High Life Travel Review: My Daily Choice MLM – Is It LEGIT?

High Life Travel Review

Hello there, welcome to my High Life Travel Review.

Can High Life Travel help you make money on your holiday adventure or another scam to avoid?

According to the High Life Travel program, you can make money online by joining it.

When you become a member, the program claims to provide you with opportunities of making money.

The two opportunities are the discounted traveling prices and the referral program.

This doesn’t matter the type of holiday you may look for or the number of people you want to spend the holiday with.

It has been twenty years since the program was launched, and it claims to offer you the best experience in your holiday adventure.

The company claims to be perfect for offering you a sensational holiday anywhere you want.

If you have a great passion for traveling, you might be eager to learn more about the High Life Travel program.

As you read, keep in mind that I’m not affiliated with the program, so all the information I’ll offer you is unbiased.

Before we go further…

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High Life Travel Review Summary

Name of The Product: High Life Travel

Type of the Product:  Multilevel Marketing Program

Product Website: https://mydailychoice.com/brands/high-life-travel

Founder: Josh Zwagil

Product Rating: 30/100

Product Cost: Starting from $199 to $799

Recommendation: Not really: find out why from my review

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High Life Travel Review – Overview

High Life Travel Review

If you are passionate about traveling, you can turn the adventure into a money-making opportunity.

Many programs online claim to offer you the best experience in moving you to your destination of choice.

However, only a few of the programs will make you earn money from the adventure.

But for today, I’ll delve into High Life Travel.

Is this program a pyramid scheme or a legit multi-level marketing company?

I’ll be letting you know the bear truth in a few.

High Life Travel claims to offer you lower travel costs which will help you capitalize on your traveling adventure.

It’ll also be a great advantage if you often travel from different places worldwide.

Apart from the reduced prices, the top offers and bonuses in the program are set to help you experience more while traveling.

According to the program, more than one thousand people have already signed up for the membership program.

In addition, more than 25,000 people are already in the daily choice program and enjoying the services.

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High Life Travel Review

What Is High Life Travel All About?

High Life Travel Review

Here are what is contained in the High Life Travel program:

A Travel Discount Club

If you like traveling often, you must be interested in knowing how the program will help you benefit from your traveling adventure.

The program claims to offer plenty of traveling services at discount prices to help you save on the traveling cost.

The most discounted offers are hotels, cruises, and car rental services.

And you make money by paying the first upfront fees and enjoying the savings on your purchases in the program.

As you continue booking your holiday travels and services in the program, you’ll experience remarkable savings over time.

Remember, the savings on the price of the traveling cost are always minimal, especially when you are not a regular traveler.

For this reason, it’ll take you a significant amount of time to see the changes in your savings.

Discounted traveling is the main money-making opportunity for its members.

Self Help Lessons

The program also offers you a ton of self-help lessons aimed at helping you improve your life.

According to Josh, the program focuses more on improving your life and letting you live your dream life.

Josh presents plenty of training sessions to help you improve your life to become a better person.

In addition, epic live events in the program teach you how to improve your life.

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Is High Life Travel A Potential Business Opportunity?

As a multilevel marketing program, you have great potential to make money from the program.

One of the opportunities for making money includes signing up and referring your family members and friends.

The program then pays you a certain amount for every person you refer to the program.

In addition, the program offers a compensation plan for its members after completing your registration process.

According to High Life Travel, some affiliates make up to $35,000 a year as compensation.

Is High Life Travel a Pyramid Scheme?

Most pyramid programs don’t always offer physical products as part of their business.

A legal multilevel marketing program should have some physical products to offer as part of its services online.

However, this doesn’t mean the program is a pyramid scheme because no program will want to be exposed as a pyramid scheme.

In addition, there are no further justifications for the program being a pyramid scheme apart from its lack of physical products.

The program doesn’t offer specifically what pyramid scheme programs provide.

For instance, the program meets the definitions of ACCC and FTC but can only make things more legit when they start selling physical products.

What Is The Cost Of Joining High Life Travel?

High Life Travel Review

You must purchase a one-time subscription when you sign up for High Life Travel.

You can pay a minimum subscription fee of $199, while the maximum is $799.

After paying your preferred upfront price, you can enjoy the services and offers.

There are also another bunch of offers available in the program with their own prices, which you can also purchase to enjoy your traveling adventure even more.

However, the other offers on the program are temporary, so you can consider buying them or avoid depending on your wallet amount.

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Is High Life Travel A Scam?

High Life Travel Review

In my opinion, the High Life Travel program is not technically a SCAM.

The program offers discounted services that help you make money through savings online.

Together with its referral system, the program aims to help you make money on its platform as an affiliate marketer.

However, the earning potential in the program could be much higher and may need to be more reliable.

