MaVie Review: Is This MLM A Scam Or Legit? Be In The Know!

MaVie Review

Hello, and welcome to my MaVie Review.

When searching for opportunities to establish an online passive income, your primary focus should be on thorough research.

This research is crucial for minimizing the risk of becoming disoriented in your venture, particularly when delving into unfamiliar programs.

Hence, if you come across the MaVie program, whether through online sources or recommendations from friends, it’s imperative to conduct comprehensive research before considering participation.

The primary objective of such research is to determine the legitimacy of the program, ensuring it is a trustworthy investment of both your resources and time.

In your investigation, it’s essential to delve into aspects such as the program’s purpose, pricing structure, and operational mechanisms.

This information is instrumental in helping you create an effective budget and management strategy.

Consequently, in this review, I will provide you with an honest evaluation of the MaVie program, offering you the essential insights you need before making any commitments.

My main aim is to furnish you with accurate and unbiased information, enabling you to make informed decisions.

With this purpose in mind, let’s commence…

The MaVie Review Summary

Name Of The Program: MaVie

Type Of Program: Nutrition and E-commerce

Website’s URL:

Price: Starting from $299.

Owner/Founder: Abbound Barakat

My overall Rating: 6/10

My recommendation: Not for everyone.

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MaVie Review – Overview

MaVie Review

MaVie program is one of the opportunities online that claims to help people build a passive income.

Just like any other multi-level marketing program, the MaVie program also has its own unique way of making people work online.

For instance, the program combines up to three niches which include nutrition, travel, and the most common e-commerce.

This makes it have a wider range of opportunities online as compared to the other companies that focus only on one niche.

If your favorite niche of business is nutrition, you’ll be in a better place on the platform as it is given more priority.

However, if you feel you are best in e-commerce or travel, you’ll also find a better place on the platform.

So, provided the platform works out for you, you’ll stand a chance to succeed in one of its niches that works best for you.

However, if you are not good in all these three niches, it’ll greatly disappoint you in the platform.

The program is designed to work together with a group of products that fall under the category of the three niches.

But if you’re here to look for a genuine way of making money online, I’ll encourage you to check out this opportunity:

MaVie Review

What Is MaVie?

MaVie Review

MaVie program is a multi-level marketing company that combines three niches namely, nutrition, travel, and e-commerce.

As compared to most multilevel marketing companies online, the MaVie program provides you with more expanded opportunities.

Its partnership with other companies from the three niches makes it a wide company with many opportunities online.

In addition, these three niches go hand in hand with each other which makes them easy to combine when working with them as one.

For instance, when you go for nutrition, you might find yourself getting engaged in traveling and leisure as part of your day-to-day activities.

You may also likely get involved in e-commerce in the process allowing you to combine all three niches in your career.

According to its website, the company was started in 2018 and has therefore been in service for more than four years.

This has made them gain more people online to become a larger multi-level marketing company online.

The company according to its website is based in Hong Kong despite some sources stating that it is located in Singapore.

What Is Contained In The MaVie Program?

The company contains different products that fall into three include the following:

  • Nutrition
  • E-commerce
  • Travel and leisure.

Because these three categories of products form the main function of this site, we’ll have to look at each of them in detail.


In nutrition, the program offers services that majorly match your DNA profile to help your body function more efficiently.

The program first takes you through teaching what DNA means and how it is important to help you learn why you need their services.

The company defines your DNA as a long and twisted ladder found in your body cells and consists of small molecules called nucleotides.

The nucleotides are also of four different types namely Thymine (T), Adenine (A), Guanine (G), and Cytosine (C).

When these nucleotides are arranged in a uniform sequence, they form the DNA sequence that defines your genetic blueprint.

According to the scientist, your genetic code is always unique to you and can be used to identify you from a group of many other codes.

Even though the DNA sequences are identical for different people, what makes you unique to another is a smaller section of it.

These small sections of the genes define the biological process of your body and its physical characteristics.

For instance, all people have the same genes identical to each other, what makes you unique to another is traits.

According to scientists, the combination of letters that make up your gene is what varies from other people’s genes.

These differences in the combination of letters from one person to another make it easy to differentiate people based on their genes.

This is called genetic variant which is what DNA testing examines in people to produce effective results if needed.

As a multilevel company, the MaVie program offers DNA testing services to its customers under this niche.

How Accurate Is MaVie DNA Testing?

To ensure their DNA testing services are accurate, their certified testing facilities located in the USA and Dubai offer the highest level of testing.

They provide microarray testing that claims to be at the top level for the production of quality results in the market.

According to the program, their accuracy testing as per the new generation currently hits 99.9%.

This makes it no doubt the most reliable method to identify different people or people with identical genetic variants.

Many customers also get to build trust in the DNA testing process due to the high accuracy of its results.

