Is IT Linker A Scam?

Is IT Linker A Scam? – Is Making Money This Easy & Quick?

Is IT Linker A Scam?

Hello there, welcome to my IT Linker Review

Have you ever come across a scam before?

If yes, did you instantly realize that it was a scam?

Many scammers have used various tricks to lure unsuspecting individuals into traps.

You have done the right thing coming to this platform.

As I take you through the IT Linker review, understand that I don’t have an affiliate relationship with IT Linker.

This article is meant to review and not promote the IT Linker.

Let’s get started…

Summary Of IT Linker Review

Name of the Product: IT Linker


Type of the Product: Make Money Online Program

Founder: Unknown

Product Rating: 2/10

Cost of the Product:  $100

Recommendation: Not Recommended

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Overview Of IT Linker

Is IT Linker A Scam?

IT Linker is a digital platform that claims to offer you an opportunity to create an income source through affiliate links.

Also, this platform seems to be easy and too good to be true.

But one secret is that this is a coated scam hiding behind different names.

Besides, IT Linker has other running platforms with distinctive names.

Also, they claim that you’ll earn $150 daily and about $1,000 every month without any investment once you join their platform.

Aside from that, the company claims to be an affiliate marketing program, yet its organization suggests a different thing.

Further, the vendors or product marketers are inside a simple affiliate marketing site.

If you register an account with them, you’ll get redirected to another website named AllMyRise.

In addition, this new site has got some elements of trading.

Additionally, the IT Linker home page does not offer much help because it has very limited information.

In fact, it is mainly dominated by fake statistics meant to lure you.

Is IT Linker A Scam?

For instance, they claim to have paid more than $60,000 to their members over the past week.

Interestingly, IT Linker does not have evidence to back up these claims.

Also, the photos on the platform are from stock image websites.

Again, the persons shown on the platform are not real.

Worse yet, several features are lacking in this platform to suggest that the legitimacy of the program is questionable.

Generally, this program acts like a collection center that takes your e-mail and login details.

Upon completing your registration, you’ll get into a different platform.

But if you are looking for an alternative way of making money online, you can check out this:

Is IT Linker A Scam?

What Is IT Linker About?

Is IT Linker A Scam?

IT Linker claims to be a unique affiliate marketing company without any competitors.

Also, it claims to be freely accessible to users all over the world.

In addition, other claims say that IT Linker is actively growing, intending to boost your earnings.

Further, they promise to treat you highly because you are their prospective client.

Apart from that, they offer you several tools that will help to boost your income.

However, IT Linker does not clearly explain what they will do for you to make this income.

Indeed, the level of their transparency is very wanting.

Do you still trust such a platform with lots of unanswered questions?

And is there any possibility of making an actual profit from this platform?

I will elaborate on every necessary information about IT Linker in this article.

Who Is The Founder Of IT Linker?

Not so much is known about the owner of IT Linker.

However, a stolen identity on the platform purported to be the founder of IT Linker.

A genuine investment platform owner would be very proud to be associated with their products.

IT Linker has employed a very dishonest approach by concealing its creator.

This will make most prospective clients shy away from risking their money on such a platform.

Don’t think of wasting your money on this platform; go for other favorable alternatives that are easy to start and operate.

Most fraudsters have mastered the art of stealing from the unsuspecting public.

They utilize the social signal and drive their motive of conning the public.

What Is The Cost Of IT Linker?

The cost of joining IT Linker is a one-time payment of $100.

They claim that you’ll earn a monthly commission of $1000 without any other additional investment.

How Do You Get Paid?

They have not revealed their payment structure anywhere.

However, they claim that you’ll get $100 once you register in the IT Linker Program.

This is equivalent to an enticing offer to pull you to their platform.

When you’ve accumulated your earnings up to $100, you can cash and wait for them till the end of one month.

I have searched for payment proof everywhere on the internet without success.

When you are on their platform, they show you several doctored testimonials.

If this IT Linker was legit, several people who have used it before could gladly share their success from the platform.

How Does IT Linker Work?

Using your name and e-mail, you create a free account on the IT Linker website.

You key in your details, and that’s it; no confirmation is needed, like in the case of many other legit platforms.

After you register, you’ll be surprised to see a different website that does not deal with affiliate marketing.

It will send you to a page with binary options, a referral system, and trading.

Upon registration, you’ll get $100 in your account.

You can use this amount to trade in different options within the platform.

IT Linker is also taking advantage of their visitors.

You receive a pop-up ad promoting a $1 daily whenever you click on the page.

If you click the button labeled “Thank You,” another pop-up advertisement appears.

IT Linker promises to offer you an opportunity to make money online, but it is making money out of you.

They are using the platform as an avenue to promote various advertisements.

Apart from the $100 registration fee, they also make money through pay-per-click advertisements.

The $100 in your account is only meant to keep you within the platform.

Otherwise, IT Linker was designed as an avenue for promoting those pay-per-click ads.

