LeapVista Review

LeapVista Review: Steve Tan Dropshipping Scam?

Welcome to my LeapVista Review.

If you are looking forward to launching e-commerce that can help you earn extra income online, you might want to check out what I have for you in this review.

In this review, I’ll take you through the inside out of the LeapVista program to help you know if it’s Legit or a scam.

I will also take you through the available training courses offered in the LeapVista program, explaining each of them in detail.

Above all, I will explain who Evan Tan and Steve are and their role in the LeapVista program.

Before I start my discussion, I would like to inform you that I’m not an affiliate of the LeapVista program.

For this reason, every piece of information I’ll provide is unbiased and truthful.

With that in mind, let’s now jump into it…

Leapvista Review Summary

Name of The Product: LeapVista

Type of the Product:  e-Commerce Training Program

Website’s URL: https://www.leapvista.com/

Founders:  Evan Tan and Steve Tan

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: $997

Recommendation: It depends; find out why from my review

Leapvista Review – Overview

LeapVista Review

This program targets you if you want to train yourself in e-commerce trade.

LeapVista claims to be the best program that inspires young individuals and entrepreneurs who want to make money on drop shipping.

Many other online courses offer training in the same field, each having its own training method.

However, due to many controversies in the quality of training offered in most of these programs, it’s important to research it in detail.

Remember, most of the programs offering low-quality training online always have a common trait that can be used to identify them.

For instance, they’ll use the same trend of luring people to join their program.

They manage it by promising their affiliates flashy lifestyles and claiming to offer them the best easy money-making opportunities.

However, you’ll come to realize the truth behind the course after joining and investing in the program.

As for the LeapVista program, I conducted thorough research on it so keep reading to find helpful information.

LeapVista Review

What Is Leapvista?

LeapVista Review

Leapvista is an online e-commerce program created by Evan Tan and Steve Tan.

The program claims to offer you training on how to start an electronic commerce business online.

The program aims to inspire young entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn e-commerce business.

When you join this program, you’ll meet Benjamin Tan, the chief trainer Evan and Steve Tan hired.

The other expert available in the program is Gabriel Wong, the Chief Marketing Officer.

On the other hand, Shannon Goh is serving the docket of a chief operating officer in the management of the program.

Enrolling in the LeapVista program will teach you how to launch your own e-commerce business.

This involves purchasing products online from different countries, such as China, via their retail platforms, such as AliExpress.

You can then sell these products at higher prices in countries such as the USA or Europe and make more profits.

On the Leapvista sales page, there is a lot of information you need to start an online business and how you can grow it to meet your success.

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Who Are Evan Tan And Steve Tan?

LeapVista Review

Steve was first doing eBay auctions as its source of income before quitting it in 2007.

He then launched his own electronic commerce business and created its store, which had positive progress in its growth.

Two years after launching the program, his earnings improved and averaged $500 per month.

Steve later decided to open a start-up in 2010, which did not progress and ended up collapsing a year later.

He then joined Kreyos, a watch company where he started making decent money initially.

The business later closed down in 2014, and Steve became broke again, which made him suffer different kinds of depression in the process.

In 2016, Steve Tan came together and opened an online e-commerce business.

This gave Steve another chance to bounce back and get rolling all over again.

What Is LeapVista All About?

LeapVista Review

The Leapvista program is all about drop shipping opportunities online.

Like any drop-shipping course, you learn how to make money by creating an online business platform.

LeapVista Review

When you enroll in the LeapVista program, you’ll find three training programs offered, which include;

  • Ecom Domination
  • AMZ Elite
  • Digital Secrets

As per my research, I only found one of the courses called Ecom Domination available in the program, with others not offered at the moment.

Therefore, in this review, I’ll take you through the already-launched Ecom Domination course to let you know what it is all about.

However, the two other courses will be launched soon, as per the information provided on the program website.

The Ecom Domination Course Breakdown

LeapVista Review

In this section, I’ll take you through what is expected in the Ecom domination course as offered in the LeapVista program.

The following is what is inside the course;

Building Your Website

Leapvista program uses the Shopify software as their best website creator platform.

As such, you’ll learn how to create your own e-commerce business on the Shopify platform in a few minutes.

However, to complete the entire website-building process, you’ll have to spend an average of one hour.

The process, which includes the installation procedures, payment gateways, and conducting page checks, won’t consume much of your time.

Note that these processes are only made possible on the Shopify software, which contains free and paid mode services.

You’ll have to pay a monthly premium to access all the program’s features when you use the paid mode.

However, the monthly fees are not as much as you may think.

For instance, the program costs about $29 per month to access its basic features when creating your website.

When you want to build an online store, you’ll have to pay $79 or $299 monthly to build two online stores.

In addition, the Shopify program also has its own affiliate program.

In the program, you can make money by referring other people to use the program by creating their online retail stores.

Steve and Evan use the Shopify program to create and set up their website.

Remember, the price tag mentioned in this section only applies to the Shopify program.

These prices are not included in the cost of joining the LeapVista program.

Identifying Products & Suppliers

After learning how to build your online e-commerce store, the next step is finding products online.

In this section, Evan and Steve outline how you can select products to sell online in your choice of market.

Their main focus website is the AliExpress platform from China which they use as their main site for finding products.

They prefer the AliExpress website because the platform allows you to purchase its products and directly ship them to your customers.

During the product shipping, the brand of your website, the logo, and any other message will be embedded in the products you purchased.

When making your sales Evan and Steve prefer international sales in the market sales for you to easily find suppliers.

Adding Products To Your Shopify Store

After product and supplier selection, Steve and Evans take you through leveraging your Shopify store and adding more panels.

In this section, Evans and Steve also introduce you to tools such as Oberlo and Dropified, which helps you in making things easier.

