Riseoo Review – A Scam Or Legit MLM Program? Truth Revealed!

Riseoo Review

Hi, today I’ll take you through the Riseoo Review.

I’ll let you know whether this program is a scam or not.

Since the Riseoo program has real owners whose identities are known, you might think of the program as legit.

However, you can only judge this by conducting adequate research about the company and its services.

As such, reading this review will greatly benefit you if you want to learn more about Riseoo.

Many people would prefer companies that value their welfare by providing them with compensation plans and refund policies.

Such services enable them to overcome many risks and challenges they may face after joining the program.

While looking at this program, I will explain much about their top services and plans to their affiliates.

I will also explain to you who DR. Kshitij Adhlakha and Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha are in the program and their background information.

Before I start…

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Riseoo Review Summary  

Name of The Product: Riseoo

Type of the Product: Multilevel Marketing Program

Product Website: https://riseoo.com/index.html

Founders:  Vaibhav Adhlakha and Kshitij Adhlakha

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: $29.99

Recommendation: Not Really; Please read and find out why from my review

Riseoo Review – Overview

Riseoo Review

Riseoo is one Multilevel marketing company that promises the easiest opportunity to make money online.

The company, in its vision, claims that tomorrow’s lifestyle is made today by doing a great job in a smart way.

The company promises to offer you reliable opportunities to help you make money and succeed.

There are many multilevel marketing companies found online today that also offer different opportunities to their affiliates.

However, not all of them will provide you with an opportunity that will suit you when you join.

Some of them may offer promises that end up misleading their affiliate partners after investing in their programs.

Such problems mostly occur when you join the program and invest in it without researching whether it suits you.

However, if you’re looking for a better opportunity to make money online, then feel free to check out this:

Riseoo Review

What Is Riseoo?

Riseoo Review

Riseoo is a multilevel marketing company that works in the e-commerce and cryptocurrency businesses.

The company has its main offices located in India and the United Arab Emirates.

However, the complete address of the company is in India at Uttar Pradesh.

The address in the United Arab Emirates Dubai is not incomplete, which shows that the company is relying on a virtual office.

The company has co-founders Kshitij Adhlakha and Vaibhav Adhlakha, who are still program managers.

The company operates in more than sixty countries worldwide with numerous affiliate partners.

The Riseoo provides many global opportunities that they claim to offer you the best potential income.

Riseoo program also claims to provide you with the best compensation plans to enable you to enjoy its products and services.

The company believes that its progress and success are based on affiliate partners.

To understand more about the company, let’s look at its products.

What Are the Riseoo Products?

Riseoo Review

Riseoo company does not have real products for marketing.

Instead, the company relies on some global marketplaces as its main products.

They feature different marketplaces with membership programs for their affiliates at different levels.

This makes Riseoo unique to other known multilevel marketing companies online.

For instance, companies such as Zilis CBD and Prime My Body which are in the same category as Riseoo company behave the same.

They always have their product lines exclusively made to enable their affiliate partners to find the products easily.

As such, when you join Riseoo, don’t expect to get any product or service in the program.

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Who Are Riseoo Company Owners?

Riseoo Review

Riseoo company is owned by two individuals who are also the founders of the program.

They are Vaibhav Adhlakha and Kshitij Adhlakha.

Vaibhav is currently the CEO of the program, while Kshitij is the COO of the company.

Vaibhav and Kshitij have more than ten years of experience in different multilevel marketing companies.

For instance, the two owners are also linked to a cybersecurity firm called Secugenius.

The Secugenius company is rated among the top five highly-ranked security companies, greatly rewarding them.

Vaibhav and Kshitij also launched a company in 2017 called Quickx company.

Quickx is a company that uses blockchain technology to perform transactions.

The program incorporates many products, such as mining watches and crypto wallets.

Does Riseoo Company Offer a Compensation Plan?

Riseoo Review

Yes, the program offers different types of plans to its affiliate partners.

You’ll be eligible to enjoy their plan when you register on the company website and subscribe to their membership.

You’ll get the first bonus when you recruit new members into the program.

When your recruits register and pay for their first membership program, you’ll receive a bonus from each of them.

There are three different affiliate packages offered in the Riseoo membership programs.

These packages include:

  • Starter Package, which goes for $200.
  • Professional Package at $400.
  • Premium package at $700.

Riseoo uses the US dollar and Indian Rupee currency to pay commissions to their affiliate partners.

If your commission accumulates to a minimum of $25, you’ll download it to your wallet in your Riseoo account.

And to qualify for more bonuses, you need to generate a minimum of 50PV monthly.