IT Linker also has a banner designed to redirect site visitors to other third-party platforms.

The last feature of this platform is its referral system.

They claim that you will earn $0.50 from every member who registers using your link.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy 30% of your downline earnings.

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Is IT Linker A Scam?

There are very many signals suggesting that IT Linker is a scam.

I will take you through these signals so that you understand them better.

IT Linker has about 5 Scam Signals that you need to know.

Fake Testimonials

Is IT Linker A Scam?
These are all fake testimonials

IT Linker features three different people claiming to have benefited from the platform.

The people shown in these testimonials claim to be Jack, Amelia, and Alex.

The images they are using were sourced from random stock images.

They are all talking positively about IT Linker.

However, they could be staging their success story to make you believe.

For instance, “Jack’s image” has been featured in promoting tooth whitening platforms.

“Amelia’s image” promoted a dieting app.

And “Alex’s image” featured giving his success story on a personal care site.

Understand that these are not who they are.

They are paid to give these fake testimonies to companies that can afford their services.

Scammers will always employ the strategy of fake testimonials to hide their schemes.

 Overhyped Earnings

Scammers have been using one big secret, promising huge earnings from their platforms.

IT Linker is using the same approach by promising that you’ll earn $1000 without investing anything in the platform.

And this is evident by the faked backup created by the unknown founder of IT Linker.

However, other alternatives could give you good earnings through investment and hard work.

IT Linker is just not one such platform.

Don’t get enticed by the joining bonus they promise to give.

Be rest assured that you won’t be making any meaningful income from this program.

IT Linker overhyped earnings, bonuses, and gifts are the same offered by any other scam site.

They use it to take advantage of your quest to create wealth.

No Legal Names & Pages

Most legitimate digital businesses or companies must have designed important pages such as cookie policies, contact pages, and privacy policies.

These important features are not in IT Linker.

Also, the person who created IT Linker does not provide any information about themselves.

You must consider this a factor before joining any platform claiming to allow you to earn money.

You should have information about the person you want to do business with.

Otherwise, you will be investing both your time and hard-earned money in the wind.

But to be on the safer side, it is a nice idea to join a business model that has been tried and tested.

And if you to know my success story, check out what I have for you:

Is IT Linker A Scam?

Does Not Clearly Explain The Type Of Work To Be Done

IT Linker does not clearly state what you will be doing on the platform to earn money.

In fact, you’ve only promised to make risk-free $1000 every month.

Aside from that, they claim that you must register as a publisher account user to start earning these huge amounts.

And being a publisher means that you’ll do affiliate marketing.

Again, you’re likely to be receiving affiliate links to promote a product or service that IT Linker has not disclosed.

As an IT Linker publisher, you’ll also be promoting the IT Linker to other people.

The claim is that any new member who joins the platform through your link earns you a commission.

It Is A Cloned Scam

IT Linker is an online platform that is similar to My-EuroUS.

And one common feature between these two platforms is promoting get-rich-quick schemes.

Both platforms are outright scams trying to steal from unsuspecting individuals.

One obvious thing about these two platforms is that they have the same people testifying about their successes in these two platforms.

The only difference in these testimonies is that they use the same images but different names.

In IT Linker, there is Alex, while in My-EuroUS he is called Ronald, Amelia is used in IT Linker while Martha is used in My-EuroUS and Jack is used in IT Linker while Anthony is used in My-EuroUS.

If they were wise enough, they could have changed both the names and the images of these fake persons.

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What I Like About IT Linker 

  • There is nothing worth liking in IT Linker.

This is an outright scam, and I strongly don’t recommend such a platform.

What I Don’t Like About IT Linker 

  • An unknown owner created it.
  • IT Linker does not have search engine optimization.

Is There Any Alternative To IT Linker?

The online industry has many business opportunities that you can tap into and make money from.

My most preferred alternative is affiliate marketing.

This business model is highly profitable, easy to start, and does not require huge budgetary allocations.

You can also start it with or without any special skills.

Give it a try, wait for it to develop roots, then start enjoying the true freedom of passive online income.

Here is my blueprint for giving you more insight into affiliate marketing:

Is IT Linker A Scam?


Is IT Linker a Scam?

Yes, this platform is an outright scam ready to exploit you.

Several factors indicate that you shouldn’t trust this platform with your money.

And one of these factors is the unknown identity of the founder of IT Linker.

Also, the creator is camouflaging because of the illegality of the platform and does not want to hold them accountable.

Is IT Linker Optimized For SEO?

No. IT Linker is not optimized for search engines like Bing and Google.

Also, this is because the website owner doesn’t want its identification known by the authorities.

How long has IT Linker existed?

The company has existed for some years now.

But still, this is not enough reason for you to bank your trust in the platform.

There are some cases where scammers invest in websites that have existed for years.

They then use these websites to execute their illegal activities.

Is it Worthy Investing in IT Linker?

A direct answer to these questions is NO.

IT Linker is a total waste of time and resources.

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