Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam? – eBook by Jeff Lerner.

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

Hello, welcome to my Millionaire Shortcut Review.

Jeff Lerner has been busy promoting the Millionaire Shortcut through YouTube.

This is an eBook that you can download for free.

He claims that it will guide you on how to start your journey of building a business worth millions of dollars.

Is this eBook worth your time?

And can you trust Millionaire Shortcut to help you achieve your financial freedom?

Let’s find out more about this eBook in this article, but I want to inform you that I’m not related to Millionaires Shortcut.

Therefore, you should expect total transparency in this Millionaire Shortcut review.

Summary Of Millionaire Shortcut Review

Name of the Product: The Millionaire Shortcut

Type of the Product: E-book (Teach how to do online businesses via copying successful people)

Website’s URL:

Founder: Jeff Lerner

Product Rating:  2/10

Product Cost: Free

Recommendation: Not for Newbies

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Overview Of Millionaire Shortcut

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

The Millionaire shortcut is a downloadable PDF that claims to give you a step-by-step guide on how to create your income source online.

Jeff promises to guide you through the necessary steps you can use to start and run your online business from the beginning, with or without experience.

He explains in detail a variety of more information you can use to monetize your business.

Jeff further states that in order for you to achieve success, must have the right mindset, be hardworking, and come with a positive attitude.

However, if you’re just getting started with an online business and you need the best alternative to get started, then try out this best option below:

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

What Is Millionaire Shortcut About?

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

Millionaire Shortcut is a PDF book available for free download, and the creator claims that the book will help you learn how to start your journey of making millions doing online business.

It also contains a step-by-step guide and other educational materials that are good for building your wealth.

Jeff is promising to teach you how to make money.

However, this book is only to educate you.

To implement this, you must be ready to spend more money building the business of your choice.

The Millionaire Shortcut is just a window that introduces you to another actual program offered by Jeff called ENTRE INSTITUTE.

And this program has some elements of a pyramid scheme.

Although Jeff Lerner is offering you his PDF for free, you need to know that it is simply a trap designed to get more e-mails they can later use for marketing.

Your name and e-mail will be used to build an e-mail marketing list that does not sound good to many people.

Even though you can easily unsubscribe from their mailings, you will have been bothered enough.

Your e-mail can also be sold to other lead-generating promoters.

Who Is The Owner Of Millionaire Shortcut?

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

Jeff Lerner created the Millionaire Shortcut.

Apart from this being the creator of this book, Jeff is also the Chief Executive Officer of Entre Institute, promoted by this book.

He is also a public speaker, serial entrepreneur, pianist, and author.

Jeff Lerner hails from Houston, Texas.

He used to work at night playing piano and used to perform for business people.

From this experience, Jeff ignited an entrepreneurship spirit within himself.

Jeff tried to do several businesses, but he failed severely.

One of his attempts was a restaurant franchise.

He could finally clear off his debts when he moved to digital marketing.

Apart from the ENTRE Institute, Jeff has also created other products, including Xurli,  and 7 Mile Institute.

His primary focus is on online marketing and consultation.

Also, he is one of Jump’s shareholders, a marketing startup for medium-sized and small businesses.

He is working as head of strategic partnerships and is also a consultant.

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How Does Millionaire Shortcut Work?

One fact about Millionaire Shortcut is that it does not have much to offer, contrary to what they claim it will show.

Jeff claims he is ready to teach the methods you use to start your journey of becoming a millionaire.

The book gives you a brief review of Jeff, which includes how he started building the business empire that pushed him into a world of huge debts.

Further, he states how he overcame his piling debts and how he is earning millions doing digital businesses.

He then markets Entre Institute, the program he claims gave him such tremendous success.

And he will try to convince you to believe that he became successful at Entre Institute and that you also can achieve it.

Let’s have a look at an overview of Entre Institute

Entre Institute is a program created by Jeff Lerner and is promoted through the Millionaire shortcut.

I will briefly take you through Entre Institute so you can clearly understand it.

Entre Institute is a digital program that trains you on how to start and build a successful digital business that will allow you to make money while working in the comforts of your home.

Generally, Entre Institute is a program that will teach you about the affiliate marketing business model.

In this training program, you’ll get access to a variety of products that you can buy from a sales funnel.

These products include coaching, affiliate programs, community access, and training courses.

I will give an overview of the programs you should expect to see at Entre Institute.

Entre Blueprint

This front-end product offered by Entre Institute focuses on teaching you all the aspects of affiliate marketing and how to develop the right mindset for your business.

You’ll learn about the personal, professional, and physical aspects of achieving a successful life.

