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OneHope Wine Review – Is This Wine MLM LEGIT?

Hi friends, today I will take you through OneHope Wine Review.

When it comes to OneHope Wine Review, I’ll explain to you everything you need to know about it, including;

The cost of joining the program and how you make money out of the program.

But before I start my review, I would like to inform you that I am not an affiliate with the OneHope Wine Company.

For this reason, every piece of information I’ll provide in this review is unbiased.

By reading my review till the end, you’ll gather all the information about the program you need to know when making your decisions.

With that in mind, let’s now jump into it…

OneHope Review Summary

Name of The Product: OneHope Wine

Type of the Product:  Wine Multi-Level Marketing Company

Product Website:

Founders:  Jake Kloberdanz, Tiffany

Product Rating: 3/5

Product Cost: $138

Recommendation: It depends; find out why from my review

OneHope Wine Review – Overview

OneHope Wine Review

Many multilevel marketing companies supply different products online.

Some companies depend on an external workforce for their supply, while others use their employees.

All these depend on the management and operations of the company.

Every company has unique ways of selling its products online to ensure all its customers are effectively served.

It is a market strategy that is more of a concern for every multilevel investment company to help them maintain their customers and increase sales.

OneHope Wine company being one of the multilevel companies has its own way of operations.

The company makes use of the independent workforce to help it in the distribution of products online.

The workforce earns their income by selling the company products to people and referring more people to the business.

However, your new recruit must also start selling the company products online to earn as a referrer.

This program operates similarly to other online programs such as Younique MLM Company and the MaryKay MLM program.

To understand more about OneHope Wine company, let’s first define its meaning.

But before that, if you need a business opportunity that will allow you to learn while earning, then here is the best choice to consider:

OneHope Wine Review

What Is OneHope Wine?

OneHope Wine is a multilevel company that distributes wine as its main product.

The company uses the multilevel model to distribute its wine online to customers.

The company was launched as a small event offering charity services to people online.

It was later converted to a million-dollar company distributing wine to many customers online.

OneHope Wine Company has its main headquarters located in Newport Beach.

However, its winery is located in the Nappa Valley, where all the wines and other related products are prepared for sale.

OneHope Wine Review

Who Founded OneHope Wine?

OneHope Wine Review

OneHope Wine company was founded by Jake Kloberdanz.

Jake is currently the company’s CEO, a position he started serving the year he launched the company.

Jake was with Tiffany Wojtkiecz at the launch time of the company.

Tiffany collaborated with Jake at the company’s start, becoming a co-founder of OneHope Wine.

Tiffany is serving as the president of the company with other stakeholders who are identified as followers;

Tom Leahy is also a co-founder of the company.

Sarah McPeake is the head of national sales and the company’s co-founder.

Also, Brandon Hall is a co-founder of the company.

Kristen Shroyer, who is serving as the national accountant of the company, is also a co-founder of the company.

All these stakeholders have played a great role in ensuring the company’s good management and stability.

Let’s move to how the company operates.

How Does OneHope Wine Work?

The program sells its wine and other related products to customers indirectly.

The company uses independent work sales to sell its products to customers.

This made the company choose the multilevel model as its main method of selling to its customers.

And when you choose to be a marketer, you’ll earn money from the company in two different ways, including;

  • When you sell wines and other related products from the company, earn money in the form of a commission.
  • You will earn bonuses when you recruit new people into the business and start selling the company’s products.

Remember, multilevel marketing is a business strategy where you earn from selling a product or offering services to people.

However, the earnings are from the commissions made from the sales of products and services.

For this reason, when you involve yourself as a Multilevel marketer, you’ll not expect any salary from the company to which you sell its products.

As part of the multilevel marketing workforce, your earnings will increase with your sales.

You’ll not depend on a fixed amount of money despite making more sales.

However, when the sales reduce, or you face huge market competition, your sales may reduce your earnings.

How You’ll Earn Money In OneHope Wine

You’ll earn money based on the recruit’s performance when you recruit someone.

For instance, when the person makes high sales, you’ll get more money while earning less when there is a drop in sales.

In addition, the earnings of the recruits also depend on the time you joined the business.

The time is used to form a pyramid shape of earnings in which the first person to join the company earns the highest bonus.

