Is Lead Lightning A Scam? – Get The First-Hand Info Here!

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

Hello there, I welcome you to my Lead Lightning Review.

Lead Lightning is a money-making platform that claims to allow you to create money online.

Is it a viable opportunity?

Or another form of scam designed to loot money from you?

I will take you through the Lead Lightning platform and let you know everything you need to know.

As I take you through this review, I want to clarify that I don’t have any business relationship with Lead Lightning.

Therefore, expect every bit of truth about Lead Lighting in this review.

Let’s find out what Lead Lightning is all about.

Summary Of Lead Lightning Review

Name of the Product: Lead Lightning

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: MLM Program

Founder:  Neil Guess

Product Rating: 3/10

Product Cost:  One-time fee of $7 plus other upsells.

Recommendation: No.

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Overview Of Lead Lightning

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

Lead Lightning is a multi-level marketing program that allows you to create a passive source of income promoting the platform’s products.

Lead Lightning claims to be a legitimate digital platform with a real business opportunity.

As I take you through the Lead Lightning review, remember most MLM digital platforms are not the best way to create sustainable income.

They mostly focus too much on recruiting new members to make money.

From experience, I can attest that this program is not worthy of your pain.

You can opt for other far better alternatives and start making good passive income.

Here is the best alternative that you can start earning money from scratch:

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

What Is Lead Lightning About?

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

Lead Lightning is a marketing system that claims to help you passively generate income through affiliate marketing.

You will generate an e-mail list of prospective buyers who have purchased a product from you through this platform.

You’re sure that your e-mails will help you generate money from these lists because they have already handed over their money to Lead Lightning and are committed to the platform.

For instance, in most cases, when prospective client freely signs up for a service, they are likely to ignore the contents of the e-mail.

On the other hand, when clients sign up for a paid service, they would always wish to check the details of the e-mail sent from the service provider.

Additionally, Lead Lightning claims that you can immediately start earning a commission of $6 immediately after registration.

Who Is The Founder Of Lead Lightning?

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

The founder of the Lead Lightning program is Neil Guess.

And Lead Lightning is believed to have been launched in 2013.

By then, the company was using, which no longer functions.

Neil developed this product and decided to sell it with a one-time fee of $7 for a basic package.

He also claims that the platform members can start enjoying a commission of $6 upon registration.

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How Does Lead Lightning Work?

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

Lead Lighting is a sales marketing system designed that claims to give you an opportunity of creating an online income source by promoting the platform itself.

And you can also earn Lead Lightning by using their sales page to promote your products.

After you register, the platform works by giving you a commission whenever you recruit downline affiliate members.

And you earn by referring others to join and register the same way you did.

The fact is that, for you to earn from this platform, you must promote the system to others.

You can’t earn from Lead Lightning without making registering and building your downline team.

The lead Lightning system will not work for you if you cannot convince others to join.

The only option left for you’ll be to leverage the opportunity and promote your offers through the platform’s sales page.

Also, you will post your business link to redirect people to your page to promote your business.

Once they click on these links, you’ll get access to their e-mails.

This will help you build an e-mail listing that you can later own and use.

One big challenge about Lead Lightning is that making a single sale from the platform is very difficult.

In fact, you can easily talk to many but fail to make them buyers.

If they can’t purchase, how else will you earn a commission?

Calculate your chance of making just a single sale before thinking of this program.

Another thing about Lead Lightning is that it has other optional costs and benefits that you can opt for.

And these include different packages which have varied costs and benefits.

Here is the breakdown of all the optional packages offered by Lead Lightning.

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Membership Levels In Leads Lightning.

Lead Lightning offers three membership categories of affiliate membership to its members.

Each category has its payouts and commissions.

These packages are:

Regular Membership

This is the basic membership level in Lead Lightning.

The registration fee for this level is $7.

Members of this category enjoy a commission of $6 from every downline affiliate member you recruit.

Silver Membership

The cost of this membership level is $29.97 per month.

This level allows you to enjoy a commission of $6 for every regular affiliate member you recruit.

When your downline member joins Silver Level, you earn $15 per month.

Whenever a regular member under A Silver Affiliate member recruits a downline Silver Member into their team, they’ll enjoy the commission plus the $15 monthly commission.

Gold Membership

The cost of joining the Gold Membership package is $ 53.97 per month.

Members who have subscribed to this package are entitled to $6 whenever they recruit a regular member.

They earn a monthly commission of $20 when they recruit an affiliate member to either the Gold or Silver Package.

When a regular or silver member under a Gold Member recruits a downline affiliate into Gold membership, both the regular and the silver member will enjoy the referral commission plus the monthly commission of $20.

On the other hand, an affiliate member in Gold memberships can also benefit from a passed-up commission from silver affiliates.

And this will happen if there is no silver affiliate between the said gold affiliate and the regular affiliate who closed the sale.

Upsell Commissions For Lead Lightning

On top of these monthly commissions, Lead Lightning members also enjoy upselling commissions from selling a Platinum and Diamond membership package.

Diamond Membership

To access this package, you’ll have to pay a subscription of $147.