This will enable you to earn more multilevel marketing commissions in the program according to your affiliate rank.

PV, which stands for Personal Volume, is a key factor in affiliate ranking and commission disbursement.

What Are The Affiliate Ranks In Riseoo?

The company offers up to fourteen ranks in its compensation plan.

These ranks include;


The first rank you will receive when you sign up for the program.

You will also have to pay the first membership fee for you to get the rank.

Red Star

When you recruit at least two new members into the program, you will upgrade from iRap to Red Star level.

You will move to the Red Star Rank after the new recruits move to the iRap level.

Lastly, the new members must also earn their first commission cycle for you to get the Red Star rank.

Green Star

To get to Green Star Level, you will have to recruit at least three new members to the iRap level.

You also need to have one downline of an affiliate ranked at the red star level.

Lastly, you must have also earned a minimum of fifteen residual commission cycles.

Blue Star

You must recruit at least four new members and have one downline in this rank.

The downline required in this case should be ranked at the Green Star level.

In addition, you should also have a minimum of 50 residual commission cycles.

White Star

To achieve a white star rank, you’ll have to refer five new recruits into the program.

You also need to have one downline ranked in the Blue Star Level.

You must also attain at least 120 residual commission cycles to get the rank.

Black Star

Black Star rank requires you to recruit up to six new members in the program.

You also need to have one downline ranked at the white star level.

In addition, you need a minimum of 300 residual commission cycles to get the rank.

Gold Star

You must build two white stars in about two team legs of uniform levels to get to Gold star rank.

You also require a minimum of 600 residual commission cycles to get into the level.


You must generate three white-star team leg levels to achieve a mercury rank.

You also must achieve at least 200 residual commission cycles a month before attaining the qualification.


To get to the position of Venus in the program, you must maintain at least two white stars in team legs of three same levels.

You must also have a minimum of 400 residual commission cycles about one month before reaching the qualification time.


The Jupiter rank requires you to have three ranks of Black stars in three team legs of the same levels.

You must also attain a minimum of 800 residual commission cycles at least two months before the qualification.


In the Phoenix rank, you need to generate about three Gold Stars in three same levels of team legs.

You must earn up to 1500 residual commission cycles from two prior months.

Golden Phoenix

You must build three phoenixes in three team legs of the same level to achieve the Golden Phoenix rank.

You must also have about 2,000 residual commission cycles in the last two months before the qualification stage.

Diamond Phoenix

To reach the rank of diamond Phoenix, you need to have four phoenixes of four team legs of the same level.

You also need to have a minimum of 400 residual commission cycles two months before the qualification time.

Alpha Centauri Club

This is the highest rank in the program, which requires you to have six phoenixes.

You must also have a minimum of 6000 residual commission cycles in the last three months.

The rank receives the highest amount of commission in the Riseoo compensation plan.

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How Much Commissions Do Riseoo Recruits Earn?

New members who join Riseoo affiliate programs always earn between 5 to 25% commission.

The commission is calculated on the package fees paid to the affiliates under personal recruits’ programs.

For instance, when the recruit registers with the premium package, the commission will depend on the package amount.

This means that the 5% commission will go to the starter package while 10% will go to the professional package.

Finally, 25%, the highest commission within the range offered, will go for the premium package.

Residual Commissions.

There are also residual commissions offered in the program.

The residual commissions are payable using the technique of binary compensation structure.

An affiliate comes at the top of the binary team in a binary compensation structure technique.

The structure is then split into two levels, housing up to two positions.

The second level in the structure is generated by splitting the first levels into two positions.

The structure does not have a set limit and will grow to the maximum level the company can achieve.

Eazme Commissions

The commissions can be paid in crypto or fiat.

The Eazme commissions in Riseoo program have a unique compensation plan.

They are always generated when the Eazme membership payment of $99 is paid.

When you are an affiliate of the Riseoo program, you will earn up to 25% commission on Eazme membership.

The Level 2 affiliates of the program earn up to 15% of the commission on Eazme membership.

Note that the Residual Eazme membership price is paid based on the percentage of 15% of the Binary volume of Eazme membership generated.

The commissions are then paid based on the same teams of unilevel team of the residual commissions.

Personally, recruited affiliates will have to pay a cashback of up to 10%.

Car Bonus

Riseoo company also offers car bonuses to its affiliate partners in the rank of mercury and above.

For instance, an affiliate ranked in the mercury level will receive a car bonus of $500 per month.

Affiliate in the rank of Venus gets up to $750, while Jupiter-ranked affiliates earn $1000 every month.