The other people who joined the company later earned according to their positions in the pyramid.

In this case, the recruit who joins last will earn the least of the bonuses offered by the company.

It is a business model that has existed for many decades, with many companies adopting its operations online.

Remember, recruiting a person to the business is not compulsory for you to earn money.

You can decide to focus on the sales of the products and make good money out of the sales.

Referring your friends to the business is a new way to earn more money from businesses in the multilevel marketing industry.

OneHope Wine Breakdown

The OneHope Wine program offers you training first before you can become part of their workforce.

The training offered by the program revolves around the business duplication of their system.

In the training sessions, you will learn the following four areas:

  • Host Coaching and Booking events.
  • Selling of products and services
  • Sponsoring of sales
  • Developing sales strategy

In these four areas, you’ll be mentored on achieving the best out of them and becoming part of their entrepreneurs’ group.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The OneHope Wine Program?

OneHope Wine Review

The cost of joining the OneHope Wine program is up to $138, which covers all the expenses in the program.

Before becoming a member of the program, you’ll first have to sign your details on the company’s official website.

And after completing the sign-up process, you’ll have to buy the company join kit, which costs $39.

You’ll then be required to pay a recurring fee which has two options of payment as you’ll wish, including;

  • Paying $99 for a whole year or,
  • Paying $12 for a month and renewing it every month.

When you sum up the two payments, they total $138, which after paying, you’ll be allowed to become a full member.

You’ll earn the Cause Entrepreneur level commission rates when you start selling the products.

The rates will increase as you move to higher ranks in the list.

The entry fees on the website cover the following expenses;

  • The cost of your website that your customers will access when placing orders for your products
  • Give you access to the CE back office that allows you to access the tools used in running your business.
  • The cost also gives you access to the program’s other tools and business resources.
  • Allow you to train in different courses within the program and give you a wine education.

There are also other steps you’ll have to select wine kits in the OneHope Wine Company, including;

OneHope Wine Review

  • $59 wine kit
  • $99 Wine kit
  • $199 Wine kit

All these wine kits are discounted when you enroll on the website.

You’ll also have to buy one of these three kits depending on your capital amount.

If you choose a wine kit with a higher amount, you’ll achieve a higher rank and earn more commissions at a higher interest rate.

Who is OneHope Wine For?

OneHope Wine Review

In this section, I will discuss who will benefit more from this program.

Remember, not all money-making opportunities will work best for everyone.

This is due to differences in skills and desires in different people.

In this program the following people will find this program of benefit:

  • People who are experts in sales and marketing, both women and men.
  • People who are experts in recruiting others to like and join a business.
  • Wine lovers will also find this business fun as they sell their favorite drinks and make money.

If you fall in any of these three categories, joining the OneHope workforce will benefit you.

On the other hand, some people may find this business opportunity program less helpful to them.

Such people may not make a significant income from selling the company’s wines and other related products.

What Are the Products offered by OneHope Wine Company?

OneHope Wine Review

As always expected, a good multilevel marketing company should always offer quality products that can easily sell out.

Every person who wants to join the business will always look for this before purchasing the products.

Therefore, looking at what the company offers as its products is very much appropriate to give you an easy clue.

OneHope company offers wines for adults only.

The company offers all kinds of brand wines, including white, red, sweet, and rose wines.

OneHope Wine Review

All these brands of wines come in different combinations and packs and can be sold as normal products or given as gifts.

Their prices also vary with the brands of the wines, with other brands attracting higher prices than the normal brands.

Therefore, you need to check the price tag of the brand you want to purchase from the website before making an order.

This type of business may be suitable for people who have made cause entrepreneurs their dream business.

It may not have much competition in the market as in the case of other multilevel marketing companies that offer common products.

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Does OneHope Wine Offer Compensation Plan?

OneHope Wine Review

To get the compensation plan from the company, you are required to resell the company products or recruit new people to join the business.

The company will compensate you through sales commissions when you sell the products.

This means that you will earn commissions from sales of the products, which is a percentage of the total sales.

The percentage of commission you will earn also depends on the rank of your sales and position in the company.

The company has the following ranks from basic to the highest level.