Apart from DNA testing for identification, there are many other variants tested which include the following:

  • Nutrition and weight loss
  • Fitness and sports that focus more on your level of performance
  • Skincare and anti-aging focus on your skin maintenance.
  • Personality and inborn talents are based on your genetic traits.

What Makes MaVie DNA Testing Service Different?

According to the program, you’ll come to love their service best based on the standard and quality of their results.

Their personalized services and products as claimed in the program are based on scientific research with active and natural ingredients.

The skin care products offered in the program are claimed to be purely from France made of mineral water and well-tested on animals.

They also make the DNA personal testing exercise and the outcome strictly confidential to only the owner.

The sample DNA is only identified with a bar code number which is uniquely assigned to the owner to maintain high security.


In this category, the program offers services and products that best help you overcome the problems faced in your day-to-day life.

For instance, when your DNA testing process is complete, you will get a result that uniquely identifies your challenges.

To overcome the challenges and live a healthy life, the program recommends products that they claim will help you out.

Let’s look at what each DNA test brings out and its associated challenges:

Weight loss

Most people suffer from being overweight which is brought about by the accumulation of too much fats and oil in the body.

This limits them from living a healthy life as expected and always forces them to look for the cheapest and most effective way to reduce their weight.

However, it has not been easy to lose weight in normal circumstances for most people undergoing the challenge.

The MaVie program claims to offer you a permanent and most reliable way out based on your DNA result.

According to the program, your DNA result is what should determine your next diet combination if you have an overweight challenge.

Their eating diet also called the DNA diet is the healthiest eating plan which is created based on the result from your DNA test.

This will provide you with the recommended calorie intake level that ensures you manage your weight without stressing yourself.

Fitness and performance in sports

To know your level of fitness and performance in sports, MaVie makes it easy for you based on your DNA test.

According to the program, there is no need to involve guesswork in the process so you can give them a chance to carry out your DNA test.

The program claims to offer the most effective results that have you covered whether you are a beginner or a professional.

They also provide you with advice that is based on your results and will help you know how to manage your fitness and performance.

The Skin Care and Antiaging

Under skincare, the program looks forward to helping you look younger despite your age.

To do so, the program helps you ensure your skin is maintained hydrated, healthier, and smooth to help you live a healthy life.

This also helps you discover the importance of having a quality physical for your skin and hair.

So, if your age negatively affects your skin condition and hair which no longer, please you, worry no more, MaVie program is there for you.

Personality and Inborn Talents

The last but also major importance of DNA testing in your life is to help you know your personality traits and talents.

According to scientific research, your genetic makeup talks more about you including; your attributes, talents, and behavior.

The program claims to provide you with the most effective Personality and inborn talents DNA report that helps you know yourself.

This helps you know your abilities, talents, and what you can do best in your life.

MaVie Products

For every DNA testing type provided by the MaVie company, there are products that are offered based on your results.

The products are designed to ensure they help you overcome the challenges identified by the test results from your body.

Here are the available products offered for each of the DNA test types offered in the program;

  • Vietal

Vietal is the most recommended product by the program for your skin care which you will be offered after testing your DNA.

According to the program, Vietal is the future of your skin care and is recommended for people undergoing different skin challenges.

This product falls under the category of the skincare and Anti-aging DNA Testing service offered in the program.

The product is formulated to uniquely work based on your personal lifestyle and DNA result.

For this reason, it will help you regain your skin look maintain the outlook of your skin, and help you look younger.

  • Viecode

This is another top product the program recommends for people looking forward to improving their fitness and performance in sports.

According to the platform, the Viecode is the next generation that provides you with the required health supplements.

This helps you satisfy your needs and ensures you live a healthy life your entire lifestyle.

It is formulated with a mixture of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your body requires to live a healthy life.

Travel and Leisure

Travel and leisure are also another service opportunity offered in this program that goes hand in hand with the other two niches.

The program allows you to access DNA travel to know our wellness.

In their travel portal, there are also services such as hotel booking and discount travel to their customers.

How Does The MaVie Program Work?

MarVie program works in three simple steps as follows:

Step One: Making An Order

The first step in the program is to order your DNA kit from the program.

Step Two: Swap

The next stage is to make your payment and order your reports in the program.

This allows you to purchase your required products from the platform including the kits and the other available products.

Step Three: Unlock Your Products

In this stage, you’ll get access to the DNA products which are best suitable for you.

This makes you get the services that are right for you to help you overcome your challenges to live a healthy life.

Who Owns The MaVie Program?

MaVie Review

MaVie began in 2018 under Abbound Barakat’s leadership as the CEO and owner.

Abbound Barakat had experience in retail and health and beauty aid manufacturing before founding MaVie.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The MaVie?

The cost of joining the MaVie program starts from $299 which you must pay for you to join the program.

The program also has a renewal price for membership which will cost you $68.99 every month.

This means that in a year, you may end up paying nearly $1000 to enjoy all the services available in the program.

