How To Check Your Ranking in Google Quickly

How To Check Your Ranking in Google

This article shows you exactly how to check your ranking in google:

If you own a website, at one point or another, you must have typed your keyword into Google to see where your page or post is ranked.

I used to do this too, but I realize that it takes up a lot of time to search Google page after page after page looking to see where I’m ranked.

Well, no more am I wasting time doing this because I now use one of the very best keyword research tools online which does this task quickly and effectively.

I’m very happy with it because it not only shows me my PRESISE ranking position in Google, but also on, and

All I have to do is simply enter the keyword and domain name into the two seperate boxes and click search.

If you have already read my previous post, you should immediately know that I must be referring to the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

It truly is a very POWERFUL and essential resource that I use to help run my online businesses.

And the good thing is that the tool gives 30 site rank scans for free when you sign-up for a starter trial.

In addition to it showing me my exact ranking, it also helps me to find great keywords to rank for which are not competitive – thus bringing in more traffic to my sites.

Let me show you how I easily use Jaaxy to check my rankings in Google and how you’ll be able to do the same…

How The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Checks Your Ranking In Google…

First let me login to my Jaaxy Pro account to show you how to check your ranking…

How To Check Your Ranking in Google
Logged Into My Jaaxy Account 🙂

I first click on the Site Rank tab which I have pointed out with the red arrow above.

On the next screen, two boxes are displayed where I need to input information.

The first box is where I enter the keyword that I want to look up and the second box is where I enter the domain name associated with that same keyword.

How To Check Your Ranking in Google

The next step is to simply click on the search button to see where I’m ranked in Google for the keyword.

And that’s it!

Do you see how easy it is?

This is how quickly I am able to check my Google rankings whenever I need to.

A Quick Example Showing You How This Works…

For this example, I am using a post which I recently published on January 20 (3 days ago at the time of me writing this post).

The keyword is “How To Be a Good Affiliate Marketer” and the domain name is (this domain).

Let me put them into the site rank feature in Jaaxy to swiftly see where I’m ranking…

How To Check Your Ranking In Google

As you can see from the screenshot I took, I am unranked on the first 10 pages of Google for the keyword, however, a good news is that I am ranking in position 3 on

It shows this clearly in Jaaxy’s site rank and on page 1, position 3 (excluding the ads and video results)…

How To Check Your Ranking in Google
Ranking On Yahoo For Keyword

Even though the keyword is not yet ranked high in Google and Bing, I feel confident that in the coming days ahead, it will start showing up and will most likely increase in rankings on

Another Thing…Site Rank Also Allows You To Track Your Keywords

Another attribute I really like about Site Rank is that I am able to automatically track my keywords to see how the rank changes overtime.

I have the options of tracking any given keyword on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis…

All I have to do is select how often I want to track it and then click on the “Track this keyword…” button below it.

How To Check Your Ranking in Google - Keyword Tracking

This feature is useful for me because let’s say for example I notice that the ranking is decreasing, I would know that I need to improve the article by either sharing it more on various platforms, (this leads to more engagement & backlinks) or doing a bit more tweaking (SEO) to improve the overall page rank.

On the other hand, if I notice that the ranking is increasing, I would know that I got it right & would’nt need to do anything else with the article at that point. You get my point, right? 😉

PROVEN Ways To Increase Your Google Rankings…

If you notice that your ranking is somehow slipping, then this means that you are not doing something right.

Maybe the competition is just too tight, or you are not optimizing your page or post properly for the search engines.

Whatever it is, this is something that you will need to get rectified.

First, to get this fixed, you will have to learn the important skills on how to target an audience online which will allow you to get those page 1 rankings…

See My Strategy Here On How To Get This Done >>

In that post, I show you step-by-step how I come up with low competition keywords, how to position the keywords in the article, how many words you need to write for better rankings, plus other valuable information you’ll need to know if you want to learn how to increase your Google rankings.

Your Next Steps…

Since the main purpose of you reading this article in the first place is to know how to check your ranking in Google…and now you know how to do it – the next natural step would be for you to sign up for your free starter trail at Jaaxy if you have not yet done so.

All you need to do is enter your full name, email address and create a password to gain access…

How To Check Your Ranking in Google

When you successfully sign up, you will then be able to enter your necessary info into Site Rank to see exactly where you are ranked for your target keywords(s), and you’ll get 30 scans for totally free.

If you have a lot of keywords to analyze, then I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your membership to Jaaxy Pro just like I did.

This gives you the ability to scan 2000 keywords.

There is also another upgrade option known as Jaaxy Enterprise…

This is designed for users who are running very big businesses and usually have clients that they do keyword research for and build their websites.

You will most likely not need this option but I wanted to point it out to you just so you know that it’s available.

For a quick comparison between all three memberships, you can take a look at the image below…

How To Check Your Ranking in Google

Finishing Up Now…

I want to thank you for checking out this post and I hope that it is helpful.

Please share it with other people like yourself who may want to know how to check their Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings.

If you have any questions at all about how to use this great keyword tool platform, you can ask me directly below and I will get back to you with a timely response.

Additionally, there’s a help section inside appropriately labeled “Jaaxy Help” (as shown below) where you will be able to watch videos tutorials and download PDFs which will help you to use the tool more effectively.

How To Check Your Ranking in Google

You’ll learn all about the other features (Affiliate Program, Alphabet Soup, Search History/Analysis, etc.)

These can help you if you are looking to become more informed about using keyword tools online.

So take care for now, and I’ll see you in the next post where I’ll share another valuable piece of content with you.

Your friend,

Jason (Smart Human Blogger)

PS: If you’re interested, you can also check out my free make money online guide below if you want to see how I am able to earn a consistent income from the comfort of my home and how you can do the same…


Out of curiosity, I used SiteRank to check my rank for this keyword and discovered that I’m already ranking in position #91 on Google…

How To Check Your Ranking in Google Quickly

Not too bad considering that I just published and shared it on social media.

I will give you guys some updates in the coming days ahead.


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