Lastly, the Phoenix-ranked affiliates earn up to $2000 per month.

Global Bonus Pool

This is the last compensation plan offered in the Riseoo program.

In this plan, the program collects about 1% of the membership fees of its affiliates and transfers it to the Global bonus pool.

The pool is then divided into three subsequent pools, which match the three top ranks in the program.

The top ranks, namely golden phoenix, diamond phoenix, and Alpha Centauri, will receive a share of the bonus.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Riseoo Program?

To join the Riseoo program, you’ll have to pay a one-term amount of $29.99.

This amount is paid for the first year, after which you’ll have to renew it for $19 every year.

You’ll then have to choose a membership program from the three packages available.

The packages are as follows;

  • Starter package, which costs $200, and 125 Bonus Volume.
  • The professional package costs $400 and has 250 bonus volumes.
  • Premium Package costs $700 and has 440 Bonus Volume

When you choose and pay the full fee of the membership program, you’ll become a full member and get ranked at the iRap level.

iRap, the independent Riseoo Affiliate partner, is the first rank you will achieve when joining the program.

When you spend more on the program as their trusted affiliate partner, you will stand a chance to earn more commissions.

For instance, if you decide to choose a premium package, you will have a higher income potential.

On the other hand, a person who chooses to buy the lowest starter package earns the least amount from the program.

Is Riseoo Program A Scam?

Riseoo Review

In my opinion, Riseoo Program is not technically a scam.

You can make money through the compensation plans offered on the program website.

However, making a significant income may not be as easy as you may think dealing with the Riseoo program.

You will have to spend more on the program for you to stand a chance of making significant commissions.

In addition, you may take much of your time and effort searching for new members to build a team and earn more commissions.

Following all these concerns, I may not recommend Riseoo company as my favorite Multilevel marketing company.

It may not also be much of a benefit to new affiliates who want to join the program from scratch.

The program requires a higher investment that will force you to spend more money in it for you to get its benefits.

I am also not pleased with the business opportunity offered by the Riseoo company.

However, if you find this program unsuitable, check on my alternative opportunity.

Riseoo Review

What I Like About Riseoo?

  • Provides clarified Details of real owners.

The Riseoo website provides clear information about the owners of the company.

This makes its affiliates learn more about and interact with the company owners.

  • Offers Different Bonuses

When you join the Riseoo program, you will stand to earn different types of bonuses, including to-up and referral bonuses.

The bonus will, however, increase when your rank improves to a higher level, and you also invest more in the membership packages.

What I Don’t Like about Riseoo Program

  • The packages are expensive.

The membership packages offered by the Riseoo program are much more expensive.

This makes it not easily affordable for new affiliates who want to start the business from scratch.

  • Low Commissions

The commissions offered by the Riseoo program on packages are too low.

For this reason, it will take you much time and investment to earn significant profit from the program.

  • No Income Disclosure

The program does not reveal the amounts you can earn from their services.

Riseoo owners do not reveal their net worth and how much they make from the program.

  • Lacks its Own Products

Riseoo company does not have or advertise its own products.

This makes it unique from other multilevel marketing companies as it relies on products from other sources.

Is There Any Alternative To Riseoo Program?

If you are still searching for an opportunity online, try affiliate marketing.

This is a program that can help you make money online, making use of your basic business skills.

In addition, an affiliate marketing program allows you to start your business with the smallest capital.

Here is a blueprint for you to check out that I have personally tailored to help you get started:

Riseoo Review

FAQs About Riseoo Program

Who is Riseoo Program For?

The Riseoo program is best suitable for an affiliate with enough capital to invest in its membership programs.

The more you spend on the program services will increase your potential income.

However, if you are a newbie with less capital, you may not benefit significantly from this program.

Does Riseoo Program offer a top-up bonus?

The program offers a top-up bonus of up to 10% of your spending.

His tops-up bonus, also known as the referral bonus, is among the top-paid compensation plans in the program.

Does Riseoo Company offer money-back service?

The company does not mention any refund policy service on its official website.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you will receive your money back after joining the program.

You should therefore conduct good research on the company before making any decision.

What are the paid Eazme programs available in the Riseoo program?

There are two types of paid Eazme available in the Riseoo program.

They include Saver Eazme, $39, and Super Saver Eazme, $99.

There is also a free option of Eazme that allows you to make money freely when you pay for Riseoo business license.

Here is a video presentation of the Riseoo Business Plan: Feel free to check it out:

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Thank you for reading my Riseoo Review.

I’ll be grateful to get your feedback in the section below.

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