This package is sold as an addition to Silver, Gold, or Regular monthly membership.

When you purchase Diamond Membership from your downline members, you qualify for a commission.

Every single sale of the Diamond Package gives you a commission of $100.

Additionally, as a Diamond member, you will earn a 25% commission when recruiting new affiliate members.

When you recruit a Diamond member for a monthly membership and have not registered as a Diamond member, your commission plus $100 will be passed to the next upline member, a Diamond affiliate member.

Platinum Membership

The cost of this package is $497.

Members of this Platinum package enjoy a referral commission of $400.

When they recruit downline members, they receive this commission.

A $50 commission will be added to your account when your downline Platinum member recruits a platinum member.

What Is The Cost Of Lead Lightning?

To sign-up for Lead Lightning, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $7.

Also, this is just a standard package that you subscribe to and start enjoying a commission of $6.

Further, Lead Lighting tries to convince you to believe that you’ll make $6 while still in an autopilot phase.

You need to understand that all these are pure claims with no tangible evidence of whether it is achievable.

Even though this program is relatively cheap, don’t rush into believing it before understanding it better.

This review will help you familiarize yourself with Lead Lightning.

If you’re looking for a better way or method of generating money online, then you can check out how I have been able to make money online from scratch:

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?

How Does Lead Lightning Compensate Its Members?

The lead Lightning program operates using a Pay-to-play structure.

This structure dictates that you must purchase a product from Lead Lightning before you start making money from the platform.

And after registering to the platform, you will be free to recruit other members and earn commission from them when purchasing any of their alleged products.

Also, you must understand that the main way of earning from Lead Lightning is through affiliate membership and not from selling any tangible product.

As a gold affiliate member, you’ll earn a commission when you recruit new members to join either the Gold membership or Platinum membership packages.

And if you are an affiliate member of the silver package, you will only earn from the same level and the levels below.

Lead Lightning will not give you any commission from a level above you.

If such happens, your commission will be given to your upline affiliate.

The same rule will also be applied to various upsells.

What differs is that when you recruit a direct downline member to the Platinum package, when you’re a member of the platinum package, you’ll receive $50 from the sale.

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Will I Get a Refund If I’m Not Satisfied With Lead Lightning?

Lead Lighting allows you to withdraw from the platform if you don’t find the program attractive.

Neil Guess claims that you can apply for a refund within 7 days of joining.

Is Lead Lightning A SCAM?

No, Lead Lightning isn’t a scam.

Lead Lightning is a website that claims to offer you an opportunity to earn commission through affiliate marketing.

And this platform operates using a multi-level marketing structure.

Aside from that, they’ll force you to recruit more members to earn more commission.

However, you’ll spend more money with their upsells.

Further, their affiliate program will cost as high as $500.

Is Lead Lightning Worth The Investment?

Are you ready to spend over $500 to secure an affiliate space?

An ideal affiliate marketing does not force you to pay to promote their products unless they’re offering a training program.

This is because you’ll be promoting their products and helping them make money.

Before investing your money, you need to think seriously about such a related program.

This program seems attractive, but it is easy as it seems to be.

I will not recommend you to join Lead Lightning because you’ll be committing yourself to a platform that will drain your wealth off you.

Don’t occur for the few testimonials within the Lead Lightning platform.

They might have been strategically placed to trap you into believing in their program.

Lead Lightning claims to offer you an opportunity to make money, but it has not registered proof of success in the past.

What I Like About Lead Lightning

  • Relatively cheap

To register as an affiliate member, you’ll only pay a one-time fee of $7.

  • No Prior-experience

Neil Guess claims that Lead Lightning does not require any prior skills and experience.

And this is because the platform operates using an automated system.

  • Weekly Training

Lead Lightning promises to give you regular weekly training and conference calls.

And these training are geared towards improving your earnings.

What I Don’t Like About Lead Lightning

It has expensive Upsells

To increase your chances of earning more commission is to purchase additional upsells.

Plus, these upsell are very expensive.

  • Charges to process payment

Lead Lightning charges you $2 every month to process your payments.

Is There Any Alternative To Lead Lightning?


There are plenty of other best alternatives to the Lead Lightning Program.

And among these offers is Affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is a well-paying digital business model, but it takes time to get rooted.

To reap big from this business model, you must invest money, effort, and patience.

Follow my blueprint on the next page to understand better about affiliate marketing model:

Is Lead Lightning A Scam?


Is there a refund policy offered by Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning allows you to enjoy a refund policy within the first 7 days.

How do you make money with Lead Lightning?

You can make money from Lead Lightning by recruiting other affiliate members to the platform.

Also, you can also use this platform to promote your business by posting an affiliate link that’ll redirect your prospective clients to your page.

How Much Does the Lead Lightning cost?

The cost of joining the Neil Guess program is a one-time payment of $7.

Besides, you should also understand that there are other additional upsells within the platform.

Furthermore, you might spend extra cost on paid ads and e-mail marketing to promote your affiliate links.

Does Lead Lightning Offer any Discount?

Lead Lightning does not offer any discount to its registered members.

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