For instance, the savings you’ll make from the discounted prices on car rentals and hotels are small.

On the other hand, the referral program pays you according to your position in the scheme.

Here is what you need to know about the referral program on the High Travel website.

  • About 63% of the affiliates in the program earn $100 and below, as per the statistics they took in 2021.
  • The top 10% of the people in the program earn an average of $9,502, which covers about 2233 people annually.
  • As for the top 2%, about 446 people, the average earning is about $35,654 in one year.

For these reasons, if you’re an independent affiliate of the program, you might not make money according to your expectation.

It is unlikely to make a six-figure income from the company despite it claiming to be a suitable choice for you.

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High Life Travel Review

What I Like About High Life Travel

  • The program is in line with the Travel Trend

High Life Travel will likely slow down despite a travel industry recession.

You’ll therefore have to keep time every moment you want to book your travel adventure or when you want to make any purchase.

  • The program is genuine in its operations.

High Life Travel program is more genuine in its operation, which may help you save money.

For instance, if you’re used to spending substantially when traveling, you’ll experience a significant fall in price when you use the program.

However, the program mainly focuses on the big hotels and resorts located within main cities and unavailable in regional areas.

  • A Ground Floor Opportunity

Just like in the case of other multilevel marketing companies, the people who join the program early are likely to gain more.

If you join the program late, it’ll take time to start making a significant income and meeting your expectations.

  • Minimized Commitments

When you join the High Life travel program, you can pay a monthly subscription like in the case of other Multilevel marketing programs.

You only need to pay a one-time fee to purchase the prepaid travel savings and keep enjoying the service.

When the service expires, you’ll pay only the amount required to purchase the offer you might want.

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What I Don’t Like About High Life Travel

  • The program recruits on social media

Many multilevel marketing companies depend more on social media recruits where; they expect you to refer your family members and friends to the program.

This makes some people get burned by the multilevel marketing industry, especially if there is unusually witnessed in the business.

  • It may make you lose your relationship with family and friends

You might refer your friends and family to the program, and they later regret joining it after failing to get impressed with the program services.

This could make them feel negative about your invitation and break their relationship.

They will, therefore, only accept your following invitation if you want them to join another program of the same kind.

  • The Program can be shut down anytime.

Most multilevel marketing business is always considered unreal as you can only do a little outside them.

For instance, when you join High Live Travel, you’ll remain a customer of the program

In addition, it’ll only be possible for you to sell within the program as a customer.

  • The program is not an affiliate marketing company, despite the claims.

Despite the program claiming to be an affiliate marketing program, it seems to differ in how it operates.

The company avoids using the term multilevel marketing due to the stigmatization they face from their members.

They, therefore, prefer claiming to be an affiliate marketing company to help them reduce the stigmatization and pressure.

Is There Any Alternative To High Life Travel Review?

Multi-level marketing doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s, therefore, a good idea to try something that works for you.

For a while now, I’ve always pinpointed all the reasons why I encourage beginners to start an affiliate marketing business.

As long as you have an area of interest, you can immediately maximize it through affiliate marketing.

For instance, if you’re interested in traveling and adventure, you can develop content related to travel products and services.

And by marketing products and services of reputable travel companies like Expedia, you’ll be compensated in the form of commission every time you make a successful sale.

However, before you can get started, it’s a good idea to learn the basics and acquaint yourself with the very BEST information related to affiliate marketing.

And to make your work seamless, I went out of my way to create a step-by-step guide for you.

Feel at ease to check it out here or click on the button below:

High Life Travel Review

FAQs About High Life Travel

Who Is High Life Travel For?

High Life Travel program suits people who like traveling and are comfortable joining the Multilevel marketing industry.

In addition, you can pay the most money to join the program is $799.

There are other smaller payment options for people with the excellent timing required.

Does High Life Travel Have Testimonies?

When you visit the High Life Travel official website, you’ll see a section on testimonials.

However, relying on the main website alone is unsafe to know whether a program is worth it.

Feel free to look at the reviews and ratings of the program on other platforms, such as Trust Pilot.

Does The High Life Travel Offer Bonuses?

The program offers numerous epic live events as a bonus when you join it.

You’ll also get plenty of training on different aspects of traveling adventure available in the program.

The program offers live events and training as a bonus after joining the program and paying your price.

Does The High Life Travel Offer A Refund Policy?

I have yet to find where the money-back service is mentioned in the program.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you can reclaim your money back after paying any subscription to the program.

You, therefore, need to be wiser while making your decisions to prevent incurring losses when you quit the program.

I also looked around to see if I could find a good video about High Life Travel to give you some more info…

But keep in mind that the guy is an affiliate so he is promoting it and his views may be a bit biased.

Thank you for reading my High Life Travel Review.

Feel free to let me know what you think about this post in the section below.

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