Mini Workshop Magic Review

Mini Workshop Magic Review – Legit? Scam? The Truth.

Hello friend, welcome to my Mini Workshop Magic Review.

Perhaps you want to know more about the program.

I’m to answer all your queries that you want to know about this program.

Mini Workshop Magic claims to help you use short-paid workshops to build a list of repeat buyers.

According to the program, you can create more than 8,000 repeat buyers using your designed mini workshop.

From the many repeat buyers, you can generate more than two million dollars in sales in just two years, as the program claims.

However, based on the claims, it may not inform your decision about joining the program.

Before I begin, I’m NOT an affiliate of the Mini-Workshop Magic.

Taking that in mind, let’s start…

Mini Workshop Magic Review Summary

Name of the Product: Mini Workshop Magic

Type of the Product: Workshop-creating program

Product Website:

Founders: Justin DeMers

Product Rating: 30/70

Product Cost: $7

Recommendation: No, kindly read my review to find out why.

Mini Workshop Magic Review – Overview

Mini Workshop Magic Review

Starting your own workshop sometimes becomes tricky, especially when starting your business from scratch.

This makes most investors use some items such as old-school webinars, long sales calls, endless free content, and much more.

However, Mini Workshop Magic claims to offer a solution that will help you solve the problem.

According to the program, you’ll get a seven-step-by-step launch of your checklist for the business niche you want to run.

You’ll get the instant pre-install guide and the best-selling workshop topic.

The program also enables you to fill in the blank workshop content outline.

According to the program, many clients use paid mini-workshops in different markets.

For instance, some sell back-end signatures, which costs $2 and $12 and sometimes can go up to $20 and beyond.

The program claims that the trick they use is to help you create a suitable workshop and position it correctly to get started.

With your suitable workshop, people, especially your audience, will always pay attention to your business.

Their excitement will make them pay you and enjoy doing business with you.

From there, you will have to come up with ways in which you can maintain your customers and grow your business.

Through their coaching program, you’ll get guides on maintaining your customers, building a high reputation in your business, and much more.

However, if you want to go for a different alternative, here is another best option for you:

Mini Workshop Magic Review

What Is Mini Workshop Magic?

Mini Workshop Magic Review

Mini Workshop Magic is a program that helps you create a step-by-step paid workshop to help you run your business niche online.

The program is a web page from another site called Wake Up To Freedom, which also offers various services.

The Wake Up To Freedom is owned by Justin DeMers, who, in my understanding, might also own the Mini Workshop Magic.

The program offers many other services, including coaching clients and guiding them in developing a practical workshop topic.

Also, having a compelling topic that matches your niche and your audience is the best way to succeed in the business.

To achieve this, the expert team from the program is there and claims to help you in every step you need to follow when creating your workshop.

How Does Mini Workshop Magic Work?

Mini Workshop Magic helps create a super duper, simple, low-tech workshop for your business or any other money-making niche.

According to the program, most gurus tell their clients to publish many free contents or create some sales funnels that become much more complicated.

Other gurus also make huge promises about their offers to convince their clients to choose them.

However, the offers fail most buyers as they need to meet their expectations according to their businesses.

However, the Mini Workshop Magic claims to help you create the best Mini Workshop that is simple and easy to use.

According to the program, your Mini Workshop will help you get a win right away and help you make money.

In addition, you can create an email list with many buyers and warm people up for your more significant offers.

The Mini-Workshop Magic is a step-by-step roadmap that enables business owners to create a successfully paid mini-workshop for their business.

By joining the program, you’ll be free from using the following essential items:

  • Old School webinars
  • Stressful launches
  • Endless free content
  • Complicated funnels
  • Cold emails or DMS
  • Long Sales calls
  • Half finished
  • Begging for testimonies
  • Sleazy feeling anything.

When you join Mini Workshop Magic, the program claims to help you with the following:

  • Bringing In Sales

Creating your mini-workshop will help you bring in sales and earn more income.

According to the program, you don’t need to publish free content or assemble a launch sequence of up to thirty days.

Most customers find it easy to say yes in a low-ticket workshop and will happily work with their mini-workshop in running their business.

  • Build Instant Trust

When you have your own mini-workshop created, your attendees will become fans of your workshop.

You’ll also be able to increase the number of your fans when you have more referrals, social media shoutouts, and testimonials.

According to the program, you only need a quick win at your workshop to start with your customers, who will be your fans.

  • Fill In Your Bigger Offer

When you have your workshop, it’ll provide you with the easiest way to invest in any niche of your choice.

For instance, consider investing in a more extensive offer, like educational courses, services, and membership coaching.

You can use your mini workshop to fill email lists with your buyers, warm people up for bigger offers, and make money.

