjamin has some reputational issues.

Aside from the fact that his courses are identical to the content he shares on YouTube, there have also been reports of scams and other related issues connected to this individual.

And this has tainted the name of Robert and his course.

Convincing people to join a program to access information they can access for free through watching YouTube videos is an uphill task.

So, from where I stand, I think this course doesn’t offer what it promises to its users.

For instance, you’ll not get tailored guidance as promised by Robert.

As such, purchasing this course in the first instance doesn’t give value.

Another concern that I personally saw was the sketchiness of his website.

His website has no organized information apart from the pitch post and her picture.

It seems he is more into advertising his program than giving value to interested information seekers.

However, if you desire to succeed in YouTube, you might be interested in joining this free training program.

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

What I like About YouTube Shorts Mentorship

  • Utilizing Established Approaches

He asserts that he utilizes the same tactics in his mentoring program as those he imparts to his students.

This approach ensures that the mentorship initiative is founded on practical and tested techniques, enhancing its effectiveness.

What I Don’t Like About YouTube Shorts Mentorship

  • Lack of Uniqueness

Even though they provide personalized plans, the mentorship program offers similar strategies to different individuals.

And this alone might lessen the personalization and uniqueness of the guidance they provide.

  • Communication Challenges

The Mentorship program has gotten reports of communication issues with students, including many unanswered email inquiries.

  • Content Overlap

Most of the material taught in the mentorship program is also available in the free videos shared by Robert Benjamin on his YouTube channel.

This similarity prompts me to question the additional benefits of the paid program.

Is There Any Alternative To YouTube Shorts Mentorship?

Are you eager to launch your YouTube channel without spending a fortune?

Discover one of the finest alternative training programs designed to kickstart your successful YouTube journey.

If you’re ready to take immediate action, now is the perfect moment to grab our free training.

Have you ever considered integrating affiliate marketing into your YouTube venture?

This strategy enables you to endorse reputable companies’ products and services, making it a popular choice for many aspiring content creators.

Even more enticing is its accessibility to beginners seeking to carve their niche in the online business landscape.

But don’t just take my word for it; delve deeper and explore this intriguing opportunity further:

YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review

FAQs About YouTube Shorts Mentorship

How Can Robert Benjamin Help You?

Robert Benjamin claims to help you do the following:

  • YouTube channel audit
  • YouTube shorts mentorship
  • Instagram account audit
  • Instagram mentorship
  • TikTok account audit
  • TikTok mentorship program

What Are The Key Advantages Of YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts as a YouTube product helps you to reach new audiences, drive traffic and engagement, repurpose existing content, make it easy to create, have the potential to go viral, etc.

Do You Necessary Need A Social Media Mentor?

You might want to consider a social media mentor if you’re not gaining substantial views and subscribers.

However, before making the decision, it is important to consider certain factors that might make your channel not rank.

These factors can include posting inconsistently, having poor quality videos, not waiting or not having patience, YouTube algorithm changes, or being late on trends.

Also, some videos may take a lot of months before they can gain traction.

So, you must make the necessary changes to see results before seeking a social media mentor.

Does YouTube Shorts Mentorship Offer A Refund Policy?

Yes. Robert promises to offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see results after taking his mentorship program.

However, he puts some measures to curb fraudulent claims that may hinder his progress.

Also, feel free to watch this review video of the YouTube Shorts Mentorship program to get additional insights:

Thank you for reading my YouTube Shorts Mentorship Review.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding this review?

Feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.

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