This makes it more expensive than most multi-level companies online and also raises the question that I will help you answer in the next section.

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Is The MaVie A Scam?

In my opinion, the MaVie multilevel marketing program is not a scam.

The program can help you come up with new ways of overcoming challenges that occur in your body.

For instance, the program helps you identify attributes, talents, and traits in your body that are brought about by your genetic makeup.

This makes it a better solution to weight loss, performance in sports, and fitness and also identifies your talents.

In addition, the program helps you with new well-formulated products that also focus on helping you overcome the challenges.

According to the program, running a DNA test will help you overcome all the challenges caused by your genetic makeup.

However, the program charges more for their services making it not an option for many people.

For instance, most people don’t love recurring fees which seem to be mandatory in the platform despite charging high starting fees.

Therefore, if you have a limited income or cannot afford their services, you may not be able to derive any benefits from what they offer.

MaVie Review

What Are People Saying About The MaVie? – Trustpilot

Here are the reactions of different people about this multilevel platform on TrustPilot.

MaVie platform has a great rating on Trustpilot from a sample of 18 reviewers.

In the reviews, the program gets a rating of 3.9/5 stars as shown below;

MaVie Review

In addition, about 66% of the total reviewers gave the program a rating of five stars on the platform.

MaVie Review

Let’s now check out what reviewers had to say about this program.

Yannick gives the program a five-star rating claiming to have a great experience with the program services.

The reviewer is impressed with the work of the company after working with them for a while.

MaVie Review

Lydie Telcone also gives it a five-star rating as a great platform from what the reviewers have experienced.

After working with the program for a short period, the reviewer feels satisfied with the program’s services.

MaVie Review

Dominique Roche also feels happy with MaVie after working with them for a while.

MaVie Review

On the other hand, there are some reviewers who have a negative reaction to the program on this platform.

For instance, Maggie describes MaVie as a simple thief and not a serious business to join.

MaVie Review

Jac Mason also describes MaVie as a terrible product that is based in Italy.

MaVie Review

What I Like About The MaVie

  • Their DNA Test is up to 99.9% accurate.

The program has excellent accuracy in its certified facilities in running DNA tests for genetic variant identification.

This makes more clients trust their results and use them to learn new ways of living your life for different people.

It is, therefore, a breakthrough for different people undergoing challenges brought about by genetic makeup.

  • Offers many opportunities

MaVie’s program covers up to three business niches to extend its services and target many categories of people.

This makes the program an option for many people who are suitable for one of its business niches online.

Additionally, the many niches make it easy to find an opportunity in the program that can help you out as desired.

  • Transparency in their service.

The program explains its services deeply to everyone.

This makes it known what you expect from their services and how to unlock them to help enjoy their benefits.

In addition, it makes you learn more about the DNA Test and how it can help you change your day-to-day life.

What I Don’t Like About The MaVie?

  • Mavie is too expensive

The program charges higher prices to help you join their membership program and enjoy their services.

The program requires you to first pay the price before getting the opportunity to enjoy their services.

This makes it difficult to purchase for people with low-income earners who also want to benefit from the service.

  • Not a suitable option for beginners

Despite being a legit program, it may not be manageable for newbies with low amounts.

Most low-income traders may not afford to pay for the recurring monthly price after paying the first price.

If you are a low-income earner, you will have to look for another alternative program online that offers their services at lower prices.

  • Has recurring charges

The MaVie program has a monthly price that makes it too expensive at the end of the year.

For instance, you may end up paying nearly $1000 at the end of the years of the services in the program.

This makes the pricing of the program management by most of the people who develop an interest in the program services.

Is There Any Alternative To MaVie?

Indeed, there exists a favorable alternative to this program.

I recognize the inherent challenges that come with launching an online business aligned with your preferences.

If you’re a newcomer in this endeavor and unsure where to begin, I bring promising news.

Are you familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing?

This business model has been in existence for some time, yet its full potential remains largely untapped.

The beauty of this business lies in its simplicity and ease of initiation.

Your primary task involves promoting products or services offered by a company and, in return, earning commissions.

However, before embarking on this journey, it’s vital to acquaint yourself with the fundamental principles of this venture.

To assist you in this endeavor, I’ve taken the initiative to craft a comprehensive guide.

This guide is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to get started.

So, if you’re intrigued by the prospect of venturing into this business opportunity, I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore my guide here:

MaVie Review

FAQs About The MaVie

Does The MaVie Offer Commissions?

The program offers participants commissions that include retail commissions and referral commissions.

The referral commissions are awarded if you sell their membership programs and products.

Apart from referral commissions, the program also offers you different bonuses to boost your earnings.

What Is The Qualification Required To Get MaVie Commissions?

For you to start earning from the program, you must first meet the following qualifications which include;

Generating at least 25PV every month in the platform.

This qualification applies to all types of commissions and bonuses available on the platform.

Thank you for reading my MaVie Review.

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