Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review: Is This Course A Scam?

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review

I warmly welcome you to Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review.

Kevin’s YouTube Course claims to offer you the best knowledge on how to build a passive income on the YouTube platform.

His program has private livestreams, buy and sell alerts, and a members-only discord channel that helps him meet all their members.

In so doing, Kevin can reach all his students when delivering his mentorship services only.

Kevin requires all his students to join private live streams and Discord channels to learn his course.

With the course, the owner claims that you’ll be able to build a profitable YouTube channel.

Your financial status doesn’t matter when taking this course, as the program claims to have the best principles that will sort you out.

This includes creating a substantial net worth online in addition to building a passive income when earning from your channel.

However, you may not make your judgment based on these claims.

And it is for that reason that I’m here to provide you with real information about this YouTube course.

Let’s get started…

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review – Summary

Name of the Product: Meet Kevin YouTube 

Type of the Product: YouTube Automation Course

Website’s URL:

Founder: Meet Kevin

Overall Rating: 6/10

Cost: $900 (Lifetime access)

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read and find out from my review

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review – Overview

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review

Kevin wants YouTubers to earn a passive income from his YouTube automation business.

Irrespective of your financial status, Kevin claims to offer you the best training in his course that will see you succeed in your YouTube automation.

According to Kevin, creating a substantial income from YouTube is determined by building a fast-paying YouTube channel.

This makes him prioritize teaching you how to build your YouTube channel and make it fast-paying for you.

With lifetime access to his course, Meet Kevin’s YouTube course claims to be the best solution to your YouTube automation business.

Kevin provides his students with coaching and mentorship programs in his private live streams and charts online.

This ensures you run your business smoothly and improve your skills which will help you grow your channel.

As such, you’ll become a successful YouTuber and achieve your financial freedom.

I’ll still explain more about this course and encourage you to keep reading.

However, if you’re looking for a better alternative to start making money online, I urge you to check out this opportunity:

What Is Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review

Meet Kevin’s course teaches you how to build a passive income on the YouTube platform.

This course teaches you how to create and run a fast-paying YouTube channel.

The program aims to empower all small entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenges in running their YouTube channels.

If you’re passionate about starting a YouTube automation, Kevin welcomes you to his mentorship programs.

The program provides the strategies and principles to make your YouTube channels fast-paying.

Kevin uses himself as a great testimony to his students who might want to become successful YouTubers.

With his track record in entrepreneurship, he manages to motivate many students to put more effort into their businesses.

This makes the Meet Kevin YouTube course gain more popularity among entrepreneurs.

So, who is this and how does he manage to make his course popular?

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Who Is Meet Kevin?

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review

Meet Kevin a successful investor online who focuses on real estate, and is also an investment advisor to his worldwide clients.

He has a net worth of up to $600,000 million online from his various businesses.

Kevin is the founder and owner of the Meet Kevin YouTube Course together with other courses such as Real Estate Investing.

He also owns other courses such as Elite Hustler University, Build Wealth Making YouTube Videos, Master Stock, and the Psychology of Money.

Kevin is also the owner of the Real Estate Sales course and The DIY Property Management and Rental Renovation course.

Kevin began sharing his knowledge after becoming successful back in 2018 when he joined YouTube automation.

This has made him garner close to 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with more than 353 million views.

Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review

About his profession, Kevin is a licensed financial advisor, a successful YouTuber, an educator, and an ETF manager.

He is also a famous real estate broker and a former contractor online which has made him more popular in his social media platforms.

By creating the course, Kevin targets all YouTubers who want to make a difference on YouTube.

He claims to have the best strategy that will help his students turn their channels into fast-paying.

In his mentorship and coaching programs, Kevin claims to have motivated many young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

How Does Meet Kevin YouTube Course Work?

The Meet Kevin YouTube Course provides you with lifetime access to their membership-only private livestream.

In the private live stream, you’ll get an opportunity to watch all the course concepts in the form of videos.

And you only have access to this after making a purchase.

In the live stream, you’ll be granted the opportunity to ask questions about any stock of your specification and get answers.

You’ll also be set free to ask any question concerning your YouTube channel or any other thing you want related to the business.

There is also a private members-only live discord channel available for members of the platform.

In this discord, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with other YouTubers online and share your ideas on how to improve your business.

This helps you learn from others and develop more skills and experience that will see you become a successful entrepreneur.

In addition, you’ll get a live sales alert also available on the platform for traders who want to improve their sales online.

What Is Contained In Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

Meet Kevin YouTube course contains up to five top offers which you’ll enjoy when you make your subscription.

These programs include:

Course Member Livestream

This program provides you with an open everyday live market where you’ll be interacting with Kevin.

During this live session, you’ll be able to analyze your events together with Kevin and develop new strategies for building your wealth.

Kevin also provides you with an archive that contains analysis of more than two hundred companies online.

Lifetime Access To Current And New Content With No Recurring Cost

The program allows you to join with a one-term price and allows you to get access to the course for your entire lifetime.

This includes accessing the new and current course contents available in the platform.

Priority For Being Chosen For A Free Meet Kevin House Call

According to Kevin, members get more priority especially when there are meetups any organized events.

The course provides you with the opportunity to meet Kevin in person through a live house call.

Meeting and chatting with Kevin in person helps you narrow down your problems to a more individual basis and explain them to Kevin in person.

This gives you the opportunity to ask many questions or anything you want from Kevin and get firsthand feedback from him.

Best Price Guarantee

The course has a one-time price which provides you with the opportunity to purchase the course and get lifetime access.

The prices however increase over time and may become more expensive in the future if you delay making your payment.

For this reason, Kevin advises you to make your early purchase of the course and enjoy your lifetime access to the program services.

Question And Answers With Kevin

In this program, you’ll ask Kevin any question directly about your business and get an answer immediately.

However, this program also works in line with the live stream portion.

This means that you can include this section in the live stream portion and communicate with Kevin in person.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

The course has a one-time fee of $900 payable during the registration time.

After paying the price, you’ll get lifetime access to the course and its entire content online.

This allows you to access all the services available in the program at any time.

However, you need to note that there is no refund policy for this price which means that once you pay, you’ll not be able to reclaim it.

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Is Meet Kevin YouTube Course A Scam?

In my opinion, the Meet Kevin YouTube course is NOT a SCAM.

And I can give you my reasons for that.

First, Kevin is a successful YouTube affiliate with many followers online.

In his YouTube channels, he commands close to 2 million subscribers.

Aside from that, Kevin is real, and he appears in person and you have an opportunity to interact with him on one.

Kevin is also ready to take questions from any of his students.

However, the course looks too expensive for beginners who have an interest in starting a YouTube automation business from scratch.

Worse still, the program has no refund policy for its students irrespective of their condition.

And if you’re a beginner, this course might not work better for you.

What’s more, the course ONLY teaches about YouTube automation business.

But continue reading this review to find out my favorite opportunity to make money for you online.

Jason Foster

What I Like About Meet Kevin YouTube Course

  • Kevin is a Successful YouTube Affiliate

With more than 1.7 million subscribers, and over 353 million viewers on YouTube, Kevin manages to be one of the best affiliates on the platform.

This makes it a great testimony to his students who want to succeed in their YouTube automation business.

His teachings also directly explain his successful journey to success on the YouTube platform.

  • Kevin’s principles are real

Kevin teaches about strategies and principles of making money on YouTube which looks real for the day to day life.

By setting real-life examples to explain their strategies, Kevin tries to make his teachings more realistic and practical.

This makes his teachings look relevant and easy to understand by anyone linked to him in the program.

  • The program allows students to communicate with Kevin in person.

By communicating with Kevin in person, the students get the opportunity to ask questions about their business directly to him.

This makes the students get more relevant and personalized feedback from the platform that can help them succeed in their business.

In addition, it makes students get more coaching and mentorships from Kevin on an individual basis.

What I Don’t Like About Meet Kevin YouTube Course

  • The course is relatively expensive

Despite the cost of the program being a one-time payment, it’s too expensive for many affiliates online.

Other courses offer YouTube automation business at a much lower price than the program.

This makes it not a suitable option for affiliates who want to join the business from scratch and are not financially stable.

  • No refund policy

If you find the course not interesting to you after the purchase, you’ll not be able to reclaim your fee for quitting.

  • Course content is too shallow

The course is too shallow for learners who have little knowledge of the YouTube automation business.

The course only dwells on the private livestream and the charts which are individually based and may not deliver the same content to all students.

In addition, meeting the owner in person may not be reliable as he is serving many students which makes the course less reliable.

  • Only Teaches about YouTube automation

Meet Kevin YouTube Course only teaches about YouTube automation business online and may not be used to study any other money-making opportunity.

This means that it only targets affiliates in the YouTube automation business and not for everyone as it may claim.

If you are not interested in making money on YouTube, the Meet Kevin YouTube automation course may not be an option for you.

But if you are, you can still additional information from Erika Kullberg’s Mastering YouTube Course.

Is There Any Alternative To Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

Are you interested in starting a YouTube business but don’t know where to begin?

I’m here to offer you a lending hand.

With so many YouTube courses advertised online, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

However, not all courses are created equal.

YouTubers have different content goals, and blindly trusting one-size-fits-all claims can quickly derail your aspirations.

That’s why I recommend this free YouTube training course that has been proven to work.

It’s tailored to your specific needs and objectives, so you can learn at your own pace and achieve your goals.

Give it a try and see how it can help you succeed!

FAQs About The Meet Kevin YouTube Course

Can I Learn All the Courses Kevin Offers After Paying The Fee For Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

According to Kevin, the one-time fee only applies to the Meet Kevin YouTube course.

This means that when you want to learn another course, you’ll have to purchase them and learn them separately.

However, you’ll have to consider asking Kevin after purchasing the course for more information on how you can get other courses.

Is There Age Restriction To The Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

The course doesn’t restrict users of any age to join their platform and learn YouTube automation.

However, if you are less than 18 years old, the YouTube platform will not allow you to join their monetization program.

Who Is Meet Kevin YouTube Course For?

The course is for aspiring affiliates who want to build a passive income by making money from YouTube.

The course can also help YouTube affiliates who are experiencing challenges in growing their channel to a fast-paying account.

If you are already making money on the YouTube platform, the course claims to help you make your channel grow to a first-paying opportunity on the platform.

Is There Any Recurring Fee On Meet Kevin YouTube Course?

The course only charges a one-time fee payable during the registration stage of the course.

There are no other prices or charges after paying your first one-time fee on the platform.

However, you need some investment in your YouTube channel when applying the course content to your business to let it grow.

Thank you for reading the Meet Kevin YouTube Course Review.

If you have any additional contribution towards this review, feel free to leave your comment below.

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