It will also cover four pillars of reaching your financial freedom: income, Investments, expenses, and debt reduction.

Besides, it will equip you with the necessary skills to build your affiliate marketing venture from scratch.

Finally, you will learn about the benefits of having a digital business over a physical business.

Entre Community

The Entre Institute will give you access to their Facebook Community after you’ve purchased their training course.

Members can join the Entre Nation Facebook community or Elite Facebook Community to access additional benefits.

Entre Digital

This digital course teaches you more about starting your affiliate marketing venture.

It equips you with more advanced marketing skills and knowledge.

This course is a flagship product for the Entre Institute because it offers live mentoring about affiliates.

The Entre Institute business model is about referring other potential users and making commissions from every sale you make.

Entre Coaching

This gives you access to one-on-one live coaching with Jeff himself.

Entre Inner Circle

This is the last and the most expensive upsell within the Entre Institute.

It gives you access to more advanced coaching programs and is suitable for full-time business owners.

Finally, the entire Entre Institute itself is an affiliate program, and you can earn money promoting the program itself.

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What Is The Cost Of The Millionaire Shortcut?

Millionaire Shortcut is a free book that does not cost you any monetary implications.

So, you can download it anytime you want.

Even though this e-book is free to download, you must remember that you will be giving out your information.

The creator of the Millionaire shortcut will later use this personal information to build his e-mail marketing list.

In other words, you’ll be joining the others leads generated by Jeff.

Once you download the e-book, be prepared to receive regular and annoying e-mails promoting various products.

Jeff is using the Millionaire shortcut to promote his other actual program, Entre Institute, which requires you to spend more money on it.

Initially, this sales funnel will cost you $39, but it has several additional upsells that they claim will give you access to more benefits and a complete experience.

Generally, if you fall into their trap of purchasing all their said upsells, you can potentially spend as much as $30k.

Not only is Entre going to be expensive, but it is also not worthy of your investment because it does not give you any return on your investment.

But if you want to start an online business, here is a better idea.

This better option is the one I’ve been using for a while now;

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

Is Millionaire Shortcut A scam?

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

NO, the Millionaire Shortcut is not a SCAM.

This legitimate program teaches you how to make money; however, putting what you’ve learned into action will be easier said than done.

You’ll need to invest much in traffic generation as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing involves lots of work, which will need your total commitment and good spirit.

Some of the affiliate programs do pay a small commission.

What I Like About Millionaire Shortcut

  • The only thing about this ebook is that it is free to download, meaning there is no risk of losing your money if you decide to try it out.

What I Don’t Like About Millionaire Shortcut

  • It is shallow

Millionaire Shortcut is a pdf book that has content covering 15 pages.

This makes the text too shallow to provide sufficient information on how to start your journey of making millions as they claim.

  • Does not give you actionable steps.

Most of the content of this Millionaire Shortcut pitches about Entre Institute, and it does not provide you with enough actionable steps that you can implement in your journey of building a million-dollar empire.

  • Too much Hype

Jeff Lerner uses much Hype for marketing the Millionaire Shortcut, but the reality is that there is a lot more you need to do to build a reliable income source than just copying what Jeff has created.

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Is There Any Alternative to Millionaire Shortcut?

Millionaire Shortcut is too far from liberating you and giving you financial freedom.

Don’t expect to build a significant source of income from it just because Jeff claims he has succeeded.

Remember, Millionaire Shortcut is just a window Jeff uses to introduce you to Entre Institute, which is also full of promises.

The best alternative I will recommend to you is Affiliate Marketing.

At least it gives you confidence that you will have a reliable income source once it has stabilized.

If you want to get started, here is a full guide for you;

Is Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

FAQs About Millionaire Shortcut

What Is Millionaire Shortcut?

Millionaire Shortcut is a digital book created by Jeff Lerner, and it focuses on teaching you how to build a business that will help you build business worth millions.

It will prepare you to become a self-made millionaire.

Who is the creator of Millionaire Shortcut?

The person behind Millionaire Shortcut is Jeff Lerner, an entrepreneur, pianist, digital marketer, and investor.

Jeff has been in the digital marketing industry for over ten years.

What Is The Cost Of A Millionaire Shortcut?

Millionaire Shortcut is free to download.

It acts as a window that Jeff is using to promote Entre Institute.

Is Millionaire Shortcut Worthy of investing in?

Through Millionaire Shortcut, Jeff Lerner outlines several strategies that can be applied.

However, most of the content in this book involves pitching but does not give you sufficient actionable guides.

Is Millionaire Shortcut A scam?

This program is a legit e-book created by Jeff Lerner.

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