What Services Are Offered In The Mini Workshop Magic?

The Mini-Workshop Magic platform offers the following services:

Choosing A Workshop Topic

You’ll learn to select a Mini Workshop topic when joining the program.

You can sell your mini workshop topic no matter your niche.

Topic validation

You can validate your topic in the platform and build your waitlist in less than 24 hours.

Create sign up

After validating your mini workshop topic, the program helps you create your mini workshop page.

When you have you sign up, you will start getting paid even if you have not created any content.

Deliver a 60-minute workshop

When you deliver a 60-minute workshop, you will be able to get people accurate results and warm up to what is next in your niche.

Mini Workshop Magic bonuses

Mini Workshop Magic program also claims to offer customers bonuses on their platform.

Here are the bonuses offered:

Bonus One: Best Selling Workshop Topic Cheat Sheet

Mini Workshop Magic Review

In this bonus, you will get the exact prompts the program has used to help hundreds of its clients brainstorm a suitable workshop.

The clients are, therefore, able to get the best workshop for their business model and the specific niche of their choice.

Bonus Two: The Instant Pre-Sell Guide and Templates

Mini Workshop Magic Review

In this bonus, you will be offered the best way to build your wait list for your workshop in a few hours.

You must still follow the program-proven pre-sell process and the fill-in-blank templates to get started.

Bonus Three: 7 Day Step by Step Launch Checklist

Mini Workshop Magic Review

This bonus helps you make your workshop launch as simple as possible, low key when using the in-depth checklist.

The bonus is packed with insights from more than 20 profitable launches.

Bonus Four: Fill in the blank Workshop Content Outline

Mini Workshop Magic Review

This bonus has a section-by-section outline on how to conduct reverse engineering that helps in a workshop presentation.

The superpower and super helpful website built by this bonus included timestamps, prompts, and much more.

According to the Mini Workshop Magic program, there is always a reason to celebrate the mini workshop ticket sales every week.

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Who Is Mini Workshop Magic Owner?

Mini Workshop Magic is embedded in another website called Wake Up to Freedom.

When you open the Mini Workshop Magic page, the owner doesn’t reveal any information about their background or name.

This makes it difficult for clients to find more about themselves in the program they want to learn from their success path.

However, when I searched for the parent site, I discovered that Justin DeMers owns the site.

He co-founded the Wake Up to Freedom site containing the Mini Workshop page.

Justin might own the Wake Up to Freedom and Mini Workshop Magic sites from this information.

Justin must provide more information on the website, including his background and business career.

This is a great challenge for many clients who want to know more about the owner before joining the site.

For instance, to build a reputation and trust among your customers, you must make them know more about yourself.

What Is The Mini-Workshop Magic Pricing?

Mini Workshop Magic only charges clients $7 to join their platform and start creating their mini workshop.

This makes it a fair opportunity for beginners and professional investors who want to build a workshop for their businesses.

On the other hand, the program claims to offer its clients a refund policy to ensure they get 100% coverage in their services.

The money-back service is valid for thirty days for anyone who wants to quit the program for personal reasons.

After thirty days, you cannot reclaim your money from the program.

You’ve up to thirty days to make decisions on continuing or quitting the program after paying your entry price.

What Is The Mini-Workshop Magic Trustpilot Rating?

Mini Workshop Magic program has an excellent rating on the Trustpilot from more than two hundred reviews.

Here is how the program is rated on Trustpilot:

Mini Workshop Magic Review

Is The Mini Workshop Magic Legit?

I believe Mini Workshop Magic isn’t a scam; however, using the program to make money requires more comments and resources.

For instance, when you create your Mini Workshop, it’ll take time and many resources to get buyers that can generate more money.

In addition, the site doesn’t reveal detailed information about the owner making it challenging to learn more about them.

To build more reputation and trust, most clients preferred learning more about the background and success path of the program owner.

I had to search for the program’s owner elsewhere and found that the program is a page of another site owned by Justin.

And there is a high chance that he might also own the page, as found on his website.

This means that Mini Workshop Magic is not a stand-alone site but a page from another website.

For this reason, I don’t recommend the site.

But if you find the program not helpful, worry less; there are other opportunities to make money online.

Mini Workshop Magic Review

What I Like About Mini Workshop Magic

  • Easier to purchase the Mini Workshop

The program charges fair prices to join and get your first mini-workshop for you to get started with their service.

This makes it suitable for beginners who want to start their niche from scratch and build more buyers.

In addition, the program helps beginners come up with ideas for choosing their preferred mini-workshop topics for their niche.

  • The program has testimonies.

More testimonies are on the platform, and most feel satisfied with the program services.