  • Cause entrepreneur
  • Lead entrepreneur
  • Senior entrepreneur
  • Executive entrepreneur
  • Director
  • Lead Director
  • Senior Director
  • Senior Executive Director
  • National Executive Director

How Much Can You Make with OneHope Wine Program?

OneHope Wine Review

OneHope wine program pays its commissions from 20% of your sales.

The commission percentage, however, will increase when your rank increases to a maximum of 40%.

This will also include the number of recruits you have added to the company and achieved ranks such as;

  • The Universal level bonuses

You will earn these bonuses based on the downline level you achieve in your sales, ranging from 3% to 5%.

  • The personal group bonuses

This type of bonus is based on the volume of the category of a cause entrepreneur.

  • The Sales Generation Bonuses

These bonuses are offered based on the group volume of the cause entrepreneur, starting from the rank of director and above.

In this bonus, the number of generations and the percentages you get are based on the rank you have achieved.

This bonus ranges from 1 to 3%, depending on the downline generation.

  • The first-time promotion bonuses

These bonuses are awarded when you reach a higher rank for the first time.

This type of bonus ranges between $25 to $10 000, depending on the rank you achieve.

Is OneHope Wine A Scam?

In my view, OneHope wine is not technically a scam.

You can make money from this program even though it may not be as easy as you think.

You must put more effort and time with significant capital to succeed in the business.

In addition, the program will push you to recruit more people into the business to earn a significant income.

Even though it makes the recruit program optional, the sales commission you’ll earn is barely less, forcing you to do the recruit program.

Like other multilevel marketing modes, the commission you will earn from the company is generally low.

This means you will have to increase your sales and attract more customers to increase your earnings.

However, you need not lose hope if you find this business opportunity challenging.

I have another alternative opportunity for you that can also help you make money online:

OneHope Wine Review

What I like about OneHope Wine

  • The company products have tangible benefits.

The Wines and other products offered by the OneHope Wine company have tangible benefits.

This means you can account for how much you will earn and how the process works.

  • The Company has good stability.

It seems the company is more stable regarding its operations and diversity.

The company has also survived different financial crises, making it stronger in problem-solving and management.

What I Don’t Like About OneHope Wine.

  • Have an imbalance in the commission rates and products

Despite the company’s high commission rates, you might not make much money selling its products.

This is because most people are not alcoholics, which makes the products not a basic need for everyone.

  • The Company only operates in Canada and USA.

Because the OneHope Wine company is limited to only USA and Canada, it isn’t easy to sell their products in other countries.

You cannot also access the program in other continents or parts of the world.

  • Higher subscriptions

Compared to other multilevel marketing companies, OneHope Wine charges more money to join.

The renewed charges for every month or per year sometimes accumulate to $300, which makes the company much more expensive.

 Is There Any Alternative To OneHope Wine?

If you find the OneHope Wine program unsuitable, you might want to try another business opportunity like affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an online money-making opportunity that does not require much capital and is much easy to start.

In fact, affiliate marketing makes use of your basic knowledge of business skills to generate income.

Here is a complete blueprint that you can check to offer you a head start on this business model:

OneHope Wine Review

FAQs About OneHope Wine

Can I join OneHope Wine Workforce if I Am not an Alcoholic?

Joining the OneHope Wine company is allowed for all adults s long as it suits you.

For this reason, if you find the business opportunity interesting, you may join and start the business despite not being an alcoholic.

However, it may sometimes challenge to convince your customers to buy your wines if you don’t personally drink them.

Are the OneHope Wine products legal for sale Anywhere?

The wine products and related products sold by OneHope wine are legal and safe to sell.

The national government agencies and companies operating on a verified license have verified the products.

Therefore, you will have to worry about their products causing problems with local government agencies during your sales.

How much PVC amount should I sell to be eligible for a Commission?

You need to reach a minimum PVC amount of $300 monthly to earn a commission from the company.

When you sell less than this amount, you may not possibly make any money from the sales.

On the other hand, the commission you will earn increases with an increase in your PVC volume.

Does OneHope Wine offer Money back Service?

OneHope wine Company does not have a refund policy for its workforce.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you will receive your money back even if you quit the program after paying fees.

Therefore, you need to make wise decisions before joining the program to prevent you from making regrettable mistakes.

Here is a review video of OneHope Wine MLM Company; feel free to watch it:

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