The tools make work easier by helping you add products to your store, as the manual method may be much more tedious.

However, after learning the two tools, you’ll have to choose the one that will work best for you in your platform.

Getting Traffic To Your Shopify Store

You may not make a significant profit if your web users or traffic have no consistency in their flow to your e-commerce store.

For this reason, it’s important to learn how to market your products to reach out to as many users as possible online.

Steve and Evan teach you how to market your products on platforms with many users, such as Google and Facebook.

Even though it will cost you a certain amount of money to market your products online, you’ll be able to earn more than you spend.

Sometimes, you may get disappointed when your first attempt to complain fails.

But Steve and Evan motivate you to persevere when facing a challenge in your marketing process.

They state that it’s a learning curve that will help you understand the various mistakes you make during the advertisement process.

The Tan brothers encourage their affiliates to keep marketing their products so long as they have a drafted budget to keep them going.

The marketing process continues until you meet your targeted users with a good number of customers online that can work best for you.

But how long can it take you to reach your market target?

The answer to this question may depend on many things, such as the kind of traffic you are acquiring.

It will also depend on the type of products you are marketing and their market demand.

Sometimes, the different seasons experienced in the marketplaces also affect the sales rate.

Note that in LeapVista, you’ll only learn how to run your basic paid ads online.

They’ll not be responsible for guaranteeing you any success rate online.

Remember that there are some risks that you may face when running your paid ads on different online platforms.

What Is The Cost Of Joining LeapVista?

To join the LeapVista program, you’ll have to pay about $997.

The price is a one-time fee payable at the beginning of the course to enable you to access the training course offered in the program.

The price also caters to the courses yet to be launched in the program; hence you don’t have to worry about any other added fees.

However, you’ll have to pay the program fee when you decide to use their recommended Shopify program to create your online store.

For this reason, the LeapVista program fee does not include the Shopify fee charged for building websites.

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Is Leapvista Program A Scam?

In my opinion, the Leapvista program is not technically a scam.

The program offers training in areas that are very effective for online business.

But with the competition that is in the market, success will be hard to come by.

I say so because you’ll have to develop strategies to maintain your market share.

This will help you stand out in the competitive market and manage your business effectively.

In addition, you’ll have to market your products online to make a significant profit.

This process includes using online ads that will help you attract more users and improve sales.

However, running online ads comes with some risks that you must learn how to overcome.

On the other hand, the LeapVista program, like any other e-commerce training program, undergoes four major steps.

These steps include;

  • Buying a domain name, hosting, and building your e-commerce store.
  • Finding products and suppliers and engaging in some deal negotiations with suppliers.
  • Running of online ads such as Google ads and Facebook ads.
  • Waiting for a positive return online while perfectly managing your investment.

However, I have always insisted on settling on a business opportunity that is simple and straightforward.

And below is one of those options that you might want to consider.

In fact, I personally started from this great opportunity:

LeapVista Review

What I Like About LeapVista

  • Steve and Evan are good teachers.

You will learn much from Steve and Evan if you are a good beginner in this course.

They have an outstanding experience in the drop shipping business and, therefore, offer quality teaching on the course.

  • The Course is short and easy to learn.

Learning LeapVista is much easy for both newbies and professional entrepreneurs.

The course is short and will not take much of your time to learn and complete to start making money out of it.

In addition, the course provides you with some useful tools to help you speed up your business process.

What I Don’t Like About LeapVista

  • There is the possibility of fake news.

The many positive reviews of the LeapVista program are rumored to be fake and cannot be relied on as testimonies.

Some people believe the reviews are created by some users in exchange for money or any other offer.

However, there is no clear evidence for this statement, and it may not be considered true information about the program.

  • E-commerce business is painful.

Drop shipping businesses come with some common headaches that limit some entrepreneurs from meeting their success.

Such headaches include how to appeal to customers of your products, managing your negative reviews, and much more.

You must learn how to overcome such issues before you can think of starting an e-commerce business.

My Honest Recommendation About LeapVista

I honestly believe LeapVista isn’t a cup of tea for everyone.

This course will only benefit you if you want to learn about online drop shipping or e-commerce business.

In addition, when you join this program, there is no guarantee of direct success despite spending your money on the program.

If this training course isn’t for you, please check out my best alternative in the section below.

Is There An Alternative To LeapVista? 

Yes, you can still consider a different business opportunity other than the drop shipping business.

If you didn’t know, I like trusting the process and will at no point seek get-rich-quick schemes.

I’ve always learned to be patient with any online business – I start without seeking shortcuts.

And since I like to show the light for those who don’t know exactly where to begin with an online business, I’ve always encouraged beginners to start with affiliate marketing.

But that is not all.

Since I know how challenging it can be to get started with this business opportunity, I’ll always offer a solution in a simplified blueprint.

If you’re interested in promoting legit goods and services, then take a moment to go through this step-by-step guide I have for you:

LeapVista Review

FAQ About Leapvista

Who Is LeapVista Program For?

The Leapvista program is best suitable for people who want to start a drop shipping business online.

Does LeapVista Program Offer a Refund Policy? 

According to the LeapVista website, there is no place where the owners have mentioned the money-back service.

So, if you decide to quit this program after joining, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive your money back.

Does LeapVista Have A Compensation Plan?

While researching this program, I saw no bonus mentioned in the platform by Steve and Evan.

As such, I may not guarantee you of getting any bonus after you join this program at the time I’m writing this review.

However, the program introduces its affiliates to use tools that can help you speed up your product shipping.

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Final Thought

I hope this review has shed light on some unknown information about the LeapVista program as a whole.

I’ll update you soon when the other new courses are launched.

So, feel free to let me know any other information or queries that you may have in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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