These sample testimonies posted in the program show the customer’s reactions to the services they receive from the program.

The main aim of these testimonies is to motivate you to have reasons to join the platform and make money as the rest.

  • Offers a practical guide and support.

The Mini-Workshop Magic platform expert team offers clients detailed explanations about their services and products.

In addition, you will get new and helpful ideas on choosing your Mini Workshop topic that suits your niche.

The guides and support offered in the program are much helpful for clients who are beginners and want to start a business from scratch.

  • Excellent Trustpilot rating

Most people take Trust Pilot as the best platform to rate the most trusted site to rate programs and their services.

If you also trust the platform, you will have to trust the process, as the Mini Workshop Magic platform has an excellent rating on the Trust pilot.

  • Easy to get started

The platform offers clients a step-by-step guide on how to join the platform and get started with your business.

This makes it simple for most clients to sign up for the program and create mini Workshops to win their first buyers.

What I Don’t Like Mini Workshop Magic

  • Does not disclose the information about the owner.

The program needs to provide information about the owner of the site.

This makes it difficult for clients who want to know more about the owner when they visit the site.

In addition, failing to provide details about the owner limits the site from building a reputation among users.

  • A service from another website

From my understanding, Mini Workshop Magic is not a company on its own but a service offered by another company.

When you visit the website, you will find that the program is a service of another website named Wake Up to Freedom.

So, when you want to join the program, you will have to search for it using a third-party site which some clients may not be comfortable with due to security issues.

  • The Wake Up to Worksite offers too many services.

The Wake Up to Workgroup, which hosts the Mini Workshop Magic, offers too many other services, which may make it less attentive.

When the services are too many, delivering quality support and guidance in the program is challenging and likely leaves your clients unsatisfied.

In addition, it gives the program’s management team less time to fully attend to their clients from the numerous services.

  • Makes use of general rating

The web page’s rating is a general rating of Wake Up to Freedom, which offers multiple other services.

This makes it difficult to predict the program’s actual performance in the market as you cannot directly target it.

Some clients may also find a possible way to judge the services from the Wake Up to Freedom platform as less quality.

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Is There Any Alternative To Mini Workshop Magic?

Time and again, I’ve insisted on going for a business you’re comfortable with and interested in.

And if you’re a beginner, you must go for a business that is easy to join and can’t demand huge capital.

I’ve always offered you affiliate marketing as an excellent place to start because of its ease of joining.

Affiliate marketing involves the marketing of products and services of a company and getting compensated in the form of commission after making a successful sale.

Isn’t that a good business opportunity to try?

However, because you can think of joining this business, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basics.

And to cut your work in half, I offered you a lending hand by developing a tailored step-by-step guide.

Check it out:

Mini Workshop Magic Review

FAQs About the Mini Workshop Magic

Can I Use Mini Workshop If I Have A Small Audience?

According to the Mini Workshop Magic program, most customers start with zero followers and use their workshop to get more sales.

If you have not built your audience yet, you can join the program and get your workshop sales within a few weeks.

However, it will take a lot of commitment and resources, especially if you are beginning from scratch and want to build a larger audience.

Can I Use Mini Workshop Magic For Other Niches Online?

As per the program, you can use your mini workshop for many other niches, including; baking, sleep, parenting, and education.

Mini Workshop Magic program claims customers also use their mini workshop in health, fashion, crafting, decluttering, mindset, dog training, and sport.

For this reason, you can use various niches to launch your Mini Workshop and make sales.

Do I Need Additional Tools When Launching My Mini Workshop Magic?

According to the Mini Workshop Magic, you don’t need any other additional tool when launching your mini workshop.

The program shares with its customers how to launch a successful low-tech workshop that effectively works for your preferred niche.

Does Mini Workshop Magic Company Offer A Refund Policy?

Mini Workshop Magic program claims to have all its customers 100% covered in their needs.

In their effort to cover the needs of their customers, the program claims to offer a refund policy that enables customers to reclaim their money.

However, the policy is valid for only thirty days, after which you cannot get your money back from the company.

Can I Join The Mini Workshop Magic Program To Learn What To Teach In My Mini-Workshop?

Even if you have not learned what to teach in your mini-workshop, you can still join the program and choose your workshop.

The program claims that its expert team will help you develop new topic ideas to help you choose a working mini-workshop.

From their guide, you can develop a mini-workshop that perfectly suits your business, audience, and goals.

How Can I Contact Mini Workshop Magic?

To contact the Mini Workshop Magic, you’ll have your information on the main website, the Wake Up To Freedom site.

Their contact information, as provided on the website, is through their official email address as follows:

Thank you for reading Mini Workshop